Dedication and Leadership

On March 14, 1948, Douglas Hyde handed in his resignation as the news editor of the London Daily Worker and wrote the end to twenty years of his life as a member of the Communist Party A week later, in a written statement, Hyde announced that he had renounced Communism and, with his wife and children, was joining the Catholic Church The long pilgrimage from CommunismOn March 14, 1948, Douglas Hyde handed in his resignation as the news editor of the London Daily Worker and wrote the end to twenty years of his life as a member of the Communist Party A week later, in a written statement, Hyde announced that he had renounced Communism and, with his wife and children, was joining the Catholic Church The long pilgrimage from Communism to Christ carried Douglas Hyde from complete commitment to Marxism, to a questioning uneasiness about Soviet Russia s glaring contradictions of ideology and action, to a final rejection of the Party In DEDICATION AND LEADERSHIP, he advances the theory that although the goals and aims of Communism are antithetical to human dignity and the rights of the individual, there is much to be learned from communist methods, cadres and psychological motivation Hyde describes the Communist mechanics of instilling dedication, the first prerequisite for leadership Here is the complete rationale of party technique how to stimulate the willingness to sacrifice the advisibility of making big demands to insure a big response the inspirational indoctrination and the subtle conversion methods In this small book, so large with implications, Douglas Hyde comments on both Communist and Catholic potential and their lack of maximum effectiveness He advocates positive Catholic action, not just a negative anti Communism, and he points out that the guidelines are now down for a decisive choice between total Communism and a total Christianity Here is a realistic approach to an acute problem uncolored by emotional propaganda, and here is a realistic answer on how to inspire dedication for leadership.
Dedication and Leadership On March Douglas Hyde handed in his resignation as the news editor of the London Daily Worker and wrote the end to twenty years of his life as a member of the Communist Party A week later i

  • Title: Dedication and Leadership
  • Author: Douglas Arnold Hyde
  • ISBN: 9780268000738
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Douglas Hyde, a former Communist who becomes a Christian, looks at what we can learn from "an extremely successful minority", the Communists. In some ways this book is dated. In others, it is particularly well suited for our times.Dated in a sense that it written for a different time, in 1966, when Communism has taken over much of the world and it was still unclear which way history might turn. Now, Communism has been shown for what it is, a horribly destructive experiment.But for American Chris [...]

    2. Dedication and Leadership is a wonderful asset for any serious activist. Unlike other books that encourage individuals to fix their personal imaging and or engage in high profile media endeavors to win votes in elections and effect temporary meaningless change, this book follows the progress of what was undoubtedly one of the most successful political movements of all time, Communism. While today it is easy to look back at the system that controlled a third of the world and dismiss it as antiqua [...]

    3. “Why are communists so dedicated and successful as leaders whilst others so often are not?” (5). Douglas Hyde answers this question in a series of lectures, and in this book, “Dedication and Leadership”. The Communist party is a very small minority in comparison with the rest of the world that are non-communist, yet they dominated more than a third of the world, and in record time! Hyde, as an ex-communist leader understood the methods they used and why they were effective, and gives the [...]

    4. Douglas Hyde is truly an incredible individual. Just by reading this book, one can tell that he does not lack in intelligence nor does he lack in verbosity. While he could not have been the only ex-Communist to denounce his party and convert to Catholicism he was, however, one of the few who was able, not to mention brave enough, to use his experiences in the party (and therefore the wisdom that he had attained from that experience) in order to present a whole new point of view for Christians. T [...]

    5. This book is a must read for two groups of people: (1) Christians who are starting their leadership journey and need an understanding of what it takes to be a leader; (2) Christian leaders who are responsible to recruit and train more Christians leaders.Douglas Hyde worked as a leading Communist in London who came to Christ. At this point in time (around 1950) Communism was exploding in London which Christianity languished. Catholics in London asked Hyde to tell them what Communists did to creat [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading through this book for the Leadership and Management Communication course through Bryan College. It totally opened my eyes to what 20th century Communism was really all about. Before, I just kind of had this "Communist stereotype" that all Communists were horrible, heartless, cold stalwarts like Stalin. But really, the majority were not. They had compassion and feelings for other people. True, Communism did start out as an attempt to take over government by dramatic and b [...]

    7. This book is written by a man that was in the leadership of the Communist Party in the early 20th century and defected upon becoming a Christian. He became a consultant for the Church, helping them to understand why it was that the Communist movement was exploding while the Church was languishing.The thesis of Hyde's book is that, simply put, Communist followers are more dedicated and better equipped than Christian followers. While the bulk of the book is very pertinent to those desiring to see [...]

    8. It is rare for an individual to praise the good qualities of a group he is ideologically opposed to. But this is in fact what Douglas Hyde does very well in this book Dedication and Leadership. He presents the mechanics and inner-workings of the communist party and analyses the efficiencies and leadership that allow such a minority to have a large presence in our generation. He breaks down how they gain and guide converts into leadership positions and give them a great desire for their cause. It [...]

    9. The title is so cliché, I imagine it is often dismissed as another principles of leadership self help book. While it is such, it's so much more. How the Communist party operated from an insider's perspective? It's got that. Practical tips for yourself? It's got that too! Christian world view? Yuperoo. Good stuff, I'm passing it on to others.

    10. Excellent book. A must-read for any Christian looking to influence culture for Christ and encourage the Church in his community. Hyde's message that dedication inspires dedication is important for parents as well. Highly recommended.

    11. While at times this book was dry and uninteresting, it held wonderful principles for leaders to develop! Of course, you have to translate those traits and principles into a ministry position rather Communism, but what it taught was still informational.

    12. Leadership in One Lesson: don't be afraid to demand more of your supporters/underlings. A useful book, with the author's long experience as a recruiter in political and, later, religious organizations lending his advice weight.

    13. Fascinating analysis of Communism's campaign strategy. Hyde's extensive familiarity with the party's persuasive techniques and propaganda, combined with his "outsider's perspective" at the time of writing, render this book unusually valuable.

    14. Extremely insightful book, I'll definitely be recommending it and reading it again eventually a tiny bit dry, hence the 4-stars.

    15. A wonderful book on the Communist Party and how we can learn from them even if we disagree with their stances.

    16. This book was really cool! I had to read it for a leadership course that I took. It's really thought provoking!

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