Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story

Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games, movies, television, comic books, and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real world experiences that are just as amazing and fulfilling as the adventures of comic book heroes and video game characters Learn how to design your own personal Epic Quest of Awesome throughLevel Up Your Life uses the principles of video games, movies, television, comic books, and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real world experiences that are just as amazing and fulfilling as the adventures of comic book heroes and video game characters Learn how to design your own personal Epic Quest of Awesome through advice on health, fitness, travel, and finance.Author Steven Kamb, the founder creator of NerdFitness, leads you on a journey to discover the kind of game you want to play, including how to Develop a leveling structure Create a personal Origin Story every hero has a great origin story Determine what your Level 50 character will look like Build your own quest lists Hack your productivity, habits, and willpower to build momentum Build in rewards and accountability Add members to your party, expanding your community Find your own personal Yoda or Morpheus i.e mentor to help you along the way Restart and earn Extra Lives how to keep going when you get scared or stuck
Level Up Your Life How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games movies television comic books and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real world experiences

  • Title: Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story
  • Author: Steve Kamb
  • ISBN: 9781623365400
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Steve Kamb, the creator of nerdfitness, offers behavioral games and community support to assist readers in becoming their best self. It's the self help genre meets gamification.Steve was addicted to video games, miserable at his job and disappointed with life. "I still love those games and movies and enjoy the entertainment they provide. They're a part of who I am as a person. The problem was that they had become a way to avoid the unhappiness in my real life while also allowing me to continue d [...]

    2. This is a must-read book for all nerds, introverts and hopeful Jedi. Steve Kamb takes the mentorship of Obi-Wan, Gandalf, Morpheus and Professor Dumbledore, and blurs the divide between fantasy and reality as he helps you tackle your biggest life goal(s) like a James Bond mission. "Level Up Your Life" is practical and actionable advice for nerds like me, who understand discussions of Bowser's acceleration in Super Mario Kart, but can finally take our know-how offline, off the couch, and away fro [...]

    3. I initially gave this book a lower rating out of embarrassment that my (virtual) shelves are becoming ever more stuffed with self help books. But there's no sense in bashing it for being what it sets out to be.Nominally the book deals with making improvements in any area of your life, but as it grew out of the author's website Nerd Fitness it retains a strong bias towards health and fitness. There's a decent chunk of world travel and a smattering of starting your own business too, reflecting Kam [...]

    4. I once heard the story of a man who, in the moments before he was to commit suicide, decided that instead of ending his life he could instead treat his remaining existence as a big experiment without regard for the consequences. What's the worst that could happen? He could die, sure. But that was his intended goal just a few moments ago.Level Up Your Life is a self-development framework based around how computer games are designed to be addictive.What would it be like if you applied those very s [...]

    5. It’s January, so a lot of people are currently working on resolutions they vowed to do this new year. So what better way to start off the year than with one of those ‘self-help books’ that will help me achieve my goals if I just follow the methods put forward by the author.I discovered Steve Kamb and Nerd Fitness sometime last year while researching Intermittent Fasting. I found the article to be really informative, and it encouraged me to check out the rest of the site. I stuck around for [...]

    6. I've never been a big fan of self-help books or seminars which usually involve some dude shaking his fist at you while standing at a podium being paid $100,000 for a 1 hour performance. "Pay me money and you get to walk across hot coals! It's just mind over matter! You wanna make a lot of money.well now you can with my new book!" The self-help industry is kind of a crock and lacks a certain credibility yet it's a billion dollar industry. They all seem to be saying 'Buy this book' or 'Take this c [...]

    7. I loved this! It's everything Nerd Fitness has been teaching for years, condensed and re-imagined and then expanded again. The actionable parts in particular were my favorite -- where I got to set the book down and go make my own character, or plan my own Level 50. While, like most self-help books, it's aimed towards adults and has some aspects that are difficult to act on as a minor or student, it gives me big plans for the future and a lot of excitement for the now in regards to the things I c [...]

    8. My review is lower than it might have been had I not recently read Superbetter. They touch on very similar topics and, honestly, I think Superbetter does a better job. The elements of the system are more explicitly laid out and the system is more accessible and broad. However, that does not mean this book is bad. Indeed, you might get a lot out of it. But maybe check both books out from the library and see which one speaks to you more before you buy.One thing this book has going for it is its pa [...]

    9. Okay, so, I'm not actually a nerd or geek - just a wannabe. This book captures the essence of the geek/nerd mindset, with it's references to video games, sci-fi characters, and fantasy figures. The author's encouragement to "get a life" isn't actually written but implies it, while translating it into an exciting adventure. As a Christian, I found several applications as well - after all, there are several Biblical references to extraordinary living (such as a relentless athlete and soldier with [...]

    10. I think I found the key to getting teenagers to think about their future. I've been following Steve's blog almost from the beginning, and this book is a great distillation of his methods into an actionable plan for finding your path forward in life. I gave this book to a 13 year old gaming enthusiast I know, and he immediately read the entire book and wrote out his life plan based on the book.

    11. Livro sobre gamificação de tarefas e de como transformar qualquer rotina em uma estrutura de games. Linguagem simples e bem direta, com muitas citações e influências de jogos, livros e filmes para temperar as explicações. Foi o primeiro livro que li sobre o assunto e recomendo se você tem interesse sobre gamificação.O autor coloca várias sugestões de rotinas para viagens, aventuras, exercícios, hobbies e mais, além de ter criado toda uma comunidade voltada para isso (Nerdfitness).

    12. A Summary Of Things Already WrittenA good book that is full of not so common sense. It will try to sell you on using the tools of the Rebellion to level up your life. It is to your benefit to buy in.

    13. This book has been a great motivation, a great inspiration, a great push and a great friend of mine who challenges me to become more than I've ever been before. No matter how tired I am, I would at least read a few pages before going to bed, feeling so capable of anything and can't wait for tomorrow to come. I'm not at all a gamer but the author speaks right to my heart. I can relate to almost every word he says. I'm pretty sure I will keep coming back from time to time. Thanks for showing me ho [...]

    14. Do you want to change any aspect of your life? Lose weight? Travel more? Learn a new language? Are you a nerd or geek? If so this book is for you. The author has an amazing perspective on taking your big goals and breaking them up so you can get it done. I look forward to leveling up my life.

    15. While I didn't relate completely to the video game metaphors, this book had a lot of great information and inspiration to kick-start some adventure planning in my life.

    16. I do enjoy reading this book as it often talks to my heart. The only reason that I take awhile to finish this book because I don't want to let the excitement of reading it go away so fast. And today I think it's the right to finish it and I did. I didn't till this day that actually there are people out there whom would trying to accomplish thing and have the same kind of problem which i'm facing. It will take time for me to start taking action but I believe that by following Steve path may event [...]

    17. I'm not generally a fan of self-help books, because I find that mostly the person they're really just out to actually help is the author's pocketbook. But I've got several online friends that are fans of Steve Kamb's nerdfitness site, so I figured I'd give it a read and got a copy from the library. It's a good core concept, using gamification to achieve personal goals, whether it be fitness or travel or what have you. Breaking things down into a series of mini-quests making walking for 5 minutes [...]

    18. I have to say that I found the book enjoyable to read, and I've been a reader of nerd fitness for a couple of months now. I loved the bits on collecting underwear and not allowing other people to judge you for pursuing the dream in the way that you want to.The problem is a lot of this content is available on the blog but in a different format here, which has its ups and downs. If you've never read the blog you'll love the book, but blog readers will still find something to love here. There's a l [...]

    19. This book was freakin awesome! I love the idea of working all the elements that make video games so addictive into your life in a positive way. Steve clearly lays what it is about video games that keeps us coming back for more (clear challenges, incremental progress, immediate rewards, epic quests etc) and gives tips on how to create those things in your "real life" so that you are driven to "level up" in life, instead of in a game. It's a fascinating concept and I am really excited to implement [...]

    20. I really loved this book. It spoke to the nerd in me who loves the addictiveness of great RPGs. I find it easier to stick to growing the skills you want to develop by gamifying it. I absolutely love grinding a character to max stats in an RPG, and then going into beast mode for the rest of the game. I am already fit and go to the gym regularly, but I can gamify learning a new language, instrument, hobby, career advancement, public speaking, volunteering, traveling, and the list goes on. Almost e [...]

    21. One year and half ago, I suscribed to the Nerd Fitness Academy and followed the path proposed on the website. This led me to some dramatical changes in my life helping me to improve myself, my health and mind. One year later I bought this book but postponed its reading, as I was going through some personal stuffs. One month ago I've made what the Academy call a "respawn" and decided to take everything back to zero. This book helped me get things back on track but with a greater view, by seeing t [...]

    22. This is, easiest, my most favourite motivational book I've ever read. I can relate to almost everything he said simply because he, too, is a nerd who spends hours upon hours playing games and watching movies. And he uses this concept of gamification to apply on his real life. How cool is that!! Living like a Batman? Jason Bourne? Harry Potter? Katniss Everdeen? All of sudden, the whole life living thing becomes so much fun and achievable. It's no longer like looking at the top of mountain and th [...]

    23. Although it did repeat a lot of content that has already been published on the Nerd Fitness blog, it is incredibly handy to have all the information in one, accessible place, and it was great to be taken through the process from the beginning to the end. Very useful for anyone looking to improve their current selves, be it fitness, business or life goals.

    24. This was such an excellent read and exactly what this nerd needed. I love the concept of living your life like a video game. This book has a lot of fun ways to set your life up in that manner. Steve is a great guy and I am so grateful that my best friend told me about Nerd Fitness in the first place. Definitely recommend this book and this lifestyle.

    25. This book changed my life!About 40% into this book, I went onto Nerd Fitness and joined the academy. The day after, I went to the grocery store and bought some food to begin my new lifestyle. If anyone is struggling with exercising or just wanting to achieve your goals, please check out this book. If not, at least go on to the Nerd Fitness website and read some information. You won't regret it!

    26. Love the Level UpI've been a longtime reader of Nerd Fitness who was a little worried that the book would just be a reiteration of the philosophies that Kamb has been representing for years. Thankfully, there is some of the familiar and some of the new in there or I might have been disappointed. A great read I recommend for any nerd looking to make more of their lives.

    27. Better than most but nothing truly new. Goal setting, small steps, framing. I did really like the way the author tied everything together with the hero's journey as exemplified in many games and movies. It is a book by analogy, the analogy being mostly rpg games.

    28. I've been a follower of Nerdfitness for a few years now so knew the basics but it's great to have it's main principles consolidated in one place. The first half is definitely better as it's much more "do this" than the second half but a great book on the whole.

    29. Great book, will certainly read again. A great motivator that especially appeals to that inner geek who often keeps your head in the clouds and on the bench instead of living your dream.

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