The Gilded Hour

The international bestselling author of Into the Wilderness makes her highly anticipated return with a magnificent epic about the transcendent power of courage in 19th century New York The year is 1883, and although young surgeon Anna Savard and her cousin, Sophie, have become successful physicians, they never recovered from the losses they suffered as children So when AnThe international bestselling author of Into the Wilderness makes her highly anticipated return with a magnificent epic about the transcendent power of courage in 19th century New York The year is 1883, and although young surgeon Anna Savard and her cousin, Sophie, have become successful physicians, they never recovered from the losses they suffered as children So when Anna encounters a child who s lost nearly everything, she must decide whether she s willing to let go of the past and let love into her life Meanwhile, Sophie s memories of being left alone in the world propel the young obstetrician to help a desperate mother and catapult her into the orbit of a very dangerous man.Vividly drawing on historical events, Sara Donati has written a captivating, emotionally gripping novel that proves she is an author at the height of her powers.
The Gilded Hour The international bestselling author of Into the Wilderness makes her highly anticipated return with a magnificent epic about the transcendent power of courage in th century New York The year is

  • Title: The Gilded Hour
  • Author: Sara Donati
  • ISBN: 9780857982384
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I'll say first and foremost that I loved this book. I found the characters intoxicating and fascinating. Their voices are incredibly present, their motives flow from scene to scene; I always understood why they did things, and how those actions grew naturally out of who they were. It was great. The plot follows the evolution of a family of upper-class(ish) women in 19th Century New York as they encounter, and are changed by, the lives teeming in the city around them. It's difficult to go into mu [...]

    2. melissa413readsalotI won this book in a GIVEAWAY. I am so glad I won this book, otherwise I might not have ever seen it. This is the first book I have read from this author and I thought it was wonderful. It took me some time to read it, not because it was boring in the least, but because I read a lot of books at one time and this is a large book you want to take time with. As you can read from the blurb the time is 1883 in New York City and you have the cousins Anna Savard( who is a physician/ [...]

    3. If you like historical fiction and need a great long saga ( complete with list of primary characters) to read by the fireplace this is a great choice. Set in New York City in the 1880's, this is the story of two women Anna and Sophie ( referred to here as being Mulatto) Savard, who are cousins and though unexpected for the time physicians. It's a time before Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The Brooklyn bridge is being built, and the city is full of dazzling splendor and abject poverty. T [...]

    4. This story could have been stunning but in my opinion sadly, The Gilded Hour tries to tackle too many subjects. The book reads as though the author is trying impress the reader with all that she knows about 19th century New York City history. This novel would have been much more effective to have concentrated upon a couple of story lines and develop them solidly rather than flit around and laundry list everything that was going on in Society at the time. Most of the story lines I've read about n [...]

    5. 4.25★ Thoughts on The Gilded HourI love historical fiction. At over 700 pages with meticulous detail to multiple characters and story lines including the city of New York in 1883, a reader who isn’t such a fan might find this one hard to get through. It builds slowly. That said I really liked it. I include a link that gives a better overview to anyone who might be interested in learning more of its background, especially if you are familiar with the author’s Wilderness Seriesegildedhour/?d [...]

    6. 3.5 starsI found this historical novel, featuring female doctors in the 19th century, both enjoyable and frustrating; it will best suit readers who value immersion in characters’ lives over plot-driven narratives, and who don’t mind reading a long (732-page) novel only to have resolutions of major plot threads and mysteries deferred to the sequel. For those readers, the rewards include an extensively researched depiction of New York City in 1883, and a warmhearted story of a large and unusua [...]

    7. I've made three serious attempts to write a review for this novel but just can't marshal my many thoughts into a definitive text. So, so much of this book is addictive reading, the characters strong and likable. I cannot wait to read the next part of the series and more about the Quinlans, the Savards and Jack, Rosa and Lia.I'm sharing with you a review I think mirrors my experience of the book. It is by the writer Jason Schmidt. His review: /review/show

    8. As a fan of Sara Donati's Wilderness novels, I've been looking forward to her newest book for a long time now. I was lucky enough to win an ARC of the book and was delighted to be reunited with the descendants of the Bonner family, now living in NYC in the 1880's.One of my favorite aspects of The Gilded Hour was the level of detail in the author's historical research. I don't think I knew much about this period of time in New York history. The two main protagonists, Anna and Sophie Savard, were [...]

    9. I wanted a book about two female doctors in the late 19th century. While there is that plot line there are also too many forays into sexual liaisons and other plot lines that bog down the book.As soon as I read about a penis head smacking into a belly, I couldn't read anymore. I'm no prude but the author is no romance writer either.Oh well.

    10. The year is 1883 and in New York City change is in the air. There is very little middle ground in this burgeoning metropolis. There are the glittering rich and the poorest of the poor.Both rich and poverty stricken are over the top in their respective roles. But amid all this are women and to a lesser degree men, blazing a trail of independence and social change. Anna and Sophie Savard are two of these women. Cousins,both orphaned at an early age, raised by forward thinking family, they are trai [...]

    11. Oh, for CHRISSAKES, what did I just pay $12.99 for on ? Based on the reviews, I was expecting a well-researched historical novel.ead, I got two ponderous romances accompanied by a one-note plot about women physicians in New York. They're women. Doctors. Women doctors. Did the author mention they were women doctors who went to medical school? Women. Abortions. Oh shit, a love story! Two love stories! Gasp! [Predictable sex scene that ends in shuddering simultaneous orgasms]. He touched her wrist. [...]

    12. Reading The Gilded Hour by Sara Donati confirms to me why I love reading historical fiction! The almost 800 pages could be daunting for some but each page was read eagerly with anticipation as I became more invested in the characters' lives. The focus of this saga is the tale of two independent, clever, strong women in NYC in the 1880's. Donati explores the plight of women's issues, especial the poor, immigrants with regard to their medical concerns.Donati clearly wrote this book with the plan t [...]

    13. I received this book thanks to Giveaways and the publishers. I was excited to start in on this book because who doesn't love a good chunky Historical Fiction novel? It started out very well. I found the characters to be likeable and well developed, the writing was good, the story seemed interesting, and I appreciated the feminist stance that the author took in terms of opportunities for women and reproductive freedom. This book received very high ratings from other readers so I seem to be in th [...]

    14. I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I have loved all of her other books but found this one a little long. I think what I really disliked was the pacing.It took me a long time to get interested in the characters though once I did I truly liked them. Then the plot, which I really enjoyed, sped up in the middle of the book & then slowed way down at then end & then it ended abruptly. While reading it I had no idea that it was going to have a sequel so I was annoyed that a couple of main [...]

    15. I have adored Sara Donati (aka Rosina Lippi) since the day I opened the first book in her Wilderness series so when I saw that this book was coming, it was an automatic read for me. I have to preface this review by saying that she would have to write a pretty awful book for me to dislike it and I might be a little biased by love of her previous work. This book plops you down right into the middle of the lives of two women at its center, as well as all the wonderful supporting cast around them. A [...]

    16. I was totally engrossed in this terrific novel about two women doctors and their extended family in post civil war New York City. The characters are very likable and well developed. There are several subplots that keep the reader engaged. The only reason I did not give this book five stars is the narrative around the romance. As one reviewer described "It was superfluous"- So true. The book stood just fine without the cheesy corset ripping or chemise lifting sex. I also wished author Donati woul [...]

    17. No rating. The style and flow is such that I have difficulty in following the characters or the storyline. Continuity is off, IMHO, and coupled with the subject matter and era placement, I'm just not at all connecting nor becoming interested. Way too many words to say way too little for me to want to attempt further engagement. It could be a good book, but definitely not for me. There are some pages I read 2 times and still don't understand their context. I tried this author before and had conne [...]

    18. I am perplexed by this book. It was full of interesting characters and an unusual story line (although, while I am pro choice I became weary of all the detail) but the reader feels like she came in in the middle and then it came to a surprising stop at the end. It was 2 am and I was reading an electronic version from the library so did not have the expectation one has with a real book at nearing the conclusion. I was very surprised and wondered if I was so tired I had missed key resolution. But [...]

    19. openbooksociety/article/thThe Gilded HourBy Sara DonatiISBN: 9780425271810Author Website: rosinalippi/weblog, thegildedhourBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieSynopsis:The year is 1883, and in New York City, it’s a time of dizzying splendor, crushing poverty, and tremendous change. With the gravity-defying Brooklyn Bridge nearly complete and New York in the grips of anti-vice crusader Anthony Comstock, Anna Savard and her cousin Sophie—both graduates of the Woman’s Medical School—treat [...]

    20. The Gilded Hour is latest (and launch of a new series) by historical fiction writer Sara Donati. Having loved her Wilderness series, I jumped at the chance to read her latest that features the ancestors of the fictional Bonner family introduced in Donati’s Wilderness. It is one of my most anticipated reads of the fall. Here, the setting in 1883 New York and focuses on two cousins, Drs. Anna Savard and Sophie Savard. Both these young doctors face trials, both personally and professionally, and [...]

    21. This book will seem very long and drawn out to some people, but I like these types of historical fiction where you get to know all the people very well. Fascinating history of female doctors and what they were thru. We don't think about how good we have it now a days.

    22. Such a GREAT historical read!!!! This book is a behemoth at over 700 pages so I took my time delving into it! The characters are wonderful and with so many pages dedicated to personality and emotion and laying out each characters history they really came alive to me! The story is even more richly woven due to the intricacies of this period in time. New York, 1883, when much is happening socially, economically and historically. It's about 2 decades after the end of the Civil War, the Brooklyn Bri [...]

    23. I often break my reviews down into a few of the things that matter most to me: story, dialogue, descriptive finesse, and character development, but I can’t do that with this one or it might be a lower rating. As a whole, this was 4 stars for me because it was a very enjoyable read (even though there were things that prickled me.)I liked the overall feel of this and I think that is largely because of the characters. I liked them. They were endearing. The author created them with so much attenti [...]

    24. Sara Donati is really an exceptional author. She takes the time to build up the characters and creates an complex story that you can't help but become invested in. What I found particularly compelling were the similarities between the debate about abortion in the story (1883) vs today and the current Congressional hearings about Planned Parenthood. Despite abortion being legal today, the focus during the hearings on abortion (despite being due specifically to the alleged illegal sale of stem cel [...]

    25. AN ENGAGING STORY.“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I asked unseemly questions of a well-bred, overeducated lady in split skirts. And I listened to the answers.” (p. 6)I’m a pushover for stories about New York City in the late 19th century—the gilded age; and Sara Donati’s excellent, albeit very long (742 pages) tale, The Gilded Hour, offers one of the gentlest treatments of the Dickensian harshness of life, for many/most, during that era. Cruel orphanages, workhouses, asylums, the [...]

    26. I was prepared to give this book 5 stars until the author wrapped up the book without resolving major plot points. I enjoyed the subject matter and many of the characters although some of them were very underdeveloped. However, if I am going to commit myself to a 700+ page novel, I really do not want to feel short-changed at the end of it and that's exactly what I felt as this book wound down. The reader gets absolutely no resolution to really ANYTHING. I can only conclude that this means that t [...]

    27. "The Gilded Hour" is a new historical fiction offering from Sara Donati, author of the "Wilderness" series, which I would now really like to read. In this book, she takes us to 1880s New York and into the lives of Anna and Sophie Savard. Anna is a physician and so is Sophie, but she is also a "free woman of color," which adds another layer of complexity to her life. This book has a lot of intrigue and weaves an intimate picture of some fascinating characters. The story focuses on the women as th [...]

    28. Setting: New York City, 1883Steam Factor: MildAnna and Sophie, medical school graduates care for the poorest and most helpless of the city's population,but this puts them both into dangerous situations.Anna becomes involved with the corrupt orphanage system when she cares for four immigrant children.Sophie, a free woman of color, is an obstetrician caught between her vow to heal and the constraints of the Comstock Act, which forbids the dissemination of information about birth control.When Sophi [...]

    29. „Złota Godzina” Sary Donati to nie tylko powieść istotna ze względu na podjętą w niej ogólnie szeroką tematykę kobiecości, ale także niezwykle ważna w kontekście zmian społeczno-obyczajowo-politycznych, które z zaskakującą historyczną systematycznością raz poddawane są bolesnym odczuwalnym restrykcjom, by zaraz znowu powrócić do pozornej równowagi, oddając wolność, której nikt nie miał przecież prawa zabierać. Poprzez niezachwiane postawy swoich bohaterek Sara [...]

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