1 thought on “Piper's First Show”

  1. Piper is a four month old puppy who is into show biz and when her owner Greta needs some extra help with her training she sends her to Tails Up. Tails Up is Kats aunts grooming salon and the girls are pleased to have a new puppy in town and want to help Piper train.Piper keeps getting distracted, will Kat be able to teach Piper to focus before her show? Yes she will! I loved how Kat worked with Piper!

  2. The girls meet a new dog named Piper. She is going to a dog show. But while the girls are trying to train her, a boy and his dog are distracting Piper so that it's hard for her to practice. Will Piper be ready for the show in time? Find out in this book!I really like this book. It s super cool. You should read it.

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