Little Scarlet

Watts is smoldering in ruins and the cops are on Easy Rawlins s doorstep Easy expects the worst, as usual But, incredibly, they re asking for his help A redheaded woman known as Little Scarlet had sheltered a man during the riots Witnesses later saw him fleeing her building not long after, Little Scarlet was found viciously murdered Now, with his old friend Mouse atWatts is smoldering in ruins and the cops are on Easy Rawlins s doorstep Easy expects the worst, as usual But, incredibly, they re asking for his help A redheaded woman known as Little Scarlet had sheltered a man during the riots Witnesses later saw him fleeing her building not long after, Little Scarlet was found viciously murdered Now, with his old friend Mouse at his side, Easy follows the case s single clue across Los Angeles The missing man is the key, but he s only the beginning Hidden in the heart of the city is a killer whose red hot rage is as fierce as the fires that rocked L.A.
Little Scarlet Watts is smoldering in ruins and the cops are on Easy Rawlins s doorstep Easy expects the worst as usual But incredibly they re asking for his help A redheaded woman known as Little Scarlet had she

  • Title: Little Scarlet
  • Author: Walter Mosley
  • ISBN: 9781586216603
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Audio CD
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    1. This was the first Easy Rawlins novel to come close to being as good as the first, Devil In A Blue Dress. The books in between have all been decent, but until this one, none have been able to match the urgency and freshness of the first novel. In Little Scarlet, Easy is a changed man after witnessing the violence and destruction during the 1965 race riots in Watts, and he searches for the murderer of a black woman in the riot's aftermath. Using the riots as a setting really upped the ante from t [...]

    2. Easy Rawlins is rough, self-assured, mature, street smart, definitely a man’s man. A businessman who loves family and respects women, he is the amateur investigator featured in 10 books by Walter Mosley.It’s the 60’s – a violent time in our history. An violence is the vehicle that Mosley uses to drive this story. Watts 1965. For those who don’t know what went down, go Wiki it for the full 411. But here’s a snapshot…Watts, is a black neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles, Califo [...]

    3. This one touched my heart a bit. Taking place during and after the riots in 1965 in LA, Easy is once again asked to do what the white police aren't able/willing to do. Track down a man who has been accused of killing black woman all across LA. But because of the "sensitive" nature of the neighborhoods due to all the riots police relations haven't been well handled and it's up to Easy to get it all straightened out. They suspect that it's a white man killing all these black women and because of t [...]

    4. I enjoyed the first several books of this series, but I'm really enjoying them now because you can see the evolution of Easy and the love he has for his patchwork family.

    5. rockymountainnews/newsMore than a man of of mysteryWalter Mosley prefers 'literary' labelJenny Shank, Special To The NewsPublished July 16, 2004 at midnightOver the fourteen years of Walter Mosley's publishing career, during which he has turned out 19 books, Mosley has experienced segregation and discrimination - in the bookstore.As a writer who's primarily known for mysteries but has also written straightforward literary fiction, science-fiction and essays, Mosley on occasion feels the sting of [...]

    6. I had to read Mosley's Little Scarlet for my Mystery Lit class. I felt a bit uncomfortable at first while reading. I felt like I had walked down a bad alley in the wrong neighborhood. Little Scarlet takes place during the Watts Riots in the 60's (Google it!) and centers on the murder of a black woman and the behind the scenes investigation by Easy Rawlins. Rawlins is a black, hard boiled 'researcher' just trying to make it in a white world. He is not perfect and I think I'm in love with him. The [...]

    7. This novel has a passion for the real. It takes the reader back to 1965 – Los Angeles riot. A time when injustice meets the cruelty of reality and calls it powerlessness. Where Easy Rawlins solves the murder of “Nola Payne” referred to as “Little Scarlet”. Was she killed by her “white lover” or a victim of the riots. It turns out she was a victim of society. The pin up hate of a man named Harold Ostenberg, who never could find his identity in a world which left him none and a mothe [...]

    8. Walter Mosley delivers crime fiction set during a turning point in America's racial history. His protagonist, Easy Rawlins, is a man who, more often than not, would like to be left alone--he just keeps getting caught up murders that require his special expertise in detection. The great pleasure of reading Mosley is the classic, sharp-paced action mixed with commentary on the problems of being African American in a racist society.

    9. Μια καλή αστυνομική ιστορία. Το βιβλίο είναι καλύτερο χάρη στον χαρακτήρα του Ίζυ και την δύναμη του ιστορικού πλαισίου. Ατμοσφαιρικό και ικανοποιητικό.

    10. This is a phenomenal book that has so many twists and turns which makes it so exciting. Especially when you think that you know where this book is going to end but all of a sudden someone else comes to the pool of suspects. Walter Mosley the author of Little Scarlet really captured the readers had them craving for more throughout the novel, especially because the plot was so good. This novel was a about a murder in Los Angeles involving a young, friendly, good hearted redheaded African American [...]

    11. **edited 12/30/13The LA riots have erupted, and the state of mind of Easy Rawlins, official janitor and unofficial detective, reflects the chaos around him. While saddened by the rage and violence, he understands it deeply, seeing that to even make the offenders aware of the gulf between white and black, something has to break. In the midst of his own inner turmoil, the LA police call him in to investigate a potentially racially sensitive case. Easy Rawlins has a unique perspective and voice. He [...]

    12. An Easy Rawlins murder mystery set during the race riots in Watts in the 60's. Here's the thing about Walter Mosley - his novels are great and I never care who's the killer. The mystery genre is used by Mosley as a vehicle to explore these characters, whom he obviously loves, during unique times in history. A murder is fitting with the theme of control that he so often explores - a murderer takes control of another's life, the cops take control of the destiny of the blacks in LA until they stand [...]

    13. A cat jumped into my lap and started pressing her nose against my hand. I scratched behind her ears absently. I imagined a lonely black boy living out in a white world where even his mother treated him like dirt."You like cats, Mr. Rawlins?" Dottie asked me."Better than most people," I replied."Hallelujah to that," she said.Easy is on the trail of a tortured, demented killer of black women as L.A. still smolders in the wake of the '65 Watts Riots in the 9th installment of the Easy Rawlins myster [...]

    14. Very good, atmospheric recreation of the Los Angeles scene at the time of the Watts riots of 1965, from the multiple perspectives of the black, white, and police communities. Also a compelling mystery with some memorable charactersd tied together with the narrative guidance of the compelling Easy Rawlins. The audiobook is masterfully read with much thought and nuance put into each character voice by actor Michael Boatman. This unabridged version kept my spouse and me enthralled for the entire (a [...]

    15. There are books that are written to convey plot as clearly as possible and keep the reader turning pages eagerly. This is one of them, but it's also a book that is freighted with bleak, clear-eyed insight. The prose is a joy to read - fleet-footed, yet meticulous, never heavy-handed, but far from empty-headed. If everything else by Mosley is half as good, I look forward to reading more of his work.

    16. I completed this audiobook while stuck in a layover in LAX. It's rare I can read a book in the city it's based in. The story revolves around a murdered woman during the Watts riots in 1965. I've noticed in the more recent Mosley books that Easy seems to be getting quite preachy. In this one he is as well, but it makes sense during the riots. This didn't seem as over the top compared to other recent books in this series. Memorable for the characters and the environment.

    17. Easy Rawlins goes looking for a serial killer in the middle of the 1965 Watts riot. black women are dying and nobody seems to care. he takes on a temporary partner, who is white, to solve the case. "He was a cop by trade and I was a criminal by color. But there we were." and he's thinking about the experience of blacks in a white world, the harsh reality of every chance encounter, identity and stereotypes shifting just a little but not enough at a moment when the ground is suddenly changing bene [...]

    18. I liked the story and plot of this book. The author explains much about Black prejudice towards whites in easy language. I'd like to read more about "Easy" Ezechial Rawlins. Little Scarlet was a black women killed in and around the time of the Watts riots in LA in 1965. Police asked Rawlins to help them because he was black and could search things in the Watts area easier than cops. The author gives great incite into Rawlins' life and black experience with just a few words. He solves the crime a [...]

    19. This was my first Mosley -- I haven't even seen the Rawlins novel that got adapted into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington. But I am inspired to read more of them and to see that movie now. "Little Scarlet" had a great mix of crime noir one-liners, action and history. I would put this in front of a young reader who is engaged with the Black Lives Matter movement and could use some help connecting the dots to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

    20. One can only appreciate the expansion of Easy's influence if you are familiar with his turbulent history. Nevertheless, Easy once again enters more unforeseen adventures which in doing favors on the side of work, he gains more friends and influence by befriending a white man in the police force. For a black man in the 1960's, that's like striking gold. Easy Rawlins is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

    21. Just keeps getting betterThis provides a great backstory to how Easy Rawlins got his in with 2 hard men on the LAPD. Also how he came to be a Black Man in LA to have a PI's licenseI have been reading Walter Mosley for a great many years (20+), and really don't remember if it ever came up before. His work is something you can read several times and like all great authors, each time you gain a better understanding of the characters.

    22. I started reading this book not expecting much but I can say that I enjoyed this book so much more then what I expected. I especially liked the friendship Easy and Suggs create.

    23. I am listening to this in my car. It has captured my interest in a way that most mysteries do not. I will definitely read more from this author. Our hero is an unlicensed, black private detective in Los Angeles during the race riots of the 60's. He gives great insight into the daily city life of black men and why they had so much suppressed rage. And, it is a murder mystery involving a young female victim and her elderly aunt.

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