The Cross and the Curse

BRITAIN 634 A.D Before The Battle of Hastings Before Alfred fought the Danes Even before England Warlords battled across Britain to become the first King of the English When Beobrand s valour brings about a stunning victory against the native Waelisc, the King of Northumbria rewards him with riches and land Beobrand wishes for nothing than to settle on his new eBRITAIN 634 A.D Before The Battle of Hastings Before Alfred fought the Danes Even before England Warlords battled across Britain to become the first King of the English When Beobrand s valour brings about a stunning victory against the native Waelisc, the King of Northumbria rewards him with riches and land Beobrand wishes for nothing than to settle on his new estate with his bride But he soon finds himself beset with enemies old and new He even fears that the power of a curse has him in its grip, as he begins to lose all he holds dear With treachery and death surrounding him, Beobrand confronts his foes with cold iron and bitter fury On his quest for revenge and redemption, he grudgingly accepts the mantle of lord, leading his men into the darkest of nights and the bloodiest of battles The Cross and the Curse is the second novel of the Bernicia Chronicles PRAISE FOR THE CROSS AND THE CURSE A tale that rings like sword song in the reader s mind Harffy knows his genre inside out and The Cross and the Curse proves it GILES KRISTIAN Author of God of Vengeance and the Raven series The Cross and the Curse is a terrific novel that strikes just the right balance between fact and fiction, the plausible and the romantic, and it illuminates the Dark Ages like the bolt of lightning in its first few pages in rare and unexpected ways Top stuff TOBY CLEMENTS Author of the Kingmaker trilogy The best historical fiction enables the reader to simultaneously live in the here and now and the then and there Matthew Harffy has this skill in abundance He is one of the most accomplished and exciting voices in the field today I love his novels MARTIN LAKE Author of A Love Most Dangerous and The Lost King series Harffy allows the reader to peel back the layers of Dark Age society beyond the implicit violence His wordage is skilful and beautifully wrought, rather like a perfect damascened sword PRUE BATTEN Author of The Gisborne Saga and The Triptych Chronicle Matthew Harffy has created a gritty, authentic world, home to a hero who shows us the complexity of what it means to be human the darkness and the delight The Cross and the Curse is historical fiction at its finest STEPHANIE CHURCHILL Author of The Scribe s Daughter
The Cross and the Curse BRITAIN A D Before The Battle of Hastings Before Alfred fought the Danes Even before England Warlords battled across Britain to become the first King of the English When Beobrand s valour brings a

  • Title: The Cross and the Curse
  • Author: Matthew Harffy
  • ISBN: 9781518882586
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The Cross and the Curse is the second book in the Bernicia Chronicles. Matthew Harffy has taken his readers on a voyage back in time to seventh century England, but instead of focusing on the famous historical characters of the period, we follow the life of Beobrand, a “normal” man, whose life and accomplishments would have never been recorded in the history books. I really enjoy this approach in historical fiction.Matthew Harffy has painted a vivid picture of what life would have probably b [...]

    2. If you've read my review of The Serpent Sword, you already know that I went into reading the second installment of Matthew Harffy's Bernicia Chronicles as a fan. I therefore jumped at the chance to get my hands on an ARC rather than have to wait for the January 2016 release date. Many thanks to the author for providing this in return for an honest review. Those eagerly awaiting the continuation of Beobrand's story will not be disappointed. Matching the first book's pace and gruesome realism of t [...]

    3. Where the Dark Ages come to glorious light and life.Beobrand has returned to Bernicia and Bebbanburg from the first book, The Serpent Sword. As has Oswald, from exile, though he is now calling himself King. Cadwallon King of Gwynedd and the Welsh are soon dealt with and Beobrand’s star is on the rise. As a warrior, he is awesome, as a man, he is head over heels in love. Sunniva has got through his defences in a way no enemy ever could. Beobrand is made a Lord, with land and a retinue and every [...]

    4. Readers and authors alike have often speculated, exchanged witty literary parlance, even argued -- for decades, without resolution – over one thing: What makes one piece of writing bad, another great? No one has solved this question, and likely no one ever will. Because writing and the enjoyment of what another has written is very subjective.I won’t attempt to quantify or explain what makes writing bad. I think this one is fairly obvious and self-evident. Each of us knows at a deep, almost v [...]

    5. If you’ve read my review of The Serpent Sword you will know I’m a fan of Matthews already, I was blown away by his debut novel.This is by far the best sequel I’ve read to date, the brutal theme from The Serpent Sword continues and we see our hero Beobrand faced with even more trouble and strife.I felt for Beobrand, my heart was in my mouth a lot while reading this book. Harffy has no trouble at all kicking a man while he’s down and it made for an excellent read but at times it was heart [...]

    6. Is book 3 ready yet? :-) full review soon.One of the perks of having a growing reputation, a well deserved one for this humble scribbler of book reviews, is obtaining advanced copies of an author's upcoming release. Such was the case here as the author sent me a copy of The Cross and the Curse, the follow up to his excellent debut, The Serpent Sword. Beobrand is now a renowned warrior in the retinue of King Oswald, is married to a beautiful and loving woman; things are looking upr a while at lea [...]

    7. This is the third story I've read from Matthew Harffy and I think it is the best I have read so far. I loved the first novel in the Bernicia Chronicles, but the second installment felt even more polished with plenty of natural conflict to propel a fantastic story. I love Matthew's use of language. His novel is set in the early, formative days of Saxon England and he has written a very modern novel in modern language on the subject, but with prose that is highly evocative of the period. To descri [...]

    8. This is the second book in the series, and continues on from the events of the previous book.The introduction was a little strange, and i wondered why it was there. There answer did come in the book.The story plods along, and parts of the book is 'normal' life at the time. This is a good thing, as a book constantly full of battles would be very dull and boring.This is a series that i will be keeping my eye on, and wondering how it will continue.

    9. In my opinion, this was Harffy's big jump into epic-style historical fiction, and he pulled it off marvelously. While 'The Serpent Sword' was a fun read and set the stage for a strong case of characters, 'The Cross and the Curse' showed clear maturation in writing style and imaginative ability to place a reader effortlessly into Dark Age Britain, yet also demonstrated originality in a field where within other books there's often a strong temptation to move towards certain archetypes and one-dime [...]

    10. Outstanding follow up to the "The Serpent Sword" this 2nd book in the author's Bernicia Chronicles continues the story of Beobrand, a warrior in the retinue of King Oswald set against the backdrop of 7th century Britain. While the book deals with some of the bloody violence prevalent in that time period some wonderful character development sees our hero dealing with some very humane themes like love and betrayal and revenge and redemption. Throw in some questionable decision making and a spot of [...]

    11. The Cross and the Curse, book 2 from Matthew Harffy is another epic tale bringing the reader to dark age Britain and the life and death struggles of the main character, Beobrand.A gritty, realistic tale of a war torn land, The Cross and the Curse is a page turner. Beobrand is well written with depth and humanity. We feel for him as he deals with his new responsibilities, his new riches, and his new losses. Harffy makes the reader root for Beobrand to overcome his difficulties, beat his enemies a [...]

    12. If you've read The Serpent Sword then you'll love this one. This book is the tale of the turning point in Beobrand's life, as we see it change radically (for better or for worse, it's for you to decide). In addition to that, it's not just a book about war, swords and death, for you can see love, magic and humour sprinkled in it. All in all, a truly page-turner!

    13. Great second book in this series, I enjoyed the first book but this is even better. Now Beobrand is established in book one he is really developed as a character with human failings and virtues. I liked the weaving of the plot into what is known of the history of that time as well.Matthew Harffy is developing an enjoyable to read style of narrative and the plot was well constructed. Looking forward to the next book, which shall be getting soon.

    14. Starts quickly and then slows, then picks up to a fast paced ending, its a rip roaring story. Didn't want to put it down, you love and hate Beobrand at the same time.

    15. Continuing excellence!Set in the Seventh Century AD, this is the second book in the continuing adventures of Beobrand, hero of 'The Serpent Sword', a debut tale which I thought was excellent.At the beginning we have a prologue set in 619AD, which shows how King Edwin was trying to introduce Christianity to Bernicia with the aid of the factual Paulinius, effectively highlighting the battle for hearts and minds between the 'Old Gods' and the 'New Christ God' during this period of history. This sec [...]

    16. A BRILLIANT 5 STARSWow, Wow, Wow.Having just read both The Serpent Sword and The Cross and the Curse, I think its safe to say they were one of the best books I've read in a long time. Impeccable writing, superb characterisation, bloody guts and gore, brilliant and fast paced battle scenes, romance, flux of emotions, and hints of a curse, Beobrand's story is one of a kind. He has matured since the first book, and now the conflict is more within himself- the angst at his father, and the shadow of [...]

    17. This is the second book that continues story of Beobrand, a young warrior in the service of King Oswald of Northumbria. This volume takes a far darker tone than the first, in some of the subject matter. The writer Matthew Harffy seems to take delight in heaping misfortune and tragic circumstances on his hero Beobrand. However as the setting is in dark ages Britain it would be unrealistic for every thing to keep smelling of roses. In this tale the young Thegn in the service of his king proves his [...]

    18. n the first in the series, The Serpent Sword, we first met Beobrand, a brash young man raised by outlaws and taught the ways of survival by use of a sword.Little has changed other than Beobrand is a little older and continually questions his worth as a leader, though his fame as a warrior is spreading. He comes to the attention of Oswald, a king who desires to be king of all England. Having disposed of Cadwallon, Oswald now faces a bigger threat from the rising star that is Penda of Mercia. Peac [...]

    19. I've enjoyed reading historical novels for many years, especially those set during the Roman Republic and Empire and the early medieval period in Northern Europe. Some of my favorite authors are Giles Kristian, Ben Kane, Simon Scarrow, Angus Donald and of course Bernard Cornwell. I'm glad to say that I now have another "must read" author.I enjoyed Mr Harffy's first book, "The Serpent Sword" so much that I placed an advance order for "The Cross and the Curse" and I was not disappointed. This is a [...]

    20. parmenionbooks.wordpress/llow link for full reviewReview:Matthew Harffy and The Cross and the Curse, what can i say? Simply its great, Matthew has the potential to match SJA Turney in the realms of Independent Publishing. The first book in the series “The Serpent Sword” was a resounding success and deservedly so.The hard part as always for any author is the second book, having to repeat that effort and pull together the magic that makes a great novel. Matthew managed this with his dark gritt [...]

    21. Firstly I must say I have a serious eye disease that makes reading very hard so I am a slow reader. I am only half way through reading but I just have to say that I gave Matthew's first book top marks and have had this pre ordered for a while. Although it is hard to improve on his first book,he has done so in leaps and bounds. I won't go into the story because I find when I read reviews that have,it often spoils the anticipation of what will happen. All I will say is hurry up and finish writing [...]

    22. Having captured our attention with his first book The Serpent Sword (Bernicia Chronicles Book 1), Matthew's talent as a story-teller has become more evident in The Cross and the Curse. He is able to develop characters who are not just plausible but also demand a reaction from the reader. The lives of these characters are woven neatly into an exciting history, full of visceral scenes and historical landmarks, that seized my attention from start to finish. I can't deny that I am already impatient [...]

    23. The Cross and the Curse is a superb sequel to the Serpent Sword. It is everything you'd want from the continuing story of a warrior finding his place in life, love and the shieldwall.The author builds on the high quality of his debut, The Serpent Sword, and really finds his voice. The writing is confident, the charcters believable, and the action intense.If you liked The Serpent Sword, you'll love The Cross and The Curse. Highly recommended.

    24. Good series!This is not quite Bernard Cornwell, but definitely in the neighborhood. It's near 3am and I have to get up to go to work at 6:30 so the story is compelling to say the least. The characters are very human and the plot is far from predictable. Don't start unless you have plenty of time to finish.

    25. a really good part 2. If you like to fall in love with the characters in the book you are reading, cry when they hurt or even die, shake your head when they do something stupid, read this book. I thought it was really good.

    26. Great bookA truly great read kept me interested and keen for more books. The best compliment I can give these books is to compete them to the masterful works of Bernard CornwellCan't wait for the next instalment

    27. Another awesome read. Love the way that the characters are developing, cant wait to read part 3. I did miss Hengist though. Nice work Matthew.

    28. I really enjoyed it and am patiently waiting for book 3. The series has plenty of action as well as character development.

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