Love at First Note

Emma Hill was practically born with a violin in her hands She lives for the life of the piece, for each song s story, for the perfect stillness after the endnotes when the vibrations of sound are still humming through her body If only her love life were that harmonic But she knew her chances at love would take a hit when she decided to leave her prestigious concertmasteEmma Hill was practically born with a violin in her hands She lives for the life of the piece, for each song s story, for the perfect stillness after the endnotes when the vibrations of sound are still humming through her body If only her love life were that harmonic But she knew her chances at love would take a hit when she decided to leave her prestigious concertmaster position in the Cleveland Orchestra and move back home to Asheville, North Carolina She justifies her actions with the fact that being concertmaster for the Asheville Symphony is better than no dates and no job.But when Emma s world collides with piano playing YouTube sensation Elliott Hart, she finds herself falling for the way he plucks at her heartstrings Despite a, ahem, not so good first impression, the two soon develop the beginnings of a rhythmic relationship But when Elliott insists they can t be together, it s up to Emma to strike up a little romance Will she be able to bring their two worlds into harmony, or will she only manage to get herself in trouble
Love at First Note Emma Hill was practically born with a violin in her hands She lives for the life of the piece for each song s story for the perfect stillness after the endnotes when the vibrations of sound are stil

  • Title: Love at First Note
  • Author: Jenny Proctor
  • ISBN: 9781680479430
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Well this was a pleasant surprise and amazing coincidence. No sooner do I gripe about "missing faith" and invent a tag than I get an example of the flip side—where the author illustrates the general through the specific. And coincidentally produces an outstanding contemporary romance with solid religious/faithful characters. But I'll nerd out about that in detail at the end (where you can safely skip it if so inclined).The heart of this story is Emma. Her love of music rings from the page even [...]

    2. Love. Love, love, love, love, love.So, so good.Perfectly real, human characters who live, love, make mistakes and learn. I loved the full on incorporation of music. It was in every page and every feeling. It made me want to go immerse myself in classical music. I wish I could have heard the music described playing while I read. That would have been perfect. Maybe Jenny Proctor has a playlist somewhere for this book? I need to check. (yeah, just sent her an email) (you can find the following list [...]

    3. 2:30 in the morning. That's when I finished this book. Don't start it if you want sleep. There was never a good stopping point so I just kept reading. I loved the characters but they also frustrated me, especially their stubbornness near the end of the book. Thankfully this wraps up with a couple amazing grand gestures. I loved the misunderstandings between Emma and Elliott when they first meet. And loved the role music played in the story. The characters are LDS but there is no preaching. They [...]

    4. I couldn't help being a total fan-girl over this book! I love music and always have. I played the violin for years, although not to this degree, but I could relate to a small measure, the passion and dedication it takes to make beautiful music. Emma is extremely talented and she doesn't just feel the music, but it becomes a part of her heart and soul. She's not eloquent and often sticks her foot in her mouth, but when it comes to music, she's a completely different woman. Her violin is such a pa [...]

    5. Jenny Proctor’s novel Love at First Note is funny, entertaining, and has heart. This is one of those books that readers will want to read cover to cover without stopping. Jenny has a way of creating realistic and charming characters that readers will adore as they enjoy the frustrations and delights of the characters, laughing along the way. Not only are Jenny’s characters engaging, but the beautiful story will cause readers to sigh over the sweet, charming romance of the story too. I would [...]

    6. This cute romance pairs two musicians. Emma is an accomplished violinist. When Elliott, a YouTube piano sensation, moves next door, she is eager to meet him. But when he accuses her of being a stalker, tempers ignite. Thus are the beginnings of an amazing romance just waiting to bloom, right? This really was a fun book, especially if you love music. The romantic tension is great; the characters are adorable. It’s just plain awesome.

    7. Such a great book. Not only is it a cute, sweet, clean contemporary romance, but the music aspect was too perfect--my favorite part since, to me, music is also a language I speak and love. Really loved this book.

    8. Love at First Note is a clean, sweet, and fast read. I was annoyed that I had to take a break from reading to sleep and go to work.

    9. *sigh* I loved this one. The is the first for me from this Author. I really enjoyed it a lot. I have wanted to play the violin since I was about 10. I still haven't taken it up yet but my daughter has been playing for 2 1/2 years. I defiantly introduced me to a lot more classic music and I love to watch her when she finds a song she really loves to play. Emma reminded me of myself in a lot of ways. An overachiever that doesn't have a way with words. Also the no desire to be famous thing. I love [...]

    10. Loved this book. Emma plays the violin and leaves a prestigious position with the Cleveland symphony to move to Asheville, NC to help take care of her mother, who has MS. She convinces herself that teaching violin and being concertmaster for the smaller Asheville symphony makes her happy since she is near her family again. Enter Elliott Hart (piano player extraordinaire, YouTube sensation, and winner of a reality TV show) who moves in next door. Emma can play the violin in front of a thousand pe [...]

    11. Title: Love at First NoteAuthor: Jenny ProctorPages: Year: 2016Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.Emma Hill is a concert violinist who has left a fairly prominent job in Cleveland to return home to help take care of her mother who has MS. She now gives music lessons and plays part-time with the local symphony. She has no prospects on the dating scene, but that doesn’t stop everyone from trying to set her up with nephews, grandsons, brothers, etc. Then, a new neighbor moves in across the h [...]

    12. The synopsis of this one intrigued me and I knew I wanted to read it. And I'm glad I did! Emma is a wonderful protagonist and reading about her busy life as a professional musician made me tired. Busy is an understatement let me tell you!From lots of practice for her role as concertmaster for the Asheville symphony, to lots of practice for playing violin at her church (she's Mormon), just adds up to lots and lots of practice. (If real life musicians do the same amount, which I suspect they do, t [...]

    13. (Thank you to Netgalley and Covenant Communications for a free digital copy of this book.)Note: I wasn't aware that this was a book set in the Mormon society and at first I was a bit shocked and feared what kind of preachery novel I was reading, but it really is just the background of the story and as such pretty interesting.Emma, the heroine of the story, is a young violinist, who gave up her performing career to be close to her sick mother, her dating life is pretty barren since there are few [...]

    14. This was a perfect read for me! The setting with the two musicians, their love of music, and their great chemistry. Emma was a great character. For me, her commitment to her family, her love and deep commitment to her music, her collection of friends, her sincere care and concern for those close to her was an honest, heartfelt, lovely novel with lots of self-awareness learned over the course of the novel and her relationship with Elliot. The secondary characters, her friends, and family made for [...]

    15. Sometimes when I read a book I think of a phrase that describes the book. In this case it is "very cute". (OK, it was actually "stinkin' cute", but this book doesn't stink.) I have to admit that the first thing that drew me to the book was the cover. It has a prominent violin. I love the violin.The book begins on a sour note (pun intended). Emma is awkward when it comes to meeting new people and her first meeting with Elliott left me chuckling. I knew from that moment that I was going to like th [...]

    16. I absolutely adored this book! Let's start with the cover, shall we? Loved it. Like serious cover envy. So pretty. And best part, the story inside is just as amazing. Emma has moved back home, giving up her seat in her beloved orchestra, to help care for her mother. She still plays the violin, but with a much less prestigious orchestra. In addition, her dating prospects in her hometown are extremely limited That is until a handsome, piano playing celebrity moves in next door.Enter Elliot Hart. G [...]

    17. This was a a really cute read. It's a bit different from the author's two other books, being it's not as deep in content, but still very enjoyable. I really liked the setting and the theme of music that brought the main characters together. The way they met was funny and painfully awkward and it makes you wonder about Emma. When Elliott refuses her, you have to wonder what's wrong with him too. In the end, what Emma does for Elliott brings the best in her to light, especially to him. It's a clea [...]

    18. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO VERY MUCH.What an amazingly unique love story set in the world of music (mostly).Swoony guy.Hilarious, wicked smart girl.Real problems, real obstacles, CRAZY AWESOME LOVE.Secondary characters with depthREE REASONS EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS:1. The misunderstanding over stalking and autographs. 2. The scene that takes place with a wall between the main characters.3. Feast before famine (when you get there, you'll KNOW) I'm still swooning.This book was real but sweet and there [...]

    19. I loved this book so much! The characters, the music, the setting (oh, the setting!!), and the delicious romance! So good. I passed this one on to my teen daughter to read and she loved it too!

    20. When I bought this I didn't realize it was LDS lit. I tend to stay far, far away from LDS lit because I have read some that has been so cheesy and special that I couldn't bear it. So when I started reading this and realized it was about Mormons I was very disappointed. I know that is weird considering I AM one of those cheesy Mormons, and I do love to read contemporary fiction by LDS authors, just not contemporary fiction ABOUT Mormons. However, that feeling soon went away when I realized it was [...]

    21. The little town of Asheville, North Carolina, is about to add two musical stars to its population. Emma Hill, an amazing violinist and concertmaster, leaves her position in Cleveland to come back to Asheville and take care of her ailing mother. It's a big step down, but Emma is willing to make the sacrifice for her family. She tells herself she's happy about it, but she doesn't examine things very closely deep down.In order to make her life just a bit more complicated, YouTube sensation and pian [...]

    22. Let's start with the cover. Isn't it cute? I really enjoy the simplicity of it. The background color makes it pop, and it definitely is something that would catch my eye to pick it up to look at.I enjoy music. I always have. I like listening to it, singing it, playing it, etc. I've never been passionate about it though. In fact, I can't tell you the name or artist of most songs :) But who hasn't had an experience of some music moving you to tears, or if not to tears, touching something deep down [...]

    23. Emma Hill is an exceptional violinist; unfortunately, her talents don't extend to interacting with cute guys. So when Elliott Hart, a YouTube piano sensation, moves in next door, Emma's attempt to welcome him leaves him thinking she's a crazy stalker. Annoyed by his impression of her, Emma makes it clear that she's not a groupie--and doesn't even like his music. Although they get off to a rough start, their passion for music draws Emma and Elliott together--but Elliott needs to avoid distraction [...]

    24. Oh. My. Goodness! I love a good romance and this one is just amazing! I love the way Jenny Proctor included music in almost every bit of this book. The whole plot line is awesome and the ending is just amazing!I love Emma. I had to laugh at the beginning when she first met Elliot. I loved the way that she couldn't even talk to him. And what made it even funnier was all of the assumptions that he had made about her that were revealed later. I loved the way that Emma was forced to learn some thing [...]

    25. I can honestly say that I really loved this book! I enjoyed the characters, especially Emma and Elliott. I loved the musical aspects of the book. In fact, as I read I wished I could actually hear the music being discussed and played by the characters. It was interesting to 'observe' Emma and Elliott's relationship develop from the first disastrous meeting to the satisfying last note. Like all relationships, Emma and Elliott's has some real ups and downs. Emma's awkwardness at talking to him grad [...]

    26. I am pretty sure I read this entire book with a big smile on my face. I loved it! I adored Emma right away, her humor and inner voice were so much fun. I really appreciated the gradual relationship that built between Emma and Elliott. I thought it was so funny when he thought she was stalking him. I was laughing so hard. The author does a great job of planting seeds in the story, especially with Emma's sister. There is so much more to this story than a fun romance (which it totally is, don't get [...]

    27. I found this book on the "Lucky Day" shelf at the library (shorter loan period with no holds/renewals due to high demand and a long wait list). I started it and didn't like it much at first. It moved a little too slowly, I'm not into classical music, and I wasn't sure I liked Emma or Elliott all that much, although I really liked Lilly and Trav from the start. I am glad I stuck with it though. It's a cute book, sweet and romantic and a fast read. A few of my favorite lines:"Life is too short to [...]

    28. It's unfair for me to review this book since I'm tone deaf and this book is all about music. It's also chic lit, which to me is just twenty-five year olds acting like thirteen year olds. That said, I also want to say Jenny Proctor is a talented writer and I suspect readers who enjoy either chick lit or music will love this story. My two star rating is based solely on me and my preferences, not on the quality of the book itself.

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