Short story collection.
Chronopolis Short story collection

  • Title: Chronopolis
  • Author: J.G. Ballard
  • ISBN: 9780425041918
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is a collection of the works of J.G. Ballard, who is an author most people either love of hate. He is part of that (now rather old) "New Wave" of sci fi that tried to inject some literary quality into a genre that was dismissed as juvenile. Along with Samuel Delany, Ballard probably came closest to being accepted as a serious writer by non sci fi fans of anyone in the movement.A lot of his work is strongly influenced by his childhood, which was spent in a Japanese POW camp with other Britis [...]

    2. I read about half of this before deciding most of the stories were pretty similar: atomic annihilation, sleep as a proxy for death, scientific hubris, etc. Some of them definitely contained compelling concepts (time-based autocracy, anti-time autocracy!) and imagery (giant birds!), but the bogus biology and underlying belief in historical and evolutionary determinism got me down. Each of these stories seems to echo the fear of death within the broader fear of death of the world, of civilizations [...]

    3. An interesting collection. I'm not sure how I feel about some of the set-ups for the stories - iffy possibility? Bad sciebce? Maybe just out of date and not holding up well over time? But still very readable. The author tries to take on some pretty heady ideas even if the underlying science is bad. Then again it's fiction and doesn't try to do more than be philosophical and entertaining. And that is OK.

    4. Great short story collection. At points like Gabriel Garcia Marquez meets Ray Bradbury. The one that stuck with me was about a giant who washed up on a beach on the East coast. It gradually becomes a tourist attraction, then as it decomposes people just lose interest and stop caring about it. Seems about right! Also contains a great story about a seemingly infinite underground city.

    5. The author's death reminded me that I read this collection far back in my youth. Little of it remains in memory, just a few images. I'll find it again sometime.

    6. I only read the short story of the same name in an excellent collection called 'The world treasury of science fiction '

    7. Some of these stories are very good (the first particularly), but it became so grim that I had to put it down. Great imagery, though.

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