The Three Sisters

The third and final story in thrilling e novella about a psychic medium, from award winning andNew York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger.When Eloise s granddaughter, twenty year old Finley, comes to live with her, Eloise s abilities start to change things seem to be getting easier Her load is lighter, and rather than chasing down people she needs, they are coming to hThe third and final story in thrilling e novella about a psychic medium, from award winning andNew York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger.When Eloise s granddaughter, twenty year old Finley, comes to live with her, Eloise s abilities start to change things seem to be getting easier Her load is lighter, and rather than chasing down people she needs, they are coming to her She teams up with detective Jones Cooper to help a desperate father bring his daughter s killer to justice Meanwhile, Finley, who is developing gifts of her own, has bigger problems than she s willing to admit Will Eloise help Finley and others see the difference between justice and revenge, or will things spiral out of control first Returning to the psychological suspense that earned Lisa Unger such critical acclaim for Beautiful Lies and In the Blood, The Three Sisters is the third and final part in a gripping series from an accomplished pro Kirkus Reviews.
The Three Sisters The third and final story in thrilling e novella about a psychic medium from award winning andNew York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger When Eloise s granddaughter twenty year old Finley comes t

  • Title: The Three Sisters
  • Author: Lisa Unger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The third and last story in the series about psychic- Eloise Montgomery. [image error]Eloise's granddaughter, twenty-year-old Finley, comes to live with her- and Eloise's abilities start to change- getting easier: Her load- lighter and less stressful. [image error]As usual Eloise teams up with detective Jones Cooper- this time- to help a desperate father bring his daughter's killer to justice. Meanwhile, gifted Finley- has problems of her own- A woman in black is stomping around the house- and b [...]

    2. 3.5 The last and my favorite of the three installments of this series. Eloise's grand-daughter is now living with her, she has powers of her own, and Eloise is trying to help her channel what she is seeing and feeling in a constructive matter. Concerns three sisters that were burned as witches in the 1600's and a grieving father in the present. A good and entertaining series and as Eloise and I share the same views on cell phones, a big thumb up from meC from Netgalley.

    3. I loved this series and am sorry that I have no more to read. My thoughts on this third in the trilogy are similar to other readers here, I thought the story and the characters could have been a bit more developed. It felt a bit rushed, as if being the final installment made it somehow less worthy.I would love to see these characters in an ongoing series of full length books as I think Lisa Unger has a good "handle" on the concept of psychic communication and portrays it really well, without bei [...]

    4. How sad that it is over! I cannot say it enough, I wish The Hollows series were full length novels, with no end in site! I cannot say enough about these Short Stories. In The Three Sisters Eloise has her granddaughter Finley living with her. Finley also has the gift, as she eluded to in the first book. What I have enjoyed about the series, and believe it was very smart of Unger, is each book is set years and years later. So we have got to see Eloise grow, along with her family. I won't give away [...]

    5. The final novella in The Whispers trilogy. The entire trilogy covers a timeframe of about 30 years. I really liked the characters, the writing and the plotlines, but at the end of it, I feel I'm missing a large chunk somewhere. This is set in The Hollows as are several other books by Lisa Unger. I would really love to know if there is some sort of order they should be read in? I just can't work it out. For now, going to move on to Ink and Bone which features the main characters from this trilogy [...]

    6. "The Three Sisters" is the third and final instalment of an e-novella in three parts, which follows the life of psychic Eloise Montgomery, one of the pivotal characters in the "Jones Cooper" Series ("Fragile" and "Darkness, My Old Friend").The story once again picks up roughly another ten years after the end of the previous chapter, "The Burning Girl". Eloise grand-daughter, Finley, is now twenty-years old and living with her; a stern entity, a woman in black, is visiting them. Ray is no longer [...]

    7. Three Sisters by Lisa Unger is the third novella in the Whispers Trilogy. Twenty plus years have elapsed since the close of the last story. Eloise's granddaughter, Finley, comes to live with her in The Hollows. Finley is also a psychic. They are visited by Three Sisters, who Eloise says are distant relatives. The Three Sisters - Sarah, Abigail, and Patience, were girls that couldn't control their "powers" which led to their death in the 1600s.The purpose of the series seems to be in introducing [...]

    8. The Three Sisters is the final Whispers novella by Lisa Unger and one I enjoyed despite wanting more, more, more. Mysterious apparitions, souls in need and time spent getting to know Finley, Eloise’s granddaughter was fun, and I easily consumed this.The Three Sisters themselves were fascinating, and affected both Finley and Eloise. I gobbled up any tidbits that were offered about them. It was interesting to see Eloise piece things together about a woman dressed in black stomping about her hall [...]

    9. This was a pretty good read but it was just lacking in something. I didn't really feel like it was a full story even with all three books in this little series. I just wish there was more to it. I wouldn't mind reading another book with these same characters and a different ending.

    10. A special thank you to Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Lisa Ungerreturns for the finale in the gripping and spellbinding, The Whispers Series,with three short captivating novellas. Eloise and her family learns to deal with their special psychic abilities, covering a span of thirty years ending with THE THREE SISTERS.If you have not read this series, would recommend reading them in order, to learn about the history of Eloise and her stru [...]

    11. This is the third in this trilogy of novellas about a woman, who after losing her husband and daughter in a horrible car accident, suddenly has psychic abilities. This trilogy follows Eloise from the time she is a woman in her thirties(I think)until she is an old woman with a grown granddaughter named, Finley.Finley now lives with Eloise and admits to having the same abilities that Eloise has. Her mother, Amanda, is devastated that her daughter has these abilities, and that she has moved to live [...]

    12. This third and final short story in the Whispers trilogy is a winding down and a passing on of sorts. It's been thirty years since the accident that killed Eloise's husband and older daughter and, for the most part, she has come to terms with the psychic abilities she gained afterwards. Her daughter, Amanda, never reconciled with it and has chosen to maintain a physical and emotional distance but her own daughter, Finley, has much in common with her grandmother.Finley is on the cusp of understan [...]

    13. I am not sure what the purpose of this book was. Designated as the third part of an e-novella, Lisa Unger finishes off a very lackluster installment in the life of psychic sensitive Eloise Montgomery. There is a very superficial story of three sisters that are somehow related to her and her grand-daughter Finley. The sisters were burned at the stake as witches and their mother is making a ghostly appearance at Eloise’s home in an attempt to warn her to protect Finley since two of the three wit [...]

    14. The finale to the Whispers short story trilogy. I enjoyed this story of Eloise and her granddaughter, Finley, who comes to stay with Eloise to learn more about her gift and how to control it. This third installment also provided more information on where the gift comes from and how it has effected Finley. A good trilogy of short stories if the reader doesn't mind a bit of supernatural and this reader definitely does not.

    15. The conclusion of the trilogy was satisfying. The entire series was easily read in less than a day. I liked the sensitivity of Eloise, and her connections to people around her.

    16. This book was for sure better than the second book. But still the first book was my favorite of the three.

    17. This Hollows short story is from the time period when Finley comes to live with Eloise. Her visions seem to be lessening while Finley is coping with her own abilities.

    18. This is a review of the 3-novella The Whispers series. First, thank you to the reader who recommended these books for a better understanding of Crazy Love You. Though The Whispers series is not, in my opinion, necessary for a better understanding of Crazy Love You, it does provide some context for who Priss is/was, and why she haunts Ian. The Whispers Series tells the story of Eloise Montgomery, starting with her role as the loving husband and mother to two teenage girls. Ms. Unger portrays the [...]

    19. I received ARCs of these from Net Galley. I started these books not sure what I was getting myself in to as I was not familiar with the author and I wasn’t sure the subject matter would be to my liking. I’m glad took the chance.The stories center on Eloise and span 30 years in her life. As we start out she is married and mom to two teenage girls. A tragic car accident claims the lives of her husband and oldest daughter and leaves Eloise with a “gift”…she sees dead people. As she strugg [...]

    20. Eloise's granddaughter, Finley, - her only relative who shares her ability - has moved in while attending college. But while it's nice to have another person who understands what Eloise experiences, she can't help but worry about how it all affects Finley. When an ominous woman in black begins to appear, Finley is somewhat unsettled. Eloise soon discovers that the woman may have some connection to her own family's ancestors, three Hollows sisters who were burned at the stake in the 1600s. Three [...]

    21. Three Sisters by Lisa Unger is the third novella in the Whispers Trilogy. Twenty plus years have elapsed since the close of the last story. Eloise's granddaughter, Finley, comes to live with her in The Hollows. Finley is also a psychic medium. They are visited by Three Sisters, who Eloise discloses are distant relatives. The Three Sisters -- Sarah, Abigail, and Patience-- were troubled girls and couldn't control their "powers" which led to their demise in the 1600s. They are troublemakers and ha [...]

    22. 3.5 Stars. The last of the three e-novellas by Lisa Unger. I enjoyed this one more than the first two. The paranormal/psychic theme is enjoyable. The three stories span 30 years over the life of the main character, Eloise, who taps into her psychic abilities after losing her husband and daughter in the first e-novella, The Whispers. Eloise is a likable character who learns to cope with the loss of her family and helps others heal (both the living and the dead) as she gains more control and under [...]

    23. The Three Sisters by Lisa Unger is the third and last book in The Whispers trilogy. Finley, Eloise’s granddaughter, has moved in with her grandmother and is going to college. Finley has inherited psychic abilities but has much more power than Eloise. But Finley is not as calm and capable as she looks on the surface. Eloise is having an easier time managing her visions, but she needs to make a decision about her personal life. Eloise’s partner and beau, Ray, is in San Francisco with his child [...]

    24. I wasn't sure what I was going to get myself into when I got this since the previous book in this series resulted with disappointment - but I figured it was worth dipping into. Hey, it's a very short book… and given how short it is, I won't include the book's synopsis. The one posted on is great.Wow. The author did some real magic here. We got a complete and moving story with just 78 pages. Of course, there is still one mystery unfinished in the story and am confused of what Lisa Unger, the a [...]

    25. I was happy when Netgalley offered this third story in The Whispers series after having read the first two through them. I again enjoyed more in the back story of main characters (Eloise and her granddaughter Finley who has now moved in with her and shares some of the same abilities as Eloise) than the supposed main story about the three sisters. As in The Burning Girl, the story of the sisters was really not much, and really not that interesting. They were there to provide some challenge to Fin [...]

    26. I loved the Whispers series and this book was the third and final one. This was my favorite of the three and I really hated to see the book come to an end. Once again, this was a suspense filled story. Lots of emotions in it too. I was touched by quite a bit of it dealing with how you can't hold onto your loved ones. My mother passed away last summer and I felt as if the main character, Eloise, was talking to me personally. And there couldn't have been a more perfect ending.Lisa Unger is such an [...]

    27. A paranormal thriller, the story of Eloise continues. The gift she has continues in her granddaughter who is now living with her. Her granddaughter Finley who has accepted her gift with confidence and a different stride then Eloise and her mother Amanda have in the past. She gives new insight to a case that Eloise is working with a new private detective. There are several stories within a story and with Lisa Unger’s gift of writing, she tells it splendidly well with ease that the stories blend [...]

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