Pretty Deadly #6

NEW ARC THE BEAR KELLY SUE DeCONNICK BITCH PLANET, Captain Marvel EMMA R OS ISLAND, Dr Strange reunite for the continuing story of Deathface Ginny, Fox, and Sissy The survivors of the battle against Death enter a new century, where they face fresh violence and the horrors of war.
Pretty Deadly NEW ARC THE BEAR KELLY SUE DeCONNICK BITCH PLANET Captain Marvel EMMA R OS ISLAND Dr Strange reunite for the continuing story of Deathface Ginny Fox and Sissy The survivors of the battle against D

  • Title: Pretty Deadly #6
  • Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick Emma Ríos Jordie Bellaire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: None
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    1 thought on “Pretty Deadly #6”

    1. So this is the first issue of the new Pretty Deadly arc and as such it's hard to judge whether this one compares because it is a lot shorter of course. The colour scheme of this one is definitely far darker and more blue in tone which kind of makes sense when you know the concepts that the storyline is dealing with.This one doesn't link too much with the ending of the previous book as we're following new characters, but there is reference and glimpses of some of the previous characters and we ca [...]

    2. Emma Rios's layouts and art in general has got my heart doing somersaults and I can't deal. Add Kelly Sue's writing and Jordie's colouring and i'm done. I'm really glad this is finally back because I love it so much!!

    3. Not sure how I feel about this new arc, feels kinda sketchy, for now at least, but then again, it's too soon to judge. But yeah, all these things that made the first volume awesome can be traced in the short episode. Well, on to the next one.

    4. 'Fear, from the outside looks an awful lot like hate'I'm in awe. I have admiration for this series. For its fineness, indescribable beauty both in art and words. Every word is thought through. Added to the story for a reason, with respect.

    5. It is very pretty, but I feel like it has a different feel to the first volume of issues. Which I guess makes sense as it is a new arc but I'm not sure I am really feeling it 100% right now. Will pick up the next issue and see it goes.

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