I Will Not Kill Myself, Olivia

First love never dies, but can depression bury it alive Like most young adults, Jimmy Wharton is trying to carve out a happy, successful life for himself It s hard enough to do under any circumstances, but when he starts suffering from depression, becoming the person he wants to be feels overwhelmingly unachievable, as his illness seems destined to shatter his world OlivFirst love never dies, but can depression bury it alive Like most young adults, Jimmy Wharton is trying to carve out a happy, successful life for himself It s hard enough to do under any circumstances, but when he starts suffering from depression, becoming the person he wants to be feels overwhelmingly unachievable, as his illness seems destined to shatter his world Olivia, Jimmy s high school sweetheart and long term girlfriend, initially tries to support him in every way she can But as Jimmy spirals downwards, their relationship begins to break at the seams, and they are forced to face the devastating reality that as strong as they know their love is, the force of Jimmy s depression could be even stronger Set against the backdrop of Sydney s iconic Manly Beach, I Will Not Kill Myself, Olivia is a tale about the intoxicating, heartbreaking, unforgettable experience of first love about all the mistakes we make on the road to adulthood and about an illness that afflicts 350 million people worldwide You ll find this book appealing if You re a fan of gritty, passionate love stories You want to relive the highs, the lows and the intoxicating rush that s unique to first love You re a young adult wanting to read about another young adult striving for the same things you are You re interested in understanding depression better you suffer from depression yourself and you want to feel like you re not alone or you want to see how you can better support a loved one with depression You re a parent of a young adult wanting to understand how easily your child can tumble into depression, and wanting to prepare yourself to be able to recognise the symptoms if they ever do tragically, depression strikes about 20% of teens.You re unlikely to enjoy this book if you Despise swearing Are put off by explicit sex scenes Are after a light hearted story Editorial Reviews Centred around Jimmy and Olivia s heartfelt, passionate and troubled love, I WILL NOT KILL MYSELF, OLIVIA is a painfully honest, authentic and provocative novel one that presents a mesmerising portrayal of the all consuming force of depression that dominates the main character one that takes the reader on a highly emotional journey and one that achieves a perfect balance of emotions, action and drama The Columbia Review A modern day Romeo and Juliet a powerful, heartwrenching story that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Jimmy and Olivia try to hang on desperately to love in the face of Jimmy s mounting depression Nick Bleszynski, bestselling author An explicitly realistic, absolutely intriguing and stunningly gritty novel one that snatches the reader s attention right from the start and one that provides fantastic food for thought for all young adults Pacific Book Review A romance story that tugs at the heart, and entices readers with pure raw emotion from steamy, unadulterated throws of passion to being tossed into the deepest, darkest depths of despair, Baker creates an immersive world for Jimmy and Olivia you will feel their love, experience their torment, and empathize with their pain San Diego Book Review While the protagonist s story can help people with depression to face their own problems and help non sufferers understand the illness, I WILL NOT KILL MYSELF, OLIVIA will also appeal to a much broader audience including young adults, who can view typical young adult behaviour from a different perspective and parents, who after reading this book, may choose to become attentive to their children Portland Book Review One of the most singularly powerful books about depression on the market Midwest Book Review
I Will Not Kill Myself Olivia First love never dies but can depression bury it alive Like most young adults Jimmy Wharton is trying to carve out a happy successful life for himself It s hard enough to do under any circumstances

  • Title: I Will Not Kill Myself, Olivia
  • Author: DannyBaker
  • ISBN: 9780994320407
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Depression is a life-threatening state of mind that can overcome a life and, ultimately, end it. Those struggling with depression know it's often like fog: always present on the horizon, just waiting to come in. Some days it's so thick you can barely see; other days, it lingers. Sometimes it's just a wisp in the background.I Will Not Kill Myself, Olivia captures that experience and is one of the most singularly powerful book titles on depression on the market. What is to be found within its disc [...]

    2. I honestly found this very hard going. The author seems to be writing with some personal experience of depression, so this part feels authentic enough, however I don't feel Olivia's character came through as anything more than two dimensional. Maybe the author struggled with his "woman's voice" or maybe it was intentional. Depression can be a very hollow condition and this is exactly how this book feels to me, hollow. As an educational tool it may help give non sufferers an insight, I could mayb [...]

    3. I got half way through this book before realising that it was not only not a helpful book to read, but it was actively unhelpful for me to read. Some of the descriptions were far too explicit. As someone who struggles with depression but who was doing well at the time, I found that this book just brought the darkness back. I gave up reading for my own wellbeing.

    4. Jimmy narrates his experiences to the reader sort of like a diary, and they provide a complete description of his experience with depression. I came to sympathize with Jimmy and would read on hoping for things to work out for him.The book provides a really honest account of what a depression sufferer goes through. Anyone who has suffered from depression will identify with aspects of the main character Jimmy, at the same time people who have no understanding of depression can read this book and g [...]

    5. Danny Baker's breakthrough novel is a literary triumph, interweaving a captivating love story with the emotional anguish of a young person's battle with depression. Never have I read a book which so vividly portrayed the rollercoaster ride of young adulthood. And never before has a book gripped my soul the way Jimmy and Olivia's story has.Baker's multi-dimensional writing brings the reality of depression to life in the way no other writer ever has. This book is by far one of the best books I hav [...]

    6. Pretty awful. I read for some insight on teen depression. Didn't get it. More like soft porn between moments of drunkenness, mania, a clueless doctor, and a poor explanation of depression overall.

    7. While this was a very well researched and expressed account of living with mental illness it was also raw and intense at times, I would recommend that for those currently living with a mental illness, or who find relationship issues triggering, to wait until in a stable place before reading. For someone trying to understand mental illness from the outside it's a very good insight into personal experience, and I feel most people would be able to empathise both with the protagonist and his close f [...]

    8. Loved it.got thoroughly immersed. Would recommend, but not for the feint hearted. I am a bit of a crier, and it certainly brought out a few tears!!

    9. Very well written and really describes what depression feels like. It also goes into detail about addiction as well. I will read the second book at some point to find out if the character becomes well again

    10. A fantastic readThere is so much I could say about this book. It is a good read, you are a good author, you had me from the prologue, and very hard to put down, but since I am on a Kindle, it would always shut down on the most riveting parts, like was Olivia pregnant? Just to name one. Anyway, this book was riveting, humorous, compelling, dramatic, eye opening, and should be read by those of us who suffer from clinical depression, those of us who ha bcc e friends and family who suffer from bipol [...]

    11. I really struggled with this book. Over half way I almost gave up.It was very hard to relate to any of the characters however I did feel Jimmys character was based on a personal experience. I felt it ironic that the feedback received from the guy checking over his novel, more or less mirrored how I felt about this book (first draft!)There was hardly any talk or real mention of his parents or family members - of which in stories like this, the family surely has some relevance to his depression - [...]

    12. Reviewed by Kim HeimbuchJimmy Wharton is a natural competitor, pushing himself to be the best of the best and beating himself down when he is not. As a championship surfer by age fifteen, his world crashes down around him after a surfing accident renders him unable to surf again. Turning his focus to his studies, he befriends young Olivia and their relationship grows over the next two year and into University life. It is soon apparent that being a perfectionist isn’t the only demon Jimmy will [...]

    13. Wow! I am an avid and compulsive reader but since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have struggled to concentrate enough to read. But I read most of this book in one go. Never have I read a book that so accurately describes how depression feels. It was shocking to recognise feelings I have experienced at various times of my life (and yes, also with fibromyalgia) set out to clearly on a page. To recognise that these are the symptoms of an illness and not just how everyone feels. It was a little [...]

    14. The story follows the protagonist, Jimmy throughout his teenage and early adulthood years, focusing on his four year relationship with Olivia and the devastating effect mental illness has on that relationship. I really wanted to like this book as I have followed the author for a while and think the plot line has a lot of potential. Although written in first person, I had a lot of trouble identifying with the main character as I felt we didn't really delve into much below the surface of the chara [...]

    15. I was so disappointed with this book! It has so many amazing reviews but I just didn't see its greatness I understand and appreciate you need background due to the nature of the book but in my opinion there is far too many irrelevant points throughout the book that don't add anything to the story. Also, the graphic sex scenes were a big no from me! There's no need for them and when picking up this book they were the last thing I expected.

    16. An arresting and powerful novel. Through the heartbreaking, yet ultimately hopeful story of the highly-driven, capable and successful Jimmy, Danny Baker exposes the dark heart of depression. I could not put it down.

    17. Fantastic and emotional, highly recomend for any one who has suffered from depression and anxiety .

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