Anxiety as an Ally: How I Turned a Worried Mind into My Best Friend

After experiencing his first panic attack on New Year s Day of 2003, Dan Ryckert began a 12 year process of learning how to channel panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder until they became driving forces in his life Using anxiety as his ally, he was able to land dream jobs within the video game industry and vastly improve the quality of his personal life.In thisAfter experiencing his first panic attack on New Year s Day of 2003, Dan Ryckert began a 12 year process of learning how to channel panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder until they became driving forces in his life Using anxiety as his ally, he was able to land dream jobs within the video game industry and vastly improve the quality of his personal life.In this candid recollection, you ll learn about how he went from having panic attacks during college roll calls to speaking in front of large crowds with minimal interference from anxiety More importantly, Ryckert details the methods in which he channelled these once negative conditions until they became a driving force in his life and something he wouldn t get rid of even if he was given the chance.
Anxiety as an Ally How I Turned a Worried Mind into My Best Friend After experiencing his first panic attack on New Year s Day of Dan Ryckert began a year process of learning how to channel panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder until they became dr

  • Title: Anxiety as an Ally: How I Turned a Worried Mind into My Best Friend
  • Author: Dan Ryckert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The first time I heard Dan Ryckert was on an E3 episode of the Giant Bombcast, where he was a guest. He described a prank he pulled in which he set up a fake account of a 'generic hot girl' on OK cupid in order to mess with total strangers. It was a pretty funny story, although I thought it was a little insane to prank random horny internet dudes. That was in 2011.Skip ahead to 2015 and Dan is an editor at Giant Bomb. He has admitted to quite a few bits of ignorance/craziness. Dan cooked egg she [...]

    2. This is a bit of a weird case. I like Dan a lot as a personality on Giant Bomb, and especially on his life advice podcast Danswers. While initially presenting himself as kind of an idiot, he has since uncovered layers of sweetness, perseverance, and a good-natured desire to see everyone reach their full potential. Unfortunately as a writer, he's pretty weak, his writing lacking rhythm or flair. It's all very simple and to-the-point.As such, I didn't actually love reading this book. But, as someo [...]

    3. I've been a fan of Dan Ryckert since years ago when he first appeared on the Giant Bombcast as a guest. He's quickly become one of the people whose opinions I consider the most when it comes to video games, and while on camera he always comes off as a goofy, laid-back sort of guy, I was not surprised at all when I found out he suffers from anxiety.Personally, I don't suffer from it nearly the level Dan talks about in his book. I've never had a panic attack, I've never had to seek medication for [...]

    4. Loved it. It's great to hear a success story of someone dealing with anxiety. I too became too complacent and got taken by surprise by anxiety.

    5. I'd say 3.5 stars. I'm having some trouble placing how I feel about this book.Up front, I have no idea who Dan Ryckert is. I read the book because Justin McElroy suggested it on Twitter, and I'm dealing with my own anxiety issues. So, I read the book solely based on the fact that I thought the idea of anxiety as an ally was interesting. That said, I found it to be a relatable book. I took his suggestions to heart. Those suggestions boiled down to - exercise, meditation, and facing fears head on. [...]

    6. An interesting account of a now successful man's struggle with anxiety and panic disorder.It opened my eyes to the way someone with panic disorder manages their anxiety through meditation, exercise, and healthy living. I was struck by how often panic attacks can occur and impressed by how strong willed the author was about managing his disorder. How long he struggled with anxiety before he was able to manage it was upsetting. There should be more resources like this book for younger people to re [...]

    7. Anxiety is something I’ve struggled with, and simultaneously ignored for as long as i can remember. It’s only been very recently after some significant life changes that I’ve had the opportunity to reflect and realize how I’ve allowed it to mould my personality and habits over the years.Part of this awakening stemmed from Dan Rykert, the author of Anxiety as An Ally. I’ve been a fan of his for some time through his work at giantbomb, and his openness regarding his own struggles tipped [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Dan Ryckert is a terrific writer and his accounts of his anxiety will help others tackle their own anxiety. It's a short read and currently free to Kindle Prime subscribers. Even if you're not a Kindle subscriber I would recommend picking it up if you struggle with anxiety. Dan doesn't come from a place of a therapist or expert in treating individuals with anxiety. But he is an expert in tackling a lifelong battle with anxiety. His experience and stories m [...]

    9. Great Read on Overcoming AnxietyA brief tale on Dan Ryckert growing up with anxiety, with much detail deferred to his symptoms and treatments. Certainly it's a good resource for those looking to understand and/or manage anxiety, especially the last chapter.I'm just glad I wasn't called out as an unnamed drunken bystander in the chapter regarding his first PAX convention in Seattle with Giant Bomb.

    10. I appreciate the author's candid approach to writing this book. Instead of dictating what you need to do to resolve anxiety issues, he simply shares his story and the unique perspective he's developed from his experience with anxiety.

    11. Good explanation on some basics to cope with anxiety. Dan shares his story thoroughly enough, but seems to leave out a lot of key details.

    12. My brother listens to the Giant Bombcast and, after hearing Dan Ryckert talk about his book, he bought it for me. I have a particularly dreadful cocktail of mental health issues, and my brother thought I might get some help, or insight, from the book - or at the very least enjoy it. I did really enjoy reading Ryckert’s story, and seeing how, in some ways, his “descent” into anxiety mirrored my own (he had his first panic attack in a movie theater, for example, and so did I). It was fascina [...]

    13. My boyfriend and I are familiar with Dan's work (and antics) at Giant Bomb, so I was very interested in reading this book. Overall, it was a good read, and I enjoyed it throughout.Dan makes clear from the beginning that he is not a medical professional, nor an expert in mental health issues, so as long as you approach it with that in mind, it's an enjoyable read. It's also helpful to keep in mind that this is a self-published work. Despite all of that, the book read as extremely genuine -- Dan r [...]

    14. As an anxiety sufferer whose symptoms are now mostly under control, this was a great book to read. At times I feel that Dan Ryckert was describing my life as he was telling his story. My first panic attack also happened in a movie theater. I was also initially reluctant to try medication. Some therapy, meditation, and medication helped me manage and get back to living normally. Dan's story is mostly the same.If you're suffering from anxiety Dan Ryckert's advice would be to meditate, exercise, an [...]

    15. This book basically reads like a long blog post about the author’s personal struggle with anxiety, and how he overcame it. It’s not deep or profound, but it’s an easy read that might help some people. If you just want the author’s tips, without the stories from his life: Meditate, drink less alcohol and caffeine, and willfully enter situations that make you anxious so you learn how to master them. That last one is probably a hurdle that won’t help many serious sufferers of anxiety, but [...]

    16. If you're at all familiar withDan Ryckert's work with Game Informer and Giant Bomb, it might come as a surprise to learn that he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.Anxiety as an Ally details his history with those conditions and how he has managed to harness anxiety into a positive influence. Although I don't suffer with either of those afflictions, I found it an inspiring read and very motivational (particularly his rule of attacking situations that scare you head on) without ever getting i [...]

    17. I've been listening to Dan on Giantbomb for however long he's been on the podcast, and if you'd have told me at the start that he had this kind of depth to him, I'd have probably laughed. He talked about wrestling and drinking, and though he was funny and a good fit for the podcast, his having anxiety wasn't something I'd have considered. But listening to him more, I have seen some depth to him, and this book really pushes that home for me. So much of what he's going through parallels many of my [...]

    18. Found this book massively reassuring, it's very comforting to read about the things you struggle with described in ways you can relate to like this. And I found it very relate-able - like Dan Ryckert, despite everything in life going swimmingly and somehow stumbling into my dream job in games, anxiety (and the worry about how I come across to other people as a result of said anxiety) is still something I deal with often when interacting with others.Just reading this put my mind at ease about a f [...]

    19. This book does exactly what Dan promises, and reminds anyone struggling with anxiety that they are not alone. It's relatable, easy to read, and provides some really helpful suggestions for things to try, although he doesn't promise that it will work the same for everyone, which I really liked. It also creates a very accurate glimpse of what it is like to live with anxiety and to struggle with the realization that there is no 'ultimate' cure. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone strug [...]

    20. This book was an enjoyable and easygoing read that helped remind me that i'm not alone in anxiety struggles. Dan reccomends a number of techniques for coping, a few which I've tried before, but really drives home the idea that repetition and practice are key.I think this book would be an excellent first read for someone who is starting a path to improving their own mental well-being.

    21. A wonderful book that explored Dan's road to getting his anxiety under control. There are some fantastic tips to help people with general anxiety disorder. I would recommend this book for both people who have anxiety and people who want to understand what an individual goes through with anxiety.

    22. Fantastic book. Very informative and filled with stories from Ryckert's personal struggle. It is a great book for learning about techniques and just a positive story about how eventually, it gets better. Recommend to anyone who is also struggling or who has struggled with anxiety.

    23. Quick read and easy to digest with his casual tone. This book would be most useful to people who have experienced panic attacks or generalized anxiety disorder, but it also includes helpful tips for facing anxiety in general.

    24. It took me two days to read this book, but I could've easily finished it in two hours. It's an honest, inside look into one man's struggle with anxiety. It's easy to read, down to earth, and not in the least bit pretentious. I found it very helpful.

    25. Dan does a wonderful job of making the struggles of anxiety relatable. He shares some wonderful tips that I think many people will be able to benefit from.

    26. If you've ever heard him talk about his anxiety, this book will be mostly retread. A good read nonetheless.

    27. This is mostly just more stories about how real world logic doesn't apply to Dan in any way. Using this as a guide will more likely get you killed than actually help you.

    28. Very goodAlthough I don't have as much a problem with anxiety as Dan or some others, I still found some handy tips that could help anyone.

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