Made: A Bad Boy Romance (Bad Boy Games)

The Bad Boy Games there s nothing they won t do, no line they won t cross BROOKE When it comes to bad boys, I m smart enough to look and not touch When it comes to Nathan, all I want to do is touch To get my little sister out of trouble, I have to play the game, his twisted game The worst part I love it I didn t intend things to work out this way I knew I wasThe Bad Boy Games there s nothing they won t do, no line they won t cross BROOKE When it comes to bad boys, I m smart enough to look and not touch When it comes to Nathan, all I want to do is touch To get my little sister out of trouble, I have to play the game, his twisted game The worst part I love it I didn t intend things to work out this way I knew I was in over my head, but some part of me believed in him, that he really would help us The whole crazy thing began with a pair of red shoes and a contract Now he thinks I belong to him The scary part He might be right NATHAN Brooke thinks she s playing to save her sister The truth She s just another pawn running out of time So what Her illusions aren t my issue She also thinks I m using her for my own dirty reasons, that I m just another player She might be right, but what I want is to move up in the organization and take my rightful seat at the table I m smart enough to realize that dream s likely never going to come true Still, the job has its perks, and one of them is that sweet redhead I m going to get my fill while I can because the one thing the bosses can t take away from me I play for keeps MADE is a dark, bad boy romance No cliffhanger, no cheating Happy ending included
Made A Bad Boy Romance Bad Boy Games The Bad Boy Games there s nothing they won t do no line they won t cross BROOKE When it comes to bad boys I m smart enough to look and not touch When it comes to Nathan all I want to do is touch To

  • Title: Made: A Bad Boy Romance (Bad Boy Games)
  • Author: Danielle Slater Allegra Ryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I was given this book an exchange for an honest review This was a good book although it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be. This book pulled me in right away and I was glad because some books you have to read almost the whole book to get to the good parts. When it comes to bad boys Brooke knows to look and not touch when her sister gets into some trouble she is willing to do anything to help her. Nathan an assassin for the mob Brooks sister gets involved with a shady exclusive club to sell [...]

    2. This book wasn't what I was expecting. It was more of a suspense type of story, although pretty much all the “boys” (or rather, men) were bad guys, like mafia or dirty old rich men or guys that did the dirty work for them. They were not “bad boys” like I usually see in a book, like a guy who may be nice deep down inside but has a bad attitude or uncaring ways. Maybe the hero Nathan was supposed to be that way, but I wasn't buying it. He was a paid assassin.The story involved this club [...]

    3. Made: A Bad Boy Romance (Bad Boy Games)by Danielle Slater, Allegra RyanArc, received for an honest review.This review, is my own opinion. Made, a bad boy romance was interesting!**MADE is a dark, bad boy romance. No cliff-hanger, no cheating. Happy ending included**WOW, this was a roller coaster romance. Bad boys… you mean bad men…Like as in Assassins!!!Twist and turns for sure, Nathan and Brooke meet in an interesting way!There is this club, Harley and Sweet, which is a sexual encounters wi [...]

    4. I received this book for free to give my True and Honest ReviewThis is the first time I've read Danielle Slater's book and I found it enticing it gets your mind reeling and enticing you to wonder what heck is being these 'Red Shoes' secret deal and even you hear about it you just wonder if these women are safe. You can feel how strong, sexy & dangerous Nathan is just by the way you hear how he acts with the lady's with the red shoes on whilst he tells them what to do. Then he eyes Brooke and [...]

    5. Let me begin by saying I love dark, bad boy romance novels. There’s something delicious about these inevitably gorgeous guys, built like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who kick ass and take names later. If at all. You just know they'll flatten any idiot who dares look at you the wrong way. They may or may not be involved in less than legal activities. Believe what you will. But somehow we overlook the fact they fit people with cement shoes for a living. Why? Because these guys also possess a s [...]

    6. Lies, games, more lies and love. This sexy romance thriller keeps you on your toes and guessing what is going to come next. What is real and what is part of the game. What is “the game” you ask…. Umm well that is a complicated answer; you see no one knows the rules of the game. The rules are all tied up in lies and power plays of the rich and the super-rich. We meet Nathan who is a bad guy turned not so bad. He is part of the security team in charge of the “pawns”. Who are the “pawns [...]

    7. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review and recommend it with my eyes closed. The anticipation alone will keep you on the edge of your seat add in the complex romance and you get a readers choice book. The main focus is not the romance per se but how the romance got stronger. Nathan and Brooke in my opinion got struck on first sight But where, how and why they came together is the baseline. Caylee is Brooke's best friend and is going to a club to sign a contract that is going to c [...]

    8. These bad boy romances are just as addictive as the bad boys themselves, especially when they are written as well as this one is. Danielle Slater has a hit with "Made," as well as a long career in store if all of her books turn out like this one.I have a huge stack of books to be read, however, I started this book just to read a few pages to see what it would be like, and literally could not stop. It would have been read in one sitting if it wasn't 2am and my Kindle kept hitting me in the face a [...]

    9. Made: A Bad Boy Romance by authors Danielle Slater and Allegra Ryan is a sexy read from the get go. Mobsters, naughty playboys with too much money, and sex all mix in this book to make it a read I couldn't put down.Nathan, he is lethal and pure sex all at the same time. Usually works the contract kills, but he does what he is hired to do. He knows not to disobey orders, and to stay in control.Brooke feisty, fiery, and level headed. She is a contradiction walking. She soon gets far over her head, [...]

    10. Oh. My. God. This book will make your brain explode!I may have developed PTSD from reading the book! Like it begs the question of what WOULD you really do for money? Then you have to ask yourself what you would do to protect someone you love from harm or evil? This plot is twisted, man, it's a monumental mind fudge but you are so going to want to read this! The characters are fantastically well developed and you either love them or hate them in equal measures. The plot is restructured so densely [...]

    11. Danielle Slater and Allegra Ryan are both new authors to me and I really liked that “Made: A Bad Boy Romance” was in both point of views. 

Brooke has always known to admire the bad boys from far, but not to get lured into breaking the rules until she meets Nathan who could possibly help get her little sister out of trouble. Unfortunately the only way to get her little sister out of trouble is to play the twisted games Nathan has conjured up.
Will both of them lose their hearts to one [...]

    12. This is the first book by both of these authors that I have read. It is now a series I would love to read more of. It was a great read and I loved the story. The reason for 4 stars, instead of 5, is that the ending was really rushed to me. It lost the flow the rest of the story had.I thought the story line itself was unique because of the whole “game” that was being played. I am curious about what exactly the game is and would have loved more details on the game and the rounds.Another thing [...]

    13. Things have been tough for Brooke and just seem to get getting tougher by the day. When her friend asks her to join her on a night out on the town she can't refuse then she finds out about the mess her friend has gotten herself into & she can't walk away. Nathan spots her as soon as she walks in the club but duty calls before he can make his move. When they finally do come face to face Brooke throws caution to the wind and Nathan looses his head when it comes to her. Before long Brooke finds [...]

    14. I received this for my honest review.The storyline is unique and pulls you right in, the writing is good and the plot moves quickly, you have a hundred twists and turns that keep you continually trying to figure out what the heck was going on, even the characters were confused! Brooke has always known to admire the bad boys from far, but not to get lured into breaking the rules until she meets Nathan who could possibly help get her little sister out of trouble. Unfortunately the only way to get [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book! It reminded me Of the Hunger Games. Just with A little twist. What happens when your little sister desides she wants to date for money? But its not with the good guys or Company but with One of the most dangerous secret company that has existed? That is the situation that Brooke finds herself in. This book Captured me from the beginning. Nathan is this this playboy who works for the company that plays the most dangerous dating game that has existed to Man-Kind! What happens [...]

    16. What would you do for $10,000? Would you go on a blind date? What if the date wasn't as innocent as a date? Brooke is desperate for money, but not that desperate. She doesn't trust the "Rules" as her bff lays them out. No thank you! But she winds up "playing the game" anyhow, why you ask? You would be surprised. I know I was. A twist that I never saw coming, has Brooke doing the unthinkablevolunteering.Nathan had thought he'd seen it all. But this game is nothing like ever played beforeWho can b [...]

    17. I received a free ebook download by the author(s) to provide an honest and unbiased review. And to be honest, I loved this book. It is a dark, bad boy romance, but it's a great read. The main characters are strong and you can't help but love them. Brooke is one strong female lead and Nathan is strong, yet we also get to see his soft side that is only shown with Brooke. The authors did an awesome job of keeping the story going and the ending was superb; especially how it was Brooke who eventually [...]

    18. ****received an ARC for my honest review****This was a fast paced and action packed story. You are sure what is going on at first. All you know is Nathan is a bored killer and Brooke is unsure of herself. Caylee is dragging her to a club because of a contract she signed. Things start to take a turn when Nathan sees Brooke for the first time. I was intrigued by Nathan and what was being held against him. Brooke was a strong and wouldn't back down. She will do anything for her sister. This does en [...]

    19. Fantastic ReadThis book was gifted to me and I'm honored I had the chance to read itA first time reading from this lovely lady and she didn't disappoint meThis book is a fun slightly dark romance by my standardsry fast and just pulls you right inThe characters are well written and developed and I loved all their interactions . sexy steamy moments overall I say this is a great book and you better read itriously READ itJob well donen't mind me while I go stalk my new found author friends

    20. What do red shoes and rich men have in common. They both get what they want. That is about it.When rich men get bored they play games that only they know the rules to and it involves woman with red shoes. Except for one time. This time it is a big sister, Brooke, trying to save her little sister, Samatha. Who is the other player.He is one that is just suppose to be security. He knows something is wrong with the whole game but can he save himself and Brooke from this twistd game without knowing a [...]

    21. * * * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * * * This was a very hot , sexy read that I couldn't put down. Brooke knew better than to mess with a bad boy like Nathan, but she had to do what ever it took for her sister, she just never realized being with a bad boy was just what she wanted, but Nathan is just wanting to get to the top he can't let his feelings be known. Loved it.

    22. What a great dark story. These are new authors for me, but I will definitely be checking out more. This exciting story is about Brooke a sister trying to save her sister from herself and Nathan an assassin for the mob. Brooks sister gets involved with a shady exclusive club to sell herself to help her family but gets in way over her head. Brooke hooks up with Nathan then the real fun begins. I loved this story about a bad guy who eventually sees the light.

    23. *ARC received in return for an honest review*I was really into this book at the beginning but at the point where "the game" started, it kind of turned into a confusing mess. Big leaps in the story are made with no explanation. Things happen that really make no sense. It's a shame because this book had a lot of potential.

    24. Made is sexy hot, mysterious and suspenseful, with an added twist of course.Nathan and Brooke meet under a rather unconventional way. It’s a hot fun filled journey with these two with tag along baggage for kicks and giggles.I loved Brookes spunky, no fear attitude. She’s a no shit taking girl!I was graciously gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    25. *I received an ARC from the author for an honest review*This book is my first of the author, and she don’t disappoint. The story is well written and the plot is really good. I adore the roller-coaster of emotions, the couple capture me and I love it. The way the author keep me hooked was perfect and I cannot wait to read more of her. I will definitely recommended it!!!

    26. Holy mother of hotness! This book is liable to melt your kindle and your panties. Not only is there a super-hot alpha male and more steamy sexy scenes that will require some ice water to cool down with, there is a suspense element that will keep you guessing throughout the entire book. I look forward to reading the next book in this series… Just keep thinking about red stilettos.

    27. I found myself really into this book. It wasn't what I was expecting. It was fill with lots of suspense, backstabbing, lies and deceit. When it got to the game part I was really confuse but, beside that it was a really good read. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

    28. Oh boy. This was a bit of a rollercoaster. There was a lot going on at first and a lot of info divulged to us. Then the game started and it felt like you just ran a marathon. The main characters and side characters were well written. Great flow. Recommended to all suspense readers.

    29. This is the first book I have read by these authors and the book was good, it is the story of Brooke who is trying to save her sister from herself and Nathan it is dark ,bad boy romance. I was gifted a copy for an honest review barwatts@telus

    30. I love Danielle Slater.Have any topic and she will run with it.Red shoes and twisted game?Game ON!Amazing story line.

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