The Forgotten Holocaust

The breathtaking new adventure starring Ben HopeA lost, aimless and hard drinking Ben Hope has wandered back to his old haunt in Ireland The ex SAS soldier is searching for peace, but trouble soon appears when Kirsten Hall, a young journalist, is brutally murdered right in front of him Unable to prevent it, Ben is driven by guilt to hunt down the killers All he has to gThe breathtaking new adventure starring Ben HopeA lost, aimless and hard drinking Ben Hope has wandered back to his old haunt in Ireland The ex SAS soldier is searching for peace, but trouble soon appears when Kirsten Hall, a young journalist, is brutally murdered right in front of him Unable to prevent it, Ben is driven by guilt to hunt down the killers All he has to go on is a handful of clues from Kirsten s research but how can the journals of Lady Stamford, the wife of an English lord during the time of the Irish Great Famine, have put Kirsten in mortal danger Ben s quest for the truth leads him across the world and finally to Oklahoma, USA, where a deadly secret awaits What connects the journals, a wealthy American politician and an intrigue surrounding the Irish famine What Ben uncovers is a shocking historical conspiracy linked to the deaths of some two million people a veritable holocaust that time has all but forgotten Those who are still profiting from the lies and corruption of the time, and who are ready to kill anyone to protect their secret, are about to pay .
The Forgotten Holocaust The breathtaking new adventure starring Ben HopeA lost aimless and hard drinking Ben Hope has wandered back to his old haunt in Ireland The ex SAS soldier is searching for peace but trouble soon app

  • Title: The Forgotten Holocaust
  • Author: Scott Mariani
  • ISBN: 9780007486175
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. After painting Ben Hope into quite the corner throughout the last novel, Mariani is back with yet another instalment to the series. This forces Hope to pick up the shards of his life after a few illogical decisions have tipped the scales yet again. Hope is back in Ireland, visiting the location of a home he once owned. While there, he meets an aspiring author, Kristen Hall, who shares some of her research. Kristen explains that she is attempting to pen the first difinitive biography of prominent [...]

    2. Dual review with Swedish first and then English!SWEDISH REVIEWFörst måste jag bara säga att den svenska titeln till boken är inte världens bästa. Hur The Forgotten Holocaust på svenska får titeln Dolda är för mig ett mysterium.När det gäller berättelsen så var den bra, inte perfekt men jag fann att den till stor del funkade. Då detta är den första boken jag har läst skriven av Scott Mariani så tycker jag personligen att det var enkelt att komma in i handlingen trots att det va [...]

    3. I love this series! Inevitably, some are better than others but The Forgotten Holocaust, the tenth, is one of the best. It could also do well as a standalone thriller. Excellent!

    4. Good ole Ben Hope. Reliable. Relatable. Balanced. While Jack Reacher lumbers through everything, Ben Hope is in a dune buggy - racing, determined. Scott Mariani does not overwhelm his readers with too much history or conspiracy. Instead, he blends it in the mixer just right.Am sure gonna read more of Ben Hope. My hope rides with him. I want to see something great happen to him and hope he settles down contended with a nice life ahead of him. That's how much I relate to the character.

    5. Ben has given up all connection with his previous business as such - there is no contact with Val in France whatsoever in the book. The love of his life, Brooke, has left him. He has sold his home in Ireland and it is now a hotel that he visits for a drink, and, yes, he has hit the bottle. Not an auspicious start.In a somewhat inebriated state he is unable to protect a young lady with whom he fell into an interesting conversation in which she hinted at something that she had discovered. He is ve [...]

    6. Admito que el gran interés que desde el año pasado me despertó la historia de la República de Irlanda pudo haber influido en mi valoración, pero me resultó muy original construir un crimen/misterio ficticio alrededor de un hecho histórico real. También disfruté mucho la inteligencia que puso en autor en construir la secuencia narrativa para conectar a los dos personajes principales, quienes iniciaban el relato cada uno en un continente distinto.La estrella que falta para alcanzar la pun [...]

    7. Good hero. Good series. However. perhaps counter-intuitively I think he lacks a touch of "philosophy". I know that is a strange request for an adventure-thriller series but I believe Jack Reacher has it and the great noir writers with their lone heroes stalking the mean streets had it. I would like to see Ben Hope "warmer". Yes he can kill, and very effectively but didn't he study Theology at one time. I would like more justification than rage or protection of innocents. Having said that I love [...]

    8. I haven't read anything by this author beofre - but will do now. I really enjoyed this thriller - full of the right amount of twists and turns to keep my on the edge of my seat! This book is great for escapism - curl up with this and a good cup of tea and you'll loose a good few hours! The main character of Ben hope was well written, and it's story based around the potato famine in Ireland, an unfamiliar part of history to me, but now I feel I should go and find out more. I think either males or [...]

    9. Another excellent novel from the mind of Scott Mariani. Beginning with the murder of a journalist, and using the Great Famine as a foundation stone in building the plot, Mariani takes the reader from Ben Hope's former home in Ireland across the world to Oklahoma. There he confronts a political world of corruption and evil deeds, and the final solution to the murder of the journalist. This novel continues the saga of Benedict Hope and his struggles with his personal world. I would recommend this [...]

    10. akčné a rýchle, s dámou v problémoch a nábehom na ťažký alkoholizmus. Veru, táto metla zametala poriadne.

    11. 4.5 starsThis was another brilliant book in the series. I've already purchased the next book in the series and look forward to reading it soon.

    12. It's been a while since I read #9 and I think that made reading The Forgotten Holocaust all the better for me. It's the pacy combination of history and thriller that I enjoy and even though I knew that Ben Hope would save the day, I was still gripped by the twists, turns and revelations in the plot. I would have given this a 4-star rating but for a couple of things. Firstly there were some turns of phrase (the plane 'overflew' the harbour) that had either been missed in the editing or were just [...]

    13. Really entertaining, and as usual with the Ben Hope series you always learn something new. This was about the Irish Potato Famine. A brilliant read.

    14. Great readLove the Ben Hope series of adventures. Really enjoy the twists & turns in the plot together with well researched historical background

    15. I only read my first Scott Mariani novel in 2014, The Nemesis Program and I absolutely loved it. I was therefore very excited to receive an early copy of The Forgotten Holocaust and couldn't wait to read it. The blurb on gives away a lot of plot details, so the blurb above is from the back of the actual book and doesn't give away as much of the plot. With books like this it is always best to go into them knowing as little as possible, else the 'mystery' isn't much of a mystery at all. Also it w [...]

    16. Engrossing and informative while exciting and nail-biting. Would make a brilliant film. Had everything and moved fast, interesting from page one to last paragraph.

    17. Ben Hope is my ideal action hero, with his military training, determination and caring nature. I am always surprised that Scott Mariani's series doesn't get as much media coverage as Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. I am a big fan of both characters, but find that Ben Hope is a much more attractive character due to his sensitivity and vulnerability.The Forgotten Holocaust is the 10th book in the Ben Hope series. It combines everything I enjoy in a book - an interesting underlying historical stor [...]

    18. The Forgotten Holocaust is the 10th book in the Ben Hope series, and although it does make brief references to Ben’s past, it can be read as a standalone novel. It offers a fast paced, action packed adventure with an interesting underlying historical story, the Irish Potato Famine of the late 1840s. This novel takes you back to one of the darkest periods in Irish history and seamlessly weaves the history and action together.To escape the turmoil in his private life ex-SAS Ben Hope returns to h [...]

    19. The Forgotten Holocaust is a hard-hitting, pacy and exciting mystery thriller that kept me hooked. Lee Child's Jack Reacher meets Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar. Ex-SAS soldier Ben Hope is alone in a cottage on Ireland's west coast, and dowsing his sorrows and pain in whiskey. He meets by chance a journalist Kirsten Hall who is then brutally murdered in front of him on the beach. His senses dulled on drink he is helpless to stop it. This drives Ben to get back on track and investigate what mystery [...]

    20. The best way to describe the Ben Hope character would be as follows: take DNA from Dirk Pitt, Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne and perhaps even a dash of James Bond , put them in a test tube, shake well (like a Bond martini) and out would spill Ben Hope. Of course Bond never wanted his martinis stirred but Hope manages to “stir up” plenty of trouble as he investigates the brutal murder of a young female journalist in THE FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST. Compelled to hunt down the killers his investigation tak [...]

    21. This was a First Reads giveaway so thanks to and Avon Books for the book.I first encountered the Ben Hope thrillers a few years ago and avidly read the first 4 or 5 books before getting distracted and moving on to other books. Therefore I was delighted to win this giveaway and meet up with Ben again.In this episode, Ben Hope is alone and embittered, drowning his sorrows in a cottage on the west coast of Ireland. He meets a journalist who is then brutally killed in front of him. This drives Ben [...]

    22. Very complex and intriguing plot .Ben Hope steps up to the mark as usual.Interesting start to the book and not what I had expected.Fantastic read .

    23. This was another thoroughly enjoyable book in the Ben Hope series. I feel in this one the series got much more on track with earlier books in the series, having gone slightly off the boil in the last couple. This one was slightly different than some others in the series, which were more about searching for old relics or treasure. The backdrop to this one was the Irish Potato Famine, or 'starvation' as one character referred to it. This certainly gave me more understanding of this notable histori [...]

    24. As usual I enjoyed the high octane nature of a Ben Hope novel and compared to the last two installments in the series this one was considerably stronger than the preceeding two novels. The Armada legacy was limited and the Nemesis program was better but still not at the same standard as the first few novels in the series. I did have a few issues with the Forgotten Holocaust but none of them detracted too heavily from the concept and the strong storyline. My issues were mainly with the presentati [...]

    25. I have been a fan of Scott Mariani's Ben Hope series right from the start, The Alchemist's Secret being the first. You sometimes find with long series of books that things start to flag but The Forgotten Holocaust, the tenth in this series, is right up there with the best of them.The book follows the now well known Ben Hope format and takes as its historical background, the Irish Potato Famine of 1846 together with the tensions between the native population and the English who at that time held [...]

    26. Ben is at a loss after his last adventure which result in the cancellation of his wedding to Brooke and the estrangement of his son, Jude. He is seeking peace wandering to find something. He lands in Ireland where he rent a cottage near the home that he once owned. Minding his own business he still gets involved with Kirsten, a journalist. He goes into Ben Hope mode when Kirsten is attacked. He picks up her investigation to avenge her death. He ends up in the US investigating the mayor of Tulsa [...]

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