Belichick and Brady: Two Men, the Patriots, and How They Revolutionized Football

New York Times bestselling sportswriter Michael Holley takes readers behind the scenes of the relationship that transformed the Patriots from a middling franchise to the envy of the NFL No head coach quarterback pair has been successful in NFL history than Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots They have won four Super Bowls, six AFC championshipNew York Times bestselling sportswriter Michael Holley takes readers behind the scenes of the relationship that transformed the Patriots from a middling franchise to the envy of the NFL No head coach quarterback pair has been successful in NFL history than Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots They have won four Super Bowls, six AFC championships, and thirteen division titles And now Holley takes us inside their relationship, dissecting how these men and their team came to dominate football Belichick, a genius as a defensive coordinator, had been a five year flop as head coach of the Cleveland Browns Upon his controversial arrival in Foxboro, though, he quickly began to remake the team at every level scouts, coaches, and players His bold, calculated approach had fans up in arms, sportswriters questioning his intelligence, and players wondering how long they would last on the team Meanwhile, buried down in the 2000 NFL draft, the 199th overall pick was a skinny kid from the University of Michigan named Tom Brady who many scouts thought would never succeed at a professional level The lowest of the four quarterbacks on the team s depth chart, he appeard to be just one of the guys Like Belichick, though, he lived for football, and he knew the playbook as well as Drew Bledsoe, the franchise quarterback And when Bledsoe was injured in 2001, Brady took the job and vowed to never give it back The handsome Brady became a star, wearing hand tailored suits, appearing in movies and on magazine covers, and marrying a supermodel Belichick, with his trademark cut off hoodies, was the opposite of a fashion plate Together, the odd couple somehow rose above controversies and tragedies Draft picks were lost, suspensions given, lawsuits filed As their legends have grown, so have their critics, with some of those critics operating from NFL headquarters Despite that, with Belichick s deft and brilliant strategy in the draft year in year out and Brady s exacting decision making on the field, the Patriots cultivated an atmosphere of success and won a stunning 75 percent of their games together Respected and reviled, Belichick and Brady have set the bar high for excellence in a league designed for parity They have rarely been understood Until now Based on dozens of interviews with former and current players, coaches, and executives, Belichick and Brady is an eye opening look at the minds, motives, and wild ambitions of two men who have left an indelible mark on the game of football.
Belichick and Brady Two Men the Patriots and How They Revolutionized Football New York Times bestselling sportswriter Michael Holley takes readers behind the scenes of the relationship that transformed the Patriots from a middling franchise to the envy of the NFL No head coach

  • Title: Belichick and Brady: Two Men, the Patriots, and How They Revolutionized Football
  • Author: Michael Holley
  • ISBN: 9780316266918
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I loved the book: found out some many things about the two as well as the Patriots. I'm a Pats fan and I'll say I was shocked when I heard Belichick's humor. I recommend the book to Atlanta Falcons fans; there might be some things about how we beat them Great book!!

    2. Belichick and Brady by Michael Holley is a very good book to read if you are interested in sports. It goes beyond the field with football's greatest and winningest coach and quarterback duo. This book also contains deflate gate, and I highly recommend it if you like football or even history.

    3. Holley, Michael. Belichick and Brady: two men, the Patriots and how they revolutionized football. New York: Hachette Books, 2016.Before I begin this review, I need to issue a couple of disclaimers:1. I am a diehard. I love my New England Patriots and have loved my New England Patriots since I started watching football in the mid-nineties. I am that person that you wish would leave the bar because I am so passionate and loud when I watch a game. I also just enjoy the NFL. I will watch a game even [...]

    4. Given the title, it should not be surprising that this book is really a paean to the Patriots' long-time coach and his dutiful quarterback. Focusing mostly on the Superbowl and League champion years the two men have shared, the book also deals with the scandals surrounding the team, notably Deflategate, and the author defends his subjects with no pretense of impartiality.The writing itself is rather choppy and lacks the sort of narrative flow I admire in good non-fiction. It's not unreadable tho [...]

    5. This is really more of a history of the Patriots from 2000-2016 than a review of how Belichick and Brady "revolutionized football." The interviews with players past and present were interesting (though, oddly, there didn't seem to be any direct interviews with either B or B), as was the insight into Belichick's drafting process and the team's game preparations. As a Patriots fan, I have to admit that I enjoyed it, but it is obvious that the author is flagrantly biased in favor of my team.

    6. This is a win review. This is a very good book about the dynamics of football. It is a behind the scenes look at the relationship of the coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. They have won the the Super Bowl 4 times. This is a great book for a football fans.

    7. Must reading for Pats fans. Many anecdotes I'd never heard before. Very honest covering of Belichick, Brady, the team, and it's legacy. I couldn't put it down.

    8. Belichick and Bradyby Michael Holley3.6 of 5.0 starsOh wow. I read this book because I so wanted to have a different view of these two. These two egotistical and so, so charmed humans. Who barely seem humans. Like they've sold their souls to to whatever it might be that will give you a lucky, easy path in life. No, no, no. That is not fair. They work. And they CHEAT. I thought I'd learn that they were not cheaters. But the author is a fan it seems. And there was barely a negative word spoken in [...]

    9. I'm really not into pro football that much. The Patriots would have to be one of my least favorite teams. So, why would I read this book? Because I won it on Giveaway and I love biographies of almost anyone who is successful. The late great philosopher Jerry Clower use to describe football as nothing more than 22 men fighting over a bag of zipped up air. Well, love them or hate them, Belichick and Brady are two of the GOATs in their own way of fighting over that bag of zipped up air. Well, a lo [...]

    10. Yes i am a Patriots fan. Yes i am a Brady fan. Yes i am a Belichick fan.Am i biased? Probablyis book was a wonderful behind the scenes look at the history i lived through. It reveals some information i did not know at the time it was happening. It is a great read for Patriots fans and football fans in general.It shows how people jump to conclusions and dont want to do their full job when it comes to media sensationalism. I dont know how some of those reporters still have jobs.It also shows Goode [...]

    11. Michael Holley has always covered Boston sports with a great deal of information. For those who know him this is a great example of why he has gotten so far. He does his homework and has his facts lined up. While that does make him both entertaining and enjoyable it doesn't always make him compelling. For those of us who know him a lot of this is stuff that we already know and, in fact, seems to come off as a rewrite of some of his previous articles. Granted it's very well written and Holley kno [...]

    12. The is the third Michael Holley book I've read on the Patriots. This one covers through the 2015 season (and their stunning Super Bowl victory over Seattle) along with most of the ball deflating story, though all of this had not played out when the book went to press. Still it was quite interesting to see both of these men grow and respect one another, while other players come and go, and various ills befell the team which most New Englanders love, while most of the rest of the country hates. Th [...]

    13. Belichick and Brady is a comprehensive look at the history of the New England Patriots from the time Belichick joined the team as Head Coach through the present.The book bills itself as how the two revolutionized football but I feel that component is ultimately missing here. There's no real interviews with Brady or Belichick that hasn't been dissected thoroughly elsewhere or a deep look at how the NFL has changed by their absolute dominance.Otherwise though, decent history of the team over the l [...]

    14. One wonders why he chose to publish this book now (well, before last year and then add an epilogue about last year's season) when both men are still playing/coaching. Already this year there was a lot of drama about Brady's backup getting traded, a scathing ESPN report about the team coming apart behind the scenes, and as of today they will be playing in the Super Bowl again. Realistically one or both of them could be gone as soon as next year and definitely within 3 years. Maybe wait until then [...]

    15. I love Michael Holley's style of writing. He weaves a tight narrative with interesting details and turns of phrases that resonate. I really enjoyed reliving the past 15 years of Patriots - and Boston - history. So many times I was reminded of plays or incidents or interviews from the past and was instantly brought back to that moment. It's a great book for a Patriots fan. Perhaps the future printings will include an epilogue detailing the 2016 Super Bowl victory - for ring #5?

    16. Michael Holley makes the 2-point conversion with this, his 3rd Patriots-themed book. The title states it best: Two men, the Patriots, and How They Revolutionized Football. I read the soft-cover version, which contains an epilogue about their most recent Super Bowl. It's simply amazing what they can do, even under adverse conditions.

    17. This is an insightful look into the business side of the NFL and the New England Patriots. The narrative is readable for even a non football fan. The brief accounts of past seasons celebrates the amazing accomplishments of a franchise that won super bowl after super bowl with different athletes but the same coach and quarterback.

    18. For any New England sports fans, or football fans in general, this book is for you. It dives deep into the success of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. It has amazing details about how these men became the best at what they do, and how they stay at the top. I really enjoyed this book, and had a good time reading it.

    19. The first couple of chapters were great, but then it sort of bogged down. I thought it would have more about the coach-player relationship, and the psychology of coaching. Still, it was a good read to complete before the SuperBowl and the Patriot's unbelievable win!

    20. This was my favorite of the three books I read. I say this even though I am biased, but the book really goes into depth about the underlying stories between Brady and Belichick. These two have incredible stories on their own and together, and the book highlights their best moments.

    21. Must read for patriots fansAuthor did a great job laying out the full story off all the media nonsense spread about the patriots. Depressing in a way but also inspiring, the good guy does sometimes win and really all that matters is that u know who u are

    22. Awesome summary of the Patriots dynasty from the year 2000 until 2016. Holley digs deep into the history of the Patriots and scores interviews with so many of the players, past and present. Even sweeter that I read this a few days before their Super Bowl LI win!

    23. This was a truly fascinating book about what it takes to be a winner in the NFL. I would definitely recommend this to any fan of the sport or team.

    24. I found the sequence of individual events to be somewhat confusing and it would have been even more difficult to follow had I not already been familiar with the events

    25. Read the first half and enjoyed it. The second half descended more into the politics of football which wasn't of such interest.

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