Pablo and Birdy

A boy who drifted into the seaside town of Isla as a baby searches for answers about where he and his parrot came from in this charmer of a tale laced with magical realism from New York Times bestselling author Alison McGhee.The seaside town of Isla has many stories, the most notable being the legend of the Seafaring Parrot Locals claim that the Seafarer remembers every sA boy who drifted into the seaside town of Isla as a baby searches for answers about where he and his parrot came from in this charmer of a tale laced with magical realism from New York Times bestselling author Alison McGhee.The seaside town of Isla has many stories, the most notable being the legend of the Seafaring Parrot Locals claim that the Seafarer remembers every sound, every whisper, cry, laugh, or snort ever uttered But, though there have been rud Seafarer sightings, no one has actually seen the bird before Other stories surround a boy named Pablo, who had washed up on shore in a blow up swimming pool as an infant with only a lavender parrot as a companion Now, on the eve of his tenth birthday, the stories are repeated At first I thought it was a huge fish, Emmanuel, the man who found and took Pablo in, says Pierre, the baker s guess was a good one Perhaps Pablo has come from an undiscovered country, one unknown to the rest of the world Maybe the inhabitants there lived in tree houses, or underground Or maybe he s a pirate baby But Pablo wants the truth, and the only one who might know it is Birdy, his parrot After all, she was there, holding onto the raft But unlike most birds who live in Isla, Birdy can neither talk or fly Or, at least, she never has Until one day, when strong winds begin to blow winds similar to the ones that brought Pablo to shore Birdy begins to mutter Could Birdy be a Seafaring parrot If she is, then she will be able to tell Pablo the true story of where he came from of who tied him so lovingly and safely to that raft But, if she is, that also means the second part of the Seafarer myth is true that Seafaring Parrots will, eventually, fly away.As Pablo is buzzing with questions, hopes, and fears, an old saying echoes in his mind winds of change mean fortune lost or fortune gained And while the winds rise in Isla, Pablo holds tight to Birdy Would losing his companion, his dearest link to his past, be that loss
Pablo and Birdy A boy who drifted into the seaside town of Isla as a baby searches for answers about where he and his parrot came from in this charmer of a tale laced with magical realism from New York Times bestsell

  • Title: Pablo and Birdy
  • Author: Alison McGhee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I love Pablo and Birdy and all thw lively wonder fully imagined characters of Isla. I want everyone I know of all ages to read this book. Bravo. dear Alison.

    2. Even though I felt like I knew where the story was headed, I enjoyed this charming tale about a boy and the bird who watched out for him.

    3. Loved this story! So sweet! All the characters were wonderful. The setting was magical, the whole story was magical, actually! I'm thinking 3rd grade up will enjoy this tale of two friends with pretty amazing beginnings. Alison McGhee's book is sure to be a winner!

    4. A heart-warming tale about the bonds of friendship, pains of the past and the hope, which a change in the winds might bring.After a large storm, Pablo was found washed up on the shores of an island, bound inside a child's swimming pool with Birdy, a parrot, as his loyal guard. As Pablo is left with a fear of the sea and storms, Birdy carries his own scars and refuses to talk or fly. Ten years have past, and Pablo and Birdy have become an integral part of the small town, where the story of a neve [...]

    5. Pablo is turning ten on the tiny island of Isla - that in and of itself is not a big deal except that Pablo and his beautiful bright parrot mysteriously showed up on the island's shore in a swimming pool when he was an infant. Birdy, his parrot, has never flown nor has she talked the way the other parrots do on the island. Her unusual markings have gotten the attention of some who think she might be a rare seafaring parrot and scientists are on the hunt for her so they can lock her up to study h [...]

    6. Disclaimer: I'm a bird-nut, so this fits me like a glove. Anyone who uses the expression "birdbrain" in a derogatory way does NOT know birds. Beyond that, this is such a charming story, loaded with distinctive and appealing characters in a setting rarely described, with relationships that are unique and and yet feel warmly familiar at their core. The magical/fantasy/legendary portions of the story are well done and and may entice some readers of that genre to read a story firmly anchored in real [...]

    7. Set on a fictional island in a warm climate, this atmospheric and charming novel is about the meaning of family. Pablo and his bird, Birdy, washed up on the shores of Isla when he was just a baby. As he approaches his tenth birthday, Pablo feels that his friends don't appreciate how hard it is to have no knowledge of his origins. Even though he is surrounded by loving adults, Pablo yearns for connection to his past. The only one who knows is Birdy, a parrot, and Birdy is unable to tell him. Tens [...]

    8. Pablo and Birdy was such a heartwarming read! I loved how the Island of Isla served as a sanctuary for those fleeing from danger, (humans or animals alike). The quiet narrative has some poignant moments, (I loved the pastry-stealing dog!) There is also moments of delightful humor, (the Committee made up of parrots was adorable). Best of all, this story is a depiction of a quest: the quest of a young boy trying to discover where he truly belongs and of the parrot who never leaves his side. Could [...]

    9. Full of heart. Made me feel all the things. Slow to get started but finished strong. FYI, for those who can't stand to read anything with the slightest hint of animal cruelty, there are a few pages of a dog remembering his not-so-nice owner. But that's not the focus of the story. Lovely. Pablo and Birdy will stay with me for awhile, I think.

    10. Nothing has touched my heart as deeply in a long time as Pablo & Birdy. Nearly perfect in its craft, characters, and story, it resonates with me on so many levels. Ten years ago, Pablo washed up on the shores of Isla as a baby, in a child's inflatable pool, crisscrossed with twine, and a necklace of "Dios me bendiga." Accompanied by a parrot who can neither speak nor fly, Birdy will not leave Pablo's side. Emmanuel took him in and raised Pablo as family in the little tourist town, along with [...]

    11. 10 years ago, Pablo washed up on the shores of Isla, in a small pool, with a lavender feathered parrot named Birdy. Now searching for answers, Pablo is determined to discover who he is and where he’s from. But as the winds begin to change, as they did ten years ago, Pablo starts to feel that things are shifting; when Birdie begins to mutter and try to fly. With the old fisherman saying echoing in his mind, “ The winds of change mean fortune lost or fortune gained,” Pablo sets off to discov [...]

    12. One stormy night nearly ten years ago, a baby in a floating swimming pool with a parrot standing guard washed up on the shores of Isla. They were found by Emmanuel, who took them in and raised Pablo as his own. But Pablo has started to wonder where he came from and how he got out in the ocean strapped into the swimming pool.Pablo’s family and history is not the only mystery in the tourist town of Isla. Stories of a mythical bird named a Seafarer parrot swirl around Isla, although no one knows [...]

    13. "Sounds exist in vibrationsHumans, with their unexceptional ears, could hear a sound at only the moment it was made, and thereafter only in memory. But not the remarkable ears of a Seafaring Parrot. For them, all sound lived on for all eternity. any given moment, a Seafarer could hear and reproduce all the sounds ever made."So goes the legend of the Seafaring Parrot, which Pablo has grown up hearing, especially since his island thrives on tourism based on the legend. Pablo and Birdy, his ever p [...]

    14. So you know how Inside Out shows the point in life were we realize that our emotions are more complex than we'd previously been aware? That there can be sadness and anger mixed into a happy life, even when we don't want to acknowledge them? You can see that in this book, but in a way that's lovely and mostly happy and just that tiny bit heartbreaking - fortunes lost and fortunes gained, traditions maintained and upset, silences preserved and broken, families unmade and made. In Pablo and Birdy i [...]

    15. A baby washes ashore in a blow up pool with a parrot. Luckily he lands on Isla, a place famous for caring people, birds and folklore. As young Pablo grows he yearns to find out his real story, and the only one that can tell him, has never spoken. However, the day Birdy starts to talk Pablo must keep it a secret to save his trusty friends life. This cute tale is a fun and intriguing read for ages eight to twelve.

    16. Pablo and Birdy is a delightful story (with a few tears) that touches on family, foster care, emigration, human-animal relationships, and much more. The cover art is captivating and there are several illustrations inside. This would make a great read aloud for middle grades and may it, please, become an animated film, exactly as it is written.

    17. I started reading this aloud to my 10 year old, but we had to stop. It was too painful for him. He's adopted and this book really brings that loss of birth family to the forefront. I finished the book on my own. It's very well written. It's bittersweet and a lovely story, but kids who have unknown biological histories may find it too much.

    18. Lyrical, character-driven tale. Atmospheric, full of heart. A beautiful, moving job with the universal theme of "letting go of someone you love." Loved the characters, loved the vivid descriptions of Pablo's life.

    19. Geez, c2017 was the year of orphans washing up on islands in kid lit! This is a beautiful, reflective story; the relationship between Pablo and Birdy is a true love story. The illustrations are gorgeous, and lend to the dream-like quality of the prose.

    20. This was a beautiful story. I am a fan of magical realism anyway, but this tale of love and letting go was filled with such gentle tenderness, I know that Pablo and Birdy will stay with me for a while.

    21. Letting go of anything that you love can be very hard. Pablo blew ashore on Isla as a baby ten years ago, accompanied by a parrot who doesn't fly or talk. Or does she? Birdy is full of surprises as the winds of change begin to blow once again.

    22. This was exquisite. Pablo wants to know the truth about his family until he sees that his family is already around him. A little bit of supernatural/awe, plenty of parrots, a dog, and love. I especially love the subtle nod to the refugee crisis.

    23. If you read Beyond the Bright Sea, you should read this book. Another story about the search for identity and the true meaning of family. Another baby washed ashore. Another mystery of who and why and how. Plus, a mythical parrot and stray dog.

    24. I didn't realize this was a children's book when I downloaded. Still a cute book that filled a time when I needed a book.

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