Midian, A Kilenya Romance

Midian has lived in Gevkan Castle for almost all of her twenty five years, growing up alongside Princess Arien It s not until she meets Kelson, best friend of Prince Dmitri, that she realizes how deep her shyness runs Will Kelson be able to help her out of her shell or will he chase her away with his outgoing and often rambunctious and flirtatious personality
Midian A Kilenya Romance Midian has lived in Gevkan Castle for almost all of her twenty five years growing up alongside Princess Arien It s not until she meets Kelson best friend of Prince Dmitri that she realizes how deep

  • Title: Midian, A Kilenya Romance
  • Author: Andrea Pearson
  • ISBN: 9781310992018
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Midian is the young ladies name, in her story we have probably come across guys like the ones in this book. Midian is treated exactly the same as her peers which is a good quality we should all learn. The author manages to keep your interest all through the story, by making you able to feel a part of the plot, either by being a spectator or being able to relate to the situations that arise all through the plot, it is well written and would recommend to others. The only wish I had, was that the b [...]

    2. This is Midian & Kelson’s (Matt & Aloren’s parents) romance and for chronological order, best read first. This book is definitely a prequel to the Kilenya series! We learn more about Prince Dmitri and Princess Arien’s courtship. Shocking relationship between Aldo, Matt and Aloren is figured out as long as you’re paying attention. This relationship is not mentioned in the Kilenya series. A Dust, kidnapping, flirting and adventure all await those who read this book.

    3. Midian is a novella that tells the story of the first little while after Midian and Kelson met. It’s a short and sweet little background story on how two characters who died before the first Kilenya book and were the parents of two of the Kilenya characters got together. It’s a quick read and adds to the overall enjoyment of the Kilenya series. I recommend it for all Kilenya fans!

    4. This book has a great storyline and I really enjoyed reading it. Received FREE for an honest review.

    5. SweetA good sweet story that fills in the spots of information that flesh the series out even move. Refreshingly free of smut and gutter language.

    6. Great story. This book gives a little background of happenings in Ecklaron. This how Midian meets Kelson with danger all around. Don't miss it!

    7. I really enjoyed learning the back story behind Midian and Kelson meeting. I just wish that the story continued to include their wedding and the time when Matt and Aloren were together with their parents before the first Lorkin attacks. Overall, I felt this was very enjoyable, I like that the characters had depth to them and I had a hard time putting my nook down.

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