The Caretakers

The Caretakers by David Nickle is a strange tale about a group of people called to a meeting with their intimidating boss The newest member of their organization is not so sure she wants to even be there.
The Caretakers The Caretakers by David Nickle is a strange tale about a group of people called to a meeting with their intimidating boss The newest member of their organization is not so sure she wants to even be th

  • Title: The Caretakers
  • Author: David Nickle
  • ISBN: 9780765386526
  • Page: 463
  • Format: ebook
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    1. in a telegram stop would just mean punctuationokay, i'm not sure i understand this one any better than y'all, but i'll give it a shot. before we dive in, i just wanna say that i think sometimes it can be fun to not "get" everything that's going on in a book, and for me there's a difference between things that are totally over my head and things that are deliciously ambiguous, and in this case, i think you can enjoy the atmosphere and the gentle dread of the story without knowing exactly what's g [...]

    2. Description: The Caretakers" by David Nickle is a strange tale about a group of people called to a meeting with their intimidating boss. The newest member of their organization is not so sure she wants to even be there.Opening: The meeting with Miss Erish started earlier than scheduled, in a room other than the one arranged. That meant they were all late, even Evelyn Simmons, who had flown in the day before and, unable to properly sleep owing to the time difference, risen long before the dawn.Re [...]

    3. Tor is really a great place to find weird stories. Like this one.And like several people, I don't quite get it, the exact point of this story, but without a doubt, it is a story which builds tension and creepiness.which makes it a great read, though a bit undefinable. 3.5 rating for me in the end, still nor sure. And finally amazing book cover.This is the storyline: a strange tale about a group of people called to a meeting with their intimidating boss. The newest member of their organization i [...]

    4. Goddesses and drownings and business meetings and sterile hotels. Right.This is what I wanted to do after finishing this story:It's simply flummoxing. A group of "employees" meet with their "boss", but not really. Or yeah, or no. I'm not really certain. Again, confusion and the state of being flummoxed.Here are my thoughts on this strangeness, because I need to justify what I think it's about or tidal waves and jellyfish will invade our livesE QUEEN BEE SYNDROMEThere is a current trend in workpl [...]

    5. The Caretakers is a short story about a group of people drawn together for a meeting with their mysterious employer, to whom they are all weirdly and obsessively attached. Well, except for that one girl.A genuinely eerie and atmospheric short story, with nicely drawn characters. It's the kind of story that keeps its secrets by burying the lede, then offers only glimpses of what it had been hinting at the whole time. This can be frustrating for some readers, and the story's ambuiguous ending risk [...]

    6. As with many other reviewers, I didn't fully understand what happened in this odd little story.But despite not understanding everything it was chilling. Cold. Frightening. Eerie.After having finished reading it, I just want to wrap myself up in a fuzzy blanket and get a cup of tea. It doesn't matter that I didn't fully comprehend what it was about. My brain got the message I think. :)

    7. Chilling. Creepy. Cold. So cold. Shrouded in mystery. You really don't know what is going on, why the meeting, and yet it you're so drawn in despite that. The feeling of cold, the niggling of something sinister afoot, the hint of violence, of cruelty, it's all there setting you edge. And I am okay with all of it.

    8. “I didn’t breathe,” said Miss Erish. “Underneath those cold waters of the Great River, how could I? " I have no idea what I just read, but I know it was terrifying. Chills Everything about this is cold. I want to put on an extra sweater. What does Miss Erish want? What do any of them want??Read it yourself (then tell me what it all means): tor/2016/01/20/the-car

    9. This one was delightfully vague and thought provoking. I was inspired to read it after seeing karen's review. But don't read her 'spoilers' until after you read the short. You can come up with your own theories that way.

    10. I loved the unsettling atmosphere of this short story, the creeping tension and vague plot reminded me of a David Lynch film. And as with a David Lynch movie despite having no idea what happened I really enjoyed it.

    11. Very creepy and well written. I was sitting at the edge of my seat and having chills down my spine as I read it.But since I don't understand it all, I found the ending quite unsatisfactory.

    12. This was incredibly haunting, yet fascinatingly vague. We leave the story without being sure what it is about, but the atmosphere beneath it all is still enough to make it a worthwhile read.At first I wondered if the author was trying to create an allegory to vice and the dependency it causes, with Miss Erish working as the physical embodiment of that unhealthy relationship, but it just seems too easy.I still have no idea what this is, but it is definitely worth the read. You can read it here.

    13. The Caretakers is very successful at creating an impeding sense of doom. The characters have all gathered at a hotel for what seems like an important meeting that quickly goes awry. What this meeting is about, and what exactly went wrong? Readers have no idea really! There are some inferences one can make, but too little has been left to the imagination, leaving that final note of dread manifested conspicuously absent.

    14. I really liked the writing and that's why I gave it three stars. I don't really get any story from this short but there could be meanings hidden between words somehow that I don't really feel like digging around for.

    15. You know when you think you've worked out the twist way ahead of time? When you call it wrong, it makes the whole thing even creepier. A cleverly insidious little story.

    16. A curious book. Eerie and unsettling. Well written without a doubt but as I'm not sure the point and don't understand it I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

    17. "Amy’s voice sounded very small and much younger than Evelyn knew her to be. She was not a child, not really, but she was inhabiting one, perhaps remembering those nights when she lay awake in a cold bed, with emptiness gnawing like a rat in her belly… in a home where the only notion of escape was intertwined with death, where hope was death because that was how poverty was for a child"…Let's just say again that it's an another OK short story for me. Though judging by its cover and when I [...]

    18. Strange and atmospheric, but didn't give me a strong sense of story. Too much was elided. I'll have to read it again to figure it out, but I'm not sure I want to.

    19. I'm only giving this short 3 stars because this was quite a good story all the way up until that ending I'm just going to say it What the fuck?? I mean really! Could you not give the reader just a little something more? Sorry but for me this was a big buildup to a total letdown. Way too many things left unanswered. That just sucks!

    20. I liked it but it is definitely strange and unsettling. I was looking for the creepy atmosphere others had talked about in their reviews and about half way through I realized the true horror of the characters' situation.

    21. The tone felt like there could be a fantastical explanation, but it's left too mysterious to tell. Love the cover art by Greg Ruth!

    22. A group of people has been called in by the person that helped them over the years. Her behavior is very unreasonable, intimidating, and peculiar, but there are consequences to sever tie with her.

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