Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vol. 2: To Plant

Utena gains entry to the Ohtori Academy s inner circle the sword fighting student council Destiny seems to have brought her together with council leader Touga, but is she merely a pawn in his mysterious scheme
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol To Plant Utena gains entry to the Ohtori Academy s inner circle the sword fighting student council Destiny seems to have brought her together with council leader Touga but is she merely a pawn in his mysterio

  • Title: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vol. 2: To Plant
  • Author: Chiho Saitō
  • ISBN: 9781591162063
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Student Council Revolutionary Girl Utena The Student Council Saga Never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up When Utena was just a child and in the depths of Watch Revolutionary Girl Utena Season Utena is a strange, strange story At its simplest, it is a fairy tale set on its head the heroine, Utena, is a girl who wants to be the prince after being rescued by a prince when she was a little girl. Revolutionary Girl Utena Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia This wiki is dedicated to the manga and anime adaptation of Chiho Saito s Shoujo Kakumei Utena, otherwise known as Revolutionary Girl Utena.The manga ran for five volumes from to , with the anime adaptation arriving in April of and running til September. List of Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes The anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena was produced by the Japanese animation studio J.C.Staff and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara.The series aired between April , and December , on TV Tokyo in Japan and spanned episodes. Anthy Himemiya Revolutionary Girl Utena Wiki FANDOM In the end, all girls are like the Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya Anthy Himemiya Himemiya Ansh is a mysterious girl who is said to have no thoughts or desires besides what her current master expects of her.Because of her doormat behavior, other characters tend to project their wants or desires onto her and she s always the target of their eventual rage. Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime TV Tropes Revolutionary Girl Utena , Sh jo Kakumei Utena is a surreal shoujo work that deals with the trials of a girl named Utena Tenjou, her loss of innocence, and her struggle to bring about the world s revolution On the day of her parents funeral, seven year old Utena meets a Utena Utena pronunciation help info is a city in north east Lithuania.It is the administrative center of Utena district and Utena County.Utena is one of the oldest settlements of Lithuania.The name of the city is most probably derived from a hydronym The name of the settlement has been known since . Sh jo Kakumei Utena , la enciclopedia libre Sh jo Kakumei Utena , en espaol Utena, la chica revolucionaria es un manga japons escrito e ilustrado por Chiho Sait.El manga comenz su publicacin en el nmero de junio de de la revista Ciao y consta de cinco tomos recopilatorios La serie de anime fue estrenada en y cuenta con episodios El anime y el manga se crearon al mismo tiempo, pero, a Utena Der Titel dieses Artikels ist mehrdeutig Fr die Manga und Anime Serie siehe Utena.Revolutionary Girl. j.caff

    1 thought on “Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vol. 2: To Plant”

    1. OMG, Utena and Anthy (and probably all the other characters) are only 13-15? Whut? That makes some scenes in these 2 volumes pretty dang creepy. So I will just pretend I haven't seen their real ages and see them as what I think are their right ages, 15-17. This was yet another fabulous, exciting, squee volume. Lots of action, excitement, new characters, 2 duels, and some cute moments. We get a few bits of answers, nothing complete yet, and I also have yet some more questions. So many questions! [...]

    2. For being listed as a classic, this manga is not what I'd call fine literature. At this point I'm mostly reading just to watch Utena kick the asses of all the creepy assholes surprise kissing her and/or physically abusing her friend Anshi. Wouldn't hurt to see all of the crazy misogynistic side characters dig their heads out of their asses and stop defending the borderline rapists straight-up stalking them, either. Seriously. This book makes me embarrassed to be a manga fan. I was all here for U [...]

    3. Me parece bien. La traducción hecha por fans me impide disfrutar del todo esta historia, pero debo conformarme hasta que pueda conseguir un ejemplar oficial.Kozue debuta, curiosamente, antes que Nanami. Ella parece más apegada a Miki de lo que es en el anime. De nuevo, los duelos son más interesantes en movimiento, pero es curioso notar las grandes diferencias entre las historias.Como Nanami aún no aparece (en persona, al menos), Chuchu es quien toma su lugar con el asunto del curry. Este ca [...]

    4. I preferred the exploding curry powder bonus story to the actual story.Like I said in the first volume, this is bizarre. It's starting to make more sense, but I'm not sure if its because I'm getting used to it, or if it's because the story is mellowing out. I'll read another out of curiosity.

    5. Like I mentioned about the previous volume of Revolutionary Girl Utena, there was something that was missing about this. It was a marked improvement over the prior volume. We ginally got into a true focus and the intrigue of the world that Utena stumbled onto really started to unfold.

    6. the bonus story was adorable! you see more character development but little clearing up the duels and so forth. but that's fine, it adds climatic effect that is necessary for a good story.

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