James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner—A Graphic Biography

A dazzling, prize winning graphic biography of one of the world s most revered writers.Winner of Spain s National Comic Prize and published to acclaim in Ireland, here is an extraordinary graphic biography of James Joyce that offers a fresh take on his tumultuous life With evocative anecdotes and hundreds of ink wash drawings, Alfonso Zapico invites the reader to share JoA dazzling, prize winning graphic biography of one of the world s most revered writers.Winner of Spain s National Comic Prize and published to acclaim in Ireland, here is an extraordinary graphic biography of James Joyce that offers a fresh take on his tumultuous life With evocative anecdotes and hundreds of ink wash drawings, Alfonso Zapico invites the reader to share Joyce s journey, from his earliest days in Dublin to his life with his great love, Nora Barnacle, and their children, and his struggles and triumphs as an artist.Joyce experienced poverty, rejection, censorship, charges of blasphemy and obscenity, war, and crippling ill health A rebel and nonconformist in Dublin and a harsh critic of Irish society, he left Ireland in self imposed exile with Nora, moving to Paris, Pola, Trieste, Rome, London, and finally Zurich He overcame monumental challenges in creating and publishing Dubliners, Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegan s Wake Along the way, he encountered a colorful cast of characters, from the Irish nationalists Charles Parnell and Michael Collins to literary greats Yeats, Proust, Hemingway, and Beckett, and the likes of Carl Jung and Vladimir Lenin.
James Joyce Portrait of a Dubliner A Graphic Biography A dazzling prize winning graphic biography of one of the world s most revered writers Winner of Spain s National Comic Prize and published to acclaim in Ireland here is an extraordinary graphic biog

  • Title: James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner—A Graphic Biography
  • Author: Alfonso Zapico
  • ISBN: 9781628726558
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is a fanboy's introduction to Joyce based on his reading of Richard Ellman's definitive biography, which I highly recommend. To me Joyce is the greatest novelist in English, the pinnacle (and no, I haven't yet climbed Finnegan's Wake) (yet). So this is a kind of way into Joyce as you begin reading, I guess, but I was disappointed because anything about Joyce I will check out. The text is simple and more straightforward than a writer like Joyce deserves. But I haven't read it in the original [...]

    2. I have devoured every major work that James Joyce ever wrote, including "Portrait", "Dubliners", "Finnegans Wake" and in the case of "Ulysses" have savored it half a dozen times. Joyce may well be the greatest novelist who ever wrote in the English language. Consequently, I have also consumed a bevy of books about his life as such an understanding informs an appreciation of the creative process and his overcoming the high hurdles of the track of his life. For example, I have read and reviewed on [...]

    3. Four point something stars, actually. I liked the style of drawing, and it fit the general flow of Joyce's life which could almost be summed up as "the luck of the Irish". Only almost, though. It is an interesting biographical graphic novel and makes Joyce's life easily accessible, but being that, there is only so much credit the creators can be given for the "story", I think.

    4. This was disappointing. The art was nice, but the text was simplistic, often juvenile. If it weren't for the occasional nudity and constant talk of drinking and "whoring," this could be given to an 11-year-old with no fear they couldn't comprehend it. I also found the portrayal of Joyce's publication history extremely confusing and kept having to go back and reread parts--and I was already pretty familiar with Joyce's publication history, so I can't imagine how it would be for someone who's new [...]

    5. "Στη βία υποκύπτει μόνο το σώμα μου, το πνεύμα μου, ποτέ!" Εχοντας πρώτα διαβάσει το βιβλίο "Γράμματα στη Νόρα" κατανοώ και γνωρίζω τώρα σε μεγαλύτερο βαθμό τη ζωή του ΤΖΕΗΜΣ ΤΖΟΥΣ. Δε θα μπορούσα να βάλω λιγότερα αστέρια, διότι τον συμπαθώ ιδιαίτερα. Η γραφή του ΑΛΦΟΝΣΟ ΘΑΠΙΚΟ [...]

    6. Un libro editado como un cómic con unas ilustraciones preciosas en el que se narra la vida de James Joyce. Me ha gustado mucho pese a que Joyce no me ha caído nada bien. contandoteunlibro

    7. Ίσως ο καλύτερος και κυρίως ο πιο ξεκούραστος τρόπος για να διαβάσεις την βιογραφία ενός σπουδαίου συγγραφέα!Ευχάριστο ανάγνωσμα,ωραία προσωπικότητα ο Τζόυς.

    8. This graphic biography of James Joyce won Spain's National Prize for Comics, and I can understand why. The ink-wash drawings are remarkable, with settings and characters rendered in a unique and wonderful way. The story hits all the highlights of Joyce's life--his relationships with his father and brother, his drive to write and the controversies he created, his love for Nora Barnacle, his battles with poor health that incapacitated him at times. This book offers a great overlook of James Joyce [...]

    9. A lovely, heartfelt, illustrative, humorous and overall beautiful comic biography of James Joyce. Though it may not be 100% faithful with certain details, it gives the reader an amazing retelling of his life.P.S.: JAMES JOYCE WAS LITERALLY SUCH A BRAT THOUGH

    10. Quotes:He had to come to realize that a heretical lifestyle was more manageable, and lot more fun, than constant pangs of guilt.Gluttony is English. Pride is French. Wrath is Spanish. Lust, contrary to appearances, is German. Sloth is Slav. The Italian sin is avarice. And of course, for the Irish, I've reserved envy. / And the Jews? What is the sin of the Jews, Joyce? / The Jews? They have none, unless it's the one that is always pinned on them: the deadliest of all. You know, crucifying JesusA [...]

    11. "Dublinés" de Zapico es una correcta pero en exceso lineal biografía de James Joyce. Su autor se conforma con acumular datos, fechas y anécdotas sobre el autor irlandés de forma que parece que estemos leyendo un trabajo escolar más que una biografía con cierto ánimo crítico o innovador. El libro, entretenido y bien ilustrado por lo demás, se limita a compilar en lugar de a crear. Me parece muy excesivo el Premio Nacional de Cómic que se le concedió.

    12. I thought this was a brilliant depiction of the biography of the author James Joyce. The art was good and the story was not overwhelmed by text. It is a good introduction to the life of James. Joyce and to his writing. I haven't read anything by James Joyce but now I am intrigued enough to do so.

    13. A very nice biography of James Joyce in the form of a graphic novel. The author tells about the life of the Irish writer in beautiful images and with much humor. I am still anxious of reading Ulysses, but I'm even more curious now, as well :)

    14. A most excellent biography. Balanced and critical and utilizing the opportunities of the graphic novel to the fullest. Should nearly be required reading for anyone taking on Joyce's works.

    15. Πολύ αμφίρροπο αυτό το κόμικ, μία κρύο μία ζέστη. Αυτή τη φορά, σε αντίθεση με το "Ολυμπία ντε Γκουζ" είχα προετοιμαστεί κατάλληλα για βιογραφικό κόμικ και είχα διαβάσει το κατιτίς μου από πριν. Λέω κατιτίς γιατί με τον Τζόϋς μόνο λίγο μπορεί να είναι, με βάση το πόσα έργα έχει [...]

    16. I read this book, because I like James Joyce's Dubliners and I wanted to learn more about this author.The design is really nice and the story is entertaining and really interesting.I'm just not sure if everything is "real", because the facts are presented in a different way in Joyce's Museum in Sandycove and in Dublin (i.e. the fact that Gogarty shot above Joyce's bed in Sandycove because he didn't appreciate to be called a snob in one of Joyce's poems wasn't mentioned, it was just said that Gog [...]

    17. I enjoyed reading this as a light introduction to James Joyce’s life and it has made me more interested to read Ellman’s biography on Joyce. I’m not sure if the graphical novel format is the best one to capture such a complex life as Joyce’s seem to have been. For example there are so many different people that are mentioned that Joyce meets and I assume they played some part in his life, but sometimes a box mentions maybe 5-10 people and occasionally it feels more like name dropping tha [...]

    18. Visuals were stunning and interesting. But the written part was over simplified and had terrible spelling and grammar (fault of the translator and English publisher, not the original author). Was it an attempt at a literal translation but failed because Spanish is more expressive of a language? Or just sloppy? Why was there no copy editor? It took away from a potentially interesting presentation of Joyce's biography. I wish I could read Spanish so I could have the opportunity to review the origi [...]

    19. Me encanta esta idea de moda que es novelizar gráficamente las biografías. Es una manera muy amena de instruirse acerca de las trayectorias de personajes fascinantes, biografías a los que de otra forma da a veces cierta pereza aproximarse. Claro que tampoco se puede esperar el colmo del rigor o la profundización exhaustiva, así que este tipo de biografías pueden ser una iniciación antes de explorar las investigaciones más tradicionales.

    20. Очень трогательная история жизни гениального писателя. Множество перипетий, перепитий (в смысле алкогольных), болезнь и запреты на публикации книг. Незамысловато, комикса как такового нет - картинки просто иллюстрации, просто к маленьким кусочкам текста. Но в конце сердце [...]

    21. This is a beautifully illustrated book and quite text heavy. It is quite anecdotal, so while extremely amusing, interesting and fun to read, I'm not sure how historically detailed it is. It also reads like a who's who of the literati of the times - which of course, it should. Even if you are not a fan of Joyce's work, if you are a fan of the time period, well worth the read.

    22. Excellent. I'm not sure what else I would hope to see from a graphic biography. Joyce is treated objectively, but with a great deal of interest, and everything is clear and well thought out. Highly recommend.

    23. Biografía en cómic de James Joyce. Bien dibujada y contada, con un ritmo adecuado, te sumerge con éxito en el universo de Joyce. Sin embargo, acaba resultando demasiado lineal, un pelín sosa.

    24. Zapico does an amazing job telling a long and often sordid story of a great writer trapped inside a flawed Irishman. It helps that Zapico has a terrific amount of source material, including Ellman's colossal biography. But a large cast of characters are rendered in distinguishable ways, and the essential points are peppered with lots of humorous scenes. The biggest challenges in a literary biography is presenting the works in the context of their times and through the lens of historical criticis [...]

    25. A wonderfully drawn "graphic biography" of groundbreaking and controversial Irish writer, James Joyce.Book Review: The art in James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner, consists of lovely "ink-wash" drawings that both tenderly evoke landscapes and lightly capture the characters involved in Joyce's tumultuous life. It's a quick and informative read with the art well documenting the story line. One bit of new information for me was that, ironically, when no printer in England would accept Joyce's play E [...]

    26. Excelente cómic en el que Alfonso Zapico narra la biografía completa del escritor irlandés James Joyce.La vida del autor de Ulises está plagada de vicisitudes siendo un personaje genial pero también con numerosas contradicciones. He encontrado muy interesante la labor de documentación del autor para llevar a cabo este libro. De manera concisa, el autor logra que la narración sea fluida y ágil pero a la vez abundante en datos históricos, culturales, políticos y literarios de la época.L [...]

    27. Read May 31, 2016.It bothers me that graphic novels come up in my challenge count, so I'm (belatedly) removing the dates to keep my numbers less bloated.An easy breezy read filled with little anecdotes about Joyce's life, although there was more emphasis on his social life and quirks than his actual writing. I really wanted more about James and Nora's unconventional relationship, but Nora was relegated to about the same 3 lines exclaimed in frustration repeated throughout and was mostly treated [...]

    28. Obwohl ich noch nichts von James Joyce gelesen habe und ihn auch noch nie wirklich als Schriftsteller wahrgenommen habe, ist mir das Buch beim Schlendern durch die örtliche Bibliothek sofort ins Auge gesprungen. Der Titel versprach mir Dublin und die Geschichte eines exzentrischen Mannes zu Beginn des letzten Jahrhunderts. Auch wenn das Kapitel über Dublin etwas kurz geriet, bekam ich dennoch die unstete Geschichte des exzentrischen und vielleicht etwas verrückten James Joyce und damit einen [...]

    29. A superior graphic biography of James Joyce. Loved the pen and ink drawings and the humor that came through this retelling of the author's life. I didn't learn too much that I didn't already know, but this format brought to life the many acquaintances Joyce had throughout his life in several cities, from Ezra Pound to Ernest Hemingway to Samuel Beckett. I wish it had told more about his wife Nora, who stayed through all of his hardships, philandering, and bouts of alcoholism---most of the time t [...]

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