Black 21

Sometimes we take a risk for loveeven if it means losing our soul Find out what Daisy Lock must risk in this horror love story Can she trust Christian Stone or is he one of Jack Red s boys Who s the man that visits her in the darkness of her room, leaving strange gifts on her bed, and how is it all connected to her mother s death 21 years ago Golden Hills, IL is celeSometimes we take a risk for loveeven if it means losing our soul Find out what Daisy Lock must risk in this horror love story Can she trust Christian Stone or is he one of Jack Red s boys Who s the man that visits her in the darkness of her room, leaving strange gifts on her bed, and how is it all connected to her mother s death 21 years ago Golden Hills, IL is celebrating a twenty first birthday, but this birthday is special with a twist This sinister town is founded on an ancient secret, created by greed A town you never want to visit A birthday you never want to attend When Daisy Lock visits her sweet aunt and uncle, she soon discovers the true history of these birthdays The town s leader is following orders of a darker force, and his son, Christian, is turning the deadly age of twenty one As the ominous birthday grows closer, Daisy questions her sanity and moral beliefs, spiraling down a terrifying path Whether she s in Golden Hills or back home in Chicago, there s no escaping what s been planned before she was born, signed in blood A plan that includes Christian and so much Time is ticking until Black 21 Daisy needs to find a way to escape or forever be part of the Golden Hills legacy.Intended for a mature audienceIf you enjoy Daisy s story, you ll love her mother, Rose s, even in Rose s Sin Prequel To Black 21 Short Story Legend of Golden Hills, 2 , for Free The horror is just beginning
Black Sometimes we take a risk for loveeven if it means losing our soul Find out what Daisy Lock must risk in this horror love story Can she trust Christian Stone or is he one of Jack Red s boys Who s the m

  • Title: Black 21
  • Author: Nancy Glynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. One day while searching for new reads, I came across a self promotion thread by this author via GoodReads. After reading the book description, I became intrigued and decided to get it. I love it when I choose well.After reading this story, I can honestly say that I'll be reading future works by this author. She has captured my attention and curiosity into this storyline, which I hope will be turned into a series. It has great potential for being one. Though the story started off as a little slow [...]

    2. The Dance (Black 21) will be re-released in March 2017 along with the 2nd book, Lana's Calling. If you have it on your TBR shelf, I can't wait for you to read the newer edition. I gave it a new cover, new title, and better content! I also gave Lana's Calling a new cover. Read the story of Daisy & Christian to see how they escape Jack Redd if they do. I will be running a giveaway here as soon as the print is ready. Happy reading!

    3. Nancy Glynn has created an astounding world! A world of good and evil, romance amid danger, friendship in peril alongside fear of betrayal and sinfully delicious desires. All this and more pops straight off the pages of Black 21, a paranormal romance that is SOOOO much more than what its simple genre label would imply.Daisy Lock, the protagonist, becomes swiftly immersed in a strange new world while staying with her aunt and uncle in Golden Hills, Illinois. While she quickly discovers that all i [...]

    4. When I was growing up, I used to enjoy watching Saturday afternoon horror movies. Back then, there were plenty of great, obscure movies to choose from and all of them are largely forgotten today, except in the hearts of horror aficionados and cult movie lovers. Reading "Black 21" by Nancy Glynn took me back to those days and gave me the feeling I used to get when I anticipated the next wonderful low-budget, atmospheric and sometimes foreign, horror movie to grace my small newly-color TV set.Once [...]

    5. Dire things happen to the male children in the town of Golden Hills, Illinois on their twenty-first birthday. Well, even worse things happen to the females if they are…chosen. I feel as though I need to cue ominous music because Nancy Glynn does a great job of weaving suspense into her story. From page one, the adrenalin starts pumping for Daisy and doesn’t seem to stop. Add in that this is also a romance and the story becomes a bit twisted as evil forces attempt to manipulate things to thei [...]

    6. NOT REALLY FOR ADULTSThis is a very predictable story. Everything is surface written with little to no depth. No background is given on nearly anything. Don't waste your money or time.

    7. Originally posted on my blog: The Writer's InkwellNancy Glynn has a fantastically creative mind and is clearly not afraid to touch on some really dark and disturbing topics. In fact, that is the primary reason I enjoyed this book so much. Though it's a bit too much on the romance side for my taste, those dark moments and the things Daisy and Christian have to overcome really draw you in. The author is not afraid to have violence, manipulation, sex, and drama in her tales and that is great, becau [...]

    8. Black 21 by Nancy GlynnPurchased: Gifted from author in exchange for honest review [Kindle - $2.99]My Rating: 4 of 5 StarsSpoilers!What's it all about?When Daisy is sent away from home to recover from event that have happen she is shoved into more unruly events. When your transported back tot he town you partially grew up in and you seem to be uncovering more of their secrets what do you do? As Daisy and Christian become closer more of the destiny that they share come to life, and it isn’t a g [...]

    9. Let's welcome Nancy to the elite group of great authors of the paranormal. This book is different from any book I have read to date. I usually watch this kind of topic, Satanism in movies, and I admit it is much creepier reading about it. Nancy does an excellent job weaving an intricate web around you. She slowly lets you into the crazy world Jack Red and the Stone family. There are a lot of twists and turns that come unexpected but were well executed.I struggled with Daisy. She seems to go to v [...]

    10. Mysterious, Strange and WildI don’t know what prompted me to try reading paranormal romance. Nancy Glynn’s Black 21 was a story unlike anything I’ve ever read. Daisy Lock visits her Uncle Joe and Aunty Betty at Golden Hills. Although she is supposed to be recuperating from a traumatic incident in her past, Daisy is soon pulled into the strange and unholy happenings in the town. Initially coerced into attending the Christian Stone’s date at his 21st b’day ball, Daisy is soon plunged int [...]

    11. I am not one to read paranormal books, but this one caught my attention. The story is about Daisy who decides to visit her aunt and uncle in a small little town tucked away from the world. She is asked to do something quite strange and thus takes her on a journey of terror, mystery, supernatural beings and down right scary things. She meets Christian and is drawn to him with emotions that she has never experienced before. What connection do these two people have? What evil is about to happen on [...]

    12. As a supporter of indie authors, I was delighted when searching in social media for a new read and found Black 21, a debut novel by Nancy Glynn. Paranormal Romance is not one my go-to genres, but this sounded good and I had an unusual urge to read. Better yet, it was available through my Kindle Unlimited membership. I jumped for joy when beginning the read. It grabbed this Christian reader from the beginning to the end. Definitely not for the timid, the romance scenes tested my limit; while tast [...]

    13. The writing moves fast in this book! There is constant action and no over detailed lulls. That brings me joy. I like my fair share of detail but I also like a story that is constant pow pow and leaves you reeling. This book definitely achieved that.I liked Daisy from the beginning. I hated what happened to her but realized that in the end love can be selfish. Love can make you overlook consequences. Love can make you justify doing things that you otherwise wouldn’t. The theme there is consiste [...]

    14. The author provided this book in return for an honest review. I regret that my opinion of the book is not very favorable. Although I can imagine this story appealing to elementary school girls, the book does not have enough substance to appeal to more mature audiences. I was continuously surprised and disappointed by grammar and syntax errors throughout the book. These flaws actually made it difficult for me to continue reading. The characters were not developed enough to make them credible. The [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book. I am a big reader of most things paranormal so I think I will read more from this author. I enjoyed the story and the creepiness of this book. It was written very well and I enjoyed the characters and how the author writes and pulled me into the story too. I'm not sure it was a good idea to read the story before bed but I like that about it too. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

    16. This is a story of the fight between good and evil, God and the devil with a modern day twist. I enjoyed the characters and it kept me waiting for the next shoe to drop. Things were going good, going bad then swinging back to triumph more than once. I saw the author is working on a back story about other characters and I'd enjoy reading those since I felt like I only had parts of the story at time. I'd recommend to others as it would be a great weekend read.

    17. It was slow for me.Good against evil. God against the devil. Young adult coming into life. Turning 21 isn't just about drinking. It's about taking your place in the small town. I was just as confused as Daisy was. I don't think she really knew what she wanted in life. Who in their right mind goes along with something that could eventually kill you? I don't know. We all have our own preferences of book. You might enjoy this more than I did.

    18. Black 21 by Nancy Glynn opens as if you were watching a drama, from the warm and comfortable sofa or chaise lounge. Black 21 is brimming with a tinge of curiosity, sensuality, suspense mixed within it. Black 21 is not a book for the weak of heart or anyone under the age of 21. I recommend this narrative to readers who enjoy darkness of a paranormal romance.

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