Emotional Rescue: Essays on Love, Loss, and Life--With a Soundtrack

What songs have made up your life s soundtrack Which have captured your every mood and deepest sentiments Pop music, like no other form of entertainment or art, is capable of articulating our feelings, desires, joy, and pain In a few soul grabbing minutes, artists from every genre from Little Richard to Lou Reed, Willie Nelson to Wu Tang Clan, Sly and the Family Stone tWhat songs have made up your life s soundtrack Which have captured your every mood and deepest sentiments Pop music, like no other form of entertainment or art, is capable of articulating our feelings, desires, joy, and pain In a few soul grabbing minutes, artists from every genre from Little Richard to Lou Reed, Willie Nelson to Wu Tang Clan, Sly and the Family Stone to the Rolling Stones can help us understand our place in our own lives.This collection of short, sharp essays by New York Times bestselling author Ben Greenman Mo Meta Blues , organized around a thematic playlist of songs, serves as a reminder of the lyrical power of songwriting and the sonic ability of pop to capture the human experience Greenman s wit, insight, and honesty are as sweet and satisfying as the hits and the deep cuts at the center of each essay.
Emotional Rescue Essays on Love Loss and Life With a Soundtrack What songs have made up your life s soundtrack Which have captured your every mood and deepest sentiments Pop music like no other form of entertainment or art is capable of articulating our feelings

  • Title: Emotional Rescue: Essays on Love, Loss, and Life--With a Soundtrack
  • Author: Ben Greenman
  • ISBN: 9781522639114
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Audio CD
  • 1 thought on “Emotional Rescue: Essays on Love, Loss, and Life--With a Soundtrack”

    1. This is essentially a book of not very profound, or even very interesting thoughts inspired by popular songs. I don't know . . . maybe the book is not as bad as I think. I suppose it's possible that it just suffers in comparison with Old Records Never Die: One Man's Quest for His Vinyl and His Past, a much better title I read recently about the power of music over our lives. Nah - most other reviewers seem to agree with me; it is as bad as I think.Anyway, I really had to force myself to finish t [...]

    2. I love essays. I love music. I am a nerd about both of these things. Yet I found this book virtually unreadable. Boring beyond belief. Distant rather than connecting emotionally. Such disappointment!

    3. As far as I’m concerned, Ben Greenman might as well be talking to himself. Actually, as far as I’m concerned, Ben Greenman is talking to himself. Just as the author described a woman friend in Chapter 21, the essays in this book can be absolutely described as “prodigiously trivial”. And, my, all the little known songs mentioned! Reading it all was a bit like a slow death. Yes, paraphrasing one of the songs mentioned that I did know:“I've just got to get a message to you, hold on, hold [...]

    4. In this book, the author writes about various incidents in his life and the musical accompaniment. Music means a lot to me and there are many songs that remind me of places, times, people, and emotional turmoil or triumph. I get it. There were some bad reviews of this book, stating that the author was too self-absorbed and wrote too much about himself. Well, what else would he write about in a book that chronicles his own experiences and the songs he listened do during them? That's a silly criti [...]

    5. This was my July Kindle First selection. Unfortunately, it just didn't end up being interesting to me. It felt a lot like the author just googled every song with his theme words in the title and then stretched to make them fit into his chapters. His stories were all very similar and honestly did not make him seem like a likable or relatable person.

    6. This was a quick read, but I enjoyed it. Mostly because he applies the songs he discusses to events and conversations he has in his life the same way I do. I saw that a lot of the negative reviews were about the songs being obscure or ones readers had never heard of, but the essays are about life, not about the songs. So I don't think the fact I hadn't heard most of these songs had a negative effect on my reading experience. If you listen to music because the lyrics speak to you and help you und [...]

    7. This book was so terrible I couldn't force myself to make it more than 1/3 of the way through. It's basically a collection of short essays that clump together random songs that the author uses for inspiration to write about his boring, mundane life experiences and how they remind him of said songs. The biggest problem I have with this book is that the author comes off very pretentious and talks about the countless women he claims to have dated. Well, that and his stories are just boring. I often [...]

    8. This is pretty much a load of self-indulgent wank, which could have been called "I once dated a woman who" because it appeared that pretty much every story started that way.I was very happy that the last 23% was index, so I could stop reading this dull clap-trap.It did introduce me to, and remind me of a few good songs though, so there's that.

    9. I read about 25% and then quit. I hardly ever quit a book. This was not at all an insightful read, just lists of songs, some lyrics and lots of stories about Greenman being friends with girls. This could have gone so much deeper. Such a good premise and it was wasted. Glad it was free.

    10. Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy via Giveaways in exchange for an honest review.As the title indicates, this book is centered around music and how it relates to aspects of our lives. I like the setup for the chapters. Each one starts with a heading page introducing the topic(s), the next page lists music selections the writer associates with the topic, and then there is an essay about it. Sometimes the topics seemed loosely connected to the music selected, although I was not familiar with ma [...]

    11. This book has an attractive idea as a background. Pick several songs with a common topic and ponder about their lyrics or the momento in your life you listened to them. I am not a melomaniac as the author, but nonetheless the book made me wonder which songs have affected my life, well beyond the pop charts our adolescense is filled with. I enjoyed the book up to the middle of it. I even went ahead and created a Spotify playlist of all the songs that were mentioned and were available on the music [...]

    12. Reading this book was drudgery. I had to muscle my way through the entire thing and it's not even that long. The idea was an interesting one, which is why I decided to read it. The author created a collection of essays based on things he learned or lessons that applied to his life based on songs he had heard. My problem with these essays was that they were very rarely resolved to my mind nor were his conclusion very profound. I'm sorry to say that, but most of these essays left me very unsatisfi [...]

    13. Sorry to say this book was a bit of a clunker, too oriented toward the author's own life. The book needed meaningful insight into the singer/songwriters for tunes that may have been the soundtrack of his readers; lives, giving those readers a connection - however vague - to the artists and then perhaps to some degree to the author. In the process, it could/should have inspired the readers to conjure up their own memories with respect to particular songs.It didn't. Instead, it just inspired me to [...]

    14. I enjoyed the book well enough. However I have stopped reading it because I think it would be best as an audio book. That being said, I am waiting until I find it at my library or can request it to finish the book. I think audio would be very entertaining. Especially if they use different voices for the different essays and I hope they have music on it too. Looking forward to the audio and will update/redo my rating and review after I have listened to it. Thanks to via Giveaway and the Author f [...]

    15. Definite essays with Soundtrack Not sure what I thought I would be receiving when I signed up for this particular giveaway; pretty sure it wasn't this though. The author does take a grouping of songs which he lists and gives all information about (thank you) and then proceeds to explain how they are connected in this chapter (i.e. Publicity/Privacy). I enjoyed the book even though I only knew a handful of the artists and even fewer songs. It did take me out of my comfort zone for reading and I [...]

    16. Pretty terrible. I understand that it's supposed to be from the authors personal experiences, but it wasn't even written in an interesting way. Here is a direct quote "Eventually my friend called back. We had a nice conversation. I accused her of being a jerk for not coming through but admitted that I was a jerk for expecting too much. That was years ago." Some of the worst writing I have possibly ever come across, a middle schooler could write better. Pretty disappointed. No substance whatsoeve [...]

    17. This book is fine, but every essay is so short; you can read them each in less than five minutes, which means the book’s “playlist” would last far longer than the reading itself. Each essay is okay, but largely feel like they’re just skimming the surface, only getting started. And Greenman apparently has more ex-girlfriends than I have Facebook friends; almost every essay seems to reference someone he used to date. Sheesh. There is some redeeming thoughtfulness and respect for music, but [...]

    18. I wonthis book in a giveaway. Each chapter is an essay about the author's life in dealing with something that has happened in his life and tying into a song or songs that helped in dealing with the issue. It was interesting having the song associations and I found some new music along the way. Enjoy!

    19. I had high hopes for this one, but wish I’d given up on it. In each essay, the author hints at something personal, avoids going deeper, then strings together obscure songs to reach a conclusion about something he never lets the reader in on in the first place. It’s formulaic and doesn’t lend itself to anything interesting or memorable.

    20. This is a scattered book, which I suppose is to be expected from a book of essays. It's more a compilation of the authors thoughts about different subjects - totally fine for some readers, just not my style. I had a tough time following the authors thoughts.

    21. Quite a boring collection of essays that doesn't really gel together or flow properly which is kind of reflected in the fact that it took me so long to read. This is definitely a book that you can dip in and dip out of and not feel like you have to start from the beginning.

    22. This was alright. I love music. The book did give me thought ti all the songs of my life it is an interesting concept.

    23. Did not readLost interest early on and did not finishTherefore I really can't review. Sorry. Did not read. Can not review book.

    24. I just could not get into this book no matter how I tried. I thought I'd love it because hey, music really influences my memories and mood too! But I justdidn't

    25. I wish more music (pick your media, pick your format) had liner notes like records used to have. And I wish they were like this. Interesting, fun essays on songs, each around a theme.

    26. OK book. I got the audio upgrade with the Kindle First version so the narrator's style made it more interesting. There were good/funny parts and others not as memorable.

    27. And the moral of the story is - never buy a pig in a poke if you don't eat bacon.I love a good memoir and I'm always complaining that very few Kindle First books are non-fiction. So I opted for this one, even though music has never been a big deal for me. I'm puzzled that there's no "Look Inside" feature for this book, since all the other selections let you take a test drive. It's true that Kindle First books are free to Prime members, but only one. If you choose unwisely, you can't get a differ [...]

    28. Didn't know the musicHe knows his music. Sadly I didn't. Two of the songs I did know, he said they were basically the same sang just redone, I can no longer listen to either without hearing the other.

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