The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

Many moons ago, the magic of Calvin and Hobbes first appeared on the funny pages and the world was introduced to a wondrous pair of friends a boy and his tiger, who brought new life to the comics page To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this distinguished partnership, Bill Watterson prepared this special book, sharing his thoughts on cartooning and creating Calvin anMany moons ago, the magic of Calvin and Hobbes first appeared on the funny pages and the world was introduced to a wondrous pair of friends a boy and his tiger, who brought new life to the comics page To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this distinguished partnership, Bill Watterson prepared this special book, sharing his thoughts on cartooning and creating Calvin and Hobbes, illustrated throughout with favorite black and white and color cartoons.
The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book Many moons ago the magic of Calvin and Hobbes first appeared on the funny pages and the world was introduced to a wondrous pair of friends a boy and his tiger who brought new life to the comics page

  • Title: The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book
  • Author: Bill Watterson
  • ISBN: 9780836204384
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Reading a Calvin and Hobbes book can make ones day.Comic strips are not only for fun but they have to tell the whole world in a nutshell about everything they want to.The wonderful and creative cartoonist does it coolly as always.The tenth anniversary book is a collection of all the great comic strips in Calvin and Hobbes with some introduction to every one of them.It was cool to know how and when the author got the idea and what triggered him to produce such fantastic work. Reading other Calvin [...]

    2. A few years ago I thought having a cartoon book sitting by my bed at night would be the best way of going to sleep. For a long time now it’s been this Calvin and Hobbes collection, but today I binged on it, finishing it with a cup of tea after breakfast here: alittleteaalittlechat.wordpre

    3. Sami stripovi su reprize onih koje smo vec videli u prvih par kolekcija ali komentari od Vatersona je ono sto ovde dize zabavnost posto licno volim da citam kako je neko dosao na ideju za neke stvari. Po meni obavezno stivo za svakoga ko voli Calvin and Hobbes.Narocito onaj deo kada objasnjava da je dobio negativnu postu na strip gde Kalvin fantazira da unisti skolu. Odgovor ko nije kao dete mastao o tome :)

    4. Il mondo è più divertente visto attraverso gli occhi di Calvin - ancora di più attraverso quelli di Hobbes.Peccato che in questa raccolta si metta in mezzo Bill Watterson, l'autore, che spiega, storicizza, racconta, svela i retroscena, parla e straparla, togliendo molto del gusto.Così, ho fatto finta che fosse una raccolta normale senza le inutili didascalie dell'autore e sono arrivato felicemente in fondo - proprio come avrebbe fatto Calvin :-)Hobbes invece se lo sarebbe fatto leggere salta [...]

    5. To anyone looking upon this book for the very first time may think this is a great book. Some would say this is a perfect book for the young one's. But to anyone with an adult age would look upon this book with a totally different view. Something is definitely going on in this book that is out of the norm, so that's when i looked into this book.This book is obviously about a young man named 'Calvin' who goes on these "journey's" with his best friend 'Hobbes'. What some would think that makes thi [...]

    6. Recién terminado.Me sorprendió muchísimo, el comienzo es mi parte favorita sin dudas. Poder entender un poco todo este mundo alocado de las tiras cómicas, los cambios, problemas y demas. Las tiras me gustaron, la mayoría me resultaron meh, pero las que iban destinadas a dejar un mensaje me llegaron y eso es lo que cuenta. Hay una gran variedad de temas, por lo que puede resultar interesante a una gran gama de lectores. En mi família casi me sacan el libro de las manos y eso que nadie lee, [...]

    7. Nunca había visto nada sobre esta historieta. NADA. Y es reeee famosa. Me gustó poder conocerla y acercarme a estos personajes. En esta edición aniversario contamos con una selección de las mejores tiras cómicas comentadas por el autor. Me gustaron tanto las historias como los pequeños comentarios que tenía el autor al respecto. Cada una tiene su trasfondo y su lógica y esos renglones complementaban muy bien lo que estábamos leyendo.También cuenta con un "prólogo" donde habla sobre la [...]

    8. I love comics.I’ve never been quite as avid a reader as many of the really hardcore comic geeks, but I absolutely remember the comic strips I read when I was real young, as part of learning to read - i.e. Disney Adventures magazines, hand-me-downs from my parents, et cetera. As an adult, I like comics from both North America and Japan, though I’m slightly biased toward the latter. This here, though, is a non-superhero/fantasy/sci-fi example - rather, it’s a comic strip. I own all except tw [...]

    9. Como diseñador gráfico soy gran admirador de buenos ilustradores, tanto contemporáneos como clásicos y Bill Watterson cae en la segunda categoría, además de ser un excelente ilustrador también fue un excelente cartonista. Calvin y Hobbes. Diez años, es una prueba de ello.Esta edición fue publicada originalmente en 1995, cuando la tira de Calvin y Hobbes cumplía diez años de haber sido publicada, pero también marcaba el año en que dejaría de aparecer en los periódicos.A diferencia [...]

    10. This is classic Calvin and Hobbes and a great memorial to the short life of the best comic strip ever written. The introductory information written by Bill Watterson was interesting and gave me a brief insight into the quirky and creative mind that created these adorable, mischievous and precocious characters.I was heartbroken when I heard that Bill Watterson had decided to stop writing the Calvin and Hobbes strip. I felt like I was losing two good friends. Long before I became a mother, I would [...]

    11. I'm a big Calvin & Hobbes fan so it's no surprise that I found this collection wonderful. It's also sprinkled with commentary from Bill Watterson throughout, which gives a lot of context and background I didn't otherwise know. For other Watterson fans, his work recently made a secretive appearance in June 2014in the comics pages via Pearls Before Swine (stephanpastis.wordpress/2014/06/07/ever-wished-that-calvin-and-hobbes-creator-bill-watterson-would-return-to-the-comics-page-well-he-just-di [...]

    12. I have never read this volume of Calvin and Hobbes like I read it this time. Before, I was too young and impatient to appreciate Bill Watterson's commentary - I usually skipped over most of it to read the comics.This book has given me incredible insight into the life of a cartoonist, writer, artist, and working man. Anyone with a career in mind for the aforementioned goals should read Watterson's story. It is incredibly inspiring!

    13. Because I don't typically read newspapers (trying to save the world by not killing trees), I never followed comics very closely. I was introduced to Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes almost completely after the fact. My Mom and Dad kept several collections on their coffee table. So when I visited them, I'd invariably pick one up and be amazed.

    14. Probably the greatest things I've ever read. And that includes the greatest of the classics. The first time I encountered the last strip in this album (the one that takes up the whole last page), I'm pretty sure I cried from nostalgia.

    15. Fantastic. What sets this apart from the 950 other Calvin and Hobbes collections is that this one is heavily interspersed with Watterson's own observations about the strip, his creative process, and the elements of his own life that have informed his work. Highly recommended.

    16. An insightful look into the heart, mind, and imagination of artist Bill Watterson. Every minute I spend with Calvin and Hobbes is a minute I become a more observant and awestruck human being. Please read this. Read it alone, with friends, and with your children.

    17. I completely forgot all these Calvin and Hobbes books were on my shelves! I should know better, all of these great comics deserve to be rated too, lol.

    18. it's always a pleasure to spend time with Calvin and Hobbes ! what made this book even more special was the author's commentary !!

    19. It was interesting to read about the thoughts and motivation behind the comics, from the creator. Some of my favorite ones are in this collection.

    20. En las primeras páginas Watterson se despacha con una especie de “tratado” en el que opina sobre todo lo referente al mundo de las tiras cómicas: temáticas, plazos, relación con los editores y la competencia con otras tiras.Nos deja clara su muy personal y respetable visión antisistema del mundo. Luego nos comenta cuales fueron sus influencias (alguna de ellas muy evidente), explica su proceso creativo y presenta a sus personajes.Sus notas sobre las tiras me han dejado muy en claro el a [...]

    21. Komik strip Calvin & Hobbes merupakan salah satu komik strip terkenal di dunia. Mengisahkan persahabatan bocah berumur 6 tahun dengan sesosok macan. Di buku ini, Bill Watterson membagikan kisahnya dalam membuat komik strip ini. Dia juga membagikan beberapa prinsipnya yang cukup keras, salah satunya tidak mau berkompromi dengan pasar untuk memberikan ijin membuat merchandise Calvin & Hobbes.Bill Watterson juga menyertakan komik strip buatannya, lengkap dengan catatan kecil mengenai tema d [...]

    22. This book was a really good book, and was arguably better than the previous Calvin and Hobbes book I read. This book gives insight into the author's ideas and perspectives, plus, he talks about his inspirations for Calvin and Hobbes. He feeds off of his childhood and last experiences to illustrate his ideas and concerns in his writings. It gave me a chance to connect with the author and better understand him. I gained a new respect for comics and the world surrounding them as well as the artists [...]

    23. Calvin and Hobbes will always stand out for me as a true work of brilliance. As everyone who has to produce comics on a regular basis, Watterson surely must have been in slumps now and then, and I feel like in *those* cases his comics are the same quality as other comic strips. At their best, his strips are full of so much depth and wisdom, mixed masterfully with humor and touches of sadness, and the results are golden. I enjoyed these strips as much when I was a kid as now, and I'm sure there w [...]

    24. This is only a fragment of Bill Watterson’s ingenious work. There are more, and I cannot wait to continue reading them. Never have I written down so many quotes from a book before. Each strip is drawn with compassion and dedication to the art for the sake of it. You can tell that the author really cared for he characters he had drawn. Each speech/thought bubble is riddled with sarcasm and clever remarks about life, about human nature and about childhood.

    25. It's brilliant to see how the strip evolved through the years, what decisions the author took, what he based those decision on and how similar some strips were to his own life as a kid. The strips were already included in the previous collected edition, but I don't mind reading them again and the commentary from the creator is priceless.

    26. An extremely interesting companion book the Calvin and Hobbes series, this book gives us insights into Bill Waterson's favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons, with comment from the cartoonist himself. Beautiful drawings and outstanding notes. A must for all Calvin & Hobbes fans!

    27. Adoro Calvin y Hobbes. Ser un niño en la conciencia de un adulto, poder burlarse del sinsentido de tantas costumbres adultas. La nostalgia de ver la inocencia al deshacerse. Y, por supuesto, lo más importante, tener un tigre como tu mejor amigo.

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