Jazmin always had the biggest crush on her childhood friend Sean since she could remember Being that she was the cute for a fat girl and like a little sister type of girl, Sean never really gave Jazmin much attention Now that they re older, things have changed Sean has started seeing her in a different light and now they re caught up in a love affair that Jazmin hasJazmin always had the biggest crush on her childhood friend Sean since she could remember Being that she was the cute for a fat girl and like a little sister type of girl, Sean never really gave Jazmin much attention Now that they re older, things have changed Sean has started seeing her in a different light and now they re caught up in a love affair that Jazmin has been waiting her whole life for.There s just one problem Sean is married to Jazmin s sister s friend Rayven To make matters worse, Jazmin has just given birth to Sean s love child.As Jazmin deals with the pain, hurt, and heartbreak of being the secret side chick to Sean, another person has entered the picture Jah, also another childhood friend, is handsome but can be a little rude, straightforward and temperamental He s the bad boy with a potty mouth that has always been everyone s least favorite however he s attempting to be a standup guy despite his abrasiveness And he s there for Jazmin in ways that she would have never expected But Sean isn t happy about it at all.Will Sean sit back and lose his side piece and love child to Jah, or will he be ready to let the cat out the bag to hold on to Jazmin
Crush Jazmin always had the biggest crush on her childhood friend Sean since she could remember Being that she was the cute for a fat girl and like a little sister type of girl Sean never really gave Jazmi

  • Title: Crush
  • Author: Ivy Symone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 339
  • Format: None
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    1 thought on “Crush”

    1. I was able to finish this book in less than a day. I was so engrossed in it, I sat on the side at a BBQ to read. This isn't your average tale of a side chick or affair. The events that took place were unlike anything I've ever read. Jazz and Sean's relationship infuriated me. Sean really had some stuff with him. Although Jah is rough around the edges I found myself routing for him. The end of the story has me throw my hands up in the air. I couldn't believe the cliff hanger and I can't wait to r [...]

    2. OMG I need more stars for this book. Where do I start, shoot by the book its the BomB!!!!!! I need part 2 soon. This is a re-read.

    3. I need part 2 asapAll I can say is Sean is a straight up bitch! He irked my last nerves with all that lying and manipulation he was doing. Considering everything he didn't have, I was trying to figure out what made chicks even want him. I was disappointed in Jazz when it came to her self-esteem. She took too much of the snide remarks and thought she wasn't good enough. Her little breakdown had me too pissed! Once her attitude started changing and she realized things wouldn't change, I was so hap [...]

    4. Omg where do I start? I loved this book from beginning to end. I didn't want to put it down last night and go to bed. That ending I didn't see coming at all. Sean is a horrible man. I love Jah! I hope Jah & Jazmin can work it out.

    5. Crush by Ivy Symone tells the story of Jazmin who always had the biggest crush on her childhood friend Sean since she could remember. Being that she was the “cute for a fat girl” and “like a little sister” type of girl, Sean never really gave Jazmin much attention. Now that they’re older, things have changed. Sean has started seeing her in a different light and now they’re caught up in a love affair that Jazmin has been waiting her whole life for.There’s just one problem: Sean is m [...]

    6. Jasmine is finally happy to be with her childhood crush Sean even if it means playing the side chick. After finding out that she is pregnant with his baby she believes everything will finally change for her and they will be one happy family. Things take a turn for the worse when its time for her to deliver.Her world comes tumbling down and the person that she least expects might just be the one to help her pick up the broken pieces.Ivy Symone has done it again. This book will keep you entertaine [...]

    7. Amazing! I throughly enjoyed this book. The storyline was good and kept me interested. Character development was good as well. They were relatable and each had flaws. No one likes bland characterless people. I'm all the way here for Jah and Jazz being together. Can't wait to read part 2.

    8. In the game!This is what I like to read! This book has restored my faith in reading!!!! Full of action, full of drama!!! I love me some Jah ❤️❤️❤️ can't wait until part 2!

    9. I love me some Jah. This book was so good and full of drama. I'm not sure why it took me so long to finally read this book

    10. Great flavor in this read!!!! I love the chemistry between Jah & Juicy. Jah steps up to da plate for his stupid so called friend in the terms of doing da honorable thing when it comes to being a father. Juicy/Jazz is caught in da middle between to men one who is a male whore and one who is stand up guy. The baby is da key to this whole story!!!! Who will be left together in the end???? can't wait til part 2!!!!! Sean uggggh I can't stand him!!!!

    11. Ivy Symone did a good job. This is my first time reading her work. Crush is a amazing to read. It's a page turner. Characters of this book are amazing and funny. Jah is my favorite character of this book because he keeps real. I love me some Jah. Sean is a players and jealous. Rayven and Jazmin are dumb. So far, I enjoyed reading this book. I can't read the part 2 of Crush. It's a five stars.Good Read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Sandra

    12. I enjoyed reading this book there has to be a part 2 in the future bcuz Sean just stuck his foot in his mouth it goes to show when your playing with fire you gonna get burned every time Jah I know has a strong feelings for Jazmine but for me to read this book by Ivy Symone she has got it going on & I will be reading more books by her in the near future Erica is full of drama I want more

    13. Sean and JasmineSean is making a fool out of his wife. That man sleeping with everyone. I need Juicy to get herself together. Follow her heart and be happy. And don't be mad with that man for the bomb he about to drop.

    14. This was a good book Lots of drama to keep you glued to the pages Great story line. Love the characters Looking forward to reading book 2

    15. Sugar honey ice tea this book was good!!!! and this review won't be long because I am rushing to get to the next one. Let me tell you, this is a cluster f*** going on I have never said OMG, OH HELL NO, SAY WHAT so many times while reading a book. Sean Yeah that bastard is something else and I am hoping he gets what he deserves. Jazmin NO angel either and if I could smack some sense into a book character she would be the first on my list. Jabari aka Jah Honest and no filter AT ALL and honestly he [...]

    16. CrazyStoryline is bananas. Sean is a hot ratchet mess thinking he's God's gift to women, uhhh nooo. I don't know what's up with these females thinking is cool too be with a married man. Boo he will never ever be yours. Jazmin needs to work on her self-esteem and open her eyes. Jah needs to stop being so bull-headed and childish. Maybe if he committed to Jazmin instead of keeping all these side chicks she could take him seriously. That ending though. Ooohh it's about to be some drama, cats defini [...]

    17. OMG!!!!! This book was really good Ivy Simone did her thang with this one. I was so happy when Jazmin realize that Sean was about nothing. I love me some Jah and he is defiantly bae. I can't wait for part to see what going to happen next. I really hope that Jazmin and Jah can work out there difference and become a couple because they both deserve to be happy.

    18. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too good!Now this book right here is a good read!!! It's messy messy messy!! Love it! I can't wait to find out if that baby is really Jah's because I got a feeling something happened between those two thAt she don't know about. But how!!?? Can't wait til book 2 comes out!!!!

    19. I dont even know where to begin!!! All i can say is PLEASE GET BOOK 2 out asap!!!! I agree with everybody sean was a real b*tch!! JAH now i loovveedd Jah!! OMG! I hope jah gets his happily ever after wit my girl jazmine They truely deserve it!! Tht damn sean uggh!!

    20. CrushOmg I've been trying to finish this book but couldn't cause I wanted to jump into part 2 jah what can I say I love me some him and Sean boy I can say a lot but I can't wait to party 2

    21. First time reading something from this author!! I was hooked from page one!! This story was well put togetherThe characters and storyline was well developed, can't wait to see what happens in part 2!

    22. Another great book by Ivy SymonsShe did it again. Ivy Symone book will have you up all night reading it. Jasmine was just young dumb and in love and couldn't see that Sean was just using her. I admire Jah for stepping up and being a real MAN. Cannot wait until part 2 to drop.

    23. This title was recommended to me by a fellow reader. Overall the book isn't bad. I gave it 3 stars for the many typos that it had. The story line itself turned out to be pretty decent and I will most likely get book 2 to see how the saga ends.

    24. WowLoved this book. Characters all well developed. I love Jah and his crazy rough ass. He might not be a refined gentlemen but he sure is a man. Jazmin better wake up and leave that dog Sean alone and put her interest in captain save a hoe JAH.

    25. Great read! Finished book in one day. Need part 2 today to find out what happens next, story ended right when everything was about to hit the fan. Team Jah all day. Can't wait to see what happens to these blended couples & their so called friendships.

    26. Crush That was a page turner Ivy You have done it again I'm feining for part 2 when does it drop I need to know this secret behind Baby Genesis I'm curious are they going to go on Maury lol

    27. Crazy crazy crazy. Extremely entertaining and quite hilarious. For the first time in a long time, I'm anxious for the sequel to a hood novel. Haha!

    28. Oh myDamn this book was good!!!!! Please tell me part 2 is coming real soon. What does Jah have to tell her. Cant believe you just left us hanging like that!!

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