A princesinha de Vader

Nesta irresist vel e engra ada obra, da mesma cole o de Darth Vader e Filho, Vader, Senhor Sombrio dos Sith e l der do Imp rio Gal ctico, enfrenta os dramas, alegrias e mudan as de humor de sua filha Leia e acompanha a transforma o de uma doce menina em uma adolescente rebelde.
A princesinha de Vader Nesta irresist vel e engra ada obra da mesma cole o de Darth Vader e Filho Vader Senhor Sombrio dos Sith e l der do Imp rio Gal ctico enfrenta os dramas alegrias e mudan as de humor de sua filha

  • Title: A princesinha de Vader
  • Author: Jeffrey Brown Mateus Duque Erthal
  • ISBN: 9788576572596
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This was pretty great, but let's be honest was it really a kid's book or for the adults??? ;) Unless your child is old enough to have seen the movies and understand the references, it would be the parents who get the most kick out of this book.I personally am a huge Stars Wars fan, so it was a total win for me. Basically, it's many panels showing Darth Vader and Leia as she grows up he finds himself in many typical fatherly situations and Leia acts as many cliched girl children do. Nothing fancy [...]

    2. ;)I am disgusted by this book. How dare Jeffrey Brown play fast and loose with Star Wars continuity?! Darth Vader was not a "single Dad" just trying to be the best Dad he could be. He was the most vile, most villainous henchman of the Empire. He was responsible for multiple murders, took part in genocides, he was damn near irredeemable, and here Brown is trying to make us think he was somehow kind and playful, just a good Dad in a tough situation.I'll tell you what this is: it is an insult to al [...]

    3. This is a sweet book with charming pictures of Darth Vader raising his little princess. And, it's not easy for the Dark Lord of Sith to get his teenage daughter to do as he wants.Still I prefer Darth Vader and Son to this book. This book was not funny in the same way as the previous book was.

    4. Could not help but think of Carrie Fisher as I read this book my review is more than likely influenced by how sad I was to hear of her passing. Took me back to the summer of Star Wars - a great summer for me.

    5. 4 ESTRELLASA mi hija le regalaron este libro, el día de reyes. Para mi fue una gran sorpresa, porque no tengo idea donde lo consiguieron en español, y no quiero ni pensar cuanto costo. La traducción es muy buena, solo tiene un pequeño error en una viñeta, que se les olvido cambiar el I, por el yo. Pero solo eso, lo demás esta muy bien. Es una parodia sin una historia lineal, son chistecillos pequeños en cada pagina. Es tan adorable y tierno. A pesar de que mi hija no esta familiarizada co [...]

    6. What can I say? I thought the Darth Vader and Son book was a little better, and this was kind of more of the same thing.I DO think it's funny, reading other reviews, that people think it's stereotypical. I mean, yeah, it's stereotypical that a dad would have arguments with his daughter about leaving the house in a belly shirt. But I think that's really the whole point here. Leia is used as a device to put Darth Vader in humorous situations, not the other way around. It's funny to watch Darth Vad [...]

    7. ”Behave yourself, or my Dad will totally kill you.”I have flashed my sci-fi geek badge once or twice around the GR block, but I don’t believe I’ve gushed about my fascination…love…obsession with Star Wars. :DIt is flat out scary how many times I have seen the movies. My blood now pumps in rhythm to the theme song! And…(view spoiler)[Han Solo was my very first Hollywood crush. *sigh*(hide spoiler)] Over the years, I have developed an additional layer of love to the obsession though [...]

    8. I saw this at the bookstore and thought it would be the perfect gift to get my hubby for our daughter's Father's Day present! It being perfect because this family LOVES Star Wars and because we got our daughter's name from Princess Leia. Believe me, when he saw this he definitely got a kick out of it!!Fun to read with comical and creative illustrations!A joy to read for anyone :)

    9. 3.5 starsI think Darth Vader and Son was so much better than this one but I still laughed so many times! ^^ARTWORK:

    10. This and Darth Vader and Son were the stars of the book sale this week, timed to coincide with parent teacher conferences and each child made a wish listeasy! Convenient! Expensive! Because I already spent a kajillion dollars at the book sale, I put both these books on hold at the library. This quick read was a fun look at Darth Vader dealing with parenting his little girl. Silly fun, which is about all I can handle these days! 3 stars

    11. After reading Darth Vader and Son, I had to try this as well! It is just as adorable! Like with Darth Vader and Son, this is geared toward adults, specifically parents. I believe than any parent can relate to these books. They are truthful, draw off of a well known nerdy fandom, and are just plain humorous. This is a must read for any nerdy parents out there. Anyone that adores Star Wars would get a kick out of it as well. Very well played, Mr. Brown.

    12. Dart Vader is a single father who struggle to raise her daughterd until more grows everything gets more complicated. The book about Luke was really good, but this is better!!! Is more cute and funny especially because Vader must "support" Leia's relationship with SoloGeez, this thing let some jewels like these:Honestly, these situations aren't be funny if Vader wasn't the main character but, Who cares! I really like how Brown breaks the Star Wars continuity, the way he gave a spin to situations [...]

    13. These books are the best thing. As I sat reading them I was so excited to have kids of my own one day, so I could read these to them.But then I realized they're pretty spoilery, and would I rather have my kids enjoy these when they're kids OR watch their faces as it is revealed that Darth Vader is Luke's father? Thank god I have many years to figure out the answer.

    14. I was waffling on whether this deserves a better or the same rating as Darth Vader and Son, but then I realized I got a lot of enjoyment out of it (even if some of the scenes were cliched "girly"). 5 stars for a great laugh.

    15. My Review: 6 - Worth Reading, with ReservationsSo I was utterly charmed by Brown's previous Star Wars contribution, Darth Vader and Son, and absolutely had to pre-order Vader's Little Princess as soon as I was able. Because Leia! And the art, yet again, is cute and a lot of fun, but I had one quibble with this book: the author has sons, and his Darth Vader and Son, while obviously showing father & son activities, really felt universal, stuff that you could see doing with your dad whether you [...]

    16. Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! :DJust like Darth Vader and Son, this installment is something that would be a cute gift from a girl who had been introduced to Star Wars by her father. Something where in a large percent is likely lost on children, but would be appreciated by adult fans. (Probably especially those who remember when they watched the films with their own precocious little padawans.)Just as cute as the first one, and I might even like it better just because of Leia. &l [...]

    17. I went into this book expecting quirky Star Wars moments that related to parenting, what I got was an author who clearly isn't raising girls, making jokes about raising girls. If there is a sitcom stereotype about father/daughter relationships, he has thrown it into this book. I bought it and was planning to give it to my best friends, who are raising a wonderful princess of their own, and now I can't hide the thing fast enough. I don't want to say it's sexist, but it's totally a little sexist. [...]

    18. Loved Vader and Son, laughed a lot; liked this, laughed less. But I say: keep doing this stuff, it's fun and getting a crazy huge audience. Thought maybe the son stuff was a little more surprising and interesting; the girl stuff more predictably father-daughterish, less revealing than Son about either Vader or father-daughter stuff but am I reading too much into it? Maybe. Within two hours, I, my wife and all three kids 6, 7 and 8 all eagerly read it, grabbing it from each other's hands as we fi [...]

    19. November 24, 2013A few to many cliches about little girls, but little Leia with Darth is always funny.Library copy

    20. 27 April 2013Any fan of Star Wars, will undoubtedly enjoy Vader's Little Princess. It is highly amusing to see the Supreme Commander of the Dark Side get his feathers ruffled by a rambunctious little girl. There were a few moments that had me laughing out loud.Some favorites:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    21. Bought this for my daughter's birthday (who received a Star Wars t-shirt as well)ke it almost as much as Darth Vader and Son, but gave it one less star because I had a bit of an issue with some of the stereotyping. I know it's tongue-in-cheek, and clearly supposed to represent the joys and challenges of raising a girl, but I found myself taking issue with some of them. Perhaps it's because I'm in the whole "girl power" mode these days, and trying to find ways to debunk feminine sterotypes for my [...]

    22. In this tale, we visit upon one author's thoughts of what it might have been like if Darth Vader had raised Princess Leia. The story is told primarily in pictures through the teen years.The pictures are very detailed and enhance and/or explain the limited text . Both create a humorous and fun narrative for multiple ages.There are multiple references to the Star Wars movies, as well as, as co-starring role from Luke.Overall, a fun read.

    23. Vader's little Princess 4 Stars, borrow it Cute story of Darth Vader and his daughter Leia who has grown up to be a teenager. Of course there is jokes and references about the movie. Recommend this, but I maybe wouldn’t buy it. It’s a quick easy read but I don’t think I’d want to read it more than once.

    24. As a parent and a Star Wars geek, I found this hil-stinking-arious.Plus it was written by my brother-in-law and my father-in-law.(Okay, so maybe it wasn't but if the author wanted to avoid confusion he could've used a middle name.)

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