First Kill

How do you kill with honor When is murder not a murder In First Kill , assassin Kiam Miar will find out when his first assignment goes awry and he is faced with an ethical choice as if assassins could have ethics.And if he makes the wrong choice, he could not only lose his life but throw a good chunk of his world into chaos
First Kill How do you kill with honor When is murder not a murder In First Kill assassin Kiam Miar will find out when his first assignment goes awry and he is faced with an ethical choice as if assassins could

  • Title: First Kill
  • Author: Jennifer Fallon
  • ISBN: 9780765387455
  • Page: 447
  • Format: ebook
  • First Kill Jul , Directed by Steven C Miller With Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen, Ty Shelton, Megan Leonard A Wall Street broker is forced to evade a police chief investigating a bank robbery as he attempts to recover the stolen money in exchange for his son s life. First Kill Rotten Tomatoes First Kill is a clunker its first and only casualty is the audience s common sense Audience Reviews for First Kill There are no featured reviews for First Kill at this time. First Kill film Watch First Kill Full Movie Online for Free in HD Jul , First Kill Watch Online in Full length Watch First Kill Online In First Kill, A Wall Street broker is forced to evade a police chief investigating a bank robbery as he attempts to recover the stolen money in exchange for his son s life This movie was released in the year . First Kill Bruce Willis, Hayden Christiansen First Kill isn t quite up to that norm there are quite a few plot holes, and Bruce isn t even exactly Bruce any tired middle aged actor could play this simple role The flick is entertaining enough, but nothing you will ever think about again, let alone recommend. First Kill Review Hollywood Reporter Hayden Christensen and Bruce Willis star in Steven C Miller s thriller about a father and young son who encounter bank robbers while on a hunting trip First Kill marks the third collaboration

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    1. A very entertaining short story about an assassination assignment. This story is in the same universe with Wolfblade by the same author. I haven't read the book itself, but the story mentioning the names of characters of the book and Wolfblade word.As on other review, I have concern with the mugging at the near end of the story. If only the author could make it more believable, I would rate this short story 5 star for entertaining value. I understand if some readers have concern on that scene. ( [...]

    2. 3.5 stars for this fantasy short story, free here on Tor. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:A young man, Kiam Miar, who has been trained for some years as an assassin (a respectable profession in this world) is sent to the port city of Calavandra on his first assignment. Because it is a test, he knows it will be a tricky one; he also knows that he’ll be supervised by an experienced assassin in his guild, who will speedily kill him if he fails in his mission.What he didn’t init [...]

    3. Where he might find Sofya the Siren was disturbingly easy to discover. Kiam merely asked the innkeeper where he took a room if the man had ever heard of her.“Everyone has heard of her,” the jovial Calavandran chuckled. “She usually hangs out at the Bull’s Balls.”“You have a tavern called the Bull’s Balls?”“Doesn’t everywhere?”review to comead it for yourself here:tor/2016/01/26/first-k

    4. "Killing is not the same as murder."An entertaining, fast-paced fantasy novella about an assassin who struggles with his first kill. The world-building is very efficient; the story is set in a larger universe but is still easy to follow.Some points are unexplained, such as why is being an assassin a respectable occupation in this world? The main character, Kiam, has a heart and morality and doesn't like to blindly follow orders, but then how does he reconcile this with his job, where he is expec [...]

    5. This was a nice short story. For anyone interested, you can read it for free *here*.The story is about Kiam Miar, a young man trained to be an assassin (yes, this is a "job" and a respectable one, too, in this world). As his final test, he is sent on a supervised mission - if he fails, he will be killed immediately by his supervisor.However, a few things go wrong, like (view spoiler)[his target being a whore but also the member of a powerful family (posing the question why she became a whore in [...]

    6. Completely loved this one! I think the MC and the world are fascinating and I want to read more. Worth the read. 5 stars.

    7. This was an interesting and, quite, fast read.In the first place I was convinced by the writing and, in the second, the whole ideea of the story was neatly wrapped up. In the end, the wining of the day is that I discovered a new (but experienced and with books published)author that maybe writes good fantasy and that I must check furthermore into.

    8. I must have been living under a rock, because I only just found out this existed! I've already read The Lyre Thief, so this novella doesn't have the 'teaser' element for me, but it was good to learn more about the swoon-worthy Kiam Miar all the same. This brief novella (?short story), takes place some time before the events inThe Lyre Thief , and introduces us to assassin Kiam Miar as he completes his first kill. Miar is an assassin with morals and ethics, and is not out to start his body count [...]

    9. I have never read any of Fallon's fantasy series, but I was able to appreciate First Kill with no per-existing knowledge of its universe. This is a hard skill to master with short stories: pleasing both new and returning readers. First Kill is about an apprentice assassin being sent on his first kill. He discovers that his target is his old childhood love, and realises that something strange is going on when she doesn't recognise him. Kiam then jeopardises his future career and life to discover [...]

    10. Dün gece bitirdiğim bu kitap hakkında "Çok temiz bir başlangıç, güzel bir bitiş" diye beylik laflar edecektim ki, kitabın hepi topu 30 sayfa olduğunu hatırlayınca dedim Kimra yine başlama.Kitabı okumamın tek nedeni, kapakta bir Tommy Arnold şaheseri görmüş olmamdı. Sırf Tom kapak yapsın diye kitap yazarım be! Çalışmalarını sevdiğim, ah.Neyse dediğim gibi güzeldi, okuduğuma pişman olmadım. - 30 sayfada insan nasıl pişman olur allasen Kimra?+ İç ses, sen sus. [...]

    11. 3.5 ⭐️ Very well written classic fantasy short story. Not quite my sweet spot, but very good piece of writing anyway

    12. First Kill by Jennifer Fallon is set in the same world as the Hythrun Chronicles, the Demon Child trilogy and The Lyre Thief. It features Kiam Miar, an assassin who is one of the main characters in The Lyre Thief. This story, like the title suggests, is about the young assassin's first — graduation — kill. As far as I can it's set before the events at the end of the Demon Child trilogy, but you don't have read any of Fallon's books for this story to make sense. That said, if you have read Th [...]

    13. "Killing is not the same as murder.”Nice. Straight-forward medieval-ism short story. Quick, effective world building. We've all read enough fantasy to recognize the givens, preparing us for the twists. Inside the protagonist's head all the way. The stakes are high; a mistake means death; all is not what it seems.Good job. Nice cover art by Tommy Arnold

    14. First Kill ist quasi die Fortsetzung zu Jennifer Fallons Dämonkind-Reihe sowie den Huthrun Chroniken, bzw. ein Zwischenspiel zwischen beiden Reihen. Auch wenn es schon einige Jahre her ist, dass ich beide Buchreihen gelesen habe, ist es trotzdem eine Freude wieder in diese Welt einzutauchen. Leider ist First Kill ein bisschen zu kurz, aber trotzdem sehr schön geschrieben und da bekommt man gleich wieder Lust auf mehr. An sich war es jetzt das erste mal, dass ich Jennifer Fallon auf englisch ge [...]

    15. Quick little piece that clearly takes place inside a larger universe. The mess of fantasy names, geography, and complex family relationships was a struggle to understand in a story as short as this, but is probably (hopefully) better explained in her full-length novels.The writing is serviceable, sufficient to move the plot along without being memorable. Descriptions are a bit cliched, e.g. "dark skins glistening in the heat of the midday sun".I'll read more of Fallon if I get the chance, but my [...]

    16. An enjoyable short storySo short, it can literally be read in one bathroom sitting, and certainly left me wishing to read more about Kalon Miar. An enjoyable story despite its length.

    17. Novelle uit de Hythrun Chonicles, dus maar een dun boekje over Kiam Miar en hoe hij bij het Assassins Guild is aangenomen.

    18. I'm always up for a Jennifer Fallon story. This one fits nicely in her Wolfblade Trilogy. Definitely read her Medalon/Wolfblade books first as this is not a stand alone.

    19. Fallon's short story about an novice assassin who has to pass his final test by having to kill a person he once knew is quite expansive for a short story. In its 29-page length, it manages to have decent world-building (or lets you fill in details yourself by drawing on fantasy tropes) AND an engaging fast-paced plot. Since reading this short story, I have learned that it is part of a larger series, but it doesn't rely on the world-building from that one. Back to the story - so Kiam is having a [...]

    20. An assassin’s first job is their most important. Followed, and judged by a mentor, there is no failure - only death. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you are related to or how rich your family is; if you want to pass the test, the rules are the same for everyone.Read thes tory online at this link:tor/2016/01/26/first-kOh boy, do I love that illustration from Tommy Arnold. Wait up… Fallon is an Aussie? Yew bewdie, mate.I assume this is set in a previous book world (she has a lot of works [...]

    21. What a great read! Although I'm not familiar with the worlds of Jennifer Fallon, this one story reminded me of some great RPG stories, definitely standard swords and sorcery stuff. I've a soft spot in my heart for thieves and assassins both, so of course my curiosity was piqued. The world building probably exists in other books, but there was enough in this one story for me to get a fair grasp of how it had evolved, and the character proved interesting to the end. I had the fortune of hearing ab [...]

    22. This is a short teaser story set in The Lyre Thief universe. It can be appreciated on its own as a stand-alone story.In First Kill, assassin Kiam Miar will find out when his first assignment goes awry and he is faced with an ethical choice…as if assassins could have ethics. And if he makes the wrong choice, he could not only lose his life but throw a good chunk of his world into chaos.Kudos to Tommy Arnold for the incredible cover!

    23. Somewhere out there, he knew, probably watching him even now as the ship docked, was the assassin charged with overseeing this final test. Kiam didn’t know if the man—or woman—would reveal himself at some point. He didn’t know if his mentor’s task was to help or hinder Kiam’s work.He just knew he’d been given this job to prove he had what it took. His first kill, which—assuming he passed the test—would mean he was a fully-fledged assassin.Oh, I liked this. I used to read this k [...]

    24. A really engaging short story that is certainly worth your time! As the name suggests, this is the first kill of a to-be assassin, who is, as you'll discover, in a ratherecarious position when he discovers just who his target is. You can read it at the following link : tor/2016/01/26/first-k

    25. Strange names I found hard to memorize. I got confused with the family ties, was on the edge of drawing a family tree to understand it. And I didn't like the demeanour of whores nibbling on ears, the killings and those "priests". Nice that the girl who was the protagonist's first love survived. Readable story, vivid descriptions, too vivid with the killings for me. "Like" would be too much said.

    26. Gorgeous artwork but middling story; too many place names and people names to keep track of in a short story, and the people speak like untalented actors reading wooden dialogue.Read it for yourself here:tor/2016/01/26/first-k

    27. The conclusion felt off to me. At first I thought this might be a series to check out, but I think I'll pass. Nice cover art by Tommy Arnold.

    28. This book was similar to Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – which i LOVED – if not more mature. Great short story.

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