Always the Bridesmaid

The hilarious new novel from Lindsey Kelk, author of the bestselling I Heart seriesEveryone loves a bridesmaid except Maddie, who s perpetually asked to be one.Everyone loves a wedding except Maddie s best friend, who s getting divorced.And everyone loves the way Maddie s so happy behind the scenes except Maddie herself.One best friend is in wedding countdown while tThe hilarious new novel from Lindsey Kelk, author of the bestselling I Heart seriesEveryone loves a bridesmaid except Maddie, who s perpetually asked to be one.Everyone loves a wedding except Maddie s best friend, who s getting divorced.And everyone loves the way Maddie s so happy behind the scenes except Maddie herself.One best friend is in wedding countdown while the other heads for marriage meltdown And as Maddie juggles her best chance at promotion in years with bridezilla texts and late night counselling sessions, she starts to wonder is it time to stop being the bridesmaid
Always the Bridesmaid The hilarious new novel from Lindsey Kelk author of the bestselling I Heart seriesEveryone loves a bridesmaid except Maddie who s perpetually asked to be one Everyone loves a wedding except Maddie s

  • Title: Always the Bridesmaid
  • Author: Lindsey Kelk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Hands down, this is the best Lindsey Kelk's standalone I have read so far (I still have to read We Were On a Break and guess what - I'm starting it tomorrow).This book is not only fun, but is also i miracle worker - it pulled me out of the reading slump that overtook my life for the last three weeks.How do I know I'm finally out of it?Because I finally can't wait to read all of the books in the world, and my to-be-reviewed pile looks appealing, not intimitating.I enjoyed reading this book. Maddi [...]

    2. I'm never not in the mood for Lindsey Kelk. When I heard that she had a new book coming out I was so excited. Lindsey's books always make you feel good and I've had so many inappropriate tube-cackles thanks to this book. Always the Bridesmaid is as fabulous as the I Heart series and About a Girl. I loved it so much. It's one of those books that you could read again and again and never get bored of it. Kelk has created such likeable and relatable characters once again. Maddie is just a normal wom [...]

    3. Did I really just read a Lindsey Kelk novel? That can't be rightBut it is. Let me clarify something first; I really really love all of Lindsey's books. She is my favorite chicklit author. And then this book came along and I'm just really disappointed.Spoilers ahead, obviously. And I tend to write in capslock a lot, nasty habit of mine, sorry!The book is just a bit boring, to be honest. The plot is cliche and I know that chicklit plots usually are, but there was just something missing. Like, elem [...]

    4. Eigenlijk dacht ik dat ik een eind klaar was met chicklits, alles is zo voorspelbaar. Hoewel het verloop van dit boek ook vrij voorspelbaar was, ik vond vrijwel alles klinken alsof het zomaar in je dagelijkse leven zou kunnen gebeuren. Ook al heb ik die leeftijd (31) voorlopig nog even niet bereikt, ik kan mij best voorstellen dat die problemen zich daadwerkelijk voordoen in het leven. Ik geef dit boek vier sterren, omdat ik sommige dingen toch wel heel erg onrealistisch vond en dat vond ik jamm [...]

    5. 5 sparkling stars to this sparkling book.iheart-chicklit/2I guess it’s nothing worth announcing at the top of my lungs with a loudspeaker that I adore Lindsey Kelk’s books (as if the name of blog isn’t obvious enough), but I look forward to her books every year. Without fail. A huge fan of her I Heart series, her standalones are a bit of a rare treat, her last one being in 2011. So I was thrilled to be reading an entirely new story with a brand new heroine and fall in love with the book, f [...]

    6. What a wonderful story. I love it when you actually get what the description promises. It's humorous and has a really nice course of action with some great turns and outcomes.I liked the main character, Maddie, a lot. I liked the humour, the love part and her friends. (Except for bridezilla Lauren, maybe. She was a little distressing.) But generally, I kind of liked everything. At some point, Maddie complains about Lauren texting and calling her all night so she's permanently knackered - how abo [...]

    7. Release Date:April, 2016 Genre:Chick Lit & Romantic Comedy :: 5 Pretty Little Stars :: This book is FABULOUS! I won this book on twitter from the author (thank you!) and hadn’t had a chance to read it… Until now. AND OMG I am so glad I read this book. I am now officially hooked on all things Lindsey Kelk and I cannot WAIT to read more of her novels. This one in particular is LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY. It’s also sweet, fun, charming, and totally adorable. I loved the characters, the plot, an [...]

    8. I can't even put into words the excitement I felt when this book arrived early. Lindsey Kelk is the Queen of this genre. In fact, let's make her the Queen of everything, she is pretty amazing after all. Seriously though, I read her books and wonder just how she does it. Picking up a Lindsey Kelk novel is the ultimate pick me up, I swear even just holding one in my hands makes me feel better about myself when I'm feeling down. Always the Bridesmaid was no different, I loved every single page of i [...]

    9. Me aburrí PROFUNDAMENTE. Ni siquiera sé por qué llegué al final. Creo que porque lo fui leyendo en pedacitos, cada vez que había terminado con otra cosa y entonces no tenía la energía mental para empezar con algo nuevo. Fue como el cuento latero de alguien que a una no le queda otra que escuchar porque, bueno, ya está ahí y qué más va a hacer.O sea que no me gustó nada, jajaja. Lo encontré cliché, y aburrido, y lleno de personajes fomes. Además, todo lo que hace, a mi parecer, es [...]

    10. When you see couples dancing together on TV, all you see are sweeping camera angles and lush dips, but when it’s happening to you, it’s completely different. I was painfully aware of every step, every stumble, every time I swore and then immediately apologized for swearing. Audrey Hepburn, I was not. The one thing that was just how you would imagine was when I leaned in and let myself rest against Tom’s chest. I could hear his heart beating. Reading a chick-lit can never NEVER go wrong, i [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars That was a fun read! :)The story does not really tell anything new, as usual we have: - the cute, clueless, clumsy and super adorable protagonist - the totally self-centred, selfish but in the end totally awesome best friends - the horrible family that does not understand her lifestyle, but who love her very much anyway - the awful, bitchy boss who's life mission is to make hers completely miserable - the so hot, but oh so wrong love interest - the not so hot, but oh so right love inte [...]

    12. Well she’s back, and she’s back with a BANG! (Literally too) (I don’t mean Lindsey like. I don’t think it would go down to well if she opened up a book with a little erotica about herself do you? Oh god, just read it and you’ll get what I’m saying. I’m such a knob)Moooving on… Lindsey Kelk has outdone herself with Always the Bridesmaid. It’s extra funny. It’s extra sarcastic. It’s extra sweary. It’s extra romantic. It’s extra everything. With a plot not too heavy, but s [...]

    13. Lindsey Kelk is back. For me, at least ♥'Always the Bridesmaid' is about Maddie, who has been single for two years. She lives in London and has two best friends, one of whom is getting married and the other one getting a divorce. So with her one best friend turning into bridezilla and the other being heartbroken and sad, and herself being the wedding planner in her free time, Maddie's life turns out to become quite turbulent. Above all, a new man comes into her life and things get even more me [...]

    14. This book was SO good. I love Lindsey Kelk, her About A Girl series is freaking awesome (is it time for book 3 yet???) so I was dead excited for Always The Bridesmaid. It was so much fun, and I loved Maddie - and I wanted to bash her over the head a few times, when she was letting her friends walk all over her ugh. I was so ready for her to stand up and be counted, because Lauren really overstepped her mark a few times. There were a few moments that made me shake my head in disbelief - typical C [...]

    15. 3.5 starsI liked this but didn't love it. There were some real laugh out loud moments in this book. Many characters in this book seemed to be very childish and naive - and they were supposed to be over 30 years old! And the so-called best friends make me shudder! They were awful friends. Except Tom whom I truly liked from the first second, all the other characters just weren't my cup of tea (her friends were really totally unlikeable and so selfish and just horrible).Solid writing as always from [...]

    16. 5*There's two main things that this book has an advantage:1) I heart Lindsey Kelk2) I fancy the pants off any (fictional) men named Will or Tom.There's nothing about this book I disliked. I finished it in two days and loved it from beginning to end. Maddie is a great main characters. She's so incredibly lovable. Lindsey Kelk has the power of creating the perfect main characters for her books, it's impossible for me to dislike any of her main characters, they have a certain flair about them.full [...]

    17. I’m never not in the mood for a Lindsey Kelk book. I can’t put into words the excitement when I heard Lindsey was releasing a new standalone book, and when the book arrived early I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.Maddie is an events assistant, she doesn’t like to say “no”. Not only is she working a project to secure a very long over due promotion at work, allowing her to take control and get away from her dragon of a boss. Her best friend Lauren is getting married and Maddie is plannin [...]

    18. I am very disappointed. All the 'I heart' books were solid 5 stars books for me so I expected the same for 'Always the Bridesmaid'. But in the end it was more a 2.5 stars book. Why? ----- If you read further there a spoilers!--------------Because it was more or less the same as the 'I heart' books but unfortunately a cheap imitation:- Heroine meets two guys in the beginning. One is the good guy and one is the not so good guy. Guess which one she dates first? Exactly.- She is not happy with her j [...]

    19. Loved this! Will probably keep reading Kelk's books until the end of time! (or until she stops writing - but let's hope that won't happen any time soon)This book was such a lovely balance of relationship (problems), friendships and work drama. Finished it rather quickly, as well. Great read if you just want your brain to switch off for a bit, knowing you'll enjoy the book and there won't be too many great conflicts in it.This review makes no sense, but let's just say I really, really enjoyed it. [...]

    20. 4.5I picked it up meaning to only read one or two chapters and then I stayed up till 2.There is a refreshing portrayal of complicated female friendships. There are some laugh out loud funny moments and oh my gosh, the hero is quite swoonworthy.I am looking forward in reading more Lindsey Kelk.

    21. Maddie works as an assistant at an events planning and PR company, in the same position she’s been in for ten years since she finished university. Her boss is a nightmare but Maddie enjoys what she does, even if it does mean working for a reincarnation of Satan. She’s been single for two years and her ex-boyfriend is welcoming his first child with his new wife. Maddie has two best friends, Lauren and Sarah and when Lauren announces her engagement to boyfriend Michael, it’s naturally Maddie [...]

    22. 3.5 starsReally didnt like the girl. She had like 0 backbone. it drove me batty. But i laughed hysterically again.Sigh

    23. Lindsey Kelk is always up for a fun and entertaining story, having read her I Heart Series and her About A Girl series and I just love her style of writing. No wonder, I was really excited about this book!The story follows Maddie. Maddie is such a likable and relatable heroine. She is full of energy and passion. She is writing a Bridesmaid journal throughout this story, since she is going to be bridesmaid at her best friend Lauren’s wedding. She is also organising the wedding in her spare time [...]

    24. This book made me laugh out loud! Maddie was a hoot. One of Maddie's best friends, Lauren, is getting married! Oh my! She wants Maddie, who is an assistant event planner to plan and execute her wedding. Not just a wedding, but a WEDDING . and in three months. This story revolves around Maddie, the bride to be, Lauren and the last of the group, Sarah who works for a law firm and who is having a marriage crisis of the worst kind. Maddie is the main character. She has worked for the same company an [...]

    25. There were a lot of lines that made me laugh but still I can't rate this book any more than two stars. First, the story was really a cliche. I think when you've watched enough movies about weddings and best friends, and you've read a lot of books from this genre, this kind of plot could get blunt. To me Always The Bridesmaid is like a notch away from being memorable.Second, this was supposed to be a romantic story meant to make you swoon or fall in love. Maybe I was expecting a bit too much eh? [...]

    26. This was certainly a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon (while doing laundry, I'm not a total slug). This story of three 30jsh women trying to navigate their love lives reminded me a lot of Bridget Jones' Diary. And there actually was a journal. It differed in that it was a send up of over the top weddings and bridezillas. The journal was for Maddie, the protagonist, to keep a journal of all the beautiful moments she experiences as a bridesmaid leading up to the wedding. Yikes, I hope that's not [...]

    27. Maddie is two characters at once, one is dumber than a rock, and the other is a confident capable career woman. Her "best friends" are useless parasites, her family is cruel and unsupportive, her boss is a manipulative bitch, and her love life? Don't get me started on that. Will is an asshole, Tom is a confused lonely doormat.2 stars for making me laugh a couple of times over the utter ridiculousness of it all.(view spoiler)[The whole Will/Tom thing made no sense to me at all, how can she think [...]

    28. I do adore Lindsey's books. I've had this one a while and i wish i'd read it sooner. It's such a cracker. We Maddie, who works as an events organiser, which her friends and family don't take seriously nor does her boss who pretty much controls all of Maddies life.So when Maddie is dragged into planning her friends wedding, free of charge, its a tale of humor and a big test of friendship. Throw in the fact she's just met the guy of her dreams, then its all going to go belly up! I loved Maddie as [...]

    29. I got this in a give I was so happy when I got it so i stayed up 2 string days to finish it and i did.She was happy but not when her friend is getting married and shes getting a divorce that calls for trouble and depression. Her bestfriend is getting a great gift marriage, While she is getting a bad one divorce. She has to plan her best friend wedding while going through a mentally state. After her heart heals she finds a guy named Tom and they are perfect for each other. Up's and down's happen [...]

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