Romy wants to go to Princessland, where all girls are princesses In Princessland, there are castles and royal balls, sparkling rivers and flower crowns Romy s pet, the Lady Cat, promises to take her there They spend the day climbing trees, dancing in the marketplace, and weaving daisy chains beside a fountain Then the Lady Cat leads Romy home But Romy didn t get to viRomy wants to go to Princessland, where all girls are princesses In Princessland, there are castles and royal balls, sparkling rivers and flower crowns Romy s pet, the Lady Cat, promises to take her there They spend the day climbing trees, dancing in the marketplace, and weaving daisy chains beside a fountain Then the Lady Cat leads Romy home But Romy didn t get to visit Princessland or did she
Princessland Romy wants to go to Princessland where all girls are princesses In Princessland there are castles and royal balls sparkling rivers and flower crowns Romy s pet the Lady Cat promises to take her t

  • Title: Princessland
  • Author: Emily Jenkins Yoko Tanaka
  • ISBN: 9780374361150
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Princessland”

    1. Jenkins usually has quality books, but this one left me wondering what I had just read. The text was disjointed and didn't flow from page to page, and I'm not sure the targeted audience would understand what was going on. Take a pass on this one.

    2. Jenkins, Emily Princessland, illustrated by Yoko Tanaka. PICTURE BOOK. Farrar Straus Giroux (MacMillan), 2017. $16.99. Content: GRomy is sad and the only thing that will make her happy is if she’s in Princessland. Pet feline Lady Cat leads Romy on a walk, making her describe Princessland. After a long day together Romy realizes that she did spend the day there.The title of this book will interest many young children. The illustrations are eye-catching with colorful princesses dressed up in fan [...]

    3. Not that interesting. Funny, as I was reading it, in my mind I was thinking "Here come the critics who think that every girl these days hates princesses secretly and wants a stronger female character". It's as if they've forgotten that little girls who want to be princesses still exist. Not every girl is a Rosie Revere, Engineer or a Wonder Woman. It's insulting to those little girls who have their princess love derided by clueless adults who just assume they know better because some of their co [...]

    4. Great illustrations and display of imagination for children. A little girl who only wants to live in Princessland where there is cake, chocolate and lollipops. Girl follows a cat and walks around her town/village explaining everything that happens in Princessland, and realizes at the end she becomes thankful for the things she has. Really, just not my favorite the message seems forced and too contrived.

    5. I like how this one gives a nod to those little girls with wildly overactive, intricate imaginations, spawning daydreams that sometimes lead them to break from their everyday lives. Alsotalking cats are always a win, especially when they stay true to the cat personality. I sort of felt the lack of some appreciation for/reconciliation with her mother in the end, though this mean I am getting old? Illustrations were soft, pretty, and relaxing.

    6. Picture book for grades PK-2. I read this to my second grade girl that is obsessed with cats and she loved it. We both love the idea of going places in your imagination and using that to get out of a funk. Could be used with lessons on cats, boredom, moods, and princesses. I showed it to the counselor at my elementary school and she was excited about the premise and loved the diversity of the book.

    7. This cute picture book celebrates using one's imagination to take one anywhere. Romy is bored hanging around the house with her mother. She insists that everything is way better in Princessland. As the family's cat wakes from a nap, she tells Romy she'll take her to Princessland. Romy follows the cat around describing all the best parts of Princessland. The better part of the afternoon is spent this way, and when Romy finally goes home for dinner, she feels better, as she got to experience all t [...]

    8. A young girl wants to go to Princessland. So she follows a cat who promises to take her there. And although it may not be obvious, the cat guides her to that place.

    9. not sure what is the point to this book. A pouting girl wants to go to Princessland and a cat takes her.

    10. The story was ok but it wasn't my favorite. The big plus for this book was that the pictures were great. I am guessing that everything that happened in the book she took herself to Princessland and imagined everything that happened.

    11. Most stars are for the lovely illustrations. The concept of the story is strong, but the execution was a bit muddy.

    12. A young girl is very bored and would rather go to princes land. She spends the day following her cat around the town and telling her favorite feline all about princess land. Length is preschool.

    13. I thought this would be one of those look-at-all-the-different-types-of-princesses books. It is not. There is a little diversity in the background pictures, but that wasn't the point of the book. It is really a story about imagination, especially when bored.

    14. Lady Cat and Romy go for an imaginative walk one day when Romy is feeling less than enthusiastic. All she wants is to be in Princessland, and she laments the world she is in. She and Lady Cat walk through the world, and Lady Cat insists that she has brought Romy to Princessland through their adventures. Some of the text carries over from one page to the next without a lot of notice. The illustrations are colorful and diverse in their style and presentation.

    15. There was some sort of "going to (x) fantasy world in your mind" element at play here that just was not at all executed well.

    16. Roma is depressed, and doesn't like her life. She tells her mother she wants to live in Princessland instead. Lady Cat promises to take Roma there, if she describes it. Does she really? A lesson in appreciating your own life and world, definitely a girl book.

    17. Romy wants to go to Princessland where everyone wears dresses and eats tasty hings and dances without ever tiring. Through her imagination Romy "travels" to Princessland without even realizing it.It's princesses, but not particularly inspiring. Although, the diversity of the characters is wonderful.

    18. Using her imagination a girl travels to a special "princessy" place. Her cat helps her along the way. Soft-pretty illustrations. Princess fans will enjoy.

    19. Lovely illustrations in this sweet book where Lady Cat shows Romy that Princessland is wherever she wants it to be. Fun book about using your imagination and enjoying what you have.

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