Het oneindige plan

Het oneindige plan is een wonderlijke familiegeschiedenis die zich voornamelijk afspeelt in de roerige jaren zestig en zeventig van de 20ste eeuw De kleine Gregory Reeves wordt na de dood van zijn vader opgenomen in het gezin van de Mexicaanse familie Morales in Los Angeles Hun dochter Carmen beschouwt hij vanaf die tijd als zijn zusje.Carmen zal Gregory zijn levenlang sHet oneindige plan is een wonderlijke familiegeschiedenis die zich voornamelijk afspeelt in de roerige jaren zestig en zeventig van de 20ste eeuw De kleine Gregory Reeves wordt na de dood van zijn vader opgenomen in het gezin van de Mexicaanse familie Morales in Los Angeles Hun dochter Carmen beschouwt hij vanaf die tijd als zijn zusje.Carmen zal Gregory zijn levenlang steunen bij zijn zoektocht naar innerlijke rust en vrede, want zij weet van jongs af aan als geen ander wat het betekent om als Mexicaanse in een vijandige wereld te leven Voor Gregory betekent haar steun dat hij als volwassene na een tumultueus leven eindelijk zijn Vietnam trauma achter zich kan laten Hij hoeft niet langer voor zijn oorlogsherinneringen te vluchten in een onvermoeibare carri redrift, in een hang naar luxe en in kortstondige liefdesaffaires Van Carmen leert hij hoe een mens pas een innerlijk evenwicht vindt als hij op eigen benen kan staan
Het oneindige plan Het oneindige plan is een wonderlijke familiegeschiedenis die zich voornamelijk afspeelt in de roerige jaren zestig en zeventig van de ste eeuw De kleine Gregory Reeves wordt na de dood van zijn vad

  • Title: Het oneindige plan
  • Author: Isabel Allende
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. De momento, mi segunda novela favorita de Allende, después de La casa de los espíritus.La reseña está subida ya a mi canal: youtu/td9YIsXLuOI

    2. Gregory Reeves a son of a traveling preacher who settles in the Hispanic section of Los Angeles ,grows up experiencing life as a member of a minority group within the community. Local gang members make his life a nightmare,always attacking him being the only (white) boy in the district. Eventually he finds his way out defending himself,Gregory's life is shaped by a series of events and a lot of tragedies and miseryhis serves in the army,and witnessing all the horrors of the war,and the death of [...]

    3. Really 3.5.I feel really bad giving one of Allende's books less than 4 stars. Her writing is spellbinding. And largely, this book is no exception. She can transport the reader wherever she wants to take them and in this book that is many places and times. From the L.A. post-WWII barrio, to 60s San Francisco, and Vietnam battlefields and villages. These were so well-drawn it was hard to believe that she had not served in Vietnam or lived in California until the late 80s. But when she moves to the [...]

    4. Me gustó mucho, sin embargo creo que habían algunas historias de relleno que poco aportaron a la idea medular del libro.

    5. ليست اولي قرائاتي لايزابيل الليندي ولكنها أقواها وأعظمها علي الإطلاق. أستعجب من عدم انتشار هذه الروايه البديعه وسط أعمال الليندي المشهوره، فهي تستحق الخمس نجوم عن جداره لما لمسته من غوص حر في أعماق النفوس البشريه المختلفه. هي تحكي عن المهاجرين اللاتينين الي الولايات المتحد [...]

    6. ليس لأنها روائيتي المفضلةولا لأنني من معجبيهابل لأنها استثنائية في كل ما تكتبمهما تفاوتت درجة استمتاعي برواياتهاالرحلة برفقة الليندي تتخذ طابعا مميزافأستعد لها بكل حواسيلأن الكثير من روحها يتدفق عبر حروف رواياتهاوتفرض عليك أجواءهاوتجعلك بكامل إرادتك تنقاد لأحداثهابل وت [...]

    7. After talking about books we have read, or wanted to read, my co-worker and I decided to swap books. This was the first book he shared with me.The books started off well enough. The characters were interesting and developed at a good pace. After the first fifty pages or so, I began to feel disappointed; I continued to feel this way until about the last fifty pages. The authors portrayal of the Morales family, beginning from Pedro and Immaculada's journey to the United States to the dynamics of t [...]

    8. O Plano Infinito é mais um daqueles livros esquecidos na minha prateleira e que não teria lido tão cedo se não fossem os desafios de leitura nos quais venho participando. Até à data, as experiências com Isabel Allende foram bastante positivas, tanto com A Casa dos Espíritos como com Zorro, portanto parti para esta leitura com boas expectativas, apesar de a sinopse não me despertar, só por si, grande interesse.Gregory Reeves, o protagonista deste livro, é filho de um australiano que se [...]

    9. I think this is my first one-star review. I really disliked this book, largely because it failed in one of the most basic foundations of storytelling: the "show, don't tell" rule. Much of this book's narrative is devoted to summarizing who went where and what happened. Rarely are we in the moment, living through the events with the protagonist, hearing his real-time point of view. For me, this made it a bore to read.

    10. Esta es la historia biográfica del esposo de Allende, un joven americano que debe vivir entre hispanos en California.Especialmente interesante cuando vivía con los padres, seres con costumbres extrañas.

    11. Primera novela que leo de Allende, le tenía ganas pero ya tengo dudas de si seguir con más libros de ella, no he llegado a encajar bien su manera de narrar. Me irritaba saber que de repente empezaba a narrarse en primera persona cuando ya llevaba un montón de páginas leyendo en tercera, la primera vez que sucedió me chocó mucho.En sí el libro es una crítica a la sociedad, al abandono, a la pobreza, al machismo a muchos temas que a larga el final fue muy apresurado. Después de venir cont [...]

    12. The Infinite Plan is different than Allende's other works: the protagonist, Gregory Reeves, is male and the setting is not in South America but in the United States. In addition, Allende attempts to cover broad historical time periods in the United States: the aftermath of World War II; the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s in Berkeley, California; the Vietnam War; and the materialistic, yuppie age of the 1980s. Furthermore, the novel is told in retrospect, so the reader does not understand [...]

    13. قدرة الروائية على شحذ كل هذا الكم الهائل من الشخصيات في عالم فريد ومتنوع جدا. نظرة الكاتبة الانسانية والمتفردة جعلت من عملها الدرامي مرتعا للحالمين والآملين في التغير نحو الأحسن دائما

    14. Comprei este livro em 2009 (sei o ano porque comprei, na altura, a Biblioteca da Sábado onde este livro estava incluído) e nunca, mas nunca, olhei para ele mais do que o necessário para o arrumar, até ao dia em que me coube em sorte no Livro Secreto (curiosamente foi o último que me coube na primeira edição).Tenho de fazer aqui um mea culpa. Não fosse a Língua Afiada e se calhar não o teria lido agora.Este livro grita “Isabel Allende” em todas as páginas. Não é um livro de leitu [...]

    15. Isabel Allende has been high on my list of writers to check out. The film adaptation of her novel House of Spirits knocked me out, so I thought it was reasonable to expect great writing from her in general. Silly me. The Infinite Plan has neither great writing nor a great story concept; in fact, I'd be hard-pressed to summarize a storyline at all. Character development is limited to characters getting older and having fairly predictable things happen to them, with little conversation or introspe [...]

    16. I liked this very much on a section by section level, but the book as a whole left me a little cold. It was quite sprawling, which I'm not overly fond of when I don't see a reason for it, and I often wondered what the overall arc was really doing. It felt lost and wandering sometimes. Then the ending just felt tacked on, like we just had the story of a life and someone trying to fix everything in the last small number of pages. I liked the characters and the story and the development along the w [...]

    17. Secondo incontro con questa autrice e, come nel caso della Casa degli spiriti, è riuscita a catturarmi il cuore. Completamente differente dall'altro libro che avevo letto, la penna della Allende si riconosce fin dalle prime righe e riesce a tracciare con poche e semplici frasi il mondo di cui sta parlando, perfino quando è tanto lontano da noi.Reeves è un protagonista completamente diverso da Clara. Eravamo portati ad amare Clara per le sue eccentricità e la sua bontà d'animo. Ci affezionav [...]

    18. I feel that this book started off so strong, with Allende's magic and passion for story telling, but sometimes I think that her proliferation of ideas gets her into trouble. She has so much that she wants to say, so many characters and threads that all seems to need tied up at the end. Pages and pages of sweeping narrative at the end that went by quickly, but, for my taste, seemed rushed through.If you like Allende, this is worth a read, though. It reminds me of Forrest Gump in a way, this sweep [...]

    19. It is not often that I finish a book, then turn to the first page and start over. But I did that with this book. When I read that this was based on Allende's husband's life, I got deeply interested in what he had experienced growing up. Unreal compared to the settled world I grew up in. Imagine challenging a bully to a duel to see if you could both jump across the tracks in front of a speeding train. He makes it, the bully is smashed to smithereens. Allende tells that she actually had to leave o [...]

    20. The last 10 pages made the entire book. I actually cried a little bit, not going to lie. It just hit a little to close to home. Besides the ending, the book was extremely tough to get through. Large sections left me super bored, and if I didn't have to read this for my class, I probably wouldn't have gotten through it. (Although I'm really glad I did.) The writing was great at some points, and extremely lackluster at others. The thing that got me the most about the novel was the idea of the "Inf [...]

    21. رواية أكثر من رائعة، ما بدأ بقصة نجاح انتهى بوحدة قاتلة أدت إلى اكتشاف الذات. حيث تنتهي الحكاية تبدأ من جديد، الأسلوب السردي للكاتبة لم يتغير كثيرا ولكنه يبقى جذابا بخفته المعهودة، الشخصيات تُظهرعُمقاً يكاد يكون اكتشافه فنا بحد ذاته، التنوع فيها ينقذك من الملل، والنسيان أم [...]

    22. Story about Gregory Reeves, a young man whose life extends from its peripatetic beginnings, on to the L.A. barrio, Berkeley, Vietnam, and life as a high-flying attorney. Numerous lesser characters, such as Olga, a family friend who serves as a local curandera, and Carmen/Tamar, an early girlfriend and almost-sister, provide opportunities for numerous plot developments and expansions. This novel lacks Allende's characteristic gushing verbal virtuosity. It is full and rich, but the writing is more [...]

    23. This book was recommended to me via a friend back in September 2008 by a wonderful and beautiful Dominican women in New York who stated Isabel Allende's books were fascinating and well written. Since then I have read at least 5 of Allende's books and have also found them in Spanish to give to people as presents. The crux of the story is about a boy who travels with his sister and mother, and the adventures and explorations he gets up, right into his adult lifetime. I actually own three copies of [...]

    24. I have always heard that Isabel Allende is a wonderful author and this book certainly proves her ability to create characters that come to life and are believable. The Infinite Plan follows the story of a boy named Gregory Reeves who grows up in the Southwest of the US in the 50s. His father is a somewhat crazy but faithful man who preaches about the Infinite Plan that everyone is a part of. His sermons are different than evangelical mega church ones only in the sense that he doesn't follow Chri [...]

    25. Een boek van Isabel Allende dat zich niet afspeelt in Zuid-, maar wel in Noord-Amerika. Ik had er al vanalles over gehoord en gelezen. Sommigen waren wild-enthousiast, anderen teleurgesteld. Ikzelf vond het zeker en vast goed. Het is opnieuw geschreven in Allende's stijl en die bevalt me zeer goed. Het is verfrissend haar verhalen eens in een andere context te lezen, alhoewel ze er wel in slaagt altijd rond dezelfde thema's en binnen gelijkaardige sociale milieu's te werken. Dat is ook een beetj [...]

    26. I had read Allende's book, Zorro, which I liked very much. So I thought I'd give this one a try. It was very disappointing - excruciating detail and way too many characters. It was difficult to feel engaged with any but the main 2 characters because of the quantity of people and their stories. And there were some characters who made a 2-page appearance and were never heard from again. That's real life - we sometimes have very brief interactions with people. But it makes for a frustrating read. I [...]

    27. Incredible book!! I can't believe it's the same author as the Daughter of Fortune's. Though I'm not such a big fan of entire life stories (Forsythe Saga style), I completely enjoyed this novel, especially because of Allende's masterful story-telling technique. I can now understand her obsession with marginalized people's lives: they're simply fascinating! Moreover, she creates characters that stay with you long after the read is finished. I loved Carmen's character and detested Gregory's, but I [...]

    28. As I was finishing up this book on my train ride into work, a particular passage resonated with me. Allende does a masterful job of weaving together characters as they begin to know themselves and heal from old psychic wounds. Later in the day, I was discussing new plans with my co-worker who said, "Thinking of yourself as a failure for moving back home is such a white people thing." I immediately pulled out this book, because she reiterated the same passage that I found so significant earlier: [...]

    29. The Infinite Plan was a book club selection which prompted an interesting discussion. The main character lacked self-awareness and reading his life story and watching him make the same mistakes over and over again was tedious. Some of us were bothered by that, others felt the ending was worth the read. The main character is based on the author's second husband, who apparently lived the full life explored in this novel. This is the author's first novel set mostly in the US and it was not as well [...]

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