The Island of Beyond

Eleven year old Martin can hardly imagine a worse summer His dad is sending him to his great aunt Lenore, who lives on a tiny island called Beyond Martin s dad wants him to like normal boy things playing sports and exploring the outdoors Martin s afraid he ll never be the son his dad wants him to be Being stuck in the middle of nowhere won t change that.But nothingEleven year old Martin can hardly imagine a worse summer His dad is sending him to his great aunt Lenore, who lives on a tiny island called Beyond Martin s dad wants him to like normal boy things playing sports and exploring the outdoors Martin s afraid he ll never be the son his dad wants him to be Being stuck in the middle of nowhere won t change that.But nothing about Beyond is what Martin expects Not peculiar Aunt Lenore, not mysterious Uncle Ned and certainly not the strange, local boy who unexpectedly befriends Martin Solo can canoe and climb trees and survive on his own in the wilderness, and Martin s drawn to him in a way he doesn t quite understand But he s not sure he can trust Solo In fact, can he trust anything about this strange island, where everyone seems to be keeping secrets
The Island of Beyond Eleven year old Martin can hardly imagine a worse summer His dad is sending him to his great aunt Lenore who lives on a tiny island called Beyond Martin s dad wants him to like normal boy things play

  • Title: The Island of Beyond
  • Author: ElizabethAtkinson
  • ISBN: 9781467781169
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Island Of BeyondGenre- Middle grade fictionAuthor-Elizabeth Atkinson-This is an advanced reader’s copy, I am reviewing this book for my reading class at school Have you ever been one of those people who just sits inside all day during the summer and does not anything. That is just what eleven year old Martin did every summer. So one morning in the beginning of summer, Martin’s father decided to take a different approach to this year's summer. He thought that Martin needed to get out more [...]

    2. The Island of Beyond by Elizabeth Atkinson is a coming-of-age story with adventure and a bit of mystery thrown in. I'm always intrigued by books about a character who is drawn out of his safe world against his will and thrown into a situation that he never would have chosen on his own. Thus is the premise for The Island of Beyond.Martin expects to spend his summer locked in his room, playing video games, where he feels safe and comfortable, away from people who don't understand or like him. But [...]

    3. Excellent. The perfect summer adventure full of friendship, adventure, and self-revelation. This one will stay on my shelf for my boys to read!

    4. THE ISLAND OF BEYOND is a beautiful and action-packed story about a young boy named Martin who feels like he doesn't belong in his school culture of tough guys and machismo. His father, too, propels the culture that real-guys-act-tough-rugged, and Martin's sensitivity, curiosity, and wonder don't find their outlet. Enter a mysterious island in Western Maine where Martin goes to stay with his old Aunt Lenore. While on the island, he meets Solo, a young boy who wildness has more depth and complexi [...]

    5. The Island of Beyond is a good addition to school shelves. Martin is a lonely boy misunderstood and deemed unacceptable by his domineering father. In a plan to simultaneously toughen Martin up and influence the goodwill of his aging Aunt Lenore, Martin's father sends him to the island of Beyond in the woods of Maine. Martin is wholly unprepared for life with out electronics and his favorite foods, but is intrigued by the wild boy, Solo, that seems intent on befriending Martin. Martin learns to a [...]

    6. Atkinson has written another splendid story of children seeking to understand themselves and the world they live in. This is her first book with boys as the main characters, and she did a great job with their voices. It's an intriguing tale of a quirky, sensitive tween boy sent by his parents entirely against his will to have an out-of-doors month without benefit of the internet. You'll love how she develops his character as the story goes on. The strange boy he meets is also well drawn, as is t [...]

    7. Love it."It seemed the only place I belonged was in my imaginary world, one that would never exist."Martin might be too smart for an eleven year old, making some dialogue a little unbelievable, but I just relate to him too much. This is added to the very few books that I would reread from start to finish.(view spoiler)[IF THIS BOOK WAS NOT AIMED FOR MIDDLE GRADER, THEY TOTALLY WOULD HAVE A SEXYYY TIME OMFG. MARTIANN!!! (hide spoiler)]

    8. Atkinson, Elizabeth The Island of Beyond, 278 pages. Lerner Publishing Group, 2016. $17.99. Language:G (0 swears, 0 ‘F’); Mature content: PG-13( wine, beer, short same sex scene). Violence:G Eleven-year-old Martin wants to stay inside and play video games the whole summer. But when his dad wants him to go to his Great-Aunt Lenore’s house on the Island of Beyond in Maine, his summer plans change. Martin doesn’t like it in Maine, but when he meets a boy named Solo on the Island, Martin wan [...]

    9. This is a clever coming of age story with adventure and humor. The characters have a certain grace about them, very nuanced.

    10. Elizabeth Atkinson’s wide and varied background as a children’s librarian, English teacher and fiction writer, among other worthwhile pursuits, has placed her in an ideal position to be the outstanding author of children’s fiction that she is today. Her latest offering in this genre is The Island of Beyond, which tells of an IT savvy, but otherwise socially inept, eleven-year-old boy, Martin, who is sent to live with his great-aunt in Maine for a month during the school vacation. As with h [...]

    11. I had the opportunity to read a NetGalley digital ARC of this novel in exchange for this review. This book is the perfect way to kick off anyone's season of summertime reading. Thankfully, I was able to take advantage of the first weekend of truly gorgeous, warm springtime weather to sit on my deck and transport myself to a remote island in the middle of a lake in Maine during the month of July. Martin Hart is an eleven-year-old boy who is just starting his summer vacation. Like many boys his ag [...]

    12. My name is Martin, and my parents are ruining my life! My dad insists I spend the month of July with my Aunt Lenore on some remote island in Maine. I've just met the old woman, and she's forgetful and nutty. There's no television up here, no internet, and my cellphone burned up when I tried to charge it. What am I going to do all month? Then, I met a boy named Solo roaming around the woods and property, and we've become good friends. My dad has made me feel like I can never do anything right, bu [...]

    13. Elizabeth Atkinson tells the story of Martin, who is unceremoniously shipped to the remote island of Beyond by his self-centered, dishonest and domineering father. Martin is a lonely boy who depends heavily on his imaginary friend, video games and comics for his comfort and routine. Beyond takes him away from all of that. What follows is a series of poorly developed conversations and experiences that are designed to show Martin gaining confidence and courage. Old, supposedly crazy, Aunt Lenore t [...]

    14. there's no way to talk about this book with out making it sound much more formulaic than it really is, its a lovely journey into being 11 and different (again) how ever if you're looking for a book about being 11 and different and gay (again) you might be some what disappointed, while Martin the Martian is pretty clearly not straight, Atkinson falls into a trap that got Husky and Fruit did, making its main character gay through strong implication and stereotyping, nearly pathologically scared to [...]

    15. A thoughtful middle grade book about finding friends and pushing one’s boundaries on a summer trip to a rural Maine island.Recommended grade level: 4-6Pages: 288 (for ISBN 9781467781169)Genre(s) and keywords: realistic fictionTone/Style: mysteriousPace: leisurelyTopics: islands, the outdoors, summer, tripsThemes: making friends, trying new things, becoming more active, becoming brave, discovering valuesWho will like this book?: This is a thoughtful book best for mature readers who enjoy readin [...]

    16. I've always been an avid reader, and as a "middle grade" reader (somewhat arbitrarily defined by the publishing industry as ages 8 through 12), my tastes tended toward adventure stories, especially those featuring outcast characters caught up in a swirl of mysterious events in exotic settings--like Trixie Belden's search for the mysterious "ghost fish" in THE MYSTERY AT BOB-WHITE CAVE, for instance, or A WRINKLE IN TIME. And then, of course, there's the HARRY POTTER series, the Big Cheese of all [...]

    17. Another reviewer remarked that they were hoping/waiting for some component of magical realism to occur. This would undoubtedly have made The Island of Beyond a five star book. Though the story requires a bit of suspension of belief (all occurrences that are outside our regular realm of experience these days are mostly chalked up to weirdness of a family in rural Maine who live on an island near a mostly-ghost town), and the author's assumption that no one has ever been to Wilmington, DE and won' [...]

    18. This is a beautiful story that will captivate everyone.Younger readers will surely appreciate the mystery and unexpected twists of the story. For the child who could benefit from pausing the video game, The Island of Beyond is a book that will surely entertain. But with its captivating message, the novel will appeal to readers far beyond its middle-age audience.Atkinson makes a statement about staying true to yourself - Even though Martin's father sends him to the island to become "more like a b [...]

    19. A wonderfully told coming-of-age (mid-age, that is) tale. Martin is a one of those not-so-rambunctious boys who have a hard time fitting in. His way of dealing with it is to spend as much time as possible at home, retreating to a make-believe world of model towns, video games and imaginary friends. When his father decides it would be good for both of them if Martin were to spend a month in the wilds of Maine with an older, possibly demented relative (the father, not a stellar character, has an u [...]

    20. The story of two boys, Martin and Solo, from different "worlds." Martin is a neurotic city boy, his entertainment is playing video-games and watching TV. Solo is an island "wild child," absent parents, great-grandfather a hermit. When Martin is sent to the island of Beyond (in the middle of Lake Nevermore) to spend July with his Great Aunt Lenore, he is in a panic. Until he meets Solo. He is like a moth drawn to a flame. Through their friendship, Martin faces his fears and phobias and expands hi [...]

    21. A lovely book about a boy growing up and starting to feel comfortable with who he is, and at the same time develop a better understanding of the people around him. It is also a lovely friendship story.Eleven year old Martin has few friends, and spends all his time playing Video games or watching TV. He hates sports. His dad wishes Martin were more athletic and like him. Martin is looking forward to a summer doing all the things he likes to do, when his father announces that he will be bringing M [...]

    22. I didn't love this one and I think it was because I never really connected to the main character, Martin. He was a whiny, over-indulged child and I didn't want to spend any time with him at all. Lucky for him, his dad (who has an ulterior motive) sends him to spend the summer at a remote island in Maine with an elderly relative who doesn't seem to have all her faculties. Martin mopes around for quite a while until he discovers another boy on the island (or rather the other boy discovers him). Ma [...]

    23. The brilliance of this book is that anyone can read it. Young and old alike. As you get older, you can dig into the text to find underlying themes, of mental health, sexuality, etc. However it is also the story of a 12 year old boy, stuck on an island for the summer with his grandmother. Because of the less conspicuous theme of sexuality, it introduces younger readers to this very important issue of modern society. I'm so glad this book addressed two topics not often talked about in YA literatur [...]

    24. If you like a good mystery, an outdoor adventure with strange, yet likable characters, and a little shady underhandedness, The Island of Beyond will entertain you to the very last word. This wonderful story about friendship and family is one of the best middle grade novels this year. The ending wraps the story up in an unexpected, yet very satisfying big, bright bow. If you read only one middle grade novel this year, make it The Island of Beyond.The Island of Beyond is a KLR Best Book of 2016To [...]

    25. I've been trying to figure out why I haven't been that caught up in many middle grade books lately, and I think this book helped me figure it out: the characters often ring so false. Not the case here--Atkinson has created a cast of characters that feel authentic in their desires, motivations, and growth. And it's a compelling story to boot. The world of this island is so rich that when we start to see Martin, the main character, come out from his video game stupor, it's absolutely joyous, even [...]

    26. I have read at least 3 of Atkinson's books and I feel this is her best yet. The protagonist is male this time and deep, heavy issues are explored in beautifully subtle way. There is the theme of isolation brought on by our differences but also a look into homosexuality in a pure, let's embrace our differences, kind of way.This is a book for young adults so explicit scenes are not a part of the fabric which to my mind is extremely refreshing.just exploring people as they are!!!

    27. I really enjoyed this story. The characters were compelling and I was drawn into the suspense that surrounds them and the setting. I was surprised by the themes of sexuality within the story and felt like it was perhaps unnecessarily emphasized toward the end. What had existed throughout the story would have been enough. This is definitely worth reading.

    28. I love Martin! Even though he is by all accounts a nerd (with autistic behaviors - even though it wasn't clearly stated in the story, he exibited classic signs), he overcomes his fears and discomforts and discovers that he is strong, capable and maybe not so weird. Some of his comments had me laughing out loud!

    29. I have mixed feelings about this one - I love the Maine setting and the cast of characters. What didn’t work quite as well for me is the foreboding sense that Atkinson develops - this book always feels like it is on the verge of breaking into fantasy or magical realism, but it never quite does. This would be a good fit for patient readers who enjoy coming of age stories set in the wilderness.

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