The Wasteland Chronicles: Omnibus Edition

This omnibus edition of the best selling Wasteland Chronicles series contains the first three books Apocalypse, Origins, and Evolution about 180,000 words of content.Apocalypse Sixteen year old Alex Keener must struggle for survival when the deadly xenovirus invades his U.S Government Bunker a virus which transforms men and animals into monsters.Origins Alex and frThis omnibus edition of the best selling Wasteland Chronicles series contains the first three books Apocalypse, Origins, and Evolution about 180,000 words of content.Apocalypse Sixteen year old Alex Keener must struggle for survival when the deadly xenovirus invades his U.S Government Bunker a virus which transforms men and animals into monsters.Origins Alex and friends must journey over hundreds of miles of post apocalyptic desert to discover the origins of the deadly xenovirus But when they reach the Great Blight, they find the virus is far dangerous than previously thought.Evolution As two months pass, the xenovirus only grows in lethality, spawning monsters that humanity simply cannot match It becomes a race against time before the virus engulfs the planet.
The Wasteland Chronicles Omnibus Edition This omnibus edition of the best selling Wasteland Chronicles series contains the first three books Apocalypse Origins and Evolution about words of content Apocalypse Sixteen year old Alex K

  • Title: The Wasteland Chronicles: Omnibus Edition
  • Author: Kyle West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The Wasteland Chronicles -Book 1, 2 & 3 The Wasteland Chronicles Omnibus by Kyle West includes the first 3 books of a 7 book series. The first three books are -Apocalypse, Origins & Evolution. All three books are fantastic! It's about a post-apocalyptic world after the U.S. was hit by this huge meteor called Ragnarok that also carried a deadly virus called Xenovirus. As the virus spreads, the survivors that were living in Bunkers have been forced to live in the harsh wasteland. This was [...]

    2. Enjoyed very much and looking forward to next episode!Great dystopian tale and struggle against the dangers of post apocalyptic America. Enjoyed the characters, Alex and his cohorts and their journeys and battles. Sometimes the odds were so against them and the events unbelievable at times, but most of the time it was easy to get into the story and the scenarios are heroes engaged in. Good character development, great mystery, excitement and against terrible odds, hope- not only that they can ov [...]

    3. We meet 16 year old Alex living in bunker 108 with his scientist father. Alex is about to go on his first recon mission (which is the tradition when someone turns 16). Him and his partner come across someone from another bunker. The man is stabbed and close to death.What happens when they bring him in (and he is revealed to have the xenovirus) result in the bunker being decimated and no one but Alex getting out alive.Alex meets up with Makara after being on his own for a brief period. Then her b [...]

    4. Another great storyThese first three books are great. Introducing the main characters seeing them take on the responsibility to save the earth from aliens that have sent a virus to prepare the earth for their arrival.

    5. Loved it!!Seriously, this was an amazing book. Such a page Turner! Definitely a must that everyone should read! So fantastic and I loved how long it was

    6. One of the best series I have seen in a long time perfectly staged from the offset even khloes death (I did let a tear out) perfectly linked Alex to Anna

    7. I actually really enjoyed this instalment of "three" (length was more like two and a half) books, but there is not an ending, and despite hunting for the fourth book in the series I was unable to find it to purchase. It appears to be unavailable, hence the low score. If I'd have known I wouldn't get to read any of the other books in the series I wouldn't have read these.

    8. I had already read the first one in this series and liked it so i got this to finish up the series. I liked it, it is a bit out there and at some points does slow down a bit but was generally a good story. It did keep my interest and I did finish it and was happy with the story. It is end of the world book but with some virus and different creatures.

    9. Good ReadGood read if slightly simple. Concept good and capable of development which I assume will one in later volumes which I have not yet read.

    10. It just ends in the middle of the story. It just ends. Nothing is resolved. Stupid. I hate it when an author does that. It's like he just got tired of writing and quit mid story.

    11. Good storyGood books. Story moved along well and held my interest all the way to the end. I enjoyed reading the series.

    12. This book was too simply written. The plot is interesting except the over simplification in the descriptions white-wash what could be a solid read.

    13. This 1-3 books of the series have been pretty good. Mostly can't put it down 'cept I have to to get anything else done. Good storyline and good writing.

    14. Great Read Really enjoyed reading this collection. I'm definitely going to purchase the rest of this series. It kept my attention the whole time. Definitely a great series for anyone who enjoys science fiction and dystopian books

    15. Excellent seriesI was hooked on the first book. I'm up to the fifth book now. A really goid post apocalyptic read.

    16. As a boxed set, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the three books at a single setting - over 550 pages of adventure. None are stand alone stories, but continue where the last one left off. There were places where the story bogged down, especially when Alex beccame obsessed with rescuing the two girls from his group when they are kidnapped. Nothing else seemed to matter except trying to rescue them, which caused me to skim through those chapters. The foursome are awesome fighters and manage to escape [...]

    17. This book is a waste of time. Don't waste your time reading it. It's stupid. I initially gave this two stars but within minutes said to myself "what's wrong with you??" And changed it to one star. I feel better now. A few reasons this book is awful:1. In the first book in this omnibus edition, Alex, the main character, shares a story with someone (not important who) about how his family ended up in Bunker 108. In the third book, Alex is stunned to hear the story of how his family ended up in Bun [...]

    18. I wouldn't want to discourage a writer, but Kyle West needs an editor, especially one who will tell him that "alright" is not all right. All the characters sounded alike, speaking informally and colloquially, even the ones who were supposed to be older/wiser/diplomatic. The escapes were too frequent, against odds that were too high. Props for one innovation, though. (view spoiler)[An alien invasion isn't anything new in sci fi, but an advance-party alien invasion that engages in biological warfa [...]

    19. This is books 1-3 of the chronicles. The story is 30 yrs after an asteroid hits earth and spreads a "virus" to plants that slowly spreads, along with the dust and whatnot that alter the climate making much of the US at least uninhabitable. The US builds 144 underground bunkers, which began to mysteriously "go offline" until now there's only 4 left. No one knows what happened because you can't travel very far. It is written 1st person by a 16 year old who goes on patrol with an experienced office [...]

    20. So glad there were three books in this edition of the Wasteland Chronicles, for I could really get into the story. As a read, I would call this Young Adult rather than something aimed at the adult market. As YA I think it works well, is entertaining and pretty scary too. But I also see this as a television series, something like the 100, although with a more horror/alien twist, and then it would have more freedom and frighten the daylights out of one.The post- apocalypse scenario is well told an [...]

    21. This book holds the first three novels in the series.I really liked it. The premise is that it takes place in 2060 after a devastating meteor wipes out the US. Wanting to survive a few chosen people and their families were saved in government run bunkers buried beneath the ground. One by one these bunkers begin to fall. Something else came in the asteroid, an alien virus. That affects all the life on earth, plants, animals, and even people. Very exiting and reminesque of video game type adventur [...]

    22. Kyle West seemed lost to me or rushed I think when doing this story. Book 1, Apocalypse had decent action and introduced the characters well to some extent. The fear of being outside the bunker was shown well but once our character Alex left and then survived so easily I got almost upset. West also takes some major leaps in the story but there was enough action to keep you reading until the end. It's a simple adventure story with some decent characters that you find yourself rooting for til the [...]

    23. Considering I bought the wrong book (I mean to buy the Wasteland Saga Omnibus) this was a pleasant surprise. I really liked it with that as a background. The characters were good, the "what" was interesting. It was a real page turner.What I didn't like is that it was yet another 'hidden' YA book status and I hate cliffhanger endings (and all 3 have them). I will give the next a go for sure though.

    24. HmmThese three books was like Fallout meets Resident Evil meets Predator meets Aliens meets Mission Impossible meets Pitch Black, with some space ships thrown in. It felt like the author just took bits and pieces from different creators, trying to meld them together. I didn't like it. It felt completely ridiculous to me. I only finished reading it because I never abandon a book once I start reading it.

    25. InnventiveWhile the idea of an alien invasion is not a new one, the concept of it being by means of biological warfare through a virus-like fungus with a shared centralized brain is new to me. I enjoyed highlighting philosophical truths that can be applied to everyday life. I found the descriptions of the environment, characters, and creatures to be well done and easy to picture in my head. Overall, this was a fun book to read, thrills follow on every page.

    26. Teen friendlyExcellent teen reader trilogy. Allows the reader to use their imagination without going into overly verbose descriptions of the characters and their surroundings. Implausible plot line, as these characters have more lives than a shelter full of cats, but enough action to keep a young teen's attention.

    27. Inventive and well-writtenRead the first three books in this inventive series and like it very much. Will continue for sure. Not hugely sophisticated but well-written and mostly well-plotted. A bit contrived at times, but generally get where the author is going even so. You can tell he is a solid writer and used a good editor, unlike a lot of authors these days. Recommend it.

    28. Good Story however The storyline was ok. I didn't like the way it was told though. It felt many times that the author had an idea and then weaved the story so that event could happen. Also I felt that too many "action scenes" kept happening one right after the other. There was no break from it until basically the end. All in all not too bad but definitely not a favorite.

    29. I enjoyed the story itself but when it came to the creatures they were a little too far fetched and unbelievable. I liked the way all the characters met each other and how they became a family and were right there for each other. Except for the far out creatures it was a good story and makes you want to continue with the series.

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