Depression is a Liar

Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die Depression is fear, despair, emptiness, numbness, shame, embarrassment and the inability to recognise the fun, happy person you used to be Depression is the incapacity to construct or envision a future Depression is losing the desire to partake in life Depression can cause you toDepression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die Depression is fear, despair, emptiness, numbness, shame, embarrassment and the inability to recognise the fun, happy person you used to be Depression is the incapacity to construct or envision a future Depression is losing the desire to partake in life Depression can cause you to feel completely alone even when you re surrounded by people Worst of all, depression can convince you that there s no way out It can convince you that your pain is eternal, and destined to oppress you for the rest of your days And it s when you re in that horrifically black place, staring down the barrel of what you truly believe can only be a lifetime of wretched agony, that your thoughts turn to suicide because depression has convinced you that it s the only way out But depression is a liar Recovery IS possible and I can prove it to you My name s Danny Baker, and for four years, I suffered from life threatening bouts of depression that led to alcoholism, drug abuse, medicine induced psychosis and multiple hospitalisations But over time, I managed to recover, and these days, I m happy, healthy, and absolutely love my life Depression is a Liar is a memoir that recounts my struggle and eventual triumph over depression It is highly recommended for the following people People who don t believe that it s possible to recover from depression and find happiness again I will show you that it is People who keep relapsing over and over again, and accordingly believe that they ll never truly be free of depression I ll explain why you keep relapsing, and tell you what I did to ensure that, over time, my relapses occurred less and less frequently before eventually petering out for good People with depression who want to feel understood you ll in all likelihood be able to relate to the majority of my story, and after reading it, I promise you that you ll feel far less alone People who struggle to think positively I ll share with you how I learned how to think positively even during the darkest, most debilitating moments of my depression, and show you how you can do the same People whose perfectionistic tendencies contribute to their depression being a perfectionist contributed to my depression in a major way, but I ll show you what I did to control those tendencies so that they stopped triggering my depression People whose anger towards another person or event triggers their depression I can relate, and I ll show you how I prevented numerous devastating setbacks from destroying my life People who drink and take drugs to cope with their depression no judgement here I did it too but after seeing how much it exacerbated my depression, you ll hopefully choose to stop People who are close to a loved one who suffers from depression and want to better understand the illness I promise I ll give it to you straight and not sugar coat a thing.
Depression is a Liar Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die Depression is fear despair emptiness numbness shame embarrassment and the inability to recognise the fun happy

  • Title: Depression is a Liar
  • Author: DannyBaker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Somewhat flummoxed by all the ratings and reviews for this being so glowing.This book is an autobiographical account of someone's depression it's relatable to me in parts but that's about it.The author had a poor understanding of depression as he was going through it and to me still did even by the end. Despite the fact he's now writing about it and telling people how they can get through it.By the end of the book he concludes "If people currently suffering from depression knew what I went throu [...]

    2. This little book is a bit of a game changer for me.I could have written the first 80% of it myself. Our lives differ in a number of ways. At 27, I have 2 children, 2 degrees, and 2 marriages under my belt (the second of which I'm incredibly happy in). But I have felt so many of the things Danny Baker writes about. I am also a perfectionist who 'needed' a perfect grade at university. I made attempts on my life as a teenager, usually as a result of not feeling good enough or having my heart broken [...]

    3. This book kept popping up on my Facebook timeline, so I thought I'd give it a read. Really glad I did. Danny's description of the bleakness and desperation of depression is spot on - so much so that I'll be recommending the book to friends and family so that they can understand me better when I'm in the grips of a depressive episode.The important thing to learn is in the title: Depression is indeed a liar. It feeds you untruths that can become all-consuming and it can be extremely hard to stop l [...]

    4. This book needs to be read by every parent, teacher and doctor! No one knows when their child may be sucked into the blackness of depression and mental illness. Danny has provided a clear window into the pain and thought processes of a young person with depression which I have not found available anywhere else. Had I read this while my children were young I would have known the signs much earlier and perhaps known how to talk to my teen to get the necessary help. When teenagers start to show sig [...]

    5. Thank you Danny Baker. I finished your book yesterday and it is all I can think about - I wish I could meet you in person to articulate how much simply reading your story has inspired me to seek help for myself. Reading your inner monologues has helped me to realise that I am not alone; I too am a 'perfectionist' and punish myself for not being 100% all of the time so I can empathise with many sections of your story. All of what you say is true; I daily ask myself if I will feel like this foreve [...]

    6. I got a sample of the book, and from what I read, I really want to recommend this to anyone experiencing depression or has a close one going through it.The author talks about his own experiences, and as a person who has gone through depression many a time, I really feel for him.It's a good read.

    7. An honest account of depressionThis book is for everyone. It helps you understand your own struggles or helps you understand others struggles. If you've ever thought someone should just 'pull themselves together' it will explain the daily battles that people suffering with depression experience!

    8. Really helped meSeeing how Danny coped with depression and managed to come out the other end has made me see that it is something that can be beaten thank you for writing this Danny

    9. I found this to be quite a frustrating read. I suffer with mixed state bipolar, and at times felt attacked by the authors perception on mental health and "if I can do it, you can too" attitude. It almost feels like being told to cheer up in the midst of a depressive episode.

    10. This book is so boring, it's basically a diary of the authors life whilst also advertising the fact he's wrote a novel (seriously he must mention it every other line) there's no 'self help' and nothing that could help someone who is actually suffering depression.

    11. For those seeking to understand the state of being depressed in themself or others, this is worth a read. An honest account with no preachy or self - help bits!

    12. ?Do not know what to think of this book. Found it interesting enough to read in one sitting. Only ever been mildly depressed or say only unhappy , I really felt admiration for some one who was able to cope with this problem and win and win again.

    13. Ends with a somewhat simplification of depression but an inspiring tale encouraging sufferers to seek the much needed help they need.

    14. I bought this for Kindle as it kept popping up on my Facebook feed with some quite interesting articles. It is really four books in one. The first book is an autobiographical account of the author's depression. Danny is growing up in Australia from a privileged family. He is attending university and writing his first novel. He seems to have everything going for him yet he becomes suicidally depressed. His depression becomes so bad he has to be hospitalised at one point. Through medication and th [...]

    15. Thanks Danny.I'd recommend this book to everyone. Whether you're dealing with depression or know someone who is. It will help you realise what people are going through, or it might confirm a few hard truthsFor me, I suspected for years I suffered from some sort of depression, but was too scared to go to the doctor or speak to anyone about it. I'd just try to paper over the cracks. When I started reading into depression more, I slowly started to realise that the concerns I had about myself, were [...]

    16. I received this as a free ebook from Danny Baker's Facebook page.Danny writes honestly of his struggle and victory over mental illness. I found some of it too self indulgent which editing might've helped.My favourite quote, "I could say that I’m not suffering from depression, but that instead, I’m learning how to be happy. I’m learning how to be happy because I’m learning to understand myself better. I’m learning what triggers those plummets into despair. I’m learning, through therap [...]

    17. In this heartfelt story, Danny makes it possible for one to feel in a very visceral way, the struggles he experienced with depression. The sincerity of the story is really touching. What is so wonderful is the triumph over this deep adversity. A story of hope for those who struggle with those "dark nights of the soul" ~ Saint John of the Cross. Danny has discovered his own meaning in reaching out to others, by starting a foundation/campaign to help those who cannot afford therapy. An excellent i [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book, but, from suffering from depression myself I feel Danny Baker made the depression feeling too brief & broad for the first majority of the book. This is because he made out like any little thing in a teen's/ young adult's life has something todo with depression and makes depression come across in a different way. Clearly, nearer the end of the book it showed what depression is really like.I rated this a 3 star purely based on this, due to the author being a good writer, b [...]

    19. An honest account of living with depression. I found it a bit dull if I'm honest and repetitive and basically an advert for another novel the author has written (of which there is a massively extended sample of at the end of this kindle version which I didn't read) but overall this book may be of help of you are a sufferer as it is on the whole positive with some good tips for surviving depression

    20. I think I read this because it was the highest rated self-help book in the Kindle store and I wanted to explore the genre. It didn't feel like a self-help book, and it was a gripping and enjoyable read - although I disliked how voyeuristic I felt at times. It was an honest insight into multiple struggles. I'd love to have listened to an audiobook of Danny reading it as he had a really great voice, turning himself into a character.

    21. Reading Danny's story has inspired me to to seek the help I need. I no longer feel hopeless and can see a glimmer of light where depression will not have a strangling hold on me. If you suffer from depression, know someone who does, or just want to read about someone who has lived through it and survuved, read this book. It is written so that it is an easy read. One that you will want to finish in one sitting.

    22. This was an interesting read, it rang true with my own experience of depression. It may possibly be a bit real for those that do not understand the struggle or for those in denial but it's absolutely a story and experience that should be better understood generally. I am quite honestly in awe of the bravery it must have taken to tell such a personal struggle.

    23. OkNot as good as I thought it would be but still an interesting read .will buy the rest in the series tho

    24. Really glad I have read this book it gives a great insight in to the daily struggles of people fighting depression.

    25. Brave, revealing, accurate and uplifting. Look forward to the next instalment of this young man's determined fight out of depression by helping others on the same journey.

    26. a great awareness of this illness that shouldn't be stigmatised anymore not in this day and age

    27. this is a particularly good book in the way clinical depression is portrayed. it shows how it is assesed and can be delt with and that there is a positive way ahead and round it

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