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  1. How do “almost” empty nesters try to rekindle the flame? When Josie and Carson Sandberg send their children off to be with their grandparents, they attempt to surprise each other by picking the old spots and activities that sparked their first romance. But fate is working against them every step of the way—and sometimes in very amusing ways.Will they be able to discover old fantasies, resurrect old desires and romantically reconnect? Will they be able to surprise each other?I received an A [...]

  2. Second Honeymoon!When their twin boys go on a weeklong trip with grandparents, Josie and Carson are left with a letter and a candy heart that says Surprise Me. Carson plans a nice romantic dinner and Josie dusts off the sexy clothes in the back of her closet and drawers. Carson is pleasantly surprised when she meets him at the restaurant. He informs her he has booked them at a romantic island getaway and Josie is relieved to hear that. Both had been like ships passing in the night and they hadn [...]

  3. Review Courtesy of April HollingworthOkay so where do I start. This book was hilarious, sexy, brilliant. You also felt mortified and frankly in awe of the couple. A wonderful fun filled book with a simple reminder to keep the spark in your relationship alive, simply by surprising you. Full of laughter and spice. A wonderful read.The Review:Josie and Carson Sandberg are on the cusp of being empty-nesters. With a cross-country move and Carson's busy work schedule, there hasn't been much time to co [...]

  4. This sizzling tale of one couple adding spice back into their marriage is fast, fun, and full of laughs. They might be married with kids, but the heat level reaches scorching as the pair surprises each other and themselves with their sexual explorations.Anita Kidesu writes sizzling scenes with passion and feeling, taking the reader along on one misadventure after another, all of which the couple take in stride, never losing their love for one another. She also leaves open the possibility of revi [...]

  5. I’m always a sucker for the older heroes and heroines who still have that spark in their eyes, and lilt in their step. When they come as an already-married, package deal, it’s even better.Add to that the spicier side of romance and you get the makings of a great story. It also helps that, once they explore their wilder side, things don’t go as smoothly as you’d think.Can this long-married couple make it onto the same page and restore their love for one another? Author Anita Kidesu proves [...]

  6. Despite a recent move, Josie and her husband, Carson are in a rut. With a little help form Carson’s parents watching their kids and a suggestive candy heart message, the two set off on a vacation hoping to surprise each other along the way. Hilarity ensues as Josie and Carson rekindle not only their love, but their wilder sides and learn new ways to spice up their marriage.I love this premise and laughed out loud, great read!

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