She Is Mine: A War Orphans' Incredible Journey of Survival

Her father was an American serviceman, her mother a young Korean woman confused by the ravages of war Abandoned at age four, nameless, homeless, and utterly alone, this child roamed the bleak, war ravaged countryside of South Korea for three years and was finally left for dead But The Creator had other plans and revealed them through the words, She Is Mine.
She Is Mine A War Orphans Incredible Journey of Survival Her father was an American serviceman her mother a young Korean woman confused by the ravages of war Abandoned at age four nameless homeless and utterly alone this child roamed the bleak war rav

  • Title: She Is Mine: A War Orphans' Incredible Journey of Survival
  • Author: Stephanie Fast
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I have a four-year-old.I can't imagine him being abandoned, left to fend for himself, desperately following train tracks to try to find his mommy, chewing on roots and grasshoppers to survive, being rejected and persecuted for his ethnic make-up anytime he encounters other people.I have a seven-year-old daughter. I can't imagine her learning at this tender age "that there was a price for the clothes, food, protection, and the privilege of sitting at the fire" (141).I really don't like thinking a [...]

    2. Wow, what an excellent book. Thank you, Stephanie, for so openly sharing your story. You tell of such great pain but with equally great hope. Thank you for raising awareness of the needs of orphans.

    3. Stephanie Fast's She is Mine is a compelling, unforgettable memoir of a Korean war-orphan. Her father, whom she never met, was an American soldier. He returned to the U.S. unaware that he was going to be a father. Her mother, ashamed and embarrassed, returned to her family. Initially beloved of her mother, the author was shunned by the rest of the family and shunned by the community in which she spent her early years. Eventually, her mother gave into the family pressure and abandoned her. The au [...]

    4. I heard Stephanie speak at an event in early May. Her story is simply heartbreaking. If I wouldn't of known a few parts of the story I dont know if I would have be able to actually read through certain parts. It hurts my heart this happens to children. I'm glad she has been able to heal from it and bring attention to this horrible problem.

    5. Imagine. Imagine that everyone around you treats you differently from others. Imagine that they call you "tougee" and even though you don't understand what the word means, you know how it makes you feel. Imagine that you are abandoned by your family, left on a train Imagine that you have to make your way in the world and that nobody will help you. Imagine that you have to survive harsh winters, dig up, catch or steal food and make clothes out of straw for warmth. Now imagine that at the start of [...]

    6. This is the story of a young girl rejected because of her parentage. Her mother is Korean and her father an American G.I. In a country torn apart by war and with a strong cultural emphasis on family and history, little Yoon Myoung is seen as a mistake -- an outcast. Fortunately, God does not judge us by man's standards.Left to fend for herself at the tender age of four, Yoon Myoung survives by sheer grit, optimism and the unbreakable spirit of a child. But, even the strongest warrior heart can e [...]

    7. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewShe Is Mine: A War Orphan's Incredible Journey of Survival by Stephanie Fast isn't a must read it's a HAVE to read. This book will grab you, have you one the edge of your seat and have your turn page after page, after page and turning more pages. You won't stop until the end. It is about a young Korean girl who falls in love with an American soldier. He returns to America and she is left pregnant. She has her baby and her family are in shock because the baby is "t [...]

    8. This is such a heartwrenching story, and yet it is so full of hope. No one knows the path many in this world walk or have walked. Very few could walk and survive the path Stefanie Fast walked. I am not real familiar with the Korean War since it was many, many years before my time. However, I remember hearing similar stories after the Vietnam War. An American soldier fathers a child with a Korean mother. It is bad enough the mother is left pregnant and unwed, but the baby is mixed which is an abs [...]

    9. Although an interesting read, sometimes the details were so harsh, I had to set it down. It's somehow different when you realize all these horrible things happened to the smiling person on the back cover of the book. Man's level of inhumanity to their fellow man can be breathtaking. And difficult to hear about.

    10. This was an incredibly sad yet inspiring memoir of a woman who, as a child, lived through some of the worst abuse I have read about in a long time, all based upon her being mixed blood. Inspiring because she survived and has used her story to draw attention to the sufferings of other war orphans. From the publisher: Her father was an American serviceman, her mother a young Korean woman confused by the ravages of war. Abandoned at age four, nameless, homeless, and utterly alone, this child of des [...]

    11. I had the pleasure of hearing Stephanie speak at a prayer breakfast event and her love for God today after the hardships she endured as a young homeless orphan is what inspired me to read her book. She tells a story abandonment that reflects so many other orphan children past and present that it was difficult to grasp being a mother myself. Her story of survival is beyond description from someone like myself who grew up in awhile different world. The recollection she has found to tell her tale i [...]

    12. I think this may be the saddest book I have ever read. When I told a friend that she asked why I would read it thene answer is some things are worth being sad over. That this girl could survive is amazing! That God could reach down and say "she is mine!" To this little girl that no one knew and no one cared about is a amazing testament to His mercy and Grace.

    13. Such a powerful story of survival and endurance. At times painfully hard to read and realize what the author endured. And so tragic to know that this story is not an isolated event, it is so prevalent in our world. May we make a difference in our lives for the least of these!

    14. Good read. Incredible story, graciously spoken. Very encouraging to know there are advocates for the world's physical orphans, helping to alleviate some of their suffering. She does not mention God much, but God is in every page and her grace and acceptance and peace point to Him!

    15. This is such an important book! The story was gripping and fast-paced. Some parts were hard to read, but this was her reality. The author is brave to tell this story, and I'm so glad she did.

    16. This is a book you are unlikely to ever forget. It shows our God given iron will of survival to endure all the rejection, starvation, abuse, and exploitation that this small child experienced.

    17. Excellent fast read. Read this for book club. Amazing resilient survival. Loved the faith based thread throughout the book, which gave her the will to survive!

    18. A wonderful, though heart-breaking and hard to read sometimes, true story of a Korean orphan girl, abandoned at 4 years old because her father was an American.

    19. She Is Mine by previous orphan Stephanie Fast is the most inspiring book I have ever read. When I received this book at a Christian concert for free after signing up to sponsor an orphan, I did not think much of it, nor did I think I would read it for fun. After starting our Capstone project in AP Lang, and having such an interest in adoption and Stephanie's story of how adoption changed her life, I knew this book would be perfect in giving me insight into what the adoption process is like. Step [...]

    20. Everyone should read this and think of the millions of children living this way or even worse. It's frightening to think that anyone could treat a child this way.

    21. This was a book that left me with a word I don't use often. Unbelievable. I have no reason to doubt her story is true. It's simply beyond my scope of experience to imagine how a 4 year-old child survived alone in the world. Survived such personal brutality. Witnessed horrific events. The writing was easy to comprehend and not flowery. Unbelievable. I can't think of another word.


    23. In the book She is Mine, Stephanie Fast shares such an amazing story of her years as an orphan in Korea. Although her mother was Korean, her biological father was an American soldier who was long gone by the time she was born. At that time, in the Korean culture, a biracial baby was totally unacceptable and her mother's family forced her mother to give her up at the age of 5. She was sent away but the uncle who was supposed to pick her up at the train station never arrived. She survived horrific [...]

    24. Such a heartbreaking story. It is difficult to accept that people would be so cruel especailly to a young child. At times I had to set it aside because it was just too difficult to readI do have a problem with the author “filling in the gaps” about details she couldn’t remember. She states that the reader will be able to discern where the author “filled in the gaps”. Well, I couldn’t discern where/when the author was “filling” in the gaps (except concerning her mother and father) [...]

    25. This memoir was written uniquely in third person, as a way to be the voice for all Korean war orphans. The book is moving, disturbing, and heart wrenching. I had to disassociate partway through because imagining one of my children in Stephanie's position was too painful to contemplate. Stephanie's life story seems to have three seasons. The first is Lawlessness. She experienced the utter chaos of unrestrained human cruelty, with absolutely nothing and nobody to provide protection and justice. Th [...]

    26. Stephanie Fast was a keynote speaker at a conference I attended in Oregon for adoptive moms two years ago. Hearing her share her testimony in person was a great privilege. I was greatly impressed with her as a woman, a survivor, and a speaker. I have eagerly anticipated the release of her story in print. "She is Mine" is unbelievably gripping and profound. As an adoptive mother of internationally adoptive children, the testimony of Stephanie Fast is particularly and deeply impacting. To imagine [...]

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