The Ultimate Betrayal

A marriage in crisis I never meant to do ite was just there when I needed someone Rachel and Daniel had three adorable children and a strong marriage or so Rachel had always believed.But her happy life was shattered when she was told that Daniel had been having an affair Then she realized that they d been growing apart for years.Rachel wanted so much to saveA marriage in crisis I never meant to do ite was just there when I needed someone Rachel and Daniel had three adorable children and a strong marriage or so Rachel had always believed.But her happy life was shattered when she was told that Daniel had been having an affair Then she realized that they d been growing apart for years.Rachel wanted so much to save her marriage but was it too late Could she ever forgive Daniel, if he had committed the ultimate betrayal
The Ultimate Betrayal A marriage in crisis I never meant to do ite was just there when I needed someone Rachel and Daniel had three adorable children and a strong marriage or so Rachel had always believed But her happy lif

  • Title: The Ultimate Betrayal
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: 9780263143607
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I had no business reading this, but I did anyway. Because IDIOT. So for that reason, it wouldn't be fair to rate it.

    2. I've read many books where the hero has cheated in the past and the story begins several years later (present day), but this is the first book where the affair is "fresh" so to speak. Daniel & Rachel have been married for 7 years and have 3 small children. While Rachel is home totally content with her role as loving wife and mother, Daniel, a corporate whiz kid, is rapidly rising to the top of the food chain. However, buying and selling businesses is a nerve-wracking, cut-throat profession. [...]

    3. I have no idea what I think about this book. :/I was very relived that the hero(view spoiler)[did not sleep with the other woman (hide spoiler)] but all the things he did do with her- really bugged me! I mean, all of his actions was the worst emotional cheating ever! And when I stopped to think about his decisions as a whole? I wanted to puke all over him.Seeing as how he had the perfect wife at home and loved her to bits I had no idea how he could even need emotional balance from somebody elseW [...]

    4. Any way you look at it, cheating is a fast track to ruin a relationship. Trust is a very fragile thing and once broken, it can never regain the same credibility and value as it once held.In the post Clinton/ Lewinsky era, even physical cheating has found different categories. As a reader when I see the excuse that it never got that far, I question how far the physical infidelity got. When the front of the husband's shirt and even his hair reeks of another woman's perfume, I say it got too far. W [...]

    5. 4 ★'s Okay, I had two reasons that piqued my interest in this book. First's from the 1990's and I was curious as to how it would hold up compared to today's romance novels and secondly, betrayal = a whole lotta angst! 'Nuff said! ;) What was intriguing about this book is that it starts with Rachel just finding out from her best friend that her husband, Daniel, has been having an affair. Rachel's barely been able to keep her head above water with three small children so while she's noticed the [...]

    6. cue Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One in the backgroundOkay, before I proceed to the proper review, let me just say that Sam Smith's song is not really the proper song for this book. The only thing the song and the book has in common was the "guy cheating at his wife" part. Though the story behind the lyrics is different than the story in the book, it still made my cry. What will you do if your partner cheated on you?I rarely read books with married couples because I know something fucked up will [...]

    7. Updating my review from 2013, Rating stays the same!I had a hard time rating this book/ from one hand the reader is emotionally and mentally shattered and at the same time demands the reader to face those emotions and suck you right there in the battle like you have witnessed it on your own skin which for that deserves 4 stars, hence on the other hand it wants you to hate the book and all that you have been forced to read to leave you with a bad taste and unfulfilled satisfaction.I think the her [...]

    8. Michelle Reid is one of my favorite HP authors. She knows how to bring some genuine emotion even when working with very common tropes, but this story was different in that it was less tropey and more realistic in scope. There was no private island, no amnesia, no blackmail, etc.This story isn't my usual taste. I waffled on reading it and tbqh it won't be a re-read for me simply because it's not my cuppa and not a "fun" sort of angst. But, I have to give credit to Reid for her ability to bring th [...]

    9. Las historias que involucran infidelidad siempre son difíciles de calificar para mí. Basada, por supuesto, en mis propias creencias e incapacidad para el perdón. Puedo entender que alguien que está en una relación se enamoré de otro, por el motivo que sea. Si la historia se desarrolla desde esa premisa —como sucede con Thoughtless—no tengo problema. Desarrolla esa trama de manera sensible y ya me ganaste. Love is love.Pero, ¿perdonar una infidelidad? Jamás. Me resulta inconcebible y [...]

    10. Rachel and Daniel have been married for 7 years and have 3 wonderful children when Rachel's 'Best Friend' tells her that Daniel has been sleeping around with another woman.When confronted, Daniel doesn't deny it and Rachel is devastated. Daniel insists that it is over and wants to make the marriage work. Rachel feels very vulnerable and unattractive and feels almost as if she has been kept in a prison for seven years.Rachel tries to move out the previous suffocation confines of her marriage, whi [...]

    11. Holy cannoli was this a good book!It's a bit dated (obviously set in the 90's as the fashions will attest lol), but other than that, wow. I don't normally intentionally read books involving infidelity, but I'm so glad I picked this one up.It's very realistic -- all the bitterness and anger and hurt and resentment are illustrated beautifully -- from Rachel being angry with herself for letting them grow apart to her inability to climax during sex because whenever she gets close, she remembers/thin [...]

    12. I don't even know how to rate this. As I finished this the Ashley Madison hack is making headlines. I just can not understand the fascination with unfaithful heroes. Are there unfaithful heroines in the category romance world? Whenever I read these stories I marvel at the underlying sexism and double standards involved. A woman who behaves the way these so called "heroes" behave are the awful evil other women. I think the men who behave this way should get the same treatment. Rachel, the heroine [...]

    13. I hate cheating stories and despise cheating hero/heroine so you can imagine well my trepidation in reading this book. I remember first seeing this few years back but because of obvious reason i skipped it eventhough it got nice reviews and stars.But yesterday after reading my fellow goodreaders review i couldn’t forget this book.And this time I couldn’t resist it eventhough I commented on that review i was going to skip it. AGAIN!But I am so glad I decided against it!( eventhough it took me [...]

    14. The book takes a more realistic view of the problems that come about when one spouse cheats. Rachel finds out her husband of seven years and the father of her three children has been having an affair. She's devastated and realizes that while he's been moving forward this whole time, she's been the wife/mother and hasn't changed at all. She doesn't know where she's going, if she's leaving him or anything about her life. The problems they faced were presented realistically including the trouble wi [...]

    15. Recientemente leí un libro donde hay una cita de Gabriel García Márquez que dice:"Que alguien no te ame como tú quieres, no significa que no te ama con todo su ser"Recorde mucho esa cita con esta lectura, porque a veces la gente hace cosas que uno no entiende, como ser infiel cuando proclaman a los cuatro vientos amor por el traicionado, es para mi difícil de entender algo así, y esta es una historia difícil de leer, pero tan cierta y tan real, gracias a Dios yo no he pasado por una situa [...]

    16. Infidelity never works for me and i mean that in an id-rather-suffer-than-forgive condemning kind of way; wheter it be thought or deed. So i was a bit biased in rating this- Most of the time when this kind of things happens; i always feel like the hero never grovels enough. I guess there is that ugly me inside that is really good at holding grudge. The entire book is like a documentary on the relationship between a man and woman concerning infedelity. Documentary because it was realistic. THe wh [...]

    17. I've put off reading this forever (though I've read almost all of Michelle Reid's other books) because I knew based on the synopsis it would be a total angst-fest and I was never quite in the mood for it. Total angst-fest is pretty much how I'd describe it after reading it too. Not my favorite of hers because the emotional upswing of the ending just didn't make up for the emotional downer-ness of the majority of it. It might be a more realistic portrayal, but honestly I don't want massive amount [...]

    18. I was afraid to pick it because of the unfaithful hero and I hated him till the very end , though I was able to believe that he regrets his actions , I could not like him, during their first confrontation he was so damn arrogant , I wanted to slap him with my shoes right in his face . But his character grew over the book and so did hers . This book is worth reading just to read h's monologues , You will feel her pain , that was a extraordinary piece of raw emotions .

    19. What I liked best about this was how Michelle Reid didn't give the protagonists a quick, easy resolution. It took Rachel and Daniel many months to find a new beginning. Rachel slowly came to realize, with prodding from Daniel, that she needed to forgive and forget if they hoped to save their marriage. It was a realistic progression, with Rachel expressing some serious doubts and Daniel expressing remorse.What I didn't like as much was how the author explained away whether Daniel would stray in t [...]

    20. Ummm, I'm not sure how I feel being tricked into believing there was cheating in this book when I was so emotionally invested in the hero and heroine's conflict, then come to find out in the last few pages when the hero came clean, that he didn't actually cheat because he couldn't go through with it. Honestly, I felt a little deceived after going through such emotional turmoil with the heroine and then realizing it was all for nothing. All in all, a very good story for a little Harley, but I wis [...]

    21. I have no idea why ppl are saying this book is about a cheating hero. He clearly states he never touched the other woman. Heroine on the other hand kissed the other man and to me kissing is also cheating so it is the heroine who is the cheater here not the hero. Still this couple is messed up. Couldn't warm up to them.

    22. I was afraid to read this because of the cheating allegations that blow their marriage wide-open. It was painful to read the heroine's reaction, but MR kept the action moving along so it wasn't all navel gazing and recriminations. The heroine's focus on her own needs made sense and pointed the way to a believable HEA. A challenging read rather than warm fuzziness.

    23. Bu yorum aynı zamanda Romancekolikte yayınlanmıştır.Rating; 4.5/5"Barışmaları daha değişik olabilirdi puan oradan kıstım." demişim bitirdiğimde. Aradan uzun bir zaman geçtikten sonra uzun bir yorum yazma şansı yakalayabildim. İçim sızlaya sızlaya okuduğum nadir kitaplar arasındandır. Konusu ise çok hassas. Aldatmak! Hele başlangıçta kitabın içinden öyle bir alıntı var ki içim orada başladı sızlamaya. "Kesinlikle yapmak istememiştim. Sadece birine ihtiyacım [...]

    24. I don't know why I picked this one up. I think it was the great reviews. I was intrigued even though I hate reading about cheaters. Yet I find myself looking for a book where the cheater actually grovels enough to redeem themselves. I think in this book, that happens and their marriage is actually much better afterwards. Weird and hard to believe. But that was how I felt by the end. Anyways, it was good to have a good cry, lol!Rachel leads him a merry dance before things get better. I thought th [...]

    25. Una de esas novelas que si la juzgo dentro del género sin dudas en una de las mejores que he leído. No dormí hasta terminarla.Lo mas que me gustó fue el hecho de que aunque Rachel se hubiera casado con sólo 17 años y durante la novela tuviera 24,no era tan tonta. Por lo general,en este tipo de novelas rosas,la protagonista es una sumisa y encima medio tontas a mas no poder.Toda la trama con la infidelidad de Daniel,fue muy bien llevada y aunque en lo personal,yo lo hubiera castrado o manda [...]

    26. I normally don't read books when there's cheating/infidelity involved. It's a deal-breaker for me. But there are books with cheating hero that I actually liked. And I was seeing this book on my time line and recommendation and I figured I’d give it a shot. And I'm glad that I did! This book hit all the right spots for me, it was gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, dramatic, emotional and bittersweet. I was so caught up with their story and wasn't able to put it down and read it in one sitting! I won [...]

    27. This book had so much potential but hardly any execution. When a man cheats on his wife and truly loves her, he accepts that she will be hurt and lash out. The hero, Daniel, was an absolute heel and the epitome of the 1980s - 1990s guppy materialistic mentality that ended up driving this economy into the ground. He claimed to have remorse for his actions but rarely showed it.He said all the wrong things, alternately regretting his affair and then blaming the heroine for it. Sometimes asking her [...]

    28. WOW! What a wonderful read from Michelle Reid. She is an incredible author that pulls you in right from the first page. I was hesitant to pick it up due to the content, but it came highly recommended by the ladies who chat on the HQN discussion group. They did not disappoint! This a story of betrayal, how it destroys the most sacred bonds of commitment and how difficult it really is to ever trust again. There for awhile, I actually thought these two were never going to make it back to each other [...]

    29. Wow. Tear fest. It was so heartbreaking what she had to go through. And so embarrassing!I've been meaning to read this book since Feb. but I'm such a new release whore. When I got to one point in the book where the hero mentioned that he could have easily gotten a divorce because people do it all the time; it's the nineteen-nineties. I did a double take. A triple read. Lol. I was like er, what? Nineteen-nineties = 1990's ohhhh, yeah, this is an old publication.But anyways, the book is just tribu [...]

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