Crystal Soldier

Centuries in the past, mankind fought a seemingly unbeatable adversary from sector to sector across the Spiral Arm until the war ground to a standstill and the Enemy withdrew Believing that they had won, the citizens of the galaxy rebuilt The Inner Worlds, which had escaped the worst of the war s ravages, became even insular, while the Rim worlds adopted a free andCenturies in the past, mankind fought a seemingly unbeatable adversary from sector to sector across the Spiral Arm until the war ground to a standstill and the Enemy withdrew Believing that they had won, the citizens of the galaxy rebuilt The Inner Worlds, which had escaped the worst of the war s ravages, became even insular, while the Rim worlds adopted a free and easy way with law and order Now, hundreds of years after their withdrawal, the Enemy is back and this time they ll be satisfied with nothing less than the extinction of the galaxy.
Crystal Soldier Centuries in the past mankind fought a seemingly unbeatable adversary from sector to sector across the Spiral Arm until the war ground to a standstill and the Enemy withdrew Believing that they had w

  • Title: Crystal Soldier
  • Author: Sharon Lee Steve Miller
  • ISBN: 9780441014873
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. I was looking for something like Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Series, which I came to love. (See Barrayar, for one example.) The Liaden Universe series fit the bill well enough. This is a fun space-opera series. It's interesting, and occasionally profound. Crystal Soldier is set at the chronological beginning of the Liaden Universe series, but written long after the series began. I recommend the series for its mix of characterization, romance, cultural and linguistic insights, humor, battle [...]

    2. Excellent read. I love the Liaden Universe books. The Liaden Universe is strongly drawn and the details are consistently well thought-out. The books have action, suspense, romance and characters you really care about. The hero and heroine of Crystal Dragon and Crystal Soldier are Cantra and Jela, both people you would like to know and definitely people you would want on YOUR side in any disagreement. In my opinion, though, neither is really the best place to start the series even though chronolo [...]

    3. Re-Read: August 2013 - with every iteration I gain an even deeper appreciation for the Liaden Universe. I loved this book. Love the characters; Jela, Jela's tree, Cantra, Rool and his lady. AwesomeReview updated: Feb. 23/124.5/5; 5 stars; I enjoyed the adventuring and excitement of this tale. Having read Liaden Universe books set in the future, I found it helpful to read this book and learn some of the history of the great wars in the universe, the 'designed' humans, DNA manipulation, psychic po [...]

    4. I want to say either I liked this book or I disliked it, but really, it was just pretty bland, and had neither any Big Ideas nor characters memorable enough to leave an impression. Filled the time but left me with no desire to read the rest of the 11+ book series. Evidently, this book introduces plots and characters who recur throughout the series and is something of a prequel.The Shereika want to wipe out all life in the universe, and humanity is fighting a losing war against them. Humankind ha [...]

    5. Fans of the Liaden books will have bought this sight unseen. New readers, especially who like space opera, could begin with this one because at last we have the ur-story.It begins with a sure, deceptively gentle pace. M. Jela Granthor’s Guard (there is a reason for the odd name) is alone on a planet after a crash landing, with enough supplies to survive a short time. As he follows a line of dead trees down toward what once was an ocean, he reviews his situation: shot down in the on-going war a [...]

    6. 4.5/5; 5 stars; AThis time I listened to the audiobook from Audible. Kevin T. Collins was the narrator and he did a fantastic job. I put off listening to this book because I had a bad experience with this narrator and, in fact, hated his narration of Trade Secret so much that I returned the book.He did a great job on this book. I love the expansive world building and the interesting back story in this duology. As much as I loved reading about Val Con and company from later books, its so much fun [...]

    7. Super slow start, at least to me, then about a 1/3 of the way in, everything started getting exciting. I'm planning on reading the rest of the series, which appears to be huge.Jela crash lands on a planet that's been stripped and comes across a tree that's barely alive. He's on his last leg and somehow the tree not only communicates to him with images it helps to save him. Jela promises he'll take the tree with him to help it survive. He's rescued with the tree, given a super secret assignment, [...]

    8. Well, you can't win them all. I just finished a string of good reads and picked this one up based on recommendations.It started out fairbut it had to strain apparently to remain fair and at last it just got to be too much for it. It then collapsed into poor and finally into boring.The best way I can come up with is to describe this one is "airy-fairy". What opens as a military survival story descends into a long running weak look at a philosophical situation/problemIt got to be more than I could [...]

    9. ORIGINAL READ: 9/10 (13 May 2005 - 20 May 2005)A few hundred years ago humanity fought a great war against an implacable Enemy. That Enemy then withdrew and most believed they were gone. Unfortunately, this is not true; they were only biding their time and building their strength and plans. Now they are returning. Jela is a soldier, specifically bred and trained to fight the Enemy. As the book begins, he is forced down during a space battle and finds himself stranded on a harsh, desert planet. H [...]

    10. Billed as deep background to the other Liaden books, this is full of aha! moments for the Liaden fan. Bioengineered solder M Jela Granthor's Guard crash-lands on an alien planet where the last sentient tree has withstood Enemy attack. When Jela and his Commander realize that the mysterious Enemy is now completely obliterating entire star systems without warning, he is catapulted into a web of intrigue in which his destiny becomes entwined with the tree he rescues, bioengineered slaves and their [...]

    11. While it had its moments, the pacing was uneven, and a lot was left unexplained. The beginning dragged, though the main character is likable. Part two, when his female counterpart is introduced, picks up, especially when things blow up and our characters are running through a firefight carrying a tree. Yep, that's right! Wouldn't want to leave your tree behind when you're running for your life! Basically, that's what kept me reading. You've got to like the tree. Ends inconclusively, priming you [...]

    12. I am a happy camper. I just picked up all of the books in the Liaden series for my Kindle from Baen Books website. Started reading in chronological order, this being the first in that fashion.Events are always moving forward, and enough time is spent in space to keep me happy. I love (love!) seeing the origin of the Clan Korval tree. This is a fun, easy to read series.

    13. First, although has this listed as the first book of the Liaden Universe series, it probably wasn't a good choice for my first read in the series. Although this book apparently takes place earlier than other books, it's not the first book written in the series. I had the feeling throughout that I was missing information which I assume I would have gathered from reading in publication order. I get the impression this is trying to establish how the entire universe of the series began.A soldier in [...]

    14. As far as the characters and plot go, Crystal Soldier isn't as good as the rest of the series but I'm really liking the Liaden pre-history. The series has entire families known for producing pilots, or producing shopkeepers/tradesmen/merchants, etc. And it's pretty clear that they have more of a genetic specialization than we do - faster reflexes for pilots, etc - and some of that was explainable through selective breeding since generally families of one trade will only have children with other [...]

    15. This is the first book in the Great Migration Duology (Crystal Dragon is the second). This review goes for both books.Although I am decidedly on the internal chronology side of the Reading Order Spectrum, I’d recommend reading these dead last. They deal with Jela, Cantra, and the tree, in the most part, but they also contain a dizzying array of cameos which will only be recogniseable if you’ve read the rest of the Liaden books first (I'd recommend starting with either Local Custom or Conflic [...]

    16. This was the first Liaden Universe book I read. I'm glad I stumbled on it first. Some reviewers have said that it starts slow. From my point of view it starts by completely pulling me into a place with all five senses. After I'm there I want to know more about the story that starts there. I've found this book and it's sequel Crystal Dragon important to getting all the nuances in the rest of the series.

    17. Having previously read all of the other Liaden books, coming back to this felt like reading about people who I knew existed, and who had led exciting lives. Reading this was like reading about ancestors as I've come to know and love the Korval clan in all the other stories. I would have liked more explanation of how the Yxtrang came to be, and I'm still unclear as to what happened when they switched universes why didn't the Iloheen just follow them?

    18. The book that introduces us to the origin of the characters and the universe that the epic Sci-fi Liaden series expands from. One of the best Sci-fi series ever, and one of my top 10 series of any kind. You will love the whole series. I promise! Re-read 4/16/16 - So very good, Lee and Miller are so very good at creating, and conveying a whole universe, cultures, and characters. Superb!

    19. The Liaden universe is, as always, fascinating. The authors' unfortunate inability to figure out where to end the novel (about 2 chapters before they ended would have been best) was the main trouble. Despite their wide number of publications, they continue to have this difficulty in many of their books, and I continue to read them anyway because everything else about their work is so excellent.

    20. Loved book one in the The Migration Duology. Can't wait to read part two. Here are my general thoughts of The Liaden Universe on my blog Thank the Maker girlsguidetoscifi/

    21. I enjoyed the story! It explained quite a bit of what was written before, such as the luck of Korval. I found it interesting that the dramliza were made by the sheriekas!

    22. Loved seeing more of the tree. Such a good read. Vivid and detailed world building, engaging complex, WELL THOUGHT OUT characters. Not a one TSTL.

    23. Crystal Soldier started off a bit slowly for my taste. The main character was alone and delirious. Things picked up once he was back with other people. The world building was done very slowly, which I felt worked with the plot. It seemed like Jela was off on a mystery and the world as a whole felt very mysterious. We pick up various other party members - a possibly sentient tree, a smuggler and a slave. After that things get lost a bit. Jela arguably has the most interesting plot line to follow. [...]

    24. I believe that the events in "Crystal Soldier" precede those in the other Liaden Universe books, yet it was far from the first to be written, nor would I recommend it as a starting point for new readers. Although the book opens with a protagonist in peril, that protagonist initially held my interest less for his own merits than for his connection to events in later books. (A connection I immediately inferred from his name.) The eighth chapter introduces a second protagonist, whose name was also [...]

    25. I read this book after finding several of Lee and Miller's later books in a bookshop. So going back to this when I found it and its sequel, Crystal Soldier, I was a bit reluctant. But the stories are background to the Liaden Universe novels and were done so well, I was immediately in the moment. Beautiful stories of a man stranded on a desolate planet, his saving of one the planet's last soldiers, his rescue, and his finding a difficult love, and an end and a beginning. Up to this date, I have r [...]

    26. I first got interested in this book by listening to the free sample from audio books. The sample ends with the soldier talking to his tree on the transport ship. It leaves you wondering what happened to the tree. After listening to this sample over and over again and checking the book out of the library, I finally bought the ebook/ audiobook combination.

    27. I really enjoyed this, but I felt like I missed the significance of a lot of things, because it's a prequel to a long standing series. I'm going to start reading in publication order for a better understanding, instead.

    28. Very Good story-not 5 stars, because it does not have an ending- have to read the next book. But still the story and writing are Very Good! 4.5 stars

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