Writer in Residence

Sal Terranova and Camden Templeton have survived their first year as co owners of The Last Word Bookstore.ly Just when things are starting to look almost normal, a stranger arrives and gives normal a whole new meaning As Sal, Camden, and the rest of the staff are about to learn, books are one thing, but writers are something else entirely.
Writer in Residence Sal Terranova and Camden Templeton have survived their first year as co owners of The Last Word Bookstore ly Just when things are starting to look almost normal a stranger arrives and gives normal a

  • Title: Writer in Residence
  • Author: PaulCombs
  • ISBN: 9780692496572
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I came across this book by a happy coincidence on for free. It is the second book in a series. I had already read the first one a while back, but at the time didn't know it was going to be a series. In all honesty I'm hoping that there is going to be the third one. I just like these books that much. This one is just as good as the first one, so I would like to give it, four and a half stars, as I had given the first one, but doesn't allow for that, so I'll let this one have five stars so the a [...]

    2. This is a quirky book. It is a non dependent sequel. It is the story of a book shop in Fort Worth, TX and the employees, owners and their friends. Each chapter is like a stand alone short story. You don't really need to know who the characters are, or it will be explained. The owners of the store are cousins, one from Trenton, NJ and the other from the UK. Their styles are very different. Sal, may be a little mobbed up. Camden's husband left her for his badminton partner, and he didn't play mixe [...]

    3. This book is Paul's second novel, and continues the story of the owners and employees of The Last Word, a bookstore co-owned by a (mostly) reformed NJ gangster and a British (former) accountant. I read a review here on Good Reads that made me chuckle, as I see her meaning. She stated (paraphrasing) that it reminds her of a British sitcom Nothing monumental happens in the grand scheme, but all the situations these characters find themselves in are entertaining.With this installment, we see the in [...]

    4. So, I didn't realize this was a sequel until after I had finished reading. I guess that's a good thing since I didn't feel like I was missing some information or I wasn't being properly introduced to the characters. And I really liked the episodic nature of the story. Nothing big and dramatic really happens. There are no deaths, no romantic plots. It legitimately feels like a British sitcom, but set in Fort Worth. The biggest reason I gave a 4- instead of 5-star review was because of the first c [...]

    5. I received Writer in Residence as part of a giveaway.Enjoyed the book, I did not realize it was a follow up to Last Word. I will go back and read the first installment of this series and anxiously await the 3rd and to explore what else Combs has to offer.

    6. I received this book as a Giveaway.I really enjoyed the characters in this book and felt that I was there to watch their interaction. This book is enjoyable as a stand alone but is enhanced by having read the previous book Last Word.

    7. The fun continues at The Last Word bookshop.The gang's still here and a new " writer in residents" had been added to the scein. A light easy read filled with fun and book knowleage.

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