Ladies Man

He s not the guy you date.He s the one night stand.You d think the man who sends hot looks my way, who called me succulent, would want to strip me to my skin and spread me out on his bed like every other woman in Chicago.Except he passed on my offer.Just like I once did on his.He s wary, like I am.He s broken, like I am.And everyone knows two broken parts can t ever makeHe s not the guy you date.He s the one night stand.You d think the man who sends hot looks my way, who called me succulent, would want to strip me to my skin and spread me out on his bed like every other woman in Chicago.Except he passed on my offer.Just like I once did on his.He s wary, like I am.He s broken, like I am.And everyone knows two broken parts can t ever make a whole So I try to distract myself I m back to dating.Tahoe and I are strictly friends He doesn t think my new beau is good enough, but to him, no man is good enough for me Especially Tahoe himself.But the time Tahoe and I spend around each other, the confused I feel I m trying to open myself to love.But I m quickly realizing that the only man I want is stubborn, cocky, unattainable playboy Tahoe Roth.The one your mother warned you about.The one my body craves.The only one who will surely break my heart.
Ladies Man He s not the guy you date He s the one night stand You d think the man who sends hot looks my way who called me succulent would want to strip me to my skin and spread me out on his bed like every ot

  • Title: Ladies Man
  • Author: Katy Evans
  • ISBN: 9780997263602
  • Page: 105
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Incredible, intense, and intoxicating, Ladies Man is an all-consuming friends-to-lovers romance that wraps itself around your head and heart—relentlessly tugging and tearing, never letting go. With the pages as the canvas, the mesmerizing and meaningful words are painted, flowing into feelings that touch every part of you. This beautiful, broken, and brilliant book bleeds into you. Belongs to you. Becomes you.Like the rest of Katy Evans’ enticing and emotional reads, Ladies Man is claiming a [...]

    2. "You're like an insistent little trickle of water, soaking into every inch of my life."5 Stars!(I buddyread this book with my lovely sis Bea. Click her name to read her awesome review!)I loved this book so much and right now I couldn't even begin to form coherent thoughts. TAHOE ROTH. This guy. This sexy ladies' man just got me with his "You've checked me so hard" line!We've met Tahoe Roth and Gina Wylde in the first books of Manwhore series. Since Manwhore, Tahoe already hooked me because he wa [...]

    3. 4 stars! “No one is the way they seem. We all hide little pieces, either because we don’t want to be judged, or because we don’t think we’ll be understood, or simply because we don’t want those pieces to belong to anyone but us.”
Ever since I met Tahoe in Manwhore, I wanted a book for him. And seeing the connection and chemistry he had with Rachel’s best friend, Gina, I wanted that book to be with her. I was so happy to hear that it was happening. A Tahoe and Gina book! When it h [...]

    4. Title: Ladies ManSeries: Manwhore #3Author: Katy EvansRelease date:April 26, 2016Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]It really pains me to have to give this book such a rating, I really expected when starting this that I'd be falling all over myself in excitement. Sadly, that's just not the case. No matter how hard I tried to fit the square peg in the round hole, this book wasn't the right fit for me. I finally had to admit defeat: I didn't like Tahoe Roth. In addition? Gina wasn [...]

    5. IT'S LIVE!!Kindle: bit/LadiesManKindleiBooks: bit/LadiesManiBooksNook: bit/LadiesManNookKobo: bit/LadiesManKoboAudible: bit/LadiesManAudibleGooglePlay: bit/1Vz1CPN UK: amzn/24gScdi CA: amzn/1SoVo2C AU: bit/1TavlbO

    6. Yes!!! It's finally live!!!First off, a huge thank you to Katy for giving me the arc and the chance to read this story before it came out. I was really curious about the plot and of course had to have the book immediatelly. And since I'm a huge fan of her Real Series I was having big expectations about this story. Truth be said, I liked it but the first half was a bit of a struggle. If I had to sum the whole story, the new Beyonce song Sandcastles is the first thing that comes to mind. It's so b [...]

    7. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer says:

      *****FOUR T-REX STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by Author”You’re like an insistent little trickle of water, soaking into every inch of my life. I can’t look anywhere without noticing your absence, Regina.”Katy Evan has created some of the most incredibly sexy alpha males that I have had the pleasure of falling in love with over the year. First, there was Remy, then Malcolm Saint and now we have Tahoe Roth. I’ve been anxious to get my hands on Tahoe and Gina’s story ever since I r [...]

    8. Katy is the queen of turning a slow burn into scorching, blistering heat, and Ladies Man is another sultry, shining jewel in her crown! For me, Tahoe is her hottest, sexiest hero yet!! His intensity, raw sensuality, protectiveness and simmering emotion rocked my world. Ladies Man captivated me from page one and will definitely be on my reread list!

    9. I was reluctant to read this one after reading some reviews but ended up surprised how much I enjoyed it. Sure, Tahoe and Gina were infuriating with their push and pull, nonetheless I liked their friendship a lot. Tahoe whoring around and Gina having a boyfriend didn't help either, but oh well, they were only friends in the beginning. Besides, their interactions with others weren't detailed or descriptive at all, rather just mentions so it didn't bother me that much. Finding out the reasons for [...]

    10. DNF at 35%I'm a reader of very little limits in books. I also happen to have a soft spot in my heart for the manwhores especially. Unfortunately it seems that in Ladies Man I found my limit.Now look, I love this author. I highly enjoyed the first two books in her Manwhore series. Katy Evans has a knack for writing some super sexy alphas. After being introduced to Tahoe and Gina in Manwhore I was practically chomping at the bit to get my grabby little hands on their story.But the Gina and Tahoe t [...]

    11. *It's live! * US * UK *Ladies Man is book 3 in the Manwhore series and focuses on the best friends of the protagonists from the first two books. As it's the story of a new couple it can be read solely as a Standalone story. Tahoe Roth is a 26 year old certified ladies man. He's a cocky, no commitment kind of guy, certainly not boyfriend material for a once-hurt-kind-of-girl who has no intention of putting her heart on the line with a player, even if he happens to be her male best friend. The s [...]

    12. 4 ★'s I was really looking forward to Tahoe and Gina's story and I'm happy to say that it did not disappoint. However, that doesn't mean that everything was perfect. The story picks up at Tahoe's twenty-sixth birthday party and Gina finally gets up the nerve to tell Tahoe that she wants to be with him for just one night. In fact, that's his birthday present. Unfortunately, he turns her down saying he would hurt her. Which is quite the three sixty from him proposing the very same thing at Rache [...]

    13. Title: Ladies ManSeries: Manwhore, #3Author: Katy EvansRelease date:26th April, 2016Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]With Malcolm Saint off the market I was more than happy to direct my lusty feelings to his best friend and former wingman, Tahoe Roth. The glimpses I had of him in the two earlier novels were enough to let my imagination run wild with what to expect.I imagined a gregarious misguided, cocky billionaire with a heart of gold. At worst a charismatic Leonardo DiCapri [...]

    14. LADIES MAN was nothing like I expected and that’s because when I first started reading it I thought it was a different series. #bookworldproblems As I continued through the very beginning of the book I tried to make sense of what I was reading and then I had a lightbulb moment where it dawned on me that this wasn’t the book I thought it was. *lol* Once I got myself straightened out I was on the track to reading about one of Malcolm's friends, Tahoe, who has commitment issues. As the story pr [...]

    15. I'm not sure how many stars this book is worth.I LOVED Tahoe in the previous books and I loved him in this book. It's just that the whole thing was a bit meh. I think it could've been sooo much better with a dual POV or only a male POV.There was no story, no sex, no grrr - no idea. And Trent?? He didn't have anything to do in this book - he was totally redundant and way too much time was wasted on him. I just didn't LOVE it. I liked it - there were lots of adorable and cute and sad and funny and [...]

    16. Ok I feel deeply sorry about this review. Sometimes you love authors and no matter what you'll pick their books up, Katy Evans is one of those authors I fell in love with Remmmmyyyy in the early days. He is and will always be a go to book boyfriend for me, again MANWHORE and MANWHORE +1 are all fabulous reads for me. And for that reason this is a hard review for me to do as this book was not for me It might be because I've read some epic reads recently and this just doesn't come up there being I [...]

    17. Okay so right up front, I don’t like the characters. If the writing of this book wasn’t that good I would have rated it lower. So I get it. I get the hype. Many will find this to be a captivating read. Unfortunately for me, annoying characters = an unpleasant read. I'm sorry but I can’t stand it.Regina is needy, insecure and desperate. The explanation is that her ex cheated on her. I understand that could leave a person jaded so I was waiting for her big character development but nope. May [...]

    18. How do I feel? God, I feel RUINED! Ruined in the most magically, beautiful way. I have to say, I think Ladies Man is Katy's BEST BOOK yet. By far. It's FANTASTIC. I don't know if it was the sexy, torturous angst that drove me passionately insane, or the flirty banter that was whip smart and unexpectedly emotional, or the fact that the plot line had some seriously GASP-Y moments, but this book SCREAMED at me.I was intoxicated. By E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. All the moments between Tahoe and Gina enthral [...]

    19. Tahoe Roth is the man your mother warned you about, but even knowing the risk you couldn’t resist him. From the moment we met Tahoe I have been dying for this story. If you read Manwhore you know Tahoe is Saint’s best friend and that he and Gina, Rachel's best friend, have had this connection throughout the series. This connection is what has had me needing this story. I love how Tahoe is such a manwhore, but that regardless Gina sees the man beneath that. What I truly loved was actually see [...]

    20. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewAttention ladies…. Katy Evans has done it again. That’s right, Katy has readers like myself salivating and swooning for Tahoe Roth. So who is Tahoe Roth? Well, he is cocky, playful, naughty, and not the guy you bring home to your parents. He is definitely not the guy you date. He’s the one night stand kind of guy who would fulfill all your dirty sexual fantasies. Tahoe Roth is a manwhore. A ladies man. Frustration is eating at me. I wa [...]

    21. 5 My T-Rex Stars! (ARC provided by author)Regina Wylde is a 23 yr. old single woman living in Chicago. She works in cosmetics at a department store & enjoys spending time with her two best friends who are both in relationships. Gina hasn't been able to put her heart out there since she suffered a broken heart. She hasn't been able to trust or love again & feels a bit broken. So while her heart still isn't ready to mingle yet, she's beginning to feel her body is. She's never really done t [...]

    22. Just brilliant Tahoe an Gina have been friends for about an yr an the get on well there is super sexual tension between them from the very beginning an they have offer themselves to each other but they have both declined do they want each hell ye but they have been hurt so must that they don't know if they can be in a relationship Gina is best friends with Rachel Malcolm Saints now wife this is how she met Tahoe she as had a hard time in the relationship department he boyfriend was cheating on h [...]

    23. UPDATE:Guys, Katy has put Ladies Man on sale for 99 cents for a few days, Go grab it and meet the man your mother warned you about :DKindle iBooks Nook Kobo Audible [image error]------------------------------>Gina and Tahoe's Book !!!! YAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHThis Synopsis is killing me :( OH GOD

    24. Buddy read this with dear sis Pearl (click to read her fabulous review!) ;)As soon as this book came out, I have to get it. IMMEDIATELY. I am very excited for Gina Wylde and Tahoe Roth's story. I've been curious about them on the previous books, I just knew that these two have sparks despite they are friends. Their story is light, adorable, cute and it will make you swoon.It's just nice to see their friendship grow to something more. Gina Wylde is one of Rachel's roommate and best friend. When h [...]

    25. I was really looking forward to starting this book, but sadly it didn't go as well as I expected. While I enjoyed most of the overall story, I had a lot of issues with these characters and their relationship. My biggest one was that I never felt the connection between them. Not even when they were supposedly "friends" did I believe that they even liked each other. Instead it felt like they were being pushed together, and were attracted to each other, yet too awkward to act on it.Add on to that t [...]

    26. 4 Sexy Stars. If you’ve read the Manwhore series, you’ll remember Gina and Tahoe. They were the best friends of the MC’s and there was always this spark between them. Until that spark turns into something more, but both with past ghosts and their own issues they try to ignore it and act as friends… who had sex with each other, but that’s just details. The problem starts when their feelings become too strong to ignore, the fears they bear from their pasts too big to pretend they are no [...]

    27. 4.5 I love my T-Rex StarsIt’s Tahoe Roth’s book!!!! WEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I need to say anymore? Ladies Man is a standalone and is a spinoff from the Manwhore series. This is Tahoe and Gina’s story. Tahoe and Gina are Saint and Rachel’s best friends respectfully.I’ve been dying for Tahoe’s book since Manwhore. He’s the cocky guy that you just can’t look away from and want to completely be consumed by. He’s arrogant, successful and he has a southern drawl. I love me my Texan m [...]

    28. Review updatedDisappointing :(Gina and her boyfriend - Trent – were always broke. Trent was broke because he started his own business, Gina because she didn't have a great job and on top of that she had recently lost her room-mate which aggravated her financial situation. Tahoe is the manwhore rich guy. Rich like, private jet rich .A massive chunk of this story takes place with Gina and the Tahoe bumping in each other in several places. Nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Really? How could they [...]

    29. Not interested in reading about MCs being with other people for majority of THEIR love story. High expectations after Remy and Saint, but Tahoe was a major disappointment for me. Won't be reading the next one if he also can't keep it in his pants, screwing other women while pushing "the one" away for over a year as anything but a "friend". Yawnnn. Those books are a dime a dozen on , I expected a better level of "love" story from this author. The last 10% when he finally pulls his head out of ass [...]

    30. Actual rating, I'm thinking more like 3.5 stars, which almost saddens me a bit. I love Rachel and Saint and have been dying for Tahoe's book, but I just wanted more. I kind of hated how Gina was in a relationship with a guy who clearly wasn't right for her and she was forcing it. She was obsessed with just trying to be enough when I wanted to scream at her, DON'T SETTLE! I really enjoyed the tender moments between Gina and Tahoe but would've loved to see a little more push and pull between them. [...]

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