Nobody on the varsity knew me, but I know what they thought I was the guy who had good hands and could run like lightning, but who also had a yellow streak down his back.The wide receiver best able to hang on to his quarterback s passes, Brock Ripley would be a star for the varsity team if he could just bring himself to put his body on the line But he can t Just like heNobody on the varsity knew me, but I know what they thought I was the guy who had good hands and could run like lightning, but who also had a yellow streak down his back.The wide receiver best able to hang on to his quarterback s passes, Brock Ripley would be a star for the varsity team if he could just bring himself to put his body on the line But he can t Just like he can t bring himself to stand up for his friend Richie Fang, who has been targeted by the quarterback, known for his brutality in the school s Suicide Alley and beyond As events spiral out of control, Brock is faced with a true test of character Can he find the courage to step up and do what is right
Gutless Nobody on the varsity knew me but I know what they thought I was the guy who had good hands and could run like lightning but who also had a yellow streak down his back The wide receiver best able to

  • Title: Gutless
  • Author: Carl Deuker
  • ISBN: 9780544649613
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Wow. A bit more YA because of length, complexity, and character development, but Deuker is talented enough that he can tackle very difficult issues without resorting to gratuitous language and situations, making this a good choice for more advanced middle grade readers. Bravo. Review to come. Have to ponder- Deuker is too deep to skim and then opine off the cuff!E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineBrock is a good kid, and a good athlete, and he's struggling with some difficult things in his l [...]

    2. Hunter Gates is long time soccer player, hes been playing for the past ten years of his life, when his coach tells him he would be better at football because hes fast and can catch because he played goalie. Hunter asked his dad but his dad told him to do what he wants and don't look back. So hunter tried it he started his senior year with all the high school kids thinking he was nothing to the team until he showed his speed and how he can catch. Then the team had a couple games and everytime hun [...]

    3. The book I read was Gutless. It is about a kid that had good hands and stuff would be really good at football but he didn't want to get hit. His dad was in the hospital. He had steinert disease they said the medicine would fix him but it wasn't. He loses strength slowly. It will take a long time but it will happen he hopes they find a cure. He was really sad when he had to have his dad stay in the hospital. But he knew it was for a good thing to get the medicine and help him. After awhile he cam [...]

    4. Gutless was a novel that had tons of uplifting and eventful moments during it. The two main characters had a special bond that no other friendship has ever had. The two went from playing football together in the fall then in the classrooms being scholar students. Then in the spring playing soccer stars.

    5. I️ loved this book. As a sports fan it tackled the excitement feeling like I’m currently in the book playing. When I️ was reading I️ could not stop reading feeling lost in the book. The ending to the book felt like a cliffhanger but left you with relief.

    6. in this book there is a kid named brock. Brocks dad has a disease that makes his muscles not function like they should. Brock really wants his dad to get better. Brock plays soccer but wants to do something else. One day he meets Hunter Gates the star quarterback at his high school. they play catch for a little bit and Hunters dad likes his speed. So he tries out for the football team. he doesn't make the varsity he makes the fresh soph team. At school he meets a kid named Richie. Richie is a As [...]

    7. In this book there is a kid named Brock. Brock's dad has a disease that unfortunately makes the muscles not work properly. Brock plays soccer but is wanting to pick another sport. Later on in this book Brock meets a kid named Hunter Gates, the high school Qb. Brock one day went to a football tryout and started to play catch with Hunter and his dad loved his skills he had. At Hunters school he meets a kid named Richie he is a very smart student who wins a lot of events and contest with his educat [...]

    8. The book is very interesting and inspiring for people that like sports to read. The book shows that no matter where you come from or what your skill level is you can still play sports. Brock's dad has a very bad disease that will not allow him to practice with his son. Brock is on his own for practicing for the sport he really wants to play, football. When Brock goes to High School he really wants to play football, but there is no one to practice with him. Nobody at the school realizes how fast [...]

    9. ARC from ALAMy teen readers get a bad case of the Deukers around April of seventh grade and can't get enough of his edgy sports books.What I liked about Gutless for teen readers:-short chapters- an Asian-American major character (Richie) who was a little too unreal, but had some sassy dialogue and was both a student and a remarkable athlete-a surprisingly sensitive MC (Brock) who didn't want to get hit in football -Deuker is terrific at somewhat blunt stories where teen readers will feel smart f [...]

    10. This book was fantastic. This book is about a boy who is a freshman in high school and his relationship with sports. Brock is a middle of the road guy. His dad is sick, which makes his mother overprotective, but he is not super popular nor picked on. When he meets Richie Fang, the game changes. They play soccer together, and then they play football together. This books is simply written, and has a shocking twist near the end. I was captivated until the last page. This book deals really well with [...]

    11. This book was absolutely amazing I loved it sports fans you should definitely read this. It was one of those books that you can't stop turning the pageis book really showed you how far people can go if they are bullied. I didn't think that that would be the end. There was a lot of foreshadowing that brings you to the end. I liked the conflict and the ending how he saved they're life. It was just enough balance between drama and sports.

    12. Football is one of the most toughest and mental sports of them all. You have to be willing to fight for team and your family, but when someones life becomes in danger, things start to get a little more interesting. "Gutless" by Carl Deuker is a book about sticking up for yourself and your teammates as well. Most importantly your friendship is the key to success. When your friend is down and sad, you need to pick him up and tell them everything is okay. This book tells a story about a young man n [...]

    13. Gutless, by Carl Deuker, is an engrossing book. It started out when the main character, Brock Ripley, played soccer with his friends at the park during the summer. The quarterback for Brock’s school football team, Hunter, was there playing catch with his dad. Hunter and his father needed a wide receiver to catch the balls, so they randomly called Brock over to play with them. He was flattered, because he had no prior experience of playing football. Brock ran a football play- “seven steps str [...]

    14. Recommended by two students who like Gutless even more than Gym Candy (I'd agree).Told by Brock, a talented athlete with a "yellow-streak down his back" - a fear of the big hit and a nervousness under pressure -- that keeps him from living up to his potential. Brock's voice is realistic and honest. He tells the story of the year he finally "fit in" and made the football team because of one good catch with honesty and humility. It was also the year he and Richie Fang became friends and the year R [...]

    15. Summary: The main character, Brock Ripley, is an incoming freshman in high school that looks to play football for his school. It would be his first time playing organized football because he’s more of a fútbol kind of guy. This book shows the struggles that the average student athlete faces on a daily basis, keeping grades up, honoring your parents, and balancing your social life. Hunter Gates, the star quarterback at Brock’s high school, has football as his main priority and isn’t concer [...]

    16. In the book, Gutless, by Carl Deuker, the author uses red herrings, imagery and personification in order to draw you in. While doing this, he manages to avoid foreshadowing, always making you want to read the next page. You will see the red herrings through out the entire book. The plot heavily focusses on the football aspect of Brocks life to distract you from his dad's illness, just as Brock is doing. The use of imagery in this book is spot on. Carl Deuker describes every little detail. From t [...]

    17. This book is a classic Carl Deuker novel. He throws sports in the mix along with serious subjects. In this one it's bullying, Brock the main character, is caught between his best friend, Richie, and Hunter Gates the quarterback one Brock's team who picks on Richie. It is continuous for the beginning of Richie's freshman year. Then in their sophomore year things change a little. Brock convinces Richie to go out for football and be the kicker. All is going well when the final games comes around an [...]

    18. 4.5 starsBrock - soccer and football player, fast and has good hands but is afraid to get tackled, father has a muscular degenerative disease, befriends Richie but is afraid to stand up to teammates bullying RRichie Fang - Chinese, mother has terminal cancer, good at everything (violin, architecture, chess, soccer), joins football team as kicker to get Hunter and friends to stop bullying him, brings a gun to school after Hunter destroys his architecture model and beats Richie upHunter - good at [...]

    19. Gutless by Carl Deuker is a great sports book about a character named Brock Ripley, Brock has had some challenges in his life, like his father has a disorder, and a bully named Hunter Gates. Brock Ripley was a soccer player that was encouraged by Mr. Gates to try out for football. Brock does pretty good but is scared because he does not want to get hit, which is a total opposite of soccer. Gutless shows many years of Brock’s sports life when he plays soccer and basketball. Also, it shows relat [...]

    20. Hooray, another sports novel compelling enough that a non-sports fan such as yours truly wanted to keep turning the pages. Yes, it does expose some football players as egotistical and sadistic bullies, but it is overall less negative in its depiction of the sport as the author's Gym Candy. The action on the field makes sense and keeps the plot moving, and it even deals extensively with soccer players to widen the novel's appeal. I think readers may relate even more to players such as main charac [...]

    21. In the book Gutless, the author Carl Deuker gives us lessons on sportsmanship and honesty on an off the field. The main character, Brock Ripley is a freshmen in highschool. During the summer he met star quarterback recruit Hunter Gates, who is also a bully during the school. As the story goes on, Brock deals with more struggles. Will he get through his high school?Brock Ripley is a freshmen in high school, who plays soccer as goalie. One day while kicking the ball around with some friends. Star [...]

    22. I originally chose this book because it is up for the YARP (Teen Choice Award) in South Dakota this year. I can see why! It is a fantastic read! I love the characters and the plot. I enjoy watching sports, but the rules never make much sense to me. Deuker explains both soccer and football in a way that sticks in my brain. It was super easy to picture the games and practices of both sports. The book takes a dark turn with bullying. It is a tough topic, but one that I feel our teenagers need to be [...]

    23. The book was really good. I gave this book a three star because I liked it It was about football. Football is a very active sport but I don´t play it. Baseball is more up my alley but I also like football. In this book, Brock Ripley made a winning touchdown and became the star of his varsity team. Ever since he made that touchdown, everybody started to look up to him. His friend, Richie Fang, was the quarterback who threw the ball to Brock. In all books there is a struggle and that struggle was [...]

    24. Brock Ripley is a scrawny sophomore on his local high school soccer team. Brock is friends with a Chinese kid at his school named Richie Fang. The two protect each other and have a lot of fun. Brock's dad is very sick with a rare illness and can barely make it out of the house to watch his soccer games. After some events that take place after a soccer practice Brock decides to play football. He thinks it will please his dad, and it ends up not. Brock's dad is very worried for him and it turns ou [...]

    25. A good read for educators and teens to examine the world of boy bullying in what is supposed to be safe environments for learning. The potential stressors in students lives are examined in a sensitive way. Of course, I cringed when the cries for help were ignored educators. Does that still happen when we know the too often tragic outcomes of when danger signs are missed? Telling the story from the perspective of the best friend and the fact that tragedy is averted make me comfortable recommendin [...]

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