The Bright Effect

Maybe promises are supposed to hurt a little Amelia Bright has lots of plans for the future, and none of them involve falling for a guy like Sebastian Holbrook With a questionable reputation and an attitude to match, he s exactly the kind of guy Amelia promised herself she d avoid But after an encounter that leaves her charged and breathless, she can t stop wondering a Maybe promises are supposed to hurt a little Amelia Bright has lots of plans for the future, and none of them involve falling for a guy like Sebastian Holbrook With a questionable reputation and an attitude to match, he s exactly the kind of guy Amelia promised herself she d avoid But after an encounter that leaves her charged and breathless, she can t stop wondering about him and the secrets he keeps hidden behind that tough exterior Sebastian knows first hand that every single choice has a consequence and how a fragile promise can shape a life Now that his mother is gone and he s raising his little brother on his own, he s all but given up on a future for himself Struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, Sebastian doesn t have time for games or girls So why can t he shake thoughts of beautiful, smart Amelia Bright from his mind Equally devastating and heartfelt, Amelia and Sebastian s story of a rare and unexpected connection is one that will stay with you long after the last page is read Full of wit and tenderness, The Bright Effect is an unforgettable journey of expectations, regrets and discovering just how far love can carry us in the face of heartbreak.
The Bright Effect Maybe promises are supposed to hurt a little Amelia Bright has lots of plans for the future and none of them involve falling for a guy like Sebastian Holbrook With a questionable reputation and an at

  • Title: The Bright Effect
  • Author: Autumn Doughton Erica Cope
  • ISBN: 9781519115720
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 3.5 StarsThis is my first book by either one of these authors. I truly enjoyed both of the authors’ writing styles. The dialogue for all the teenage characters is spot on and I will definitely be looking into other published works by both authors. This story is told in two parts and I really enjoyed the first part but sadly, although shocked by the events that lead into part two (view spoiler)[SCHOOL SHOOTING(hide spoiler)] I really didn’t like where the story went. The catalyst of events th [...]

    2. I thought: It's weird to rate your own book.Then I thought: But I read the book 2519 times so I should rate it, right?Then I thought: No, it's weird.Then I thought: You know what? If I didn't think it deserves 5 stars I shouldn't be putting it out there.So I rated it.Read this book! Erica and I bled on all the pages and by buying it on Tuesday, November 17th you are helping us restock on Band-aids. Seriously, thank you all for your support. I hope you love Amelia and Bash as much as we do!**edit [...]

    3. I mean I 100% cannot wait for this to be released!!!! These two ladies are geniuses together and apart. One of my highly anticipated books now.------------------Okay, I've finished this book and all I have have to say is WOW. Erica and Autumn are an epic paring. I loved when they joined forces for Steering the Stars, but they blew me out of the water together with The Bright Effect. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love/need spoilers in my life. I go to the ends of the earth searching for th [...]

    4. If I had to describe The Bright Effect with one word, it would be WOW.Without warning, this book ripped my heart apart. I felt sadness, anger, and disbelief. Out. Of. Nowhere. All after I spent more than half of the book getting to know and falling in love with three key characters. But then Doughton and Cope did something extraordinary. They slowly put my heart (and one of the characters) back together again.During the first half, we are introduced to twins Amelia and Daphne Bright. While both [...]

    5. I just think that for some people, the story is never over.Amelia Bright is your usual over-achiever kind of girl. She has a lot of plans in the future, and has a lot on her plate in the present. Sebastian Holbrook isn’t one of them. He was the type of guy she was better off without, especially with the reputation and attitude that is attached to his name. But thanks to his brother, Carter, their world is about to meet.Sebastian Holbrook goes into my book-boyfriend list not just because of so [...]

    6. ARC provided by authors.The Bright Effect is a beautifully heartfelt and tender story of love and hope, but also grief and heartache. Amelia Bright and Sebastion "Bash" Holbrook are an unlikely pair, but couldn't be more perfect for each other and I loved them both so very much. While I totally thought I had the story pegged in the beginning, I found out soon enough I was very wrong. Every time I thought I knew where things were headed, I was surprised. At times it was surprised in the best was [...]

    7. Review I was so excited when I saw in my email that Eva from All Books Considered had gifted me this beauty. I had just finished my last book and jumped right in.Sebastian, or Bash, is struggling to raise his brother, go to school, work and keep everything running smoothly. Amelia is always thinking about her future, part of student government, plays tennis and volunteers to tutor elementary school kids. These two are from the opposite sides of town, wit equally opposite lives but can't help bu [...]

    8. I don't read many YA books, but there was something about the blurb that grabbed hold and said, "Read me now." It's true, there are times when a book bestows a real surprise on a reader, and it's much more than you expect. The Bright Effect was just such a book for me.A bittersweet story that is emotionally heartbreaking at times in dealing with loss and grief, yet painted with strokes of growing up, love and hope. Amelia Bright and Sebastion "Bash" Holbrook come from different walks of life. Th [...]

    9. I wish I could give this book 6262829292 stars. I had the honor of reading this book early. Once I heard that Autumn and Erica were writing another book together I got so excited! Oh man I don't know if I have words for how amazing this book is! It's so raw and real! I felt every single emotion that they were feeling. I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this book but it surpassed every expectation I had. There was definitely parts that surprised me and made me wanna cry! Good tears or bad I' [...]

    10. Ms. Autumn Doughton writes book just for me. I am convinced she sits down and says to the people in her head, "Oh, Kristin can't wait to meet you." And it's true.Amelia is beautifully written. From the very beginning you can see the bond between her and the people in her life. Her true friends and family. I LOVED getting to know her because the more I read, the more I liked her.Bash is a fighter, he's loyal, and sincere, and tender even though he has to be tough. I'm just a little in love with h [...]

    11. I absolutely adored this book!! Autumn and Erica did an incredible job on sharing Amelia and Bash's story. Every detail was thought out beautifully. You will not be able to read this without falling in love with these two and their friends. The devotion that they had for each other, through thick and thin was something that I hope my kids will have in their friendships. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book. It'll make you laugh, swoon, cry and love.

    12. What did I think? I thinkI KNOW I LOOVED IT!!I am so in love with all the characters. It was a different story en el buen sentido. De verdad que me enamoré del libro. Es que lo mas que me encanta es que no es predesible menos no para mi. El libro tiene una calma y serenidad pero a la misma vez drama del bueno I might add. I just loved it. Jaja <3 <3 <3 <3 One of my favs for sure.

    13. The Bright Effect had everything you could possibly want in a book: great characters, amazing writing and emotion. So much emotion! I was laughing and full on ugly crying. Sad books hurt, but you know they are a sign of a good book. i recommend this book to anyone who loved The Fault in our Stars and Steering the Stars, Autumn and Erica's previous collaboration. I can't wait to read more from these amazing authors.

    14. Loved this book!! Amelia and Sebastian (Bash) are amazing characters. The story was heartbreaking in parts. Bash was such a complex, yet intriguing character. The way he took care of his brother was pure fantastical. Him and Amelia together were beautiful and sweet. There were tender moments, along with sexy ones, and of course painful ones. I still enjoyed this journey with these characters.

    15. Amelia and Sebastian (Bash) are from 2 different worlds. They have grown up together and have attended the same school but they have lived 2 very different realities. To date myself they remind me of the Breakfast Club couple Claire and Bender. One girl is the princess (or so he thinks) and the guy is from the wrong side of the tracks just trying to get by.Only change in the setup is that Sebastian is in charge of his youngerbrother. He's had to take on a lot of responsibility in a very short ti [...]

    16. Review and Giveaway up on All Books ConsideredAutumn Doughton and Erica Cope do it again! I'm not sure how they write such good YA but it's refreshing during these days when NA has taken a bit of a dive. And, for the first time in a long time, I can easily say that I loved Sebastian even more than Amelia -- he was so good! I have found male MCs in dual POV YA and NA contemporary novels lacking this past year but not so in this book! I also have to say that another first in a long time came as I [...]

    17. I don't really read much YA anymore, but I've yet to be disappointed with anything Autumn Doughton writes, and her last book with Erica Cope (Steering the Stars) was fantastic. This book was fantastic as well, and I was completely surprised by the storyline, I did not see that coming! Actually, there were quite a few instances where I thought the book would take one route, only to see it go in a completely different direction. Kudos to the authors for being unpredictable, and creating a much mor [...]

    18. I loved Steering The Stars by these authors and to say I was excited to read this one, would be an understatement.Without even reading the blurb, I had high expectations and they delivered. And more. And that cover? Love it!This story is about Sebastian "Bash" Holbrook and Amelia Bright. They are opposites in every way possible but one thing they have in common is that they care about the people around them. Bash, oh gosh, such a sweet, selfless, caring guy! Be still, my beating heart. I loved h [...]

    19. I was asked to read The Bright Effect by Erica for my input on the story, I was honored to do so. Two amazing authors together again. Ever since I first heard about the book and seen the beautiful cover, I was anxious to get my hands on this book. I loved the characters in this story. Amelia, Bash, Carter, and Seth were my favorites. There is just so much to love about them! Bash comes across as a bad boy, but he is oh so much more! It was a total swoon worthy factor that he chose to raise his l [...]

    20. It was such an enjoyable read! I loved how it pulled me into a binge reading state and left me with such warm appreciation for the lack of predictability and angst that come from so many of the books I get into. It's a pure love story that has you rooting for intimacy not lusty details that allows you go to enjoy Bash and Amelia's moments. The collaboration between the authors was perfect! Amelia is so bright that the authors may lead you into a vocabulary lesson, and peek your artistic interest [...]

    21. Wow. As I write this through tears of sadness, joy, and hope, I find myself craving Red Vines (which I normally despise), a crazy comfy pair of leggings, and a copy of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. Bash and Amelia (along with Daphne, Carter, Seth, and Audra) grabbed my heart from the beginning and never let go. Their story is raw and emotional, but also sweet and funny and, most importantly, real. That's a hard combination to pull off successfully as an author, but this wonder duo killed it once [...]

    22. This is my favorite contemporary book I've read this year! The story was beautiful, yet heart-wrenching, raw, and so realistic. It was so much more than a romance story. It deals with themes of self-discovery, growth, family relationships, hardship, and so much more. I loved the sister relationship between Amelia and Daphne. I also loved the dual perspectives of Amelia and Bash. I would highly recommend giving this book a try!

    23. I'm going to go with five stars considering the times I cried while reading this. Full review can be found at Ash Reads Stuff

    24. Pues. me sorprendió bastante.Lo empecé a leer pensando que sería el típico romance rosa.Y de repente ¡BOOM! no lo veo venir.Me gustó bastante. Jugó con mi pobre corazón :(

    25. I received an ARC of The Bright Effect and it took me a few days to finish it, but that was only because I was busy! This was one of those books that keeps calling you back to read it. I absolutely loved the main characters and the dual POVs. The relationship between Bash and Amelia seemed to happen so naturally and honestly that it was easy to root for them. Bash is one of those stand up guys that's a little rough around the edges but loyal to no end. Amelia started off a bit tightly wound but [...]

    26. I had a very limited time to read yesterday so I sat down telling myself I would read until 2:30 and then finish want I needed to. At 2:30 I found myself at the end of Part 1 and I knew I couldn't leave off there. Thinking I would just skim the beginning of Part 2 to see where we were at I read until the end of the book. Well worth having to wake up early today to finish all the things I didn't get done while reading. I loved these characters; especially Bash and Carter and their brotherly relat [...]

    27. Just read it. Trust me. I'm a doctor. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. In fact, I have zero experience as a health professional but you should still trust my judgement on this book. Just don't trust it on things like open heart surgery or gynecology. On to the good stuffThis book was like getting on the kiddie teacups ride only to have it morph into the Batman roller coaster half way through. I had no expectations of this book because I wasn't familiar with the authors. Honest truth: I chose it fo [...]

    28. Y'all. I started reading The Bright Effect last night and finished it this morning. Like, I went to bed late and then woke up early JUST so I could read the book before work. I have no doubt: this is the best of Doughton and Cope. Their collaboration with this story captures so much: local color (seriously — they nailed the Carolina lexicon), dynamic characters, and a storyline that has you flipping the pages as fast as you can just so you can grieve the inevitable ending. There's so much with [...]

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