Semiotext(e) SF

A science fiction anthology at the extremes of the genre including gore, deviant sex, blasphemy and radicalism of all sorts , this book includes edgy works by 45 contemporary authors.
Semiotext e SF A science fiction anthology at the extremes of the genre including gore deviant sex blasphemy and radicalism of all sorts this book includes edgy works by contemporary authors

  • Title: Semiotext(e) SF
  • Author: Rudy Rucker John Shirley Nick Herbert Rachel Pollack Bob McGlynn Kerry Thornley William Gibson Sol Yurick
  • ISBN: 9780936756431
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This unruly anthology of self-consciously transgressive fiction came out in 1989 and it shows. In some good ways—there's so much enthusiasm! Collage art and poetry and short stories and autobiographical essays such a wide range of content! Explicit sex and violence and scatological musings, sometimes all in the same paragraph! And the editors at Autonomedia managed to pull in a number of big names for their project, such as J.G. Ballard; Philip Jose Farmer; and Robert Anton Wilson, as well as [...]

    2. What a disappointment this book turned out to be, particularly considering the awesome reputations and writings of its three editors, Rudy Rucker, Peter Lamborn Wilson (aka Hakim Bey), and Robert Anton Wilson. While a few of the stories were really thought-provoking or well written (four- or five-star material), they were few and far between, buried beneath an avalanche of dross. Far too many of the authors in this book mistook stories about fucking for cutting edge, "transgressive" science fict [...]

    3. Trying to one better than Harlan Ellison did in his Dangerous Visions series, Autonomedia presents a host of offbeat science fiction stories and poetry--a considerable number of them by name authors.Read this in bed in Michigan, particularly liking the pieces about the Autonomous Zones.

    4. this semiotext(e) is a collection of short stories which are strange, jarring, and full of fun escapades through sciencefictionalized universes. the intro to the collection really got me, though, declaring that all our realities are dead and that any literature attempting to portray these multi-faceted and yet dead realities is useless and worse, boring! that's a powerful and disguised mandate, and so far the stories have lived up to itey're great fun and i've lost a lot of minutes reading alrea [...]

    5. Un capolavoro della letteratura cyberpunk ed underground. Un'antologia di racconti estremi, racconti nascosti degli autori più celebri e racconti di scrittori ai confini estremi della produzione letteraria. Tutti racconti precedentemente rifiutati, perché giudicati eccessivi, e adesso messi insieme.Ho amato tutto di questa antologia, a cominciare dalla prefazione che ne spiega le finalità: è un manifesto della letteratura cyberpunk-underground, come unica e vera forma artistica propria dei n [...]

    6. From the website of the publisher, Autonomedia:Massive and overbearingly hip anthology of post-cyberpunk science fiction and other matter. Varied and largely critically-acclaimed material by the obscure, the overexposed and the justly renowned. Take your pick from the likes of Ballard, Bey, Burroughs, Di Filipo, Farmer, Gibson, Metzger, Rabinowitz, Rucker, Shirley, Stang and all the Wilsons (Colin, Peter Lamborn and Robert Anton).

    7. According to the editors this book sought to publish Science Fiction short stories that were too weird, obscene, or experimental for mainstream science fiction publications and they did. Themes range from modern day centaur hunts to psychotropic architecture and the first porno film shot in outer space. I'm not terribly fond of science fiction in general but I found most of the stories to be enjoyably weird and some of them to be truly fantastic.

    8. This is some of the weirdest stuff I have ever read in my life, and that is not a mild statement. If you like sci-fi that is hard-edged, violent, sexy, deeply disturbing, and psychotic, run out and get this book forthwith. If, on the other hand, you prefer Isaac Asimov, and work of that sort, God bless, but stay the hell away from this book. You will not like it.

    9. I wanted to give this anthology four stars—and I would have, if I had read it twenty years ago. For the contemporary reader it's dated but not enough to be of much interest. There's good reading in there, some wacky, fun, dark stuff, but this book isn't going to grab you and drag you down any mysterious paths.

    10. Sembra più una raccolta di divertissement dei rispettivi autori e mi spiego perché non li avessero pubblicati prima se non, al massimo, su delle ‘zine più o meno note.Ve lo sconsiglio decisamente.Il resto della recensione presso snurl/i58px .

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