Chew, Vol. 10: Blood Puddin'

CAN TONY STOP HIS MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY Presenting a new storyline of the New York Times Best Selling, Harvey and multiple Eisner Award winning series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals, and clairvoyants.Collects CHEW 46 50.
Chew Vol Blood Puddin CAN TONY STOP HIS MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY Presenting a new storyline of the New York Times Best Selling Harvey and multiple Eisner Award winning series about cops crooks cooks cannibals and clairvoy

  • Title: Chew, Vol. 10: Blood Puddin'
  • Author: John Layman Rob Guillory
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. LAST TIME, GUYS! now that i am all caught up on reviewing the chews (if not the other giant stack of pending reviews) i will hopefully be able to review them book-by-book as they come out like a normal person and not like the laziest person in the world as i have been up to now. i will say that this volume was a little bit of a letdown, considering how strong chew 9 was. that's not to say there's nothing cool in this one, because there are some very big things that happen in realizationsand othe [...]

    2. I think I’m done with Chew. It’s been fun but we’re now onto Volume 10 (with at least two more volumes to go) and shit’s become formulaic, boring, and messy in contrast to the fresh and exciting earlier books. I’m assuming you’re up on your Chew so if you’re not, spoilers ahoy! Plot-wise, not much happens and, this late in the game, that’s unforgivable. The fallout from the attack on The Collector is dire - Olive, Mason, Applebee and Caesar are in hospital and Poyo is dead. Tony [...]

    3. For me, this one was all about the details. Look closely, and you'll see Cerberus peeing on Hitler's head, a box of 90's comics labeled "Superheroes with Mullets," and a special level of Hell reserved for flatulent airline passengers. I see some reviewers are growing weary of the dragging-on-too-long plot lines and I suppose they have a point. Me? I'm so taken with the artwork, wacky food-related gimmicks and general weirdo vibe, I don't really care what's going on.In this one, we meet the CREOS [...]

    4. The cover of this 10th volume pretty much say what eventually happened here. Although it felt a bit rushed, at least, one major plotline in Chew has been resolved. The whole crew is up and running again (except one, but technically, he's still part of the group). D-Bear in particular is a breakaway character here by the way.I kinda thought that what Toni told Tony on how to beat The Collector will still linger for a while, but this volume revealed it, humorously and straightforwardly. Moreover, [...]

    5. (Received from Netgalley for review)At this point, I'm thinking that the best part of this series is in the past. And that's a shame, because parts of the series have been deeply imaginative, beautifully paced, and with engaging characters. But at this point, I'm kind of getting the feeling that Layman has less stories than he has issues remaining. He committed himself to going for 60 issues early on, but so much lately has been filler. Which is strange, because there's a lot of unanswered quest [...]

    6. I really like this series. In this volume, the story concerning the "Collector" is brought forward and ends, with the characters that face the consequences of the failed attack in the previous volume and the relationships between them.Gradually, the pieces go in their place, the visions had by Chew through her sister and the actions of Savoy and his band, will lead to the final confrontation that will take place between the “Collector” and Chew.Despite its premature death, (view spoiler)[Nec [...]

    7. Finally. The Showdown we've all been waiting for. Unfortunately should have gone down sooner.The funniest? D-Bear returns, as Tony's new partner!! He's a breath of fresh (recycled) air.The best? Tony becomes more powerful than you could ever imagined strikes down his enemy.His enemy also gets a second dose of ass-kickery courtesy of the badass mofo Rooster Prince of HellPoyo! For eternity.Then we get a stupid cliffhanger out of nowhere, to make people come back for more.They should have left it [...]

    8. The Good: We finally get some plot threads resolved (Tony deals with The Collector); No Poyo issue. D-Bear as an FDA agent was a blast.The Bad: The never-ending stream of food-derived powers is definitely getting tedious. The gingerbread man agent/director dude literally made my eyes roll.2 more volumes to go. I'll be along for the ride, but - for me - CHEW has run its course. Turns out too much of a good thing isn't good for you.

    9. I just love this series! In this volume, quite a bit happens - Tony even goes head to head against the Vampire. I love reading the ridiculous descriptions and catching the funny little things in the background. Plus, Tony powers up in just about the best possible way! If you haven't started this graphic novel series yet, what are you waiting for?

    10. One of the things I like most about comics in long form storytelling is the way their creators juggle all of the different and varying plotlines. For Y: The Last Man, Vaughan established every major plot line in a kick ass first issue and had them ebb and flow throughout the rest of the series all the way to the final arc. Sure, he introduces new complications throughout the run (Beth 2 being a prime example of this) that thread all the way to the final issue, but he always made sure that his pl [...]

    11. As usual, the story gets ridiculous pretty damn fast:And that's *after* the Poyo fantasy sequence, de rigeur:OTOH, the Very Serious is in play as well:But super-silly is the name of the game 'round these parts:What always cheers me up is how ridiculously illustrated this book is:And then Layman and Guillory hand us a last page that makes them deserve to die in a carcinogenic tire fire. Fuck. Pretty satisfying book, all in all. Thank christ they moved some stuff forward. It was getting excruciati [...]

    12. The best volume since the first one. Such a satisfying ending. Now I'm actually looking forward to the next one, it'll be weird having to wait.

    13. This long running series continues in Volume 10 with more action from Tony and the other detectives.Fans of the series will be glad to see it brought to a resounding conclusion, with Tony going up against the Collector and using his special foodie powers.There is also the excitement of a new partner as Tony is partnered up with D-Bear and the two of them solve some crime and take down a few enemies before Tony sees the light and returns to his old partner Colby.Poyo is gone but definitely not fo [...]

    14. UGH, Blood Puddin'. Why must you do these things to my heart? When I finished this book, I wasn't sure whether or not it was going to be the last run of the series. Luckily, it's not, so I don't have to complain about some of the bigger plot threads that were left unwoven. But I CAN tell you that, if you haven't already done so, go back through each issue of Chew and look at any sign on a building, note on a bulletin board, or newspaper headline. Because I swear to shit that the funniest parts o [...]

    15. Is the team on drugs? As usual, there were some touches of humor and some Poyo, and it was nice to follow Tony for another volume. Otherwise, with all the different food powers and things happening all over the place, this volume felt messy and gory, saved more by the art than anything else. I definitely preferred when Chew had a more detective taste. Because of this, I should have stopped reading the series a while ago, but I'm curious. This is the conclusion of the Vampire's story, so I'll pro [...]


    17. Things really come together in a final showdown and a silly side gag for so long actually pays off in a huge way.

    18. It's not as funny or clever as it used to be, but Chew is still one of my favorites and this volume finally sees the resolution of one of the comic's long-running storylines: Tony's showdown with the Collector, a rogue cibopath who's been stockpiling food-related abilities for a long time, and who earlier killed Tony's twin sister, Toni. It does read a bit like the story is treading water, but I was okay with that, as it lead to a number of funny scenes (like the murder of a Jolly Green Giant st [...]

    19. I enjoy some volumes of Chew much more than others, without ever being able to suggest it's remotely an inconsistent series. Perhaps it's just the mood in which I happen to encounter each one. This was one of the ones which pleased me less, despite (or because of?) the rate of invention of ludicrous food-based superpowers having if anything increased, and the long-awaited resolution of one of the comic's main plotlines. It was also a particularly fine reminder of something which has been noted s [...]

    20. The final showdown with the Collector takes place, and it is a pretty intense scene. The shocking moment from the last volume gets justified (but not excused), and the aftermath of the previous attack on the Collector is dealt with. There are several strong moments here, and enemies are at least temporarily allied for the greater good. I would say that the confrontation here serves as a fitting culmination of the long-running plotline. And the bookend scenes in the afterlife are pretty funny. Bu [...]

    21. Colby had the idea to cook POYO so Tony could defeat the collector but he wants no help from Colby. Tony gets a new partner D-Bear. Savoy takes Olive and Amelia out is the hospital m. Applebee becomes a mechanical centaur and Caesar gets a mechanical crab claw. It was Olive's idea to leave the hospital to hunt down the collector. Tony catches up with the gang and Colby gives Chu POYO. Olive gives her father a dagger to kill the collector with along with the anger from eating POYO they kill the v [...]

    22. GAH! I can't believe I have to wait for the final ten episodes! (Although, I suppose I can just subscribe to them at my local comic book store if I really can't wait.) So incredibly hilarious and funny. The profanity and puerile humor (as well as rampant gratuitous violence) are right up my alley. Although, SADNESS for unspoilable reasons. I think I resonate with Tony Chu so much because he is so ANGRY. But I love Colby because he is so ridiculous. Oh, heck. I love everyone in this series.

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