Undeniable (Bound Together #1)

Warning 18 This story contains adult situations, hot sex, bad language, love triangles, sexy vampire bites and violence If that s not for you, then maybe this story isn t either Years after the Great War between the humans and vampires, the world is a very different place Humans live under the rule of vampires, often becoming little than slaves or personal bloodWarning 18 This story contains adult situations, hot sex, bad language, love triangles, sexy vampire bites and violence If that s not for you, then maybe this story isn t either Years after the Great War between the humans and vampires, the world is a very different place Humans live under the rule of vampires, often becoming little than slaves or personal blood bags Ariana and her brother Chase have managed to live off the radar for twenty years with a small pocket of other humans, but when they are caught and forced into Vampire City, everything changes The steaming hot vampire king, Alexander Morgan, takes a particular interest in Ariana There is something about her that he can t ignore Despite her defiance and general loathing of his kind, he wants her, and she isn t exactly against the idea Ari grew up being taught that vampires were evil, psychopathic, killers She had no reason to think otherwise Vampires killed almost everyone she ever knew or loved Yet when she finds herself with Alexander, there is an overwhelming connection that she isn t sure she would fight, even if she could But Alexander isn t the only one she feels this bond with She also can t seem to stay away from his half brother, West Caught between everything she ever believed, and the sexy vampire she is quickly falling for, Ariana must decide if their relationship is worth being threatened by the humans, hunted by the vampires, and losing herself to some unknown force that is dragging her deeper and deeper into a world that not even Alexander understands.
Undeniable Bound Together Warning This story contains adult situations hot sex bad language love triangles sexy vampire bites and violence If that s not for you then maybe this story isn t either Years after the Great

  • Title: Undeniable (Bound Together #1)
  • Author: L.J.Baker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. What a waste of time this book was.First, I like the concept of the plot. A post-apocalyptic-like world where vampires and humans fought and the humans lost. Of course. We always lose. Vampire "king" feels a bond and falls in love with a human girl. It really isn't a new concept, but it's one that can be done really well. (For example, the Captive series by Erica Stevens). Here, the characters were not developed enough and it's not because there wasn't enough time in the book. It reads like the [...]

    2. Sadly, I could not bring myself to finish this one, much as I tried. I really, really loved Alexander. I was intrigued by him from the beginning, but unfortunately Ari ruined it all. Even saying her name leaves a bad taste in my mouth - she totally didn't strike me as someone to go gagga over, and yet, three of the men in this book were doing just that. Why? She was nothing special - she wasn't funny, witty, smart, bright, ornery, hungover nothing. So I'm just confused as to what exactly her app [...]

    3. It is a enjoyable take on Vampires These Vampires aren't lovey dovey or even that sweet, they are more like a biker book. They love the women they love and don't give a shit about the rest. They aren't good Samaritans hidden in there either, so keeps me? They are complex and unfold their layers like a great craft beer. It is a little of that theme of "Oh wow, all the guys want me" but the writer makes it work and even threw in some humor. I will be reading book two and look forward to the series [...]

    4. WowI am so in love with this book I love Alexander, West, and Dex, but I really can’t stand Ari, I think she is kinda selfish and clueless. I can’t wait to see what happens next Because I am so hooked on this series

    5. Hmmm.This is my first from this author, but not my last. Cause now I gotta know what happens. Without giving anything away, let's just say choices need to be made. At this point, I'm not really sure who's gonna get the girl.

    6. If you haven't already read you really should!!!!!If your looking for a book that has every thing and more you will love this book Alex and Ari will keep you wanting more. Ari will not disappoint you but you will hope for what Alex and Ari being to have. Or at least I do

    7. A great vampire storyNoe hero doesnt get the girlrprize!!Thats what I enjoy the most about this book it's un predictableeps you on the edgeessing""saying come on tell him". you love him all ready Won't you😰😪😰

    8. EnjoyableThe story left me wanting to know will happen next. I very much enjoyed reading the story. Enjoyed the Dynamics of it.

    9. Good bookThis book was interesting,but it was just too drawn out! It made me feel like I'd like to kick arianna's ass for being such a brat!!!?

    10. On the fenceI feel like this is a 3.5 star story. Not a 3, but not a 4 either. So the story telling is good. There is mystery and drama, but the mystery is weak and there wasn't anything that couldn't be seen well ahead of time. No twists or surprises. I started out liking Ari until she started falling for every guy around her and trying to jump their bones. It didn't matter that Lex is in her head and in love with her. Usually in the same building or room she was trying to pull shirts off other [...]

    11. Great storylineBut horrible female lead character, Ari. There really is nothing good about her. She is supposed to be a loving, innocent, and deeply caring individual. However, she is none of these. She is selfish, self-absorbed and I hate to say this, but slutty. I could care less if she had multiple partners, but she just meets the guys and she is taking her clothes off, yet she supposedly loves another man. She is suppose to bring peace between the two races, but she is just as bad as the res [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. FYI - there is much graphic sex. The book takes place after a human/vampire war and the vampires have won. A small group of humans have been brought before the vampire king (Alexander). They have managed to survive in the outskirts and have now been caught. Ariana and her brother Chase are standing amongst the humans and Alexander finds Ariana has sparked his attention. The book goes on with their story. She realizes that much of what she has been told about vampires [...]

    13. The setting for the book grabbed my attention as it is described in a way that makes you feel conncected. Humans as slaves or food and Vampires in charge. The characters are well developed and very likable . I really like how much gumption Ariana has right from the start. She gets a bit carried away with sexual attractions, and I wanted to shake her a few times, but I understood the bond better after reading the 2nd book. Alexander is portrayed as a true vampire, heartless and cruel at times, bu [...]

    14. Good vampire seriesThis is the first book in a vampire series which is great so far. Many of the myths are done away with. No sun issues, staking doesn't kill them, they can eat real food It just makes it less complicated! Ari and her brother are rounded up by the ruling vampires for food or servants. But, she catches the attention of Alexander who is the King vampire in this area. From there nothing is sane or boring. Love triangles, compulsion, deceit are just some of the events! Suspense is r [...]

    15. When I read a book, it’s usually very hit or miss. I haven’t come across many that I feel undecided about or have lukewarm feeling for. This is one of the few. I eagerly dove into this story because I love LJ Baker’s zombie romance series and this one promised hot vampires. I have to say that while I did like this book, it was just ok for me. Not a total love fest, but I didn’t dislike it at all. I’m going to give it three stars. Maybe book 2 will really make me fall for this series. H [...]

    16. vampire apocalypse I thought it was a little redundant but it turned out to be a good story. All the drama over a human girl. Who would of thought it? Well women are the center of the universe so we might as well start some drama. This story was different and had me captivated by the first page. Alexander is a prince who rules by an iron hand. Vampires bring him humans that have been living in the outside and it turns out to be his true love. I would like to say it's all sunshine and rainbows bu [...]

    17. Loved This Story! What Happened To The Ending!?Love, love, loved the story line, but I have to admit here that I felt like throttling the author for, what felt like a vapid, non-ending ending. For me, the ending of this interesting story was a bit like the sneeze or orgasm that just doesn't quite get thereunfulfilling. Is there a sequel? Love it if it's in the works, but found no mention made. Story 5 stars, but the somewhat of a copout ending brought it downon the other hand, what do I know!

    18. Love BitesAn old witch, a vengeful vampire queen makes one check of a story. Air and her twin Chase are caught up in a web of love, hurt, pain and lots of passions. Can a Love Bond between Ari and the vampire king Alexander stand the test of time? Will much needed blood sharing confuse the love triangle? I love this series and cannot wait to read more.

    19. This super hot PNR will keep you guessing until the end! I had the pleasure of beta reading this story, and it's a hot one. I'm a big fan of LJ Baker, and the world she's created in Undeniable is fascinating, the merging of a post-event story with Vampires is such an interesting spin.Well done, LJ Baker!

    20. Love these booksThis book of Alexander and Ari is what got me started in this series. Best Vampire series I have read in awhile. Just finished book 4 and impatiently waiting on book 5

    21. Great book I so happy I started this series! Love Lex! Can't wait to read next book! To see who Dex hooks up with!

    22. Interesting take on vampire/mortal relationsIf you like to read about vampires this book is for you. Ups and downs and turnarounds. Makes you want to read the next book!

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