Entertain the End

There is a place that shouldn t exist But does And there are creatures that shouldn t exist But do Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real and often deadly Welcome to Everworld.April, David, Christopher, and Jalil have come to the end of the line Senna, their only passage back to the real world, is gone And she s definitely not comingThere is a place that shouldn t exist But does And there are creatures that shouldn t exist But do Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real and often deadly Welcome to Everworld.April, David, Christopher, and Jalil have come to the end of the line Senna, their only passage back to the real world, is gone And she s definitely not coming back But that doesn t change any of the harm Senna managed to cause in Everworld And April and the others know it s up to them to help Merlin make things right.But making things right involves another meeting with Hel Hel, who before meeting with April and the others, had never been outsmarted Hel, who would be than happy to see them dead or even better, suffering for eternity And eternity s a mighty long time.
Entertain the End There is a place that shouldn t exist But does And there are creatures that shouldn t exist But do Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real and often deadly Welcome to E

  • Title: Entertain the End
  • Author: Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780590879965
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. And thus concludes my second Grand KAA Reread! After the sheer perfection of the Animorphs ending (yes, sorry, I'm going to keep compare-contrasting the two), this one is underwhelming. By itself it's actually probably 4 stars -- Entertain the End is pretty awesome, featuring a driven goal, political scheming, pretty good strategising on the kids' part, unnerving repercussions in the real world from (view spoiler)[Senna's death (hide spoiler)], bringing back old enemies so that it's all come ful [...]

    2. April and the EverWorld gang, minus Senna for obvious reasons, have one final quest now that the gateway has been closed forever: get King Baldwin of the dwarfs on their side and free Thor who will somehow make it so they can defeat Ka Anor and remove the threat of the god-eater from EverWorld.Here’s the annoying thing: David’s convinced the quest is to get back to Athena on Olympus (which never happens, so I don’t know what’s up with that). The audience is convinced the quest is to defe [...]

    3. After reading the first 11 books, I couldn't wait to find out how it was all going to end. For most part, I liked most of this book. It finds the group traveling to the fortress of the dwarves. There they have to try to talk them into digging a tunnel to be able to sneak into Hel. While all this is taking place they find themselves all fading in the real world except April, who is fading in Everworld. The realize that they have to decide which world they really want to be in because the other wi [...]

    4. I had read the first 11 of these as a kid, and it was annoying me that I hadn't read the last, so I went back, found them all in second-hand bookstores, and read them from start to finish. And after like fifteen years of waiting, the ending was kind of underwhelming.The sort of semi-cliffhanger worked on Applegate's other series, Animorphs, but it really didn't work here - with Animorphs it started a whole new chapter of their lives and left them effectively riding off into the sunset, going out [...]

    5. I feel generous giving it 2 stars. The book was great, but as i was nearing the end, i kept thinking, only 20 pages left, how are they going to end this 10 pages can she end this in 10 pages 5 pages 2 pagesen no more pages. wtf! this serie was one of the best i've read in forever. even this book was awesome up until the last 2 pages. i'm insulted. this book had so much potential but the ending was shit. So much more could have happened, and we don't even know for sure how it ends. the feeling i [...]

    6. Now I think I know why I could remember so little about how the series ended: it kind of doesn't. From the beginning the threat of Ka Anor loomed in the background. Even gods were afraid of him. For four books, David tried to get back to Olympus to continue the fight, and then the series just ends. Senna herself is dead, but her followers are still around, and so is Ka Anor. Although David and Merlin have a plan, there's really no resolution. It's like having a TV show you like canceled and only [...]

    7. Not a fan of the animorphs series as a kid (though the covers were really cool), but this series really grabbed me. It's full of Gods and monsters in a culmination of science fiction and fantasy. I wanted to spend my waking hours in Everworld, well. . . the less life threatening parts of it anyway. The idea of having an other-self run on "auto pilot" while the characters are away bothers me a little, but the rest of the mechanics of the story are pretty sound and fluid.

    8. I've been reading the Everworld series since I was 10 years old when it all began. I'm 23 now and I finally finished the last book and judging by the number of stars I gave it you can probably tell "Entertain the End" was definitely not one of my favorites. It was a heartbreaking ending to something that ultimately helped shape my imagination and creativity growing up. It was so important to me as a kid that it made reading something to be excited about which is saying a lot for kids that age. I [...]

    9. (view spoiler)[The end of this series peters out like a series that has obviously been cancelled. Many loose ends are left twisting in the wind, and a few new enticing threads are introduced only to be added to the scrap heap. We never get to see the resolution of the conflict in Everworld. No implication as to how the Ka Anor war ends, what happens to the Sennites, the fate of the Coo-Hatch or how Olympus has fared in the absence of the protagonists. A lot of new possibilities were added a few [...]

    10. While I wish the ending had been more sentimental, it was perfect. I'm not emotionally demolished like I was when I finished Animorphs, and I'm glad because these kids were different than those ones and they deserved this. Both series deal with war. In Animorphs, they started off innocent and were ruined over time, while in Everworld, with the exception of April, they were each already broken in their own ways and they learned through their innate strength and bravery how to become whole and goo [...]

    11. After the death of Senna, the four teens continue to work toward eliminating the threat of Ka Anor, all while finding themselves disappearing in the "real world." I can only speculate as to why it ended so abruptly, but the final result is very disappointing to a series with so much promise. Entertain the End’s plot of infiltrating Hel’s domain to rescue Thor and Baldur takes second fiddle to the “fading” element, which fails to achieve thematic meaning beyond the characters essentially [...]

    12. A good ending, the last two books of the series were very good. That said, the ending felt incomplete. There were a few times that characters did things that they just wouldn't do (the author pointedly says they cannot change who they are multiple times but suddenly they do change) and they never accomplished what they had been working towards throughout most of the series. The mini plot from this book finished and instead of finding out what went down with the "big picture" plot, it just kind o [...]

    13. I love these books so much!I read them like at least 10 times xDThe way those 4 wonderful idiots learn and evolve, the fun and the adventures they have. Honestly, I fell in love with them. Well, exept for SennaI hate that girl ^^It was so sad, to know that the series would end. I couldn't imagine it. When I read the book I was left empty. I do like the ending, as an ending of A book. It all makes sense. But NOT as the end of the whole series! There is so much more they have to do! The fight just [...]

    14. At the end, I wanted to throw the book across the room. Yes, it ends satisfactorily, but is that all she can give us - hope? How about something resembling a conclusion to the massive war going on and not just the characters' decision?

    15. It was clearly not meant to end the series. It was good if there were more books coming but it was not an ending. 11 have a better ending. It didn't have a bad ending it just didn't have an ending.

    16.    This book carried on the momentum and direction started inMystify the Magician (Everworld #11), though it did not quite follow through in the end. A solid three stars, though it had the potential – given more space to work through things – to be four or five stars.   The plot is solid, JACD have a clear and defined direction and plan of what they are going to do and how to go about it, and there is a good amount of introspection, internal dilemmas, and character growth to balance ou [...]

    17. Quando la fantasia prevaleE così sono giunta alla fine di questa saga: sono un po' delusa perchè rimangono un po' di domande aperte, ma nel complesso questo Everworld è davvero un mondo pieno di fantasia, di creature fantastiche di tutti i tipi; è stato un viaggio pieno di avventure, ma soprattutto è una serie incentrata sull'amicizia profonda e sull'unione del gruppo.Sono libretti che si leggono velocemente, ma non ti annoiano perchè c'è sempre azione, battute ironiche e magia.Ho apprezz [...]

    18. Again, entertaining quick reads. I didn't remember most of the last half of the series, especially the end, so even though I was re-reading them, I didn't really know what was going to happen. I like the world she created and even though some of the books were choppy or unclear at times it was nice to go back to them.

    19. Was this the final one in the series? I remember loving this series to start with but getting bored by the end, much like with the Animorphs series. That being said, this many years on I still remember the characters and some of the crazy historical figures they met. Also that guy peeing his pants that one time.Kids today just don't get the quality we got back in the 90s.

    20. We end the series at last on what is, quite frankly, a disappointment, both for the single book and for the series in full.To start with this volume in general, I'll say that it's kind of a let down. Senna's POV didn't bring much to the story, and what little it brought wasn't followed up on. Then David's book was fast paced cover to cover, with actual stakes and payoff for said stakes--we don't get that in this book.April's book is literally the calm before the storm. I mean, yes, she and the o [...]

    21. The final book in the Everworld series. While Book 11 really held the final battle between Senna/Sennites and April, Jalil, Christopher, and David, this book is the wrap up; the conclusion. At the end of the battle in Book 11, Senna is deemed no longer a threat. The gateway is closed. But now what? With the gateway closed, will April and her friends ever get back to the real world? Do they even want to anymore?They are fading away. Jalil, David, and Christopher are fading in the real world. They [...]

    22. I honestly don't know how I felt about the end of this series. But first, we will discuss this book as an individual.This wasn't my favorite. Mainly because I think the portrayal of Hel is poorly done and having her as the main bad guy at the end I felt took away from what could have been another five star book. Hel is a spoiled brat and isn't all that scary to me when she stomps her feet. I think the author missed a big opportunity to make Hel into something that got under your skin and made yo [...]

    23. Review written: sometime before August 9, 2015Entertain the End by Katherine ApplegateWhy I read it: Finally bringing this strange Everworld train to an end. I suppose.Rating: 2/5What I thought: The book where the series got cancelled. I knew this was going to be the case before I read it, and even though I shouldn’t really have let it affect my opinion, honestly that fact was hanging like a spectre over the pages throughout. So when I got to the end, and even though I suppose the book on its [...]

    24. Now that one of the major battles has been fought, the Everworld kids--April, Jalil, Christopher, and David--are left floundering unsure of whether they belong there or in the "real world." Can they coexist as they have been, or will something happen to choose for them? The book was a bit of a cop-out in many ways--especially since it seemed like April was fading one way and then flopped to the other for no truly obvious reason--but even though it doesn't necessarily bother me if loose ends aren [...]

    25. This was a series that I had started reading in my early teens and had never had the chance to finish it. As an adult I had decided to re-visit and finish it if not for sake of nostalgia than anything else. The first half of the series was pretty mediocre and even though the main elements of the plot kept me interested enough to keep going, it would always leave me thinking that it had the potential to be so much better. However the last 4 books, and especially the last 2 turned out to be pretty [...]

    26. I had finished Animorphs before I finished The Everworld series. compare to the Animorphs, Everworld's story is much more mature.Applegate did a great job cooking the fantasy world. I love how she joined the famous myth into one world. I love how she managed to gave each race their general personality. but even more than the fantastic Everworld material, I even more found of the main character problem of whatether they prefer the old dull boring life or the life threatening adventerous new one. [...]

    27. I finally, FINALLY, finished the series so many years after I first started reading it. And, OK, overall, I would say I like this series possibly better than Animorphs. It's hard to say, because I love them both. But I also share the same frustration with both of them, and as a result I'm knocking a star off of the last book. The ending. Oy. Or, in this case specifically (I had problems with the Animorphs ending for different reasons), I felt that nothing was resolved. In other words, if I hadn' [...]

    28. Finally finished with the whole series! This last book really picked up and tied a fairly neat bow on everything. The last couple books have been up and down, but I loved this one. I'm glad the Scroll of the Gods was merely mentioned and never really used. Unless I really wasn't paying attention, that little world-breaker was never used to its potential, which is good. I'm glad for the little newspaper article at the end to tie everything together. The one thing I didn't like is that I wanted to [...]

    29. These books are something of an enigma to me. I've met very few who've heard of Everworld, and even fewer who have read them. After losing track of them for the better part of a decade, I finally purchased the series in its entirety this year, and I was not disappointed. For one, the books are far more adult than one would be lead to believe, so they were just as good now I'm older as they were when I discovered them at 12. Applegate has such a clever way of weaving together cultures and mytholo [...]

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