The Truth About Stacey

America s favorite baby sitters come to life in a new graphic novel series Poor Stacey She s moved to a new town She s still coming to terms with her diabetes She s facing baby sitting problems left and right And her parents are no help.Luckily, Stacey has three new, true friends Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne Together they re the BSC and they will deal with whaAmerica s favorite baby sitters come to life in a new graphic novel series Poor Stacey She s moved to a new town She s still coming to terms with her diabetes She s facing baby sitting problems left and right And her parents are no help.Luckily, Stacey has three new, true friends Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne Together they re the BSC and they will deal with whatever s thrown their way even if it s a rival baby sitting club
The Truth About Stacey America s favorite baby sitters come to life in a new graphic novel series Poor Stacey She s moved to a new town She s still coming to terms with her diabetes She s facing baby sitting problems left a

  • Title: The Truth About Stacey
  • Author: Raina Telgemeier Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780439739368
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Stacey was very secretive in the first volume, because she feared if she told her friends that she was diabetic, they would suddenly stop talking to her like her best friend back in New York did. Obviously she was wrong to believe that, but she did tell the Baby-Sitters Club the truth in the end and everyone accepted her. In this volume, we get a glimpse of her past and her family life. We are able to understand her everyday life better and what it means for her to be diabetic. But this volume d [...]

    2. I started reading the Baby-Sitter's Club books when I was nine years old, and even though they are deeply formulaic and predictable and old-fashioned and ridiculous, I loved them then and I love them now and I will continue to love them with the same fervor until I die (not to get all hyperbolic or anything). They were recommended to me (actually to my mom for me) by the mom of one of my elementary school classmates (thanks, Mrs. Lee!) because one of the main characters, Stacey, has diabetes (th [...]

    3. Oh the nostalgia!! I grew up loving the Baby-Sitter's Club and these graphic novels are a fun way to bring back memories of my childhood.

    4. I thought that it was a good read, but the one thing that is incorrect about the book is that in the original series, "The Truth About Stacey," is the third book while Claudia and the Phantom Phone Caller is the second book. They literally skipped 1 book in the series and in my opinion, Claudia and the Phantom Phone caller was one of the best books in the series.

    5. Cuteness and nostalgia overload! Stacey was always my favorite member of the BSC so it was nice to see a story from her perspective. The art is so cute! I am really enjoying revisiting this series. I can’t wait to read more of these adorable graphic novels.

    6. Telgemeierin piirtämä Baby-Sitters Clubin kakkonen jatkaa samaa kivaa linjaa, kuin ensimmäinenkin. Neljän erilaisen tytön perustama klubi saa kilpailijan, kun isommat tytöt perustavat uuden yrityksen, Baby-Sitters Agencyn. Uudella firmalla on tehokas mainoskampanja ja tytöt saavat huomata kanta-asiakaudensakin kaikkoavan, koska vanhemmat nuoret saavat valvoa myöhempään. Ikänsä vuoksi he saavuttavat myös asiakkaiden luottamuksen, erityisesti pienimpien lasten hoitajana. Eräs lapsist [...]

    7. I took it upon myself to read this, after I read the first one. This one was very unexpected and I did not expect for stacey to have diabetes. It was ok but not as good as the first. Overall, it was good enough to make me read the third one which I will review after this.

    8. MAGNIFICENT MAGICAL BOOKS KNOW OTHER LIKE THEM!!!!I love the story it is just so o I have no idea werds

    9. I liked this graphic novel a lot better than the first one and the artwork is starting to grow on me.---Child/Teen me: 5 starsAdult me: 5 stars*For the first book in a "child/teen/middlegrade/nostalgic" book, I am going with the rating younger me would have gone with, then if I read on in the series, I will rate the books what adult me believes it should be rated. If the book is a stand alone, I will go with whatever rating I feel most comfortable giving the book. Please note, I do not really th [...]

    10. I picked up a copy of this book because the Baby-Sitters Club series was my first book fandom when I was a kid (I even wrote a letter to Ann M. Martin and received one back from her!), and I was curious to see how Raina Telgemeier would shape the book into a graphic novel. The graphic novel style really updates this series for a new generation of kids. Oh, and much love to Martin for having an Asian American main character in these series. When I was growing up, characters who looked like me (or [...]

    11. i think this book is really good, because its a life of diabetes. she had two jobs to do, baby sit kids, and handle her diabetes. when she was handleing her diabetes, she was very brave. for example, at the end when she went to a doctors office, she had to take a big shot, she had to run on treadmill and a few other things. while she was at her other doctor, she didn;t want to go to any more doctors, so she doesn't have to take shots again at the doctors, or even go to the doctors. I think that [...]

    12. I would really like to know if this is supposed to be a modernized-version of the baby-sitters club. The book itself never mentions what year it is, but I know the original series by Anne M. Martin was written in the eighties. Anyway, I say this because of Stacey's type-one diabetes.As a teenage type-one myself, it is crucial for me that Stacey's diabetes is accurate. She is one of the only fictional diabetic characters in literature, and so I was really hoping to be able to identify with her. T [...]

    13. Until I was about twenty-seven, I was absolutely terrified I would wet the bed. Now, I have never, ever wet the bed as an adult or a child, but I figured if I ever accidentally wet the bed, I was going to end up with diabetes (or at least a lot of blood work to find out I didn't have it) so basically I trained my bladder to awaken me upon the slightest hint, which means up until I forced myself out of this habit, I was getting up every night about five and six times for next to nothing.Once I wa [...]

    14. Perhaps unsurprisingly this book continues what is a great adaption of a rather timeless series. While I was a bit concerned by the lack of modern issues tackled in the first book, I have since read Drama by Raina Telgemeier and published by , which was for a similar age group but completely original.Since and Telgemeier are obviously not afraid of tackling the more "modern" issues that children are facing, I'm much more comfortable with this book - which is an adaption of a much older book. Ch [...]

    15. I don't like the overhead light in my room. It's so bright, and I much prefer the softer, yellower light of my desk lamp. That said, I couldn't read this by desk lamp. I needed as much light as I could, to take in all the beautiful colours of this book.I haven't written a review of the original release of the book, so it's worth mentioning how much I love thatRaina Telgemeier incorporated parts ofStacey's Book into the story to give more back-story and to flesh it out. The flashbacks (with the b [...]

    16. The Baby-Sitters Club: The Truth About Stacey by Raina Telgemeier is about one of the girls Stacey and how she has diabetes and the baby-sitters agency and the little game they are playing. The rest of the juicy stuff is in the book and you will find out about what it is if you read the book yourself. I like this book a lot because it is about a girl with diabetes and she is new in town and doesn't know anyone. Then, one of the girls bring her into her group of friends and she becomes a part of [...]

    17. The second book of the babysitters club was really good. This book is about Stacey who has diabetes and the only people she has told is her parents and the other members of the babysitters club. This book tells how Stacey got diabetes and how her life was back in New York city when she just got diabetes. I recommend this book to people who have read the first book of the babysitters club. And also to people who like Raina Telgemeier .

    18. RATING: 3.5 STARS(Review Not on Blog) I LOVED the Baby-Sitters Club and probably read it longer than I should have, but it always felt like visiting friends. While I have never wanted to be a baby-sitter, I loved the club idea. This graphic novel was a good trip down memory lane, but I didn't like the change up. I am glad that a new generation will get into this series and only hope they move onto the originals.

    19. Man, BSC makes awesome graphic novel fodder. I love Telgemeier. The plot in this is actually very entertaining. I'd forgotten a lot of the details--diabetes was the only thing that stuck with me--about the BSA competition. I realize that I learned a lot about what it means to be a good caretaker from these books. Lessons!!! I could binge read these.

    20. This is one of my first graphic novel reads. This is the 2015 rerelease, and I really liked it. I was obsessed with the BSC ehen I was a kid, so it was neat to experience it in a new way. I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much without reading the original.

    21. While I enjoyed the first book much more than this one, I really enjoyed this story. These books are a lot of fun and I absolutely adore the artwork. I will definitely be continuing on soon very soon!

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