Suck Less: Where There's A Willam, There's A Way

The only lie told often than No, that looks totally cute on you and I got AIDS through oral is It gets better Well, a lotta times it don t Sometimes it just sucks less But I promise you where there s a Willam, there s a way.But this isn t all about me for once It s about you and how you can SUCK LESS at a variety of things drag queens are so much better aThe only lie told often than No, that looks totally cute on you and I got AIDS through oral is It gets better Well, a lotta times it don t Sometimes it just sucks less But I promise you where there s a Willam, there s a way.But this isn t all about me for once It s about you and how you can SUCK LESS at a variety of things drag queens are so much better at than the average person I ve got clap backs and life hacks and tips on classing up a simple grab and run lifting spree to the much dignified act of larceny Super important life stuff with my own special, secret fag swag sauce So welcome to Willam s School of Bitchcraft and Wiggotry Class is in session With a foreword from Neil Patrick Harris.
Suck Less Where There s A Willam There s A Way The only lie told often than No that looks totally cute on you and I got AIDS through oral is It gets better Well a lotta times it don t Sometimes it just sucks less But I promise you where there s

  • Title: Suck Less: Where There's A Willam, There's A Way
  • Author: Willam Belli
  • ISBN: 9781455566198
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This a fun and quick read. If you like RuPaul's Drag Race, drag queens, Willam, or all of the above or any combonation thereof, then you'll like this book. It has Willam's sense of humor (though it doesn't translate 100% just because it's in a text format), the pictures are either really stunning or really funny (or both). The genuine tips also seem like they could be really helpful (excet for the ones on skin care because I have amazing skin, but not everyone can be as fortune as I ;) ). Over a [...]

    2. I received this book through in exchange for an honest review. This was in no way a bad book. It was filled with hilarious/beautiful pictures, some good advice, and some pretty humorous jokes.The pictures are really helpful for the tutorials (makeup, hair) and also are beautiful/weird/fun/humorous/sexy to look at. Belli's style is very cool and the pictures really enhance the book. Having said that, there is nudity, so if that offends you, you may want to consider another book. However, if you [...]

    3. Picked this up because I have to support my favorite Drag Race queen of all time, and also this election season has basically murdered my brain and mood and I needed an escape.Gotta be honest -- if you've ever slipped into a YouTube k-hole and watched way too many of Willam's videos (me!), you've basically already read this book. There's nothing super new here, other than a few revealing glimpses into his personal life and marriage. You also kinda get the vibe that for whatever reason the editin [...]

    4. First of all: don't come here looking for RuPaul's Drag Race secrets. It's a comedy/advice book, not a tell-all. There is some shade and allusion to details, but nothing that will satisfy your hunger for backstage tea. That aside, this book is dirty, funny and also strangely inspiring. Willam is a successful businesswo/man who knows the value of hard work and can also teach you how to hide a bottle in your wig. I wasn't expecting this book to be so full of pictures, but I love looking at Willam [...]

    5. Willam, you are one shady bitch!!This book would have to be one of the most offensive, dirty, obscene and ridiculous I've ever readd I loved every damn page of it! Do not even attempt to read this book if you don't get Willam's unique sense of humour, you'll be shocked and horrified at how real she keeps it. Knee slappingly funny!It's like a John Waters movie in book form, only dirtier and more mean spirited. Pure filth of the highest calibre!

    6. It's brash and irreverent just like Willam herself! While I thought the bit on dieting might be problematic for some people who have eating disorders, I appreciated how open and honest, funny and what the hell am I actually reading on a page!?! this book was!

    7. How carol got her shit together10, 10, 10, TENS across the board. Amazing self help book, also a pretty good coloring book unless you have a kindle.

    8. Y’know how in the intro of Willam’s Beatdown he says “you’re doing that wrong”? This is basically a how-to on how to not do that wrong. Willam’s unique voice and comedy permeates every word of this book, and you don’t even need the audiobook because if you’re even familiar with Willam in the slightest, his voice will be running through your head the e n t i r e time. Suck Less covers everything from drag queen etiquette through to sucking dick and career advice, all peppered with [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. I got it as a gift for christmas from my friend when we went to see Willam perform in Dublin and he signed it which is pretty cool. The book itself is full of hillarious one liners, Willam humour and some advice that should be taken with a pinch of salt. Mostly while reading it feels like your just listening to Willam answering questions that you really want to ask him, with hunour included. If you like Willam or drag race then this is a must read for you. If you dont [...]

    10. While I had really high hopes that I would love this book, I left feeling more of a 'like' than anything else, but a large chunk of that was my own fault. I had been hoping for, and somewhat expecting, a more text driven endeavor but found myself instead with what could be summed up as 'Willam's Youtube' in book form. This isn't to say it wasn't entertaining because it certainly was, and it excelled in many ways at delivering what it set out to do, it just happens that that didn't match my expec [...]

    11. Oh my god this is honestly what I needed to read right now. Yes he talks about some sexual themes throughout the book, but it's not just that. There's so much you can take from this book that I think more people should be reading it. It was also pretty funny as Willam tends to be. 4.5 definitely.

    12. A quick read but very funny and fill deffo pick it up if bored to re-read sections. Reminded me weirdly of the 'Bart Simpson's guide to Life' I got for a present as a kidy with more talk of butt-chugging.

    13. I love this guilty hairless Artificially-Made man wonder who's about as shameless as that girl at Taco Bell who dips her acrylics in the burritos. Funny, hilarious and gloriously shameful. 3.75.

    14. Oh Willam I love you. I love how your drag is wonderful, honest, shoot from the hip, slightly buzzed from yesterday's high, and coated in sweat but also strategically placed glitter! This book is intended to be a primer for how to be a "better more interesting person who sucks less at different things". Each chapter is titled "suck less at ___" and it made for an extremely amusing audiobook. I decided to go audio with this on purpose - given my love of Willam's drag, his youtube show "Willam's B [...]

    15. I love drag queens, some say I may have an unhealthy obsession for them, but I don't care, I still love them. And right at the top of the pantheon of the great drag queens of history, there is Willam Belli, a divine creature of awesomeness that worked her ass off (quite possibly literally) to get to the top of the game and be the best she can be. I read this book as any true fan should and I was not disappointed, quite the contrary. Willam's humor is evident throughout the book and even when she [...]

    16. It started out great, learning how to do make up, some jokes, what vitamins are good for hair skin and nails, cool stuff that anyone can use. Then it seemed to get into throwing shade at a lot of people. Fat shaming, etc, just isn't cool in my book. Plus this is NOT a book to be read in public or that any youngster can see because there are penises in this bookd I'm not talking drawing I'm talking you get to see it all. A little disappointed as I liked to learn more and actually get a good story [...]

    17. If you truly were aching for a book in which drag queen Willam Belli writes an entire chapter to share his technique . . . with photos, no less . . . of how to pop a zit, welp! I guess this is the book for you!

    18. this book was the funniest, most honest, book when it comes to Drag and gay life. Don't take it so serious you can't function. It is all fun. best read of 2016!!

    19. This is probably the most entertaining, funny, candid, no-holds-barred life-coaching manual that I have ever been lucky enough to happen upon. It may be pitched towards drag culture but the advice and life hacks in this book is not lacking and is applicable to all! Yes, ALL! And it's f***ing hilarious. I implore everyone to go and buy this book or download it because it is the absolute bollocks. It's unapologetic filth and very good filth at that.Willam is laugh-out-loud funny. The comedic prowe [...]

    20. As far as celebrity memoirs/self-help books go, I found this one pretty enjoyable. Because of the self-help part it lacks some structure. Some chapters are better written and more focused than others. For some reason like most of these books, things take a dip towards the end as though it's written in order and by the end the writers were exhausted and half-assing it. I'm not sure if you'll learn too much from this book but it's still a fun read. For instance, you're not going to get much from t [...]

    21. If you're a Willam fan, this is a must-read! If you don't know who Willam is, you should check out some of his body of work first. Willam is an AMAZING drag queen. One of the funniest, one of the filthiest. Very clever, very sharp! Search for Willam on YouTube. That's W-I-L-L-A-M, no extra "I."SUCK LESS is Willamin book form. It's a hilarious "how-to" -covering everything from makeup tips to anal sex. He even low-key teaches you how to have an eating disorder. If you can't take a joke, don't tak [...]

    22. Loved the hell out of this audiobook and would easily listen to it again. 5+ hours of Willam's voice and the PDF file full of amazing photos gave me life and made me laugh out loud. But that being said, I wouldn't recommend this book to pretty much anyone under 16, or anyone who isn't already a fan of of Willam and/or Drag Race/queens. It's inappropriate and crude and has Willam's sense of humor all over it (as in, it's totally problematic at times but let's be serious, I'm not reading this drag [...]

    23. I am a huge fan of Willam. I understand her humor. I actively seek out her videos. I knew what I was getting into, but this was just bad. I know I am in the minority, but I didn't enjoy the book at all and it is a miracle that I made it through. If you are looking for self-help, which this book says it can provide, look elsewhere. If you are looking for poop and dick jokes sprinkled with fatphobia, transphobia, and just generally awful attitude towards everyone that wasn't even remotely funny, t [...]

    24. This book is everything I expected and more. Willam is more blunt than ever, tells you a lot about his life and the book never gets boring because nothing's too serious and everything's filled with humour which makes it really entertaining. Sadly, you won't learn what exactly Willam did on RPDR but if you can read between the lines, the book still gives you a lot of juicy bits about the show.The book's probably not suitable for people who think they're helping the world by getting offended by an [...]

    25. If you want to read this as an advice book, please don't. I did not go into reading this book because I wanted life advice but because a friend of mine - hi, Ahri! - told me this would be funny. Which it definitely was! This was more of a parody of an advice book and goddamned offensive, I'm telling you, I almost felt insulted from time to time.But it was a quick and entertaining read - I deducted one star for the chapters which I didn't find interesting at all, like Makeup and Hair, but otherwi [...]

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