Monster Stepbrother

Standalone Novel Monster Stepbrother His dark obsession runs deep.He s obsessed with her.She s addicted to him.Two damaged souls.Will they heal or ruin one another How does a girl go from being Daddy s precious doll to a different kind of toy Easy really When my father remarries it changes the course of my life and everything becomes complicated.My new Standalone Novel Monster Stepbrother His dark obsession runs deep.He s obsessed with her.She s addicted to him.Two damaged souls.Will they heal or ruin one another How does a girl go from being Daddy s precious doll to a different kind of toy Easy really When my father remarries it changes the course of my life and everything becomes complicated.My new stepbrother is a monster who hates me Unapologetic, controlling, and brazen, he s intent on making my life a living hell Oliver King makes the rules Whenever he wants However he wants Wherever he wants.My head screams this is wrong, but I can t resist giving in to forbidden desires.I want it as much as he does I m his possession, his ultimate pleasure, his dark obsession.My addiction to him grows to a dangerous level I can t stop craving from the man who has made me his and ruined me for anyone else Can what starts out as lust and vengeance end as love Can we take away one another s pain and ease one another s fears Nobody said life or love was easy.My name is Maya Childs, and this is my story Standalone No Cliffhanger HEA 18 A NOTE from the Author This book is NOT for everyone and may have triggers that make some readers uncomfortable Please be aware of that before you read this book If you do decide to go ahead, please keep an open mind Inside each of us lurks a monster We all have demons we hide from the world We all need that one special person to look beyond the surface of the mask we wear and deep into our souls I hope you enjoy Oliver and Maya s story that you will indeed peel back the layers and look beneath the surface.WARNING Not appropriate for readers under 18 Contains dark and sensitive subject matter that may make readers uncomfortable Contains explicit language and descriptions of sexual situations.
Monster Stepbrother Standalone Novel Monster Stepbrother His dark obsession runs deep He s obsessed with her She s addicted to him Two damaged souls Will they heal or ruin one another How does a girl go from being Daddy

  • Title: Monster Stepbrother
  • Author: Harlow Grace Dawn Daniels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. After being pleasantly surprised by Prick, I decided to try Monster Stepbrother in hopes that I might replicate my previous luck. If anyone asks what this book is about, let's see. Girl and boy are step-siblings but they are constantly hard and wet for each other. Girl hates boy because he's a meanie while boy hates girl because duhasons.Boy calls girl slut and whore, practically rapes and assaults her and manipulates her into a purely sexual relationship. But that's okay, he's IN LURVE with her [...]

    2. 1.5-trashy-trashy-trashy-starsWhy I read this?Because it looks like stepbrother romance novels are a new trend. I was curious. How does that saying go? "Curiosity killed the cat"?(P.S. Possible spoilers and only for those over 18.)My reaction?Let's start with the title! Monster Stepbrother. If that doesn't scream "trashy" and "porn" and "WTF", I don't know what does. Frequent words. Slut, whore, fuck, stepsister, stepbrother, dark obsession, wrong, Bee, Oliver King It's not that hard to imagine [...]

    3. NO RATINGGone are the days where I waste my time reading a book when it's obviously not doing it for me. This won't be long just a few sentences.I enjoy reading:*non/dub con*forced seductionI basically love reading anything with dark elements. I complained about slut shaming in this book in a status update. Well here's why: Hey I've read books where the hero or heroine is called a slut or whore many times. But when it's repeatedly said throughout the book, practically on every page then we have [...]

    4. ★★ 2.5 Stars ★★POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEADUnfortunately, when the main character spends the majority of the book fucking another woman, I can't honestly rate it 3 or above.It was potentially a good story, Oliver King is a grumpy teenager when he first meets his little stepsister Maya and he can't stand her joyful manner when their parents have just married and become an insta-family.Fast forward 4 years and they apparently have had a rocky relationship, even though Oliver is at boarding scho [...]

    5. FULL REVIEW POSTED!** 2,5-3 “my drug of choice” STARS **“You, Oliver King, are a f*cking monster. I despise you.”“And you, Maya Childs, are MY little sl*t. Deal with it.”OkayNow don't start stoning me yet, but I didn't exactly HATE this book, you guys.I wasn't offended with most of the stuff everybody else did, like the constant sl*t-shaming and the never-ending hornyness. In fact, I think it was all pretty damn sexy *covers face*“Don’t delude yourself. The last thing I want is y [...]

    6. 1-1.5In January I began reading Monster Stepbrother because I was curious and wanted to try something outside my comfort-zone and I got my wish. This step-sibling romance aka, trainwreck was weirdly compelling, disturbing and yet the hero and heroine's actions, thoughts, behaviour and attraction made no sense. There was no plot and the whole thing was absolutely batshit crazy. Monster Stepbrother is a study in abusive relationships and how characters who lack brain cells, common sense and emotio [...]

    7. I finished this book last night andThe blurb of the book is very misleading. Why you might ask? WellFor start can you be left (and I quote)"feeling like a filthy whore" when you're (view spoiler)[a virgin at 18 that gives it up to her stepbrother after wanting for years for him to be the one to take her virtue and drooling after him for so long? (hide spoiler)]Oliver is made out to seem like a "monster" and the ultimate predator but actually in the beginning of the book he seems very ok to meke [...]

    8. First off the cover just pulls all of us cover hoes in, then the taboo subject matter within the blurb, which is why I jumped on this, and the hot teasers I've seen aroundSo this is where I'm struggling (and please keep in mind that this is only my opinion) I'm about half way through and I'm not finding myself connecting with the characters, there's a lot of swear words graphic details on what the other wants to do to the other but I'm not really grasping that taboo feeling that they shouldn't r [...]

    9. ☆ I received an ARC via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆ .:Thoughts to come later!:.

    10. You can read this and other reviews at Inked in ChaptersI had originally given 2 stars. With further review, I now feel it should hold a rating of 1.5 stars.I was given an ARC of Monster Stepbrother in exchange for an honest review. I usually hate when people begin their reviews with that sentence. It’s unoriginal, and quite frankly, boring. In this case, it’s important. I pride myself on being honest, especially when it comes to my reviews. You put your trust in me, and I don’t take that [...]

    11. Def one of the better step siblings book I have read! This is actually a 3.5 stars for me:update:I re read this book again and even though the writing is still good I find that all the scenes with ow really bothers me now so I took the rating down!

    12. edit: ok 2 days later and the more i think on it, the more i didn't like it. so it's going from 2 stars to 1 star. there was just so many things that just didn't work for me heree warning at the start is along the lines of your usual 'this won't be for everyone, read only if you can handle the subject matter and keep an open mind. if you want a perfect love story, this is not it - you will be disappointed.' well, i can handle pretty much anything in my books, i keep an open mind and imperfect lo [...]

    13. Confession time…the blurb of this book scared me. I’m talking, run in the other direction scared me. So….why did I read this you ask? Well…uh…because I’m crazy!?Ok, reality is, I’ve been on a stepbrother kick lately. There have been quite a few coming out in the last few months and while some have been pretty decent, others have been…well…really bad. So I’ve been determined to find a GOOD one. But I don’t gravitate toward dark books. And this one sounded beyond dark. But my [...]

    14. ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review[image error]Monster Stepbrother was a book that had so much potential to be a dark taboo sexy read but this book sadly fell flat for me. I wanted to like this book a lot but I found myself not connecting to any of the characters. I love a good forbidden romance and as a big avid fan of dark romance, this book was lacking in the dark element that would pull me in. The hero, Oliver King was more like a wishy washy character who couldn't make up h [...]

    15. Couldn't get past reading phrases like "I would tell her father, my stepfather, about how she sucked this guy off if she didn't cave to my demands. Sorry sis." (Something along those lines. The accurate phrase word for word escapes me.)Lead male wants to sleep with his stepsister, whom he's known since she was 12. He won't call his mother mom, but the author made damn sure to repeat "SISTER" every chance she got when referencing his love interest. The first 20% of this book was written in the ma [...]

    16. This bookrprised the hell out of me. I took the title literally, Oliver, was.of course a fucking dick, I hated him, I hated how he treated her, he was truly a fucked up monster - during HER chapters, anyway. When Oliver's chapters came around thoughyou see this struggle he has to deal withd as it progresses, you get a better a little more back story on some of the characters. It was really good, one of the better 'step sibling' books I've read.I SHOULD knock it down to 3.5ere was a few things I [...]

    17. +++ 4 MIND ALTERING STARS!!! +++His dark obsession runs deep.He's obsessed with her.She's addicted to him.Fine pair they make.Two damaged souls.Will they heal or ruin one another?*Sigh* I had a lot mixed feelings after reading this story but out of everything I felt, clearly it was mind fucked. Harlow Grace pointed out some real issues, like self worth,self doubt, self acceptance, and self respect. I loved being a part of these two character's journeys, witnessing their individual growth as well [...]

    18. Won an ARC on Facebook =0D3.5 Just Misunderstood Stars~ Not what I was expecting but thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless!!~This was definitely a super Hot read The beginning threw me for a loop since I couldn't figure out why Oliver was so cranky and mean all the time Then when we meet Maya later on she was just plain bold and came off as a total teaseBut once the story started cranking and you saw the whys on both Oliver and Maya's ends it all flowed wonderfully and I was able to get into the story [...]

    19. 2.5 - 3ish Stars! and that is mainly because of the cover and the badass title!I guess its an Ooooookay read typical step sibling love story- hot popular step brother meets the heroine etc etc pretty cliché plot that we probably read so many times by now. The hero is down right mean hot/cold shit treatment to the heroine To be honest, nothing special to write off. It didn't blow my mind but I was curious and was itching for some taboo read so yeah, this book did the job. I think I had read so m [...]

    20. Advance Readers Copy (ARC) provided by the author for an honest review.My original rating was 4 stars but after thinking about this book and thought about it I decided to give it 3.5 stars.Title: Monster StepbrotherAuthor: Harlow GraceGenre: Taboo LoveAge Group: New Adult Release Date: February 9th, 2015Point of View: Dual, First PersonHappy Ever After: Yes Overall Rating: ★★★You belong to me and there's nothing you can do about it. I saved your wretched life--it fucking belongs to me. You [...]

    21. The blurb of this book pulled me in right away. Step-brother? Taboo? Dark obsession? I could not WAIT to read this. Things I liked about the book: ~ Alternating POV between Maya and Oliver - this is my favorite way to read a book. ~ Awesome premise! ~ Super hot sex scenes. Oliver and Maya have insane chemistry and the taboo/forbidden aspect always gets the blood pumping. Things I did not like about this book:~ The writing did not pull me in. Monster Stepbrother is Harlow Grace's debut novel and [...]

    22. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.4 “Monster” Stars!So Hot, Super Angsty and Totally Taboo!The Review:Did I love this book? Definitely!And just like the warning says, this book is NOT for everyone. The hero is foul mouthed, narcissistic and so full of himself, I’m surprised he had room for anything else. He’s a total mean-boy, he’s manipulative, a complete douche and in a real life circumstance, I would probably hate him. But this isn’t real life. This is escapism and I [...]

    23. I was not sure what to think when I started this book. I actually was going to DNF at about 33% because I really did not care for heroine. I particular do not care for a heroine that does not care for herself. However, at 51% the reader sees Maya. At that point I was anxious to continue.Oliver is not kind to his step-sister. He first meets her when she is 12 and he is 16. Oliver’s mother is married to Maya’s father. Oliver would only visit his mother every two years so there were long period [...]

    24. 2.5 Disjointed Stars There was some good material in this story but it fell shortke way short for me. It had the pieces to be a good book, so much potential, but it just didn't get there. I could't relate to the characters, their development felt shallow and I just really didn't understand them all. And it isn't because I didn't like their decisions and wish they choose differently, I just didn't get it. There were also a few things plot wise that I found very laughable but frustrating because I [...]

    25. Um holy dark and brooding stepbrother batman! I've read quite a few taboo step/sibling romances but this one has got to be my favorite! I was very lucky to win an ARC from the author Harlow Grace on the fb page fictional mens room for book ho's. I was pretty excited about the win and couldn't wait to dig in and find out all about Oliver and Maya.Harlow did not disappoint! The darkness in Oliver is cruel and painful at times, it's clear he has feelings for Maya even when he himself doesn't know u [...]

    26. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Unfortunately this just wasn't the right book for me personally. (Possible spoilers) (view spoiler)[ It's very dark and I struggle with reading things that venture into non-consensual and/or under the legal age. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy this book so I'm not going to rate it, and I'm only leaving this review as a thank you for the arc. Id normally say more but I think it wouldn't benefit the author.(hide spoile [...]

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