Bright Lights Paris: Shop, Dine & Live...Parisian Style

Take a life changing journey with a fashion insider through the neighborhoods of Paris and become the most glamorous girl in town without even trying After spending much of her life mining the secrets of La Parisienne, Angie has discovered there are as many ways to be Parisian as there are arrondissements Find out what Saint Germain women wear, where Canal Saint MartinTake a life changing journey with a fashion insider through the neighborhoods of Paris and become the most glamorous girl in town without even trying After spending much of her life mining the secrets of La Parisienne, Angie has discovered there are as many ways to be Parisian as there are arrondissements Find out what Saint Germain women wear, where Canal Saint Martin girls shop and hang out with their friends, the d cor tricks of the artistic ladies in Montmartre, and how to cook and entertain as if you just rolled out of bed and onto the cobblestone streets of Le Marais Featuring hundreds of stunning photographs and original fashion illustrations, as well as fabulous tips from celebrities, fashion designers, bloggers, chefs, and
Bright Lights Paris Shop Dine Live Parisian Style Take a life changing journey with a fashion insider through the neighborhoods of Paris and become the most glamorous girl in town without even trying After spending much of her life mining the secrets

  • Title: Bright Lights Paris: Shop, Dine & Live...Parisian Style
  • Author: Angie Niles
  • ISBN: 9780425280706
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. If I visit Paris again, this is one of the books I'll bring with me! It's really amazing! Angie has covered every aspect of fashionable Paris, in a fun way and she's observant. You are going to find addresses, shops, tips, recipes (like a Rachel Khoo's one!), and tidbits of personal stories.It's a great traveling companion. Angie chapterized Paris into 12 chapters, writing about 12 arrondissements of 20. With each chapter/arrondissements, she describes the Parisian women occupying each section. [...]

    2. The chocolate box version of Paris and the Parisienne.I'll go easy on it because it is a very pretty coffee table book and it does make me want to board the next TGV to Paris - under 4 hours from Stuttgart, why not indeed?Except I'd have to rob a bank first, obviously Anyway, what I find slightly off-putting is the number of typos. I mean, "sillouhette"? Chocolate in French is "chocolat". Tip of the iceberg, sadly. Had to deduct one star for that.I don't regret buying this, but when it comes to [...]

    3. I bought this book based on the high average rating and because I always love to page through photos of Paris. Not only does this book make gross generalizations ("All Saint-Germain girls shop here," "all Canal Saint-Martin girls wear this," etc.) and give stale recommendations (Did you know Café de Flore is a great place to people watch? Or that Pierre Hermé has great macarons? GROUNDBREAKING!) but this book has quite possibly the most typos of any book I have ever read. I kid you not, most o [...]

    4. "Bright Lights Paris: Shop, Dine & LiveParisian Style" by Angie Niles is an exceptional book that I would rank in the top 2% of books I have read in the past few years. It is very colorful and informative. I could spend hours just looking at the photographs included in the book. Many of the photos do make me kind of hungry, though. I also enjoyed the sections on fashion and shopping. I would definitely rate this book 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone interested in travelling to, or ju [...]

    5. This is a beautiful book every Paris-lover should have in their bookshelf! There's a chapter for each arrondissement and you get suggestions on where to dine, live and shop, which I found very inspiring and helpful! The book contains so many glossy pictures and short stories- it made me so excited about my upcoming stay in Paris.

    6. I loved this book. It was beautifully put together, fun, and interesting. Whether you're planning a trip to Paris or just interested in Parisian culture, this book is not only a great reference, but incredibly enjoyable to look at. You'll find lots of information here about fashion, beauty, recipes, opera, dance, food, shopping, and culture. The list goes on and on. I've been wanting to visit Paris for quite a while, and this book only increased that desire. I highly recommend it.

    7. Love this book! Perfect travel guide for those of us that want to cultivate a distinct type of Parisienne style. Each chapter is broken down by the main neighborhoods such as Latin Quarter, Saint-Germaine, Montmartre, and the Marais where you are guided on what to see and where to shop to develop the unique style of the neighborhood. I will read it again and again before I take my fall trip to Paris!,

    8. This book wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was so fun to browse. I thought it would be more like a travel journal or something, but it was really a guide book. It's full of descriptions of individual places, including shops and restaurants, brimming with gorgeous photos, laden with tips and suggestions, and even includes a few recipes. This was something I checked out from the library, but if I was going to go back to Paris for even a few days, I'd buy it and bring it along.

    9. A beautiful book on Paris. The writing is very personal and invites you to see Paris thru the author's eyes. The pictures throughout the book are eye candy. If you have been to Paris you will love this book and if you have not been to Paris you will want to go there and take in all the beauty of this City of Lights.

    10. Set up by neighborhoods, this 2015 book is a great visual travel guide as to where to eat, where to shop, and what to see in Paris. The fashion tips are wasted on an old bird like me, but the photos and short snippets about food, restaurants, and what to see/ do were fantasticd the book is small enough to fit in your purse or backpack.

    11. I won a copy of this through Giveaways and was so pleased when it arrived in the mail. It's beautifully put together and so fun to look through! Being a girl that adores Paris, fashion, and good food this book is a treat.

    12. This book had wonderful tips about what to visit in each arrondissement, it contained beautiful photography, and was just a lovely introduction to the City of Lights. My only question is: when can I go?

    13. Looks like a fun book to take along on a trip to Paris, especially if you have been to Paris before and are looking for new off-beat excursions.

    14. A must read for any woman interested in fashion, culture and shopping who is planning a trip to Paris. I'm not but it made me want to!

    15. Really cute and inspirational! Made me relive my 6 months abroad in Paris with a lot of nostalgia!!

    16. Best comprehensive modern tour guide for Paris with insider info and recommendations. I was a little worried I'd be let down by the synopsis of this book seeing as I'm not super into fashion, but this book had me hooked with all the descriptions of each neighborhood and references to literature and film. Read it in just ONE day!

    17. Painfully coy, ridiculous narration made this almost unbearable to read. The stars are solely for the admittedly stunning photographs.

    18. This book was wonderful.The only thing I would suggest for the publisher would be to provide an electronic map of all of the great spots!I tried 13-A Baker's Dozen by accident but knew all about it thanks to Angie.Best read if you love neighborhood exploration in a city that is focused on fashion and foodie!Fun fun fun! XOXO!J'aime ca!!

    19. I have read many books about Paris, and this by far is my absolute favorite Parisian book! I love everything about this book.

    20. Finally, a giveaway book I can wholeheartedly recommend! I vacillated between four and five stars and as I usually grade up, it's five stars so far. I've just breezed through the book and I already want to plan another trip to Paris. Each chapter covers a different area of the city, highlighting where to find the best boutiques, restaurants, cafés, theaters, wine bars, vintage clothing stores, museums, cheese shopscally everything you can think of. There's a book list, a few classic recipes, l [...]

    21. I am just thrilled to have won this book in a giveaway! This lushly illustrated book is like taking a tour of Paris -- secret places to go, celebrity favorite spots, French products, culture, foods, etc. Once I sat down to look through the book, I devoured the entire thing in one sitting. For anyone who has ever been to Paris, wants to go to Paris, or is just fascinated with all things French.I cannot recommend this book enough. Truly enjoyable.

    22. My wife loaned this book to me to look through -- emphasis on the word "loan" because she loved it and definitely wanted it back. She has been to Paris, I have not, and she would like to persuade me to take her back someday. This was just the ticket to make me want to go! Flipping through this book is like strolling along the streets in Paris, stopping at intersting-looking shops and cafes along the way. I must sayParis is now on my bucket list!

    23. This is a lovely little reference tool for those ladies lucky enough to be on their way to Paris. For the rest of us, this book gives a taste of Parisian style, and provides plenty of inspiration for copycat efforts. I would be interested in reading similar titles in other cities from this same author.

    24. I received this free copy from and really loved it. It was such a lovely illustrated guide to all that Paris has to offer. I would say that anyone who is planning a trip to Gay Paree would absolutely adore this book and for those not planning a trip this book could get you dreaming to.

    25. Loved this book. I've only been to Paris once but it has stuck with me and I can't wait to go back. This book gave me lots of great tips for when I'm there as well as bringing Paris into my home!

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