Fearless and determined, Quinn is the perfect man for the job the Moretti mob has in mind track down missing mafia princess, Alexis Moretti, and bring her home.What starts out as a simple task to repay an old debt turns into so much than he bargained for And so does she.As Quinn and Lexi grow close, she becomes than just his mission But Lexi and Quinn are boFearless and determined, Quinn is the perfect man for the job the Moretti mob has in mind track down missing mafia princess, Alexis Moretti, and bring her home.What starts out as a simple task to repay an old debt turns into so much than he bargained for And so does she.As Quinn and Lexi grow close, she becomes than just his mission But Lexi and Quinn are both keeping secrets secrets that could destroy their blossoming romance just as quickly as it ignited When Lexi s past catches up with them, secrets and lies will be revealed, and the ultimate test of forgiveness will be upon them both.
Quinn Fearless and determined Quinn is the perfect man for the job the Moretti mob has in mind track down missing mafia princess Alexis Moretti and bring her home What starts out as a simple task to repa

  • Title: Quinn
  • Author: J.C. Cliff
  • ISBN: 9780997159103
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Quinn”

    1. Let me reformulate, okay? I might have come as harsh and I am so, SO sorry about that, being such a nice bitch and all. Anyway. What did I think? Let's see : - I expressed my bewilderment at the way the word "opinion" was often misinterpreted. Stop me if I'm wrong, but to me, an opinion is something personal, which can't be proved, because helloooo it's not a fact. But what do I know really. I'm so unprofessional in my hobby, I swear! - So apparently, saying that dubious consent doesn't exist is [...]

    2. I'm not deleting my original written review. However I've reduced my stars to one. While I really liked this book, I'm disappointed in the way this author responded to an unfavorable review. Sadly, I won't be reading book 2.My previous review:Honestly, I can't think of one negative thing to say about this book although, there is a major cliffy, this author is famous for that, she redeems herself by releasing book 2 within a few weeks. This is addictive. The characters are so authentic and their [...]

    3. 2.5 StarsOnce again, I find myself to be the black sheep and not liking a book most of my friends did. Le sigh. I'm starting to think there may be something wrong with me here, but alas, it is what it is. I know I tend to be a picky reader, so before I get to my review, please understand that just because I felt this way about this book, doesn't mean you will. Some of the things that bother me, may not bother you, so I suggest you leave your judgement till you read the book. There are a few thin [...]

    4. Me: Aye Yai Yai much controversy over this book and with the author's behaviorMe: *whines* But, it's free on Me: *Slaps me* Are you deaf? This is kryptonite. No one's touching this baby!Me: But butMe: One-clicksMe: DownloadsMe: Starts reading:Me: It's your funeral, Bibi Don't say I didn't warn you*evil laugh*

    5. THIS BOOK JUST SUCKED FOR ME! It's about a Manwhore hero who slut shame the heroine. This type of Hypocrisy just pisses me off. It's okay for him to do it but she is a girl so she is a slut and not worth his consideration. REALLY! That's just a gross double standard andRead at your own risk. Had to change my review to discuss the content and not the writer. So done! Not worth my time!

    6. 3.2 Lacks emotion and plot. Did not have a solid intro with a description of the background. Little to no scenes, had any emotion. Ending was weak.

    7. Seeing as my original review was yanked All I'll say is: I have a 4.17 review rating average- it takes a lot for me to only give 1 star. I can't even count in 1 hand the number of times I've done it- but it had to be done here.

    8. The action of this author have left a bad taste in my mouth. I will not post my review, or promote her. You should NEVER bash a blogger in public. You need bloggers to help spread the word. Negative news spreads a lot faster than positive news, FYI! Not everyone will like your books that sucks but it's the truth. You should instead reach out to that blogger and ask if there was anything you could do different, helping you to grow as a writer. Yet, remembering that everyone reads books differentl [...]

    9. I didn't love this one but I also didn't hate it. This is my 1st book my this author and I'm not sure if I'm even reading book 2. Right now I don't care to know what happened at the end. I get what she the author was trying to do with the story but honestly it was lost on me. You know going into this that Quinn is the hero of the story and well Lexi is our heroine and of course they're going to have an instant love/lust thing. But what I don't understand is the mafia background. Absolutely nothi [...]

    10. 1 Really???? StarsI’m done here. She only wants to banter with me, and she’s wasting my time. I smile that special smile I’m known for, and then sweetly end the conversation. “Have a nice life. Don’t be such an easy mark next time. Go somewhere other than a bar, and then, maybe, you might find someone for more than a one night fuck. Oh…by the way, you can keep the clothes, you know…as a souvenir.”Yea this book just didn't work for me. I found that Quinn lacked depth. He was suppo [...]

    11. I saw some reviews about this book and naturally I was curious.I have no idea why I didn't DNF this book at first chapter. Writing was bad. Like hello, I learned basic english at high school and then learned the rest by reading but here I am, finding your grammar and grasp of English weak, bad.And the hero was beyond annoying. I love jerks. I can cope with I'm God's gift to womenfolk attitude if done right. Even find it sexy. But here we have a twatty tosser who tries to make us believe he is fu [...]

    12. My review went walkabout again 🙄I ain't redoing it but will say I attempted to read this but didn't get far before I DNF'd it because it was just plain bad,and that's without talking the shitstorm that surrounded it into consideration!

    13. DNF--6%--I tried reading but I had to give up after the hero's dick started to act like it was a separate entity. I'm all for lusty heroes but there needs to be something else there, unless it's a joke. (I don't think he thought it was)So not my deal. Everyone who has read might have a different opinion from me though. *shrugs*1st POV will be my go to choice of POV in a romance. Didn't work for me here.I didn't love the hero. I don't mind jerk heroes -- especially written with a sense of charact [...]

    14. So just like everyone else, my rating-free "review" was also deleted. I'm not going to read this book, for reasons that can be found on the reviews for this book. [x/x/x]

    15. Oh my . So first of all, my previous comments were removed because they were about the author, not the book. So to get this straight now. This review will be about the book (so there will be no reason to remove my comments). This "hero" is a massive jerk manwhore.The books starts with a a very detailed sex scene with another woman in bed (which is #2 hated content after #1 cheating) and him talking about how much he loves waking up with a woman's body next to him. (But she is a slut, so definite [...]

    16. Since my first review got removed from GR I created a bookshelf that expresses MY OPINION.

    17. Let's start again, shall we?I DON'T WANT TO READ THE BOOK.I would kindly request that my shelves remain as they are.I am merely REMINDING myself that should ALL THE REAL writers suddenly stopped writing (a.k.a my worst nightmare) I STILL wouldn't read this book. I would actually read the ones that I already have, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again Dear , thanks for the censorship. Killing free speech one review at a time. *claps hands*

    18. My original review was flagged.But I can still rate this BOOK 1-star and wave the middle finger at it.

    19. Original review flagged and removed by GR. My original review did not mention the author AT ALL.So, my review: This is a story of two morally bankrupt characters. I did not enjoy the story and don't have a problem giving a low rating to a story I did not enjoy.FYI: Cliffhanger alert. Cross posted to

    20. My previous review was taken down by , which means that the Review Flag Trolls are out in full force. Needless to say, I won't be reading this book because ofLena's fair and thorough review and especially the discussion in the comments below the review.I refuse to support shenanigans, PLUS I'm allergic to poor writing and shoddy content editing.

    21. *** has taken it upon themselves to delete my original review because As the review was predominantly about the author's behavior and not about the bookso I guess my shelf will have to speak for itself***

    22. Please Note: My original review was flagged and removed – book and author a never read for me and I mean

    23. ***Since removed my original review regarding the author's behavior, I'll just let my shelf speak for itself.***

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