Love Me

Trent Sutton doesn t do monogamy He spends his days on the road in his truck, and his nights hooking up with anyone who catches his eye Casual sex, no strings Trent likes his life just the way it is He sees what his friend Connor has, but he s just not interested Until he meets Aaron, who gets under his skin, into his head, and finally to the spot no one has reacheTrent Sutton doesn t do monogamy He spends his days on the road in his truck, and his nights hooking up with anyone who catches his eye Casual sex, no strings Trent likes his life just the way it is He sees what his friend Connor has, but he s just not interested Until he meets Aaron, who gets under his skin, into his head, and finally to the spot no one has reached in a long time Trent s heart.Aaron Calder doesn t do casual After a few health scares and a couple of traumatic relationships, he s decided that love and sex are not for him He concentrates on his charity fundraising and ignores the offers that come his way Until he meets Trent, a man whose dictionary does not contain the word monogamous He shuts down Trent s advances and tries to keep away from Costello s, the gay bar where they first met.Except Trent is proving hard to resist.
Love Me Trent Sutton doesn t do monogamy He spends his days on the road in his truck and his nights hooking up with anyone who catches his eye Casual sex no strings Trent likes his life just the way it is H

  • Title: Love Me
  • Author: K.C. Wells
  • ISBN: 9781311579249
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Love Me is the fourth book in the Lighting Tales series but can be read as a standalone. Ric and Connor, the MCs from book 2, make an appearance, but they are not integral to the story, which focuses on Trent, a truck driver and unrepentant manwhore, and Aaron, who hasn't been with a man for a decade. Both men have baggage. Trent has had his heart broken and has sworn off romance. When a hook-up calls him on his shit, Trent gets angry, but the words stay with him. Soon after, he hits on a gorgeo [...]

    2. 4.5 starsTrent has been working his way through every willing man along his trucking route for years. One night stands only. He’s been burned before and he doesn’t need the complications of a relationship. Too bad his latest hook-up wasn’t content to keep his mouth shut as he walked out the door. His advice to Trent has been sticking in the back of his mind since, making him wonder.Aaron has lost himself after a series of devastating relationships. His guilt and self-image issues had him h [...]

    3. 3.5 stars : a sweet and sexy romance from KC Wells, that takes place in Orlando.Trent and Aaron met in a gay bar and this encounter will change their life upside down. Both have been bruised by past relationships and have dealt differently, one only doing hook ups and the other shying away from any men and believing love and sex are not for him.They slowly built a friendship, while helping Trent’s nephew coming out to his narrow-minded and religious father. And along the road, Aaron and Trent [...]

    4. I think this is my favourite of the series so far, a wonderful friends to lovers story but as is usual with this author (<3), she pulls no punches and as the series is set in Orlando, Florida has set the story just after the Pulse atrocity, and has the characters debating the question of the outdated and insane gun laws in the US and their (non) relevance to today's society, oh and let's not forget of course, that perennial favourite 'Pray the gay away' camps that those well-known religious f [...]

    5. This is, without a doubt, my favourite story in the series so far. While I loved the earlier books, this one stole my heart. Sometimes life throws us such curve balls that we retreat and allow fear to rule our (inter)actions. This is the story of two men finding each other and as a result finding the courage to face their fears, share them, and help each other overcome them. Aaron *sighs*. From the moment he is introduced to the reader it is clear this man has issues, or maybe I should say ISSUE [...]

    6. I really enjoy this series, especially the most recent two books. These are characters that I want to visit again and again and see them as they move through their lives. I liked Trent when he made his brief appearance in a previous book but I adored him in this one. The care and consideration that he showed to Aaron was beautiful to witness. This particular series is a touch heavy on the familial drama for me, but that is because I detest it real life and I don't like it in books either. That i [...]

    7. Each book of the ‘Lightning Tales’ series has been emotional, touching, and a joy to read; this fourth book is no exception. But Aaron and Trent’s story goes a step further because they are such complicated, multilayered men. They both have painful pasts to overcome, and their relationship slowly builds from a very shaky start. Aaron has issues with allowing himself to fall in love for fear of getting his heart broken yet again, and Trent has massive commitment issues for reasons that only [...]

    8. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCELove Me just became my favourite of the Lightning Tales series so far and it’s all because of Aaron. Actually the writing was good as always and I enjoyed the storyline…but…yeah, Aaron.Love Me is the story of two men who at first glance are completely different. They both live with a fear that causes them to protect their hearts, their fear is real and it rules their lives and actions. It’s their actions that are in fact different as underneath all the lay [...]

    9. I"m a big fan of Kc Wells so each new book holds a lot of anticipation for me and Love Me did not disappoint. On the contrary I was so impressed with this book for many reasons. Firstly, this was personal for the author as mentioned in her dedication and her passion and emotional commitment was evident throughout. In my opinion, this is Kc's best and most genuine work to date and I was totally humbled by the story. Aaron feels he isn't worthy of love or even a physical relationship, while Trent [...]

    10. 3.5 starsThis book was so sweet it almost gave me cavities. Despite the 3 star rating this book was pretty good, it just didn't make me feel anything other than overdosed on sugar.

    11. I am really enjoying this series. Aaron and Trent's story is a great addition. Love hearing about past couples as well!!

    12. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher / author for an honest review.)Because this book instilled some major feelings in me personally, I’m breaking my review into two pieces. I’ll start with “The Cons” and tell you what I didn’t like, basically the first 10% of the book. Then I’ll give you “The Pros”, basically the other 90% of the bookE CONS:I’ll be honest, I almost made it a DNF. I hated the opening scene. Full on butt sex in paragr [...]

    13. Trent is carrying enough baggage in his life that he has committed himself to only one night stands, and definitely just enough time to get off one time. It confuses some of his partners because Trent is fun, handsome, and really knows how to give as much as he gets. But then one of his bed partners tells him what he needed to hear: Trent is going to wind up alone and lonely unless he gets over himself and lets someone into his life.On the other side of the room is Aaron, who is also damaged and [...]

    14. A honest review of an ARC copy of the book.A real emotional and powerful story, based on a real person's struggle.We are introduced to two very different characters, that we learn are dealing with past hurts and pains. Trent and Aaron are quite similar but at the same time very different.Trent has convinced himself that Casual hook-ups are all he needs, no strings fun, no betrayals and hurt. But then he meets Aaron at the local gay bar.Aaron has a lot of baggage he is carrying around. Ten years [...]

    15. Loved this gorgeous story of two very different men who find their best selves in each other. K.C. Wells draws two equally compelling characters, each with the kinds of hurt in his past that rightfully make a man skittish of the future. Through patience and true friendship (and some excellent therapy by Dr. Treadway!), Trent and Aaron learn to trust themselves and each other. Joe's coming-out story creates a perfect prism through which we see the nurturing, and heroic sides of both main characte [...]

    16. really enjoyed this one, I give it 4.25 stars. It sucked me in and I didn't want to set it down until I was done. While part of a series, it can be read as a standalone.It was so easy to feel for Aaron before you even knew his history. I wanted to bundle him up and find him someone to love and care for him, to convince him that he was worthy. Once you learn his history, you realize just how strong he is.Trent is damaged as well. He's been hurt too many times in the past, so he avoids relationshi [...]

    17. 4.5I loved the slow build from friends to lovers. While some may wish for a bit faster pace I thought it suited the characters of two damaged men. I thought the careful way they took each step made perfect sense.It was by turns emotional and humorous. The laughs were carefully chosen in a way that only enhanced the serious issues that were dealt with.The ending was absolutely perfect.

    18. Overall good story. Aaron and Brent have both had tough times in their past. Together they get past these and build a great relationship. Loved Abi and Joe!

    19. Another cracking good bookLoved this one so much.Aaron and Trent were a wonderful pairing and seeing the change in Trent as he slowly fell in love so sweet.

    20. To be fair, fans of this author will like this one as well. The two men are great characters with interesting histories that makes for a strong story idea when all put together. Their romance and dialogue was a bit more sugary than the previous books in the series, but probably not enough to turn off most readers. For me though, I was thrown out of the book early on by awkward and unexpected references to the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. There is certainly a place for the topic in this genre, especi [...]

    21. I love K.C. Wells stories.This is one of my favorite in this series.This is a friends to lovers story.Loved Aaron and Trent. Another great character is Trent's grandmother Abbi.I hope we get more books in this series!

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